All hell broke loose after a bombshell revealed how far Joe Biden is willing to go to jail Donald Trump

Democrats know Joe Biden is too senile and unpopular to defeat Donald Trump in 2024.

But the Left has an ace up their sleeves.

And all hell broke loose after a bombshell revealed how far Joe Biden is willing to go to jail Donald Trump.

Joe Biden’s extremely political Justice Department convened a grand jury in order to fabricate criminal charges against Donald Trump over January 6.

There is no evidence Trump coordinated with any of the groups that rioted that day.

Nor is there any evidence Trump ordered a riot or committed an act of violence.

Joe Biden’s partisan prosecutors are trying to claim Donald Trump committed a crime by following legal advice on how to contest the 2020 election.

It may have been bad legal advice or legal advice rejected by other lawyers, but Donald Trump had every reason to believe he was following the advice of his attorneys.

And that is the thin reed upon which Democrats want to put the leading Republican candidate for President in 2024 behind bars.

After the Justice Department subpoenaed former White House counsel Pat Cipollone to testify before the grand jury, there are signs that Trump’s legal team is taking this threat seriously.

Trump’s lawyers got into contact with the prosecutors running the witch hunt at the Department of Justice to discuss the limits of executive privilege.

CNN reports:

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team is in direct communication with Justice Department officials, the first sign of talks between the two sides as the criminal probe into January 6, 2021, accelerates, sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

The talks revolve around whether Trump would be able to shield conversations he had while he was president from federal investigators.

In recent weeks, investigators have moved aggressively into Trump’s orbit, subpoenaing top former White House officials, focusing on efforts to overturn the 2020 election and executing searches of lawyers who sought to aid those efforts.
Democrats know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are unpopular candidates for 2024.

Polls show that Trump would defeat them both.

But Democrats are afraid of democracy and want to undercut faith in it at every turn.

That’s why Democrats are trying to turn America into a third world autocracy by jailing their political opposition on phony charges.

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