All hell broke loose after Trump used this word to describe anti-Kavanaugh Democrats

Donald Trump met with reporters at the White House following the Senate confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

As usual, Trump sent the media into a frenzy.

That’s because all hell broke loose when he used this word to describe the Democrat opposition to Kavanaugh.

Trump told reporters that the allegations against Kavanaugh were a hoax and that “evil” people brought them.

The Week Reports:

President Trump on Monday said that allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were “a hoax that was set up by the Democrats,” and told the audience at the International Association of Police Chiefs that the allegations were “brought about by people that are evil.”

that his confirmation process was marred by sexual assault allegations from three women. Trump called them “totally untrue,” and said it was a “great honor to be involved in this situation” and push Kavanaugh through to his confirmation.

Fake News media members were outraged.

They claimed Trump did not “cite evidence” to back up his claim that the allegations were a hoax.

Critics responded that none of the witnesses the FBI interviewed backed up Christine Blasey Ford or Deborah Ramirez’s claims.

In addition, the third woman’s story fell apart when she changed her story in a NBC interview.

The women accusing Kavanaugh were not credible.

Millions of Americans agreed with Trump.

They believe they made up their stories for political purposes.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Yes and the Liberal Democrats started the KKK! Why don’t dimacrat people do not want to believe this statement? Because #1 lied to from birth, #2 to laze to go to the library and look it up! #3 I know sometimes the truth hurts, sometimes!

  2. David, please don’t confuse those three lying females with decent daughters, wives, sisters or mothers. So you believe that anyone without any evidence at all should be believed, even when their “witnesses” disagree with them? How would you like YOUR son, wife, sister or father to be falsely accused of rape by some evil creature with an agenda?

  3. For 90% of the Democrats and that’s probably being conservative you wouldn’t have to go much further back than a couple of years to find members of Congress accepting bribes, sexual misconduct, lying under oath, insider trading, misuse of government property, failing to secure Secret and Top Secret information, using unsecured email servers such as Clinton did, falsifying documents, leaking classified information, putting friends and family on payroll, stealing government property, abusing their office funds and misusing same for purposes other than intended, accepting illegal campaign contributions from foreign governments, on and on. But as Democrats know it is much more fun to investigate others endlessly that have the spotlight turned on them. Like the cockroaches they are they would scatter.

  4. Good point and why didn’t the FBI question her at least as thoroughly as Kavanagh? I have totally lost faith in the fairness and nonpartisanship of not only this organization but much of the State Department, CIA, IRS, and Justice Department. We need a housecleaning from top to bottom, and ones that were put in place by the last guy who was President need to have new security clearances. And anyone who leaves their official government jobs need to have their security clearances revoked. Why would they need them if they no longer work for the government?

  5. How true. Babies are from the Lord. Killing these babies is not a part of God’s plan, it’s the democRats. They will answer to the Lord. Soon!

  6. I agree with President Trump. I think it was Beecher who said Satan was the First Democrat. If I’m not mistaken isn’t Satan EVIL?

  7. Its “sow”, not “sew”, Buppy. You perhaps should sew your mouth shut, and stop sowing your evil.

  8. Karen are very correct, I’ve see this happen to several people.All were truly innocent but took several weeks and months in some cases. Most were results of dreams, a few just angree st other.

  9. She didn’t have a complaint 36 years ago. Her complaint was only after she didn’t like him following constitution and maybe reversing abortion laws.

  10. Ford did lie but she self hipnotised her self to try and make her memory believe these lies were real. She has thesis that she has writen on this . She also has done experiments with others on same.

  11. Trump is the best thing that has occurred in this country for at least 100 years. Your just to dumb to realize that.

  12. Yes the democrats party is being run by evil people it is very obvious they are evil. Only evil people like them would incite riots and assault innocent innocent people because they do not believe the evil people.
    Betty J. Hickman

  13. I agree and those 3 scumbag women need to be arrested for what they did. That is against the law to file false claims. They should be indicted and tried. That will make the next scumbag who thinks he/she can do the same, think again. What a colossal waste of time

  14. She was primed to bring these allegations against ANY conservative appointee. It’s the reason the only details she could absolutely recall was His name. Details were not necessary just the stink of an accusation.

  15. Debbie, remember when our scientists predicted that by the early seventies earth would be covered in ice?. I’ve been waiting for 38 years for that. The freeze has to happen before the warming can begin. BTW the sky is falling chicken little. CO2 is necessary to all life. Plants turn CO2 into oxygen and oxygen is essential even for you.

  16. Okay. So it is alright for the idiots on the left to parade around saying that Brett Kavanaugh is guilty with no evidence but it is not okay for President Trump to say that the charges brought against him were a hoax with no evidence that it was a hoax. You people on the left must either be stoned or stupid.

  17. No you have it exactly backwards Frank. Read up on the up to date information. You are quoting info from
    the 50s and 60s.

  18. None of this makes sense. Words are a babble, no proof, no complete coherent thoughts. Forget this rambling, course I think this is just Repubs trying to fill space any way they can.

  19. Amen, Amen, Amen! Thank you for speaking the TRUTH!
    Vote life, Vote for Family, Vote for the Sanctity of Marriage, Vote to build a wall, Vote to protect our boarders, vote LIBERALS OUT!
    Vote RED NOVEMBER 6th.

  20. David you really show how dumb you are. Democrats are the scum of the country and we Republicans are voting you trash out.

  21. Karen E Tima, you are so right and I don’t give a rats ass if you are a DEMORAT or Republican. It was obvious that it was all a set-up and another waste of taxpayers money. UNBELIEVABLE


  23. The Democrats are not only evil they are acting like rabid dogs. And we all know what we do to rabid dogs. As far as “Dr” Ford is concerned, her child like voice and the way she had penned her letter is telling. She wrote that letter as if she was in the 3rd grade. If what she was “remembering” was an attack when she was in the 3rd grade, it certainly wasn’t Justice Kavanaugh. It could have been a relative who put his hand on her mouth so that other people in the house wouldn’t hear her. Her “remembering” has a lot of holes in it. But then, if she made it all up, she couldn’t fill in the details because there weren’t any. But then, her high school days were filled with parties, booze and debauchery. I don’t believe her, maybe it happened or maybe it didn’t. No one would or could corroborate her lies.

  24. Your blood will boil when you all see this if you haven’t already. Do a search on…Nancy Pelosi Explains How To Smear A Candidate or Nominee…and you will see what the Demonic-crats are really made of.

  25. Hey Yahoo, the one that has no proff of her allegation is Dr Ford, not JUSTICE Kavanaugh. Stop you damn fake news. It’s time for the FCC to start taking action on lying news including $$&&s.

  26. I totally agree with the President and Judge Kavanaugh, especially when these women couldn’t remember specifics. I believe that any woman, who has had such a terrible/horrible incident, such as being brutally rape, would NOT forget what was done to her or anything else about such an incident.

  27. Mr. President, I agree with totally. The demon crats are totally evil and vile and all of them should be locked up at GITMO>

  28. Soros, Bloomberg, New York Times, Clinton Sex Foundation- OLD Money Masters of the World. Be educated on how the world works. He who has the GOLD, makes the rules.

  29. Hell yes, the evil satanic Communist Liberal Democrats made every one of those rape cases against Kavanagh, which were more likely paid for by Soros or the Clinton Sex Trafficking Foundation! The Commie Dems need to be stopped! We need to donate to every Republican candidate to make sure we win the Senate!

  30. David, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Remember November 2016. All the polls said Hillary was a shooting in, and look what happened. She’s still running around blaming everyone but herself. Truth is, she is the most dispicable candidate since Gus Hall last ran.

  31. David, I suppose your rant also applied to Slick Willy Clinton? Please try to recall the vile names used by the Dems to discredit their accusations against old SWC. By comparison, the women accusing Kavanagh were accorded the utmost respect. Also, I seriously doubt either Trump or Kavanagh will be roaming the streets attacking females. My advice to any female who has been the victim of ANY attack of a sexual nature, is to MAKE YOUR COMPLAINT IMMEDIATELY. It’s much easier to gather proof after one day, than after 36 or 37 years.

  32. I do believe now that ALL of the allegations were made up, on behalf of the wicked Demo-crats! There simply was NO EVIDENCE, not with any of the three primary women–even Dr Ford didn’t have evidence, and she lied (refer to what Rachael Mitchell pointed out). Dr Ford should be glad that the FBI didn’t question her because she would have gotten caught in a purgery trap.

  33. Now we need to investigate and see WHO was orchestrating all of this behind the scenes. Find the puppet Master.

  34. I quess your still in la la land , wake up , you so called democrats are just pawns to someone elses power play and they will dump you like a hot potato because all they want is to stay out of the spot light an reap the power not the people , what good have they done for you MORON

  35. another deflecting democrat that thinks they can willfully degrade ,accuse ,confront and get paid by Soros with out any conviction to the truth just so they derive an income , maybe that why there pushing socializum because they cant support themselves without subsatise from SOROS, GET A JOB , YOU WORTHLESS PEACES OF CRAP

  36. President Trump bashing,It is something a silly adolescent male-female does when feebly striking back at someone superior to him,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  37. Amen, Mary – completely agree. FBI in seven investigations found NO CORROBORATION of the claims. So, Justice Kavanaugh is not guilty!!!! #VOTREPUB2018 Nov. 6 – we’re voting early just in case inclement weather, health, whatever.

  38. Christine B. Ford , could not remember the location of the party , how she got there , how many people were in the room or how she got home but she does remember having one beer and that Judge Kavanaugh tried to rape her ? Ms Ford brings forward three people that are suppose back up her “STORY” but under penalty of law they can’t back up her “STORY” and rational people are suppose to believe her ? Many prosecutors say they could not take this case to court because of the lack of evidence and the validity of the one making the charges .

  39. Yes you do.You beleave in killing babies.i don’t.If someone is truly rape I’m all for making the man pay.But everyone she said would back her didn’t. She could not say anything that was true.She couldn’t rememberThats a laugh.You need to look at the facts.You want babies killed .How is that not worse.

  40. There are many verses in the Bible about judging so don’t take one out of context to make your point. Look them up!

  41. You understand why a person is innocent until proven guilty? Do you care that a innocent human could be caught in a lie. This protection is for everybody

  42. Remember that when your son or daughter get accused of something, and is guilty without any proof…just someone accusing them…this was all political, and anyone that can not see this is a complete idiot!!

  43. Wrong David, finish the verses and it states. First take thine speck out of thy eye and then you can tell your BROTHER (in Christ). Don’t you know you will even judge the Angels? You may wish to to not be selective. The Lord sets guidance for our lives and if you think accepting sodomy, perversion, Godlessness, etc. is acceptable you may want to re-think this point. Maybe Romans 1, the whole chapter and especially verse 28 would serve to open your heart and narrow myopic views.

  44. Now there you go again, projecting Demoncrat misdoings on the Republican winners! Rules for radicals: blame others for what you do! Trump was already set up, why put himself and family through this crap? Because he cares!

    PS: Soros is the antichrist!

  45. I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.

  46. Define sexually assaulted, twink!
    How have Trump or Kavanaugh mistreated women?
    The lying putah is who disrespected all of us!

  47. Smartbiscuit: kindly come up with new material or shut up. How many times are you going to regurgitate the same lies? Booorrrriiinnnngggg!

    TRUMP 2020

  48. Remember that there are over 50,000 indictments, many of which will be quashed for compliance while others will be un-sealed and prosecuted.

  49. If You “stack the court system” with corrupted judges You have nothing to fear as Justice You Own.

  50. Christine is a child of a C.I.A. Officer (retired) and was , in all probability, an MK ULTRA victim.

  51. NICE…I honestly hope Trump and Kavanaugh treat YOUR daughter, wife, sister or mother with the same regard YOU GOP pieces of trash have treated these women when one of them get sexually assaulted because statistics say it WILL happen to one of them. Chances are they won’t tell anybody for their fear of NOT being believed because YOU pieces of garbage have shown them that YOU won’t but if they do I hope they get the SAME treatment these ladies did…YOU REAP what YOU SEW!!!

  52. YOUR conspiracy theories are hysterical!!! NO SKEETER…we just are smart enough to see through Trumps lies and what he is REALLY doing to set himself up for AFTER his presidency…YOU PATHETIC malforms can’t see the forest for the trees and YOU actually THINK he likes YOU…he wouldn’t PISS on YOU is YOU were on fire!!!

  53. OH…WE ARE voting them out in November!!! We are voting as many of the GOP out as possible!!! YOU uneducated malforms just don’t have a clue of what’s coming. Trump will be up there all alone and CONTINUE to do NOTHING!!!

  54. Judge not lest ye be judged…seems like YOU holier than thou like to forget the best bible verses!!! YOUR family values circled the drain when YOU picked Trump as YOUR candidate and THAT is when MY party of 35 years left me!!!

  55. Are you one of the mob zombies smartbiscuit? How much did Soros pay you? Ford got 7,000.00 for accusing a good man. It’s disgusting the way demons like you are acting! Shame shame on you.

  56. You know Amy I thought it looked like the zombie apocalypse their predicting. Dead brains and all pounding on the Supreme Court doors. Sickening!! We better check those voting machines for accuracy because I believe George Soros’s company makes them!

  57. Finally! Someone that knows “What’s REALLY going on”! Europe now is “Owned” by Soros. Hillary and the Dems are also “His whores”! Belgium now controls Europe. Soros paid Obama to get his “Americas Union”, but Obama failed. Hillary was paid by Soros to finish the job. Did y’all know Chelsea married Soros grandson? Please, read up on this yourself before you call me names.


  59. Christine Blasey-Ford is a liar, Debra Ramirez is a liar, Julie Swetnick a major liar, all the evidence points to them all being liars.

  60. Police should be PRESENT at ALL of the VOTING sites and ARREST everybody and anybody that SMELLS of “ILLEGALS”, when they arrive in BUSES, since we DON’T have VOTER ID’s, AND those VOTER ID’s should ONLY be given to US CITIZENS who can PROVE that they TRULY are CITIZENS = have to show BIRTH CERTIFICATES, and those CERTIFICATES have to be CHECKED out because ILLEGALS have FAKE driver’s licenses and it COULD be an EASY FIX for them to get FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATES too, like obama……..!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. BECAUSE the “GOOD PEOPLE” of AMERICA are letting THEM “get AWAY” with ALL of their LIES and CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES….VOTE THEM OUT in NOVEMBER or we will have to PUT UP with THEM/their CRAP forever and EVER…!!!

  62. The President is RIGHT, I STAND with him, rather than with these PUNKS, calling themselves “democRATS”, THEY are NAZIS, FASCISTS, COMMIES, mooslime LOVERS, wannabe DICTATORS and are the ONES who really commit “sexual assaults”, we saw it with PERV clinton, AND they have a SLUSH FUND (TAX PAYERS” MONEY) set aside to PAY OFF/PRESSURE “sexual assault VICTIMS” into SILENCE….NOW, if THIS is NOT OUTRAGES and CRIMINAL than I don’t know WHAT IS…..????!!!! These PUNKS belong in PRISON……!!!! Just take a GOOD look at Keith Ellison = BEAT UP his EX-girlfriend and LIES about it and THIS party’s PUNKS “believe” HIM, NOT the WOMAN, who THEY say should “ALWAYS” be BELIEVED, YEAH RIGHT, sound more like we are living in the TWILIGHT ZONE nowadays….!!!

  63. Nothing sticks because they have been allowed to be in control for to long and they have all of their get by with every thing people in place to protect them. Slowly and surely President Trump and his team, with the strong Republicans in office, are chipping away at this deep state corruption. We can help them by making sure that the elected offices are flooded by good Republicans that will represent we the people. The only way that we can make the democraps answer for their crimes is to not let them hold any more public office’s at any level of government. When we are able to remove enough of their criminal influence, is when we can finally break the deep state. And at that point we will be able to actually get investigations into the illegal activities of the Demoncraps. They know this, and they know that we can make it happen. So they are doing every thing they can to stay in power. They are trying to get illegals registered to vote, and I would think that they will try to stuff the ballot box with deceased votes (I guess that they think that they have the right to speak for the dead now) and I would not put it past them to bus people to several different voting sites, which would mean that not only would illegals be voting, they would be voting several times for the same people in the same election. As I said, they will do every thing to stay in control, because they know their next office could be an 8 X 8 cell in the federal Pen. That would be perfect, since they act like a batch of screaming kids, that would be a perfect enclosed play pen to keep them from getting into more trouble.


  65. KJH: Guess why the democratic party is so EVIL? During the last democratic presidential caucus, GOD was removed from their platform; thus they became the godless party. Now you know why they are so evil.

  66. Smartbiscuits, you’re kind of a one trick pony, aren’t you?
    If Ford was assaulted, I guess the take away from all this is that you shouldn’t wait 36 years to come forward. People can and should be prosecuted for crimes they commit, but you are innocent until proven guilty, so the proof is always the responsibility of the accuser. And the more details you can supply the better the outcome. BUT details will also hang the liar. I think that’s why Ford conveniently can’t remember many details. I have not read Mr. Judge’s book, but I wonder how much of her “details” were gleaned from it? I understand that she has read it.

  67. It’s just to bad that none of these lying Democrats will ever face a perjury charge. They seem to be made of teflon. Nothing sticks.

  68. My question is How many of these woman have actually been assaulted or are they lying …like Ford… just to get some fame/ make someone ‘pay’ for who they are. It’s pieces of lying crap like ford that ruin it for the Truely assaulted.

  69. Nancy peloci is on the internet NOW .Saying just how they ruin people. Make up a lie first, get fake news to print it. Then tell everyone “IT WAS IN THE NEWS” must be true. AND stupid people believe anything fake news tells them . LIKE YOU! U GOT DUPED!

  70. Id these rabid dogs do not build enough illegal votes to steal the election! I read earlier today they are already in action in California.

  71. We now know George Soros funded the bulk of the smear effort. As the mainstream media is intentionally not bringing this information out, it is our job to do so.

  72. They need to Investigate Feinstein for Lying to We The People by setting up a corrupt and Phony charge against a Very Respected and Documented U.S. District Judge !! They also need to Investigate Rep Sheila Jackson Lee {DEM} passing Secret Documents to Fords Attorney !! She had no business there in the first place !!

  73. John, accusation does NOT equal truth or guilt. Due process is IMPORTANT. Presumption of innocence is IMPORTANT. While accusations must be taken seriously, conducting an investigation and asking questions are the RIGHTS of the accused and is NOT “attacking the victim”. Without those guiding principles Senator Graham was right: we might as well go back to the Salem witch trials and throw them in the water to see if they float.

  74. President Trump is right about the hoax. He does not have to prove it anymore than the Democrats proved their allegations.

  75. Like rabid dogs trying to tear apart anything and everything that is good and decent in America.They are not democrats but they are the lowest of the lowest snakes on earth. American patriots are standing up to these snakes and will see next month in the midterm election.

  76. The standard practice in a U S Court of law for a witness under oath facing possible perjury is what we all saw this Ford character do. She was the one being tried from the get-go because she could not come up with enough facts and evidence to get the burden of proof off of herself to be able to put it on Judge Kavanaugh. Long story short, since she could not get rid of the burden of proof the only logical conclusion is her whole testimony was a total lie. The reason she could not remember any of the details; date, time, place or any other details was because she knew the more details she testified to she was taking more chances of being caught lying. ” I don’t remember” is a cover for being caught lying. Two active brain cells is enough to be able too understand she is one giant liar. John

  77. Apparently you could be next whether or not you assaulted someone. Thanks to the brown shirt dimocraps. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  78. The leftists democrats will do anything to reach their goal. What more do you need to know. Nothing is too despicable, reprehensible or disgusting.

  79. I agree with you 100 percent. He should sue all these women for defamation of character, specifically slander per say. That way the jury and/or judge will need to see a proponderance of the evidence for which they have none and would lose particularly with that scum bag Avenatti representing them.

  80. What Trump said was a hell of a lot less than ME and all on the Computers These people were liars every one of them and they had a fit for the FBI and now they did not do what they wanted after THEIR ON Joe Biden told them how they would do these people are a Ship Full of FOOL and have no Morels they need to Quite worshiping they Devil be fore it is too late !!!

  81. In my opinion: The Evil DemocRATS are as useless as “tits” on a bull. It is HIGH TIME THEY “HANG UP THEIR DANCING SHOES” AND GET LOST! The “RATS” DO NOT DESERVE ANY OFFICE IN OUR ONCE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Again, in my opinion, what “PUKES” THEY TRULY ARE!

  82. this was a waste of time & money! how much money did all of this cost American taxpayers? Judge Kavanaugh should “sue” each of these women & have them prove their claims in court! it’s all been a pony show from start! God bless Judge Kavanaugh & his family! God bless America!

  83. Evil is the true word to describe the Democrats that brought these false accusations about Brett Kavanaugh

  84. So, The President needed credible evidence evidence that “evil people” were responsible for a hoax. But the so called “witnesses” were NOT REQUIRED to present credible evidence against Kavanaugh.

  85. The lies and deceit of the evil Dems and what they did to Justice Kavanaugh have energized conservatives and Republicans to vote to drain the cesspool of a corrupt Party. The Dems need to be held accountable for their evil actions. Maybe someday the Democratic Party will be purged of those liberal liars and gain some credibility but it probably won[t happen in my lifetime.

  86. A hoax is the perfect description of what happened. Malicious deception, is exactly what happened and that is defined as a hoax. In fact Yahoo News is a hoax. They want to appear that they just report the news, when in fact they report their false perceptions of the real news. Yahoo news is as useless as boobs on a boar.

  87. he dont need to provide any evidence, you stupid ass democrats need to pull your heads out of your assess… it was all a setup by your organization
    the satanic assess of the democratic party. any 1 year old could see what you were doing…. any real american can see through the lies and corruption you people do.

  88. I noticed you were careful to use the blanket term, “sexually assaulted”. What does that mean? Rape is a horrific crime, and will be thoroughly investigated by police when reported. I notice this vague terminology being bandied around by leftists and their friends in the media. Does this mean when you brush up against a woman on a crowded train, or slap down a tag on a buttox of a base runner during a baseball game, you can be accused of a sex crime somewhere down the road, by your opponents? We need more clarity from the metoos and those who use them as a means to an end!

  89. What part of “I don’t recall” or “I don’t remember exactly” or “i’m Not exactly sure” do you not understand? We listened to her stammer, backtrack, and downright lie statement after statement. It’s People like YOU who live in your Castle of dreams, fantasy’s, and illusions who would be the downfall of our great Country if given a chance!! Most intelligent United States Citizen’s realize that Donald J Trump has followed through on the campaign promises that idiots haven’t blocked or stopped. Look at who you wanted to become our 45th President, look at who her Husband was, and what WONDERFUL character he had when he was our President, THEN honestly try to give VALID reasons why President Trump should not be supported by we, the People!Bren

  90. Be aware that approximately one in three women and one in six men have
    been sexually assaulted and due to shame, embarassment,
    feeling that they would not be believed or a related reason, they have
    not reported it ( WOULD YOU ? ).
    These could include your mother, sister, girlfriend, brother, etc…
    amounting to MILLIONS.

    Given how Dr. Ford and others were treated by Trump, McConnell and others, there is now a SERIOUS and growing movement to ELIMINATE abusive ( mainly males) from positions of power. Just ask Weinstein,
    Cosby, Lauer, Moonves, Rose, and approximately 800 others… and growing.

    If YOU have assaulted someone you could be next 🙂

  91. Ms. Ford had her 15 minutes of fame. The world will never hear of her again. She is lucky that she was not brought to trial. The Dems knew that the Republicans would not get in the sewer with them.

  92. Marlene deRonde I think President Trump was too easy half of these so called democrats need to be in jail

  93. I prefer President Trump’s use of the “e” word much more than I did when that MENSA Bush (c’mon, you know — the one they called ” w “) referred to the terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers as “… the evil doers” …. when he couldn’t think of a single, simple appropriate description. Bush was one of THE LAMEST, MOST INCAPABLE individuals to ever be in The White House. In November 2016, I was worried about the new guy — but since then, he has continued to be one of the great action Presidents in history: a border, a stronger military, balanced and fair trade agreements, VA improvements, more jobs, a stronger economy … and the list just keeps on growing …

  94. All a commiecrat set up so poorly done that a kindergartner could see through it. Desperation is driving the libtards over the edge. Let’s keep up the pressure and watch them really unravel when the Republicans keep the House and Senate in November!!

  95. You betcha your boots, red ridder,that PRES. TRUMP is correct in his character assessment of the DEMONCRAPS

  96. I’m surprised no one focused on the fact that Ford refers to herself as “psychologist” when, as I under it, she does not have a state issued psychology license. To call oneself as psychologist in California, as in many states, to use the term one must have actual certification.

  97. Democrats have dropped to a new level of low. Many, if not most, of the protestors we’re paid by Soros. They”re the party of, “I’ll do or say anything if you pay me.” I guess they can’t think for oneself nor tell the difference between truth and coercion.

  98. dumbiskit , How much more of a investigation can be done? The only one that committed perjury was Ford, she could not even keep her own lies straight. I can’t wait to see all the cry babies in Nov. when the left gets smoked at the Polls

  99. Anyone with a brain should see what a monster the Demos have turned into.
    Who would want to be considered to be such a despicable low life with such hate in them??

  100. She was not raped! She never claimed she was! She feared she was going to be raped! Those who are raped usually remember the person, the place, the year and the situation!!! That is something you don’t forget!! She was probably groped by a few guys that were present at the alleged party! This allegedly happened when she was 15 and he was 17 at an alleged house party. No one was able to corroborate her allegation. Give me a break.

  101. Well if we are expected to believe the Democrats lies, they are gonna have to hire a better liar than Ford! She didn’t know where it happened what year it happened how she got there how she got home, her best fried didn’t even know what she was talking about and the other three denied that the party ever happened BUT she just knew it was Kavanaugh! Yeah right!! And Trump was right the Democrats are EVIL for trying to pull a political hit job! And it sure did backfire! More and more Dems moving over to the republicans side over this disgusting act!

  102. Evil was probably a good name compared to what a lot of Americans would call them. I think Obam’s brainwashing might be starting to wear off a little bit and people are beginning to see Dem’s for what they really are. Anyone that would sanction what has been done in the last few months is as sick as they are. And now they are getting violent towards innocent people in their cars and their homes. When does it stop. Evil doesn’t begin to describe them anymore. The dems that think all this is alright had better think about it again, there are fathers, brothers even grandfathers, sons that need protecting from all the lies. It could happen to your family, anytime. She lied, a wild little spoiled rich girl that just wanted more money enough to try to ruin someone’s life.

  103. Tell that to Kavanguah for his fake acting of anger and taking a page out of Trump’s book to blame others for his own actions. It was not a hoax. When a complete FBI report is done and Trump cannot control what to report on, the truth will come on. The ABA will disbar him and he will be impeached for the lies he told at both hearings. Perjury meant nothing to the Republicans. But the ABA cannot be controlled by Trump and the ABA are concerned with perjury under oath. Wait and see. Now that is an disgrace wroth waiting for.

  104. Your eues are blinded to the evidence. Where do you get your facts? NONE of Dr Ford’s witnesses agreed with her accusations. Look at the facts!

  105. Naïve, really Not So, your hatred is blinding you of truth and the ability to judge the :FACTS:, you know as in American Law, the test of a reasonable man.

  106. When you are raped or in the same situation then you can speak on what can and did happen. It was not a hoax. When a complete FBI report is done and Trump cannot control what to report on, the truth will come on. The ABA will disbar him and he will be impeached for the lies he told at both hearings. Perjury meant nothing to the Republicans. But the ABA cannot be controlled by Trump and the ABA are concerned with perjury under oath. Wait and see. Now that is an disgrace wroth waiting for.

  107. Smartbiscuit
    Perhaps the biscuits have your vision of the world covering your eye because you damn well can’t see any farther than your nose

  108. Have said from the beginning Christine B Ford is a superb performer
    However she needed a less intelligent group of people to present this performance. How could a professor at a decent college
    Keep her job if she was this child she portrayed herself to be. Hmmmm. Next the pay was great. Is go fund me tax free? As a professor of
    psychology she all the so called text book words and behaviors to use for her performance. However even those like myself who are survivors
    Did not find her credible. She has felt a very low blow to women who may want or need to speak up and report by virtue of her performance. As for the men who are not guilty but have been found guilty because of women like Christine I’m sorry this kind of hedonistic
    Behavior from fake reporting is an abomination. Democrats you are now short one female democrat who is sick of and embarrassed by your behavior. Will be sure to make my vote count MAGA.

  109. Maybe we should have their FCC License pulled and tell them that they actually have to provide Evidence that they are Factual News

  110. It was not a hoax. When a complete FBI report is done and Trump cannot control what to report on, the truth will come on. The ABA will disbar him and he will be impeached for the lies he told at both hearings. Perjury meant nothing to the Republicans. But the ABA cannot be controlled by Trump and the ABA are concerned with perjury under oath. Wait and see. Now that is an disgrace wroth waiting for.


  112. It is a sorry state of affairs when. a person can be convicted of a crime with not one drop off evidence. If they would have gotten away with this, coaches, tutors, therapists, teachers ,police officers,wouldn’t stand a chance. Women could say anything and people would lose their reputations and or their jobs. Women have been doing this for years blackmailing rich men. If this case would have continued with NO proof. No man, would be safe from being accused.

  113. The New Democratic Party is just a group of criminals who think that bulling people will change peoplesDad Al minds. They are evil
    and the old original democrats have changed over to the Republican Party. We still believe in the laws of our country and
    its obvious the New Democrats don’t.

  114. Did you see the year old speech by Pelosi in which she clearly describes how to “smear” their opponent, use the media to “market” the smear. That’s about when I stopped watching. That’s just another one of her “transparent” quips that should be ran across the country in GOP ads for midterms & 2020 election!

  115. I want to know what was in the envelope sneakily passed to Ford’s lawyer.
    I think HE WAS PAID to leak the letter.
    If you follow the money it will probably lead you to 2 people – Soros and Obama, 2 of the 4 most evil people on the planet. I think you know who the other 2 are.

  116. You are so right. If they were shocked in 2016, let’s really shock them and show up in huge numbers to vote Republican in November.

  117. The accusing women lied for money and received their payoff at the end of their performance in white envelopes in front of the cameras.

  118. I worry for our country. Did you see the nutjobs in Portland going after people in cars and stopping traffic? The worst part about it is that the mayor told the police to stand down. Those poor people who aren’t part of the mob mentality don’t stand a chance.

  119. Trump lies and cannot evaluate anyone correctly. His words are the description of himself. He has more hate remarks than ever. The truth is Kavanguah lied under oath and the Republicans didn’t care. Dr. Ford was telling the truth. Kavanguah contacted Judge to lie for him like he contacted the classmates of his with the other accuser in college. The ABA knows he lied and are researching him.

  120. The DEMWITS & lefty loons just can’t stand that our Great President will say it like it is! They like the “presidential” acting liars instead of the straight up biting truth.

  121. I know the whole thing was a hoax but I think enough people who weren’t sure about the libs evil now understand. I must say I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw those crazies pounding and crying on the supreme court door. Its like watching a room full of spoiled 5 year old brats.

  122. Even a blind deaf mute could see through thier lies the rest of American public aren’t as dumb as the dems appeared to think we are vote out all dems let them see how smart we really are MAGA !!!

  123. Democraps dont get it. I been a democrap my whole life and i will never vote democrap again. They are not for the people. They are using people of color to keep themselves in office. I hope they wake up and realize they’re being used.

  124. Of course it was a hoax. A very well planned one at that. How can she not remember much of what happened and where yet she can remember she drank a beer! Please. How credible is that. I guess that beer was so strong she forgot everything afterwards! Soros and the DemocRats were behind this whole political hoax!

  125. Everyone!… Get out and VOTE Republican in the mid term elections. Gather your friends and Family and let’s VOTE the Dims OUT!!!…. We will NOT be Forced to bow down to MOB RULE and their violence in our Country….VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!… The Mob Rule Protesting Leftist…OUT!!!

  126. I can’t believe the fake news media is outrage because Trump called it a hoax, where the hell was the media when the Democrats were saying we believe her without any evidence and condemning a good man that has been in the public eyes for years and well respected who the hell are the Democrats and the fake news media to say kavanaugh was guilty without any evidence, Feinstein should be put in jail , plus that Hawaiian freak they called a senate Hawaiian women should sit down and shut up

  127. One problem…There never WAS one.
    The time to “INVESTIGATE” the bank accounts of the “accusers” is NOW.
    Follow the money..(and WHO provided it) That will get you all the “answers” you need.

  128. Exactly what evidence did the left cite when they heaped allegations on Judge Kavanaugh? President Trump has the right to make statements after the fact and if he believes that the left’s allegations are hoaxes, then he can certainly call them a hoax and he does not need anymore evidence than the left cited! It is time for the crybabies to shut the heck up!

  129. Yes indeed the Age of Liberturd Hypocracy is here and has been since the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. It has only gotten worse and the Immorality is robbing America of its vitality.


  131. Yes, ignore the Ignorant! Lies have no substance, once in water, they all fall apart and float away! Nothing is nothing = 0=0! 0 + 0 = 00!

  132. Even Helen Keller could tell these people were absent
    verifiable facts, corroboration, and basic believability.
    You had to want to believe is was true. Nancy Pelosi defined the strategy to reporters, referring to it as a “smear” technique.
    The media is upset because they voluntarily supported the smear campaign and the people with brains saw through it.

  133. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through this lying crap.

    There is a LAW against such things, but, the law will never be enforced because it is Democrats doing this crap.

    In our society today, the law is only made to punish Republicans. It’s so simple for these liars to make up stories & believe everyone falls for their lies. From the first day he was nominated, I knew there would be hell. It would be the same no matter whom Trump nominated. It isn’t about Kavanaugh, but, about Trump. Trump is so STRONG & unmoved by these idiots & it drives all of them totally insane.

  134. Nancy Pelosi can call all conservatives and all who support Trump “deplorable”, but liberals are outraged when President Trump calls those who brought false accusations against Kavanaugh and lied under oath “evil”. Can you say H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.T.E.?

  135. The libturds can’t believe they failed at bullying people. They are used to shouting people down. No more!!!

  136. I want to see and in depth investigation into FORD and friends. What’s good for the Gander is good for the Goose

  137. Probably will not stop and those who have the authority should follow the money. That includes any items of value including who paid for the attorneys.

  138. YES! Ford was hired and promoted by the demos to pull this. Pure Evil intent!
    THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP for your involvement in this disgusting performance by the Demos.

  139. Mike…It’s not so much that they can’t accept the truth. They are so conditioned to liberal lies that they don’t even know what truth is. And they cannot stand anyone who does not agree with what they believe.

  140. I did not believe one word that came out of Ford’s mouth other than her name. Does anyone really think that a liberal activist with ties to little Georgie Soros, and wears her pussy hat while out on anti Trump protests, would really talk like a 10 year old child? And the head tilting was over the top. There were so many inconsistencies in her story, I just can’t believe anyone would even buy that crap. She couldn’t talk without reading her script. She wanted it all kept private, but she told two Congress people?? And then she took a lie detector test because everything was to remain confidential? Plus she took it in a hotel room because she was in a hurry to catch her flight, you know a flight on an airplane, the mode of transportation that she is too afraid to take, so she had to testify later in the week so she could drive there. Could not remember about this life altering trauma, except that Brett Kavanaugh did it & her best friend would back up her story. Problem was, her bestie, wasn’t there & didn’t even know Kavanaugh. What a crock!


  142. The usual smoke & mirrors (look here don’t look there) These Dem/Libs should be on America’s Got Talent ,magic show…. Total SHAM.. Simon Cowell would tear there boney asses up…

  143. The Democrats if proved over and over again that they are nothing but evil and care only about themselves and that’s usually their motive is themselves and wanting to be in power again and will do anything to get there. except that God is on the side of the righteous so evil doer neverwin expecially with lies cheating and wrongdoing
    That is why Hillary never won

  144. I think that even after my identity was known I would have insisted on testifying in private. This leads me to believe all this info they wanted put out for the public. So much of her testimony seemed like she was reading from a script and lastly she had no collaboration.

  145. ” Fake News media members were outraged.

    They claimed Trump did not “cite evidence” to back up his claim that the allegations were a hoax.”

    These media idiots are a total damned joke. Do these crackheads really want to go there after all their ranting and unsubstantiated claims. They must be out of their frigging minds. Their hypocrisy is off the hook. Even today when Ford withdrew ALL of accusation and the democrats threw Michael Avenatti under the bus these loons cannot accept the truth.

  146. Our President is exactly correct. Ive never seen such evil in my 66 years of life. There is no other word for it. Again and again, every single day, we are shown more of it. Denying it makes it no less real.

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