All hell broke loose after what this MSNBC host said about Kavanaugh’s accuser

MSNBC is an unofficial mouthpiece of the Democrat Party.

Hosts and guests are expected to toe the liberal line on the credibility of the woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of trying to rape her in high school.

But now all hell is breaking loose after one of their most famous hosts said this about the situation.

Republicans have offered Christine Ford a public or private hearing to tell her story about Brett Kavanaugh.

Her lawyer said she will not show up unless the FBI investigates an incident that took place 36 years ago.

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski actually called out Ford and the Democrats.

She accused them of “moving the goal posts.”

Breitbart reports:

With Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation on hold amid Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations of sexual assault decades ago, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski argued that Democrats were “moving the goalpost” on Republicans because they want to allow Ford the chance to testify and now they are not cooperating.

“[S]ome Republicans could argue this is moving the goalpost,” Brzezinski said Wednesday. “And it’s moving the goalpost in an impossible direction because every legal analyst we have had on the show, you’re a lawyer, you know the law, there’s no way of finding out what happened in high school. There are statutes of limitations for a reason.”
“So, we need to hear from her. And that’s why everybody is open to hearing from [Ford]. But if she doesn’t want to speak, if she doesn’t want to testify, you have to wonder what the Republicans really are supposed to do except demand a vote. This is something that happened in high school. This is going to need her voice. There is no other way around it. No one can do it for her,” she continued.

Critics question Ford’s story for multiple reasons.

And her unwillingness to tell her story under oath is raising major red flags.

Republicans are realizing she is just trying to delay the Kavanaugh nomination until after the election in the hopes the Democrats win the Senate.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I do not believe any polls about anything. FORD was an alcoholic and sexomaniac at 15…no wonder her own mother did not believe a word she said…she is a habitual liar. Justice Kavanaugh should sue her and all supporting parties…especially Ms Diane Feinstein the biggest traitor of all. I hope I am around when she falls like a tree hitting the ground. You Ms. Are the cause of everything that has happened. Very few people I know can stand to hear your name.

  2. I do not believe one word that prevaricating low life said. It was written by someone else and she tried to memorize it. She is undoubtedly a very mentally ill woman. If she was drinking blindly at high school parties…she is probably an alcoholic. She is no Dr., except maybe of lies.

  3. Pretty good when the site won’t print your comment when you tell the truth. Always says I have already said that.

  4. Hey Annette, did you not hear they set up a “go fund me” account for her and all the money goes directly to her. Last report it was over a million and a half so far. But don’t worry she did not do it for money. Everything happened just as she said. It has to be true because she is a woman and you have to believe her. (Not meaning to defame any woman, I have great admiration for women) It is that some are real asses as are some men. Now do you want to hear something really crazy?? I am a very old man and a “registered” democrat, However I have not voted for a democrat in fifty years. They lost their minds a long time ago. Just never got around to changing. You should see the looks I get when I throw them off my property when they try to get me to vote. Priceless.

  5. The wife and kids can not be doing well. The “woman” who suddenly remembers after 30 plus years?? Really? She is a psychopath. The greatest shame of all? That Congress is not upholding the Law of the Land, and that the overstepping and over-reach created by the democrats is abysmal .

  6. Sounds like Stormy Daniels lawyer found another victim. This man seems to just hang with some real classy dirtball ladies ?????. No wonder his wife left him. Mr. PORNOMAN

  7. Just what guarantees is she asking for? I hope that she is not demanding immunity from future prosecution. If she is just blowing smoke up everyone’s drawers, then she needs to be prosecuted for lying to Congress/Senate. Congress/Senate must make sure that those who lie to Congress/Senate realize that when/if they knowingly lie, they will not get off scot free. There are consequences to making false statements. Time in Federal Prison will make people think twice about lying to the authorities.

  8. What is so hard about setting a date and time for her hearing? Ford either shows up and testifies while Kavanaugh is in the room, followed by his rebuttal, or the senators can vote.

  9. If true Brett doesn’t get on the Supreme Court but, I’m not sure about any legal charges because, it’s been 35-36 years and I’m not sure if there’s a statute of limitations???

  10. Most of Your Comments & OPINIONS are Mostly Based on
    …. It didn’t happen or,… Professor Ford is Lying. Kind of Short on REAL FACTS. AT THIS POINT, only SHE & HE know for SURE.
    MY QUESTION to You is,…. What if her ACCUSATION is TRUE??? COMMENTS?

  11. Annette, you are so right. I mean she can’t remember the year, where the house was that the party was held, who was there and how many people there were. I’ve heard that in one story there were 2 people in the room another story there were 4 people and then back to 2 and back to 4. What a joke…

  12. Leo: The Progressives DemoRATS truly believe we are all stupid and gullible. As Kadok (above) has stated, the DemoRATS have been lying to us for years and a lot of idiot low-info types and tin-foil hat crowd believe their nonsense.

  13. If she really was assaulted but can’t remember things how can she say it was Kavenaugh. It could have been anybody. I still don’t believe any of her story. If it was me I would have reported it at the time not wait 36 years then trout it out. Only a stupid person would do that.Not sure if she is trying for big bucks or not. I hope he sues her.She is about tramping on his good reparation ,shame on her. Hope his wife and kids are doing ok with all this

  14. Dan You are Right on with your comment we have to stick together because if this keeps up that Civil War will Start SOON. we need to be able to contact each other

  15. And should he become a SCOTUS Justice, if they get back in control of the Congress they have already promised to Impeach and remove him. I say let them try if they want a civil war because it will not be good for them.

  16. I hear ya’ D.A.N. and you hit every point head-on. She gets the first word and that’s it but, she’s not talking which to me means she’s lying her ass-off…

  17. JD, in other news, an accuser does not get the last word like she wants. That is for the accused so they can counter what the accuser says. Point two, in the US, person has the right to face their accuser. Point three, the Judge and his family have also been getting death threats. Point four, the accuser does not get to demand the FBI investigate something she doesn’t even claim was a sex offense. And that is a State crime which has time limits. Long since expired. Now if she want to have her say, she should have said something long ago or just go away.

  18. No jim, she is lower than that even. DiFi can’t be used for anything but a bucket of manure can at least help plants grow.

  19. Eric, they did not issue a subpoena. But she will soon have to decide, accept the committee’s rules or er claim will get tossed. With the Judge possibly filing a defamation lawsuit against her. Then she’d have something to cry about.

  20. Jake, if these are facts, please take this further. It was a good read and everyone needs to see what her day to day character looks like. TY.

  21. Hey Mark, even if she isn’t being paid by Soros, her lawyer has connection to him and Ford is a leftist rabble rouser. That is why she doesn’t want to really testify because then it would open her up to what she does.

  22. Mika Bresnokov is so unhappy with fellow Commies just to get Chrissy to tell her story and embarrass the 4 children involved she is spouting hatred this time at her brood of slimy’s.

  23. A bunch of BS. Democrats are a bunch of little babies who can’t get their way.
    America doesn’t want the court to be a kind of Super Legislature where the left can go out and get things enacted that they can’t get through the Legislative process. America wants Judges who interpret, not make the law.

  24. I forgot to mention the fact that George Soros funded groups to disrupt the confirmation hearings and even paid extra to those who were arrested. Maybe he`s paying this Lefty crackpot too. It`s not really far fetched given the Dems long history of lying, cheating and doing whatever it takes to stop the opposition.

  25. I think she sounds like a slut. I went to college, I know her type. Mother told me stay away you never know what you`ll catch.

  26. He should have been deported many years ago. He will continue you to give his money for causes that corrupt our country. He sits with SATAN. You think with all his money he would be helping people, especially children that don’t have much. No, he can’t do that, like I said he sits with SATAN and he will burn when it is time for him to leave our Earth. I hope he can change his ways before it is to late.

  27. I cannot believe some Lefty comes out of the woodwork, after 36 years, can`t remember the YEAR she was “groped”, can`t remember where this house party was or anything else relevant to the claim. This is all after Diane Frankenstein sits on a letter since July, does`t even bring it up at least two meetings with Kavanaugh or at the confirmation hearings until the very last moment. This whole thing stinks to high Heaven. Now the accuser is making demands! The GOP better not back down on this one. Screw the media, screw #me too. DEMAND A VOTE! I think we all know the Dems put her up to this and now it`s beginning to unravel.

  28. I thought that a senate hearing would have the power to set the rules, so how come the accuser is making demands? If she does not testify when required, isn’t that contempt?

  29. 1.Students at her far left liberal college are on record in past years saying: She has a very dark side, don’t get her upset because she will go after you and stop at nothing to get you.
    2.Her parents their home foreclosed on in 1996. Kavanaugh’s mom was the judge in the case. Case (Maryland-Case Number 156006V).
    3.Extremist liberal activist. Video with many scenes of her marching in the San Francisco, Anti Trump/ anti Conservative March, wearing her anti Trump pink hat, holding up anti Trump signs.
    4.On her Face Book account wrote: Supreme Court Justice types like judge Scalia, must be banned from law period. Removed it from her account after realizing not a good move but too late, many copied it.
    5.Vocal Anti-gun protester, wants the 2nd amendment abolished. Had it pasted all over her Face Book too but realized it was idiotic and removed it but too late as well.
    6.Can’t remember the house, location of offense, how she got there or whose party it was, when 1st questioned. But has regular nightmares and is traumatized by the whole thing 36 years ago. And now has to stick to it. Talk about not having a plan but planning to lie.
    7.Expected her best friend to vogue for her, when she told her: She was an alcoholic back than and regretted the number of sexual partners she had in those days. Her friend wants no part of this mess.
    8.Left or right, hell I don’t care but ruining a man’s life for your own biased far left political views is WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG !!!!!!!!

  30. Ms Ford can’t remember what year the party took place, where the house was, what city it was in, how she got there and how she left. She also admitted that she “may have confused” Kavenaugh with someone else. Now,with information like that after almost 4 decades she really wants the FBI to investigate? How? There have been at least six background checks on Kavenaugh already…nothing about this ever surfaced, nor did this type of behavior ever turn up in any of the checks. To say this is a democrat setup would be too little.

  31. Do the Democrats really think they can snow ball The American people minds with this stuff. We’re smarter than that. So disgusting.

  32. I do not believe her. How can she not rememberd?Seems she is not there ! Like her mind is not there. I do not care she is educated! She is not telling the truth. How much is $ she getting , n who is paying her!

  33. Exactly! I’d say the only good Demonrat? Is a dead one! But. Some loser butt hole would take it literally! One can only wish that was true? Then there wouldn’t be the problems we have today!America and the Constitution and our freedom’s are under attack! These Demonrat’s merf yo go. Bye! Bye!

  34. This is the United States of America.  Under our law one is “presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

    I really feel sorry for Judge Kavanaugh, his wife and kids.  No matter how this mess turns out, this albatross will hang around his neck for the rest of his life.  I hope someone in his family is keeping copies of all the lame street media talking heads, assorted Hollyweirdo’s, and TV “personalities” accusing the Judge before all the facts are known.  When this is over, he can sue a whole lot of people for slander.

    I don’t know Prof. Ford’s true story, nobody does.  But it’s one of two things.
    (Choice #1) At some point when she was 15-16 yrs old someone assaulted her.  All her memories save one [knowing for sure it was Judge Kavanaugh] apparently are very fuzzy.  She seems to know next to nothing except “he” did it.  Perhaps she was assaulted and has re-wound the story in her head for 35-plus years and now believes he’s guilty in her mind.  Hardly proof and impossible to defend; it’s hard to prove a negative.  (Choice #2) Some flaming Progressive has paid her a ton of money to tell a big fat fairy tale.

    I understand why the Republicans would like to vote before the mid-term elections.  It would be helpful for voters to know which Senators and House of Representatives are going to stand by Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court and who is going to wimp out.  However, this session of Congress isn’t over until the end of the year so technically there’s time for this session to vote albeit after the elections.

    Also Prof. Ford and her snake of a lawyer do not get to set the rules for the Senate committee nor does she get to “order” the FBI to investigate.   Judge Kavanaugh was appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on May 30, 2006, after his nomination by President George W. Bush and his confirmation by the Senate. Why did Prof. Ford not raise this “issue” when Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate and appointed to the US Court of Appeals?

    Shame on Senator Dianne Feinstein for sitting on this information since July. She purposely made this political!!!

  35. Bless you i was raped when i was 13 by 2 men i remember every vivid detail when who what where how long the time you dont forget things like that i didnt tell anyone either i left home then to and never looked back.I allways blamed myself for being dumb enough to not check out people better but then you didnt distrust people like you have to today.This women is a fraud if she didnt want it brought out it wouldnt have been she knew what the hell she was doing and she played it well to throw people off another low life bs scam by the Demorcrats to sway the midterms.

  36. Have spent to much time writing. comments only to have it not printed as a response to a comment I. completely disagree with only to have someone decide it isn’t worth printing. Not worth my time – I’m 74 and have better things to spend my time on.This is meant for whoever edits these comments.

  37. Being a rape survivor its something you dont forget. You know when where and who this women is a fraud. Its been years for me and i remember every single detail. This women is trying to sway the mid terms funny how they all crawl out from under a rock at a time thats good for the Demorcrats.Its like Stormy Daniels said this week she and Trump were in a hotel room in 2005 watching shark tank and he recieved a call from Hillary clinton he hung up and continued to watch shark tank ummm shark tank didnt air on tv until 2008 God Bless all have a good weekend

  38. YEAH, she was 15 AND her parents had PADLOCKS on EVERY door and window to make SURE she COULDN’T get AWAY to attend PARTIES….She “attended” EVERY on-going party BACK then in her DREAMS…..!!!!! JUST remember “dreams from my father”…..Then you KNOW it ALL…..!!!!

  39. Or it was actually “some” OTHER guy who did it BUT her BLURRED “memory” is given her the name “kavanaugh”, who happens to be a CONSERVATIVE, UNLIKE her……LIBTARD…….!!!!
    YEAH, THEIR “HATRED” is so END-less that THEY even RISK ending-up in JAIL where THEY actually REALLY belong, ANYWAY…….!!!!

  40. Look I think she’s lying her a** off. But She says that she had her bathing suit on underneath her clothes. My daughters have done that before. My daughters have gone to a pool say they got there at 12 o’clock noon they might a dipped into the water at two and not left the pool until five. By then the bathing suit is entirely dry and they just put their clothes on over top of it. I can see how that part could’ve happened. But the entire rest of the story is garbage.

  41. Too bad, but the acusation is being wiyhdrawn due to captured FB pictures and data from the school yearbook. This is great news, and I can’t wait to hear all the excuses by the corrupt democrats

  42. I’ve come to the conclusion that Jojo & Mika deserve one another. They’re both desperate for fame, they only have about 500,000 viewers, more guess, that’s an inflated number. Either way, they are at the bottom of the ratings barrel. From my perspective, they’re both dumb as rocks. I wonder if Muks ever fears Jojo will kill her once he’s tired of her, much like he killed his intern just prior to 911? The coroner was shady as shady can be, was a large donator to then senator Jojos campaign. He lost his license in at least 2 states & the creep was keeping human body parts in his storage facility. Then, shortly after her death & begore news could begin to ask questions, the twin towers were hit by Radical Islamic Terrorists. Obviously this tragedy was all the talk & Jojo lucked out by this tragedy occurring!


  44. She was drunk & possibly drugged by someone, she doesn’t even know how she got home, so how does she know who touched her. If it really did happen at all. This case is over 36 yrs old. There is no way to confirm what she is saying, she told NO one. Its a she said, he said. Someone is only Guilty w/ actual Facts. Her story is NOT credible.
    Look up “Illusions”- A thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or distortion by the senses. A deceptive appearance or impression. A false idea or belief. Something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. Is something that is not really what it seems to be.
    This would explain it all.

  45. Interesting breaking news out tonight (9-20) that Dr. Ford is in negotiation under the conditions she might testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee, items to include more fairness and protection for the accuser, who has already experienced death threats.

    Another interesting fact is that in an updated poll, support for Kavanaugh is now historically the lowest for any SC judge nominee, and actually is in the negative with 4% more Americans of not having him confirmed than in favor of it.

  46. Actually, just discovered that there is NO statute of limitation on attempted rape in Maryland, the jurisdiction. So, If Dr. Ford filed a complaint, it would have to be investigated by Maryland state police. Plus if you add Kavanaugh’s perjury to the Senate Judiciary, Brett could be facing legal troubles down the line. There are no protections from the law for S.C. judges.

  47. Diane Feinstein has a nepotism scandal of her own. Through her influence as a senator, she had her husband, Richard Blum, appointed to sell off all the excess U.S. Post Office Buildings for a profit of millions of dollars. The Feinstein/Blums are already multi-millionaires. Why do they want more money when they are in their 80s? Nothing but pure greed! If Diane were such a devoted “Public Servant,” she should President Trump’s example and serve without a government salary! The woman is a disgusting and power hungry creature! Shame on her.

  48. This was not “something that happened in high school”. This is something mentioned that never happened at all!

  49. the whole story sounds fishy , 15 years old , and if he was as drunk as she said then there was booze at the party witch she was probably drinking to , and what is the fbi suppose to investigate , in the 80’s there weren’t smart phones and cameras to record anything , it’s a phony story just like the russia collusion , that they are dragging out for 2 years, let’s call him guilty and then we will look for a crime

  50. A lot of the weak-kneed Reps are anti-Trumpers. They have their own skeletons in their closets. Perhaps many are on the list of over 51,000 sealed indictments?

  51. Not everyone is worried about her self-respect. Also you can’t block out part of the story – she can’t remember where, when, who was there but she is absolutely sure Brett Kavanaugh was the one that assaulted her. BS!

  52. I have a small question. When we “partied” back in the day, there was always a parent, maybe two there or at least in the next room. We could dance with the lights turned low, but not off and everyone stayed in that room except for the bathroom. NOW, tell me, what was she doing in a bedroom in a BATHING SUIT ???? Was this a pool party.?? Haven’t heard any mention of that. That alone sounds suspicious to me. I’m not THAT old that I don’t know what teens get up to. I raised a bunch of my own and believe me they weren’t at teenage parties alone, in a bathing suit, in a bedroom, with ANYONE, let alone being “groped”.

  53. If she had supressed memory, she would remember all of the other details that she conveniently couldn’t remember. How convenient that after 36 years, she remembers Kavanaugh’s name but nothing else. She doesn’t have anyone to corroborate her story. The guy that was supposedly there during the “assault” denies anything like that ever happened. It’s amazing that Kavanaugh has 65 female character witnesses to vouch for his character. They have known him for anywhere from 20 years to over 30 years. Ford has had one female witness who would corroborate her story but has since changed her story on Twitter. She said she kind of believed it and also wanted attention at first. Atty’s Page and Katz, along with Ford are female anti-Trump activists. Katz was a top fund raiser for Hillary Clinton. There’s way more that I’ve read but I haven’t heard it being substantiated yet. The truth will come out re: connecting these dots; it always does.

  54. They would find a fake police report, that she would now remember that she had done. Then state the police put the wrong date on it, and of coarse the precinct that it originated in wasn’t built til 2010 but don’t let that be of any concern. lol

  55. Lets put it this way with Liberal Lunacy Eli Lilly withdrew Sponsor Ship of a NASCAR Driver Because of a Racial statement his Father said back in the 80’s. So whats that tell you about these People.

  56. Apparently Dem Seators are proving that they live by a different set of rules than what they expect others to live by. C. Booker has admitted to molesting a girl when he was a teenager.

  57. Just wait for the police report, it will be as fake as Obama’s birth certificate. But then we will have a place and date and witnesses.

  58. 100 to 0 that’s my belief. I’ve seen this type occur 100 plus times. I worked in psych and male staff were occused on a regular basis, thank goodness we had cameras. People have dreams all the time. This if she truely believes it happened maybe what happened more than likely. These thoughts cane out of a session with a social worker not a Dr. But then they have Booker in Senate who has history of doing this and has admitted this publicly.

  59. Well, that was a REVELATION out of her, yes probabaly B.S., just making them look good, that they are not getting in on this sham of a scam. br the demo-communist. Feinstien needs to take a forced retirement for this SCAM. An harris an booker both need to be restricted, forced to show up, but not get in on the action, in the senate, JSTFU, for 1 year minimum, any miss outs or out burst, automatic, forced resignation,

  60. It’s as if you read my mind. You mentioned Rat Pack. That’s Obama, Holder, Hillary, Rosenstein, Comey, Stzrok, McCabe, Kerry Biden and others. Too many to mention! How have the gotten away with this nonsense. Truth is stranger than fiction

  61. Perry that’s essentially what Ford has done already. It’s time the media delved into her life and let us know some thing about her. They won’t though because she’s a liberal. Is she a member of the so-called LGBT faction? Does she bake cookies? Cakes? Does she help cook Thanksgiving Dinner for family and/or friends? Hmmm?

  62. Moving the goal posts is an understatement. How about a coin flip where heads, she wins, tails, he loses?!!!! This protestation cannot be allow to delay or hinder the Senate’s Constitutional mandate of Advice and Consent on their time table. No response by 10AM Friday means a vote next week.

  63. Isn’t it interesting all this crap never showed up previously when Brett Kavanaugh was being considered for the DC Judgeship! He’s hated by lesbians because he’s a male, a husband and a father and lives a traditional American life. He’s hated by atheists because he’s a devout Christian. He’s hated by Democrats because he supports the US Constitution. Let’s get on with his confirmation and brush aside the spewing of hate by misfits.

  64. Exactly Jon. This total story is fabricated by a few leaders in the Democratic Party and you and most Republicans are aware who they are. I would suggest caution because this is planned with the ultimate goal to stop the appointment. It is obvious because they have done it before and were successful. Get the appointment done and it should go away.

  65. In the ’60’ or ’70’ The FMS was starting. And I was a victim of this BS! The wife his having problems in bed with her husband! Puff!!! a magic dragon appears (a psychoanalyst appears) and tell the woman, all your problems are from someone molested you when you were younger! And the sychoanalyst keeps telling her that until she believes it! BUT CAN’T remember any details of the event, excep that it took place! And both her and her psychoanalyst hate Trump, and Trump appointed Kavenaugh, it was Kavenaugh! FMS = False Memory Syndrome!

  66. Where do we draw the line on investigating someone.!! Do we go all the way back to pre-school because someone claims he or she pushed me off the merry-go-round and he/she said bad thing toward me.? Maybe the person at day care that change my diaper an it was not my parents so it must be assault.?

    Lets be real here ! After high school we get a clear picture of a person character and Kavanaugh’s character does not show that behavior . We have 35 years of a man who has been nothing short of HONORABLE. Regardless if this assault happen or not.

  67. I don’t think this is a shakedown. We are way past that. This is the hardest of hardball politics short of murder. You’d have to go to the Clintons for that.

  68. The Dems are the ones changing this story to meet their agenda and they will continue to lie and cheat threw this whole thing, Now even the red state dems all say they wont vote for him, Well Senators I have news for you You had better grow up or else.. I don’t know who Swelwell thinks he is but that man is nothing but a real low life, Since yesterday the story has changed about one hundred times and now means nothing

    This women said when she told her story had anyone been listening that the young man in question got her down on a bed and foneled her threw her clothes and then she said the friend of his was there watching Nothing happened so she said and she left soon after so lady go ahead and tell your lies an they need to put her under oath and make sure that she tells the right story..

  69. I am a woman and I don’t believe one word I,am 71 now and i was all most raped when i was 14 and i recall all of it to this day, i know were it took place, and who did it.what time it took place,I didnt tell my mother but i did tell my Godfarther.

  70. this woman digs burying herself deeper inside a hole! is she’s got something to say go swear on BIBLE and tell whole truth and nothing but truth! but we all know democrats can lie really well! God bless Judge Kavanaugh! she should have said saying all those years ago!

  71. Well congratulations you just reported honest news
    Another question what was an underaged child at a beer party
    Now she said she wore a bathing duit now you have a bathing suit on she said that he was trying to open her nlouse bathing suit on young lady usually bathing suit blouse open

  72. The thought popped into my head of:”Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Maybe Ford is seeking revenge because she was looking for some action and Kavanaugh (If he was there) turned her down.

  73. She didn’t report it to the Police or did she. Maybe they said that she was drunk and she couldn’t remember who it was or what happened to her nor the Month, the persons at the party. She can’t seem to remember much about anything. Of course she is trying to shake down a Judge, so if I were her I think I would just forget the whole damn mess.

  74. That sums it up. I agree with everything you pointed out. We’ve got to be sure though that we’re not smelling our deplorable selves, because we shop at Walmart and hate Killary! <– Once in awhile we have to have a little humor even though we face all this disgusting activity fomented by the leftist/communist/fascists.

  75. She is in too deep now. She either has to come up with a better story or she will just disappear altogether and we don’t know if that lady who has Sun Glasses on is actually her. This is a fake News Put up Job. Someone said why didn’t that happen when Bill Clinton was President. Hilary wouldn’t even let it be known what was going on. Such a bunch of fake people. The News should adhere to this claim and stop telling things that are not true. If I were Kananaugh I would tell them that he wants to see her face to face and then she can either come up with the truth as she and her Lawyer and the Psycho knows that its not true. She has made all this up. Some Loon Tunes person

  76. might be the other way around in that she is the one guilty of attempted rape and is trying to make it look like the judge was the guilty one. If something like that happened to her she would have reported it right away instead of waiting 36 years. This is no more than a Democratic ruse to stop the confirmation as they know they are in deep doodoo if we have a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. By the way I changed the name Democrats to Demon-crats as that is what they are. Why not let the ladies that Bill Clinton did rape and molest tell their story to the Judiciary Committee but the Demon-crats are so quick to blame Republicans all the time when in actuality it is the Demon-crats that are lying, cheating and stealing from the American taxpayer i.e. Robert Mueller and his gang of thieves to the tune of more than $17,000,000 bucks for a witch hunt when they themselves are the guilty ones with the Russian Collusion (Hillary Clinton) Uranium deal and other assorted pay to play schemes.

  77. Well, lets check the story here. She says she was accosted by Kavanaugh, at a house party. Then another young man “interrupted” the groping. Sounds credible. But heres the twist. She can’t remember the house number, the name of the young man that interrupted them. The specific day that this all happened. As well as the time of year. Now from what I’ve seen and heard from other women who have been in her shoes, they remembered everything!!! All of the women that were accosted by William Jefferson Davis Clinton, remember the exact time, the day, what they were wearing, and exactly where that it happened. Now I’m not going to throw Judge Kavanaugh under the bus for an accusation, but I do have some serious questions and doubts as to her motives. As with everyone that has been nominated by Trump, the accusations of marital infidelity, childhood indiscretions, have been thrown around like normal conversation. And by whom? The Democratic party. This person is a psychologist and instructor, that has been spewing hate towards Trump since his election. In a vagina hat during the Washington march, and other womens marches around the country. I do believe that there is an agenda going on. And Dianne Fienstien is at the heart of the issue. Shes had this letter since July. Said that she didnt want to be exposed or named. Sat through hours of questioning and never said a thing about it during this time. I smell a RAT PACK!!!!! Just because they cant stop his appointment to the bench.

  78. we can only hope that as people see the democrats as the lying and obfuscating clowns that are desperate to maintain power they will reward them by voting them out. All republicans must vote in this cycle, the opportunity to really send them packing is NOW!!

  79. Exactly! It’s about retaliation, blocking the release of the FISA memo, trying to sway the November vote to blue (not gonna work) and just plain Trump hating! They all need to be put in front of a firing squad!

  80. It’s a stall form the Democratic party, The Democratic platform is hate anything Trump, They had this information for a while and used some lame excuse so they could stall the conformation. The more they disrupt this country the more I support this President !!!

  81. He has already been investigated 6 times by the FBI for previous positions he has held. So what the he’ll would the FBI find now??? F’n Nothing

  82. I heard this morning that the Demoncraps, namely Feinstein, redacted that letter from Ford. It makes me wonder just what it was in her statement that they don’t want anyone to know. Could she have said that SHE was drunk??? Maybe?? Unless someone gets ahold of that letter and sees what was said, we probably never will know for sure. I think she was paid. Being that she isn’t that popular of a professor, perhaps she’s worried about being replaced and wanted some funds to fall back on. Maybe the FBI should investigate HER finances.

  83. Yoohhh little Joe , double tongued viper , makes you a fool full of hate . You are Unable to think because your perverted brain ended under the left sole of your shoe .

  84. I really want to thank you for your perspective3 on all of this. In conjunction, these corrupt democrats have violated the constitution by demanding that the DOJ, FBI, and Intelligence agencies to disobey the president’s order to declassify documents. I am currently researching whether the president can send in the US Marshalls to arrest these democrats for sedition among other charges.

  85. First of all, the FBI has NO JURISDICTION on this. They have performed six background checks on Judge Kavanaugh. Knowing personally how thorough these background checks are, there is no way that this “so-called attack” would not have been brought to light in these checks. The statute of limitations also prevent law enforcement from investigating.

  86. I firmly believe that Christine has fabricated this story to prevent Kavanaugh from being approved by the Senate. It is appalling that Judge Kavanaugh is being besmirched by this activist professor. If she did not want to testify and be revealed, then she shouldn’t have written the letter. Most probably, this fantasy was planted by the psychiatrist as being factual akin to all the FAKE “supressed memory” accounts that caused so much damage to innocent people in the recent past. Activist defined by democrats means to inflict damage on anyone who does not follow their so called resistance and ideology.

  87. Perhaps the FBI should waste taxpayer’s dollars in investigating this decade’s old accusation: only then will the public know that they were all teenagers, under aged drinkers, and Ford was probably as culpable in her sexual liaison as was Kavanaugh. When the FBI report shows that Ford had been drinking like the others, this should expose her accusations as nothing more than sensationalism and certainly nothing to discredit a Federal Judge.

  88. I have a liberal friend that thinks Dr. Ford may be a classic example of a person struggling with her childhood mental issues that later studied clinical psychology to understand herself. Her actions may be the reflection of reverse psychology. I didn’t said that, but an interesting perspective.

    I understand that she co-authored a few books but that doesn’t qualify her to be the sanest professional. Well, she ain’t a popular professor among the students. She had a low rating student evaluation. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything.

    Democrat leaders and the paid protesters put up a disgusting show. I don’t think it has to do with Trump Derangement Syndrome. I think the liberals are terribly frightened of a solid conservative Supreme Court. Also the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill to reshape the heavily-liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Good.

    And … they also approved the legislation process for a bill called Injunctive Clarification Act to curb the out-of-control injunctions to prevent the lower courts to block the enforcement of federal policies.

    Good, but much more work to do.


  89. She along with democrats do not want her to tell her story and that’s the main fact. Democrats use this stunt when their backs are to the wall. But the facts need to be told to all Americans so as democrats treasonous acts can be exposed immediately. If she is found to be making false statements and charges she needs to spend at least 10 years in prison. And this goes for all woman who file these false claims.

  90. In the past far too many Americans failed to pay attention to what Washington was doing with our tax dollars which allowed them to get away with murder so to speak. It’s because of Donald Trump…who came in and upset their Golden Goose.Apple Cart that more Americans are paying attention to the shenanigans that Washington has been playing. Thank you Donald! Unfortunately, with Obama’s Dumbing Down of America which is probably the one thing of notoriety we can attribute to him…the Left is working hard to organize the Dumbed Down to counter the new awareness. Community Organize…sound familiar? Now, another significant problem we have is the Weak Kneed Republicans who have no balls to stand up and fight as Trump does daily.

  91. I’m sorry but everyone is worried about this woman’s self respect. What about the man? I for one don’t believe her. Anyone who has ever been assaulted raped as an adult or a child can remember all of it. These doctors so fast to say she blocked it out are crazy.

  92. There is only one reason I can think of that a person would refuse to testify under oath – and – that is so they cannot later be charged with perjury. Ford is a phony if her accusations were real we would leap at the opportunity to be heard. I wish like hell they would afford the very same opportunity to the no less than 28 women who have accused Bill Clinton – If they were told they had to be there by tomorrow – I wonder how many would show up – eager to talk? Judge Kavanaugh’s mother – also a judge presided over the foreclosure on Ford’s parents home. Ford’s lawyer defended Bill Clinton and also Al Franken – yeah she’s a real #MeToo mover and shaker huh? It is nothing but a dog and pony show to stall Judge Kavanaugh’s being seated on the Supreme Court and I think that most Americans can see right through this farce. We are getting very sick and tired of the left wing loons Democrats temper tantrums. There is the #WalkAway movement growing in strength and numbers every day – further evidence that American DO NOT want to be governed by a bunch of cry babies.

  93. Believing that a woman will never lie or politicize anyone is fantasy. Any accusation should never convict anyone. Proof, evidence, and witnesses are the legal standard by which conviction is allowed…not popular opinion or political agenda. UNDER OATH.

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