All hell broke loose when a judge read Robert Mueller the riot act in court

Robert Mueller was on a winning streak as of late.

He racked up a number of guilty pleas that put him on the cusp of ousting Donald Trump from office.

But then all hell broke loose when a Judge read Mueller the riot act in court.

Forcing former National Security Michael Flynn to plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversation with Russian ambassador was the first feather in Mueller’s cap.

Flynn spent 19 months cooperating with the special counsel and that allowed the fake news media to run wild with stories about Flynn selling Trump down the river.

But the rubber is about to meet the road with Flynn’s sentencing.

Flynn’s lawyers asked for no jail where as Mueller recommended a stint in prison.

But the Judge in the case is furious.

He asked the FBI for documents about Flynn’s interview where they claim he lied, because it smells like the Deep State set Flynn up.

The Daily Wire reports:

In a new twist, a U.S. District Court judge has ordered special counsel Robert Mueller to hand over all secret documents related to the questioning of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Flynn’s legal team claims the Federal Bureau of Investigation urged the retired United States Army lieutenant general not to bring a lawyer to an interview with agents at the White House in January 2017. Flynn has since pleaded guilty to one count of lying to prosecutors and is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on Wednesday ordered Mueller to turn over all documents and “memoranda” related to Flynn’s questioning by 3 p.m. Friday. Sullivan is the same judge who overturned a 2008 conviction of former Sen. Ted Stevens after government misconduct was revealed.

From the very start, the Flynn case smelled fishy. The FBI used a 1799 law that has been used to prosecute an American as the pretext to set their perjury trap for Flynn.

But now Judge Sullivan is on to them and Mueller is in big trouble.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. A multi million person march in DC is nice in concept, but it would be costly (dangerous if arms present) and difficult for many that would like to attend. It would also be a big item and then downplayed days later. What is really needed is 48 1-5 thousand person marches in State Capitols staggered in time in order to draw attention over a longer period. The main theme being Government is there to IMPLEMENT policy decided by the people, not create policy elected officials personally desire.

  2. It is now time to re-activate the Sons of Liberty with a slight name change “Sons and Daughters of Liberty”. We must organize and keep our weapons loaded and ready. Hopefully soon one or more will rise and take the lead. The million peoples march (armed and ready) on Washington DC should be a start of the action that has been discussed. I would like to see many more than a million if possible. Let’s all pray for the guidance, strength, and direction from God to see us through!

  3. I cannot believe that their are so many people in favor of MY President Trump and do nothing other than shoot their mouths off. Why doesn’t some one take the Bull by the Horns and start a meaningful MARCH on Washington to show those idiots just who the hell are the BOSSES in this country.

    • Like this one?:

      I’m hoping for a 60 day shut down, dotted with MILLION PERSON YELLOW VEST MARCHES in Dc and across the nation.
      Everybody carrying weapons of all types and calibers.

      Carrying signs with sayings like “OBEY THE CONSTITUTION!”





      What would the DC police do when faced With a million or more ARMED CITIZENS OPENLY CHALLENGING THEM TO DO, OR SAY SOMETHING?

      What if US MILITARY Men and Women showed up in uniform AND wearing a Yellow vest?

      What would local governments do when OPENLY CHALLENGED to enforce UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN CONTROL LAWS?

      What would politicians do if they were constantly surrounded by Yellow Vests every place they went?
      Go out to dinner, and when they walk and in half the people stand up and put on a yellow vest, then sit down without saying a word…

      • The march is a great idea, but people should leave their guns at home. Otherwise, some nut would open fire on Marchers and then what? That (firing back) would be just what the anti-gun crowd wants to happen. The message that 99+ % of gun owners are law-abiding could be dealt a serious blow and the biased media would have a negative story for months. The ’60’s civil rights marchers left their guns at home.

      • Thanks for the listing of reasons! the amazing thing is there are many other crimes, all FELONIES with mandatory prison time, plus a few gems killary and
        osluma pulled that require the death penalty. Everybody in the country knows they are guilty. Please Republicans elected officials: get off your collective asses and start doing your jobs or we will Vote You Out ASAP!!!!!
        PS; Amen to this post and “come on people” better get pissed before they
        get away with causing more blessed soldiers of every branch to be KILLED!!!!
        How many more must die before copulating damn-o-craps ruin more of OUR USA !!

  4. Can’t wait until president Trump declassifies the FISA warrant application. Think Muller and company are nervous now, watch them squirm then.

  5. The FBI has lost all of its integrity, and it is going to take a great deal of time before the American citizens ever trust them again,for all of the DOJ and the Democrats have shown us just how corrupt they really are!!! Come the 2020 elections it is imperative that we the citizens clean house and rid us of all these unconstitutional Democrats and that our president fires all those at the top in the FBI just to try and restore faith and trust in the FBI!!!

    • I hate to say this, but a lot of this is the republicans fault. This stuff has been going on for a lot of years now. And a lot of the repubs were the main ones pushing it. Get your man at any cost. If you cannot get him for the laws you think he broke, then find another law that he broke, change the laws or maybe someone in his family broke, and get them that way. Or keep dragging them into court until you can get something to stick or bankrupt them with legal fees. Where do you think the RICO act came from. Our founding father were really against these types of actions. But over the years we have passed laws that allows the government to find more ways to arrest us. DUI checkpoints, the RICO act, are just a couple of examples. I’m sure a lawyer or someone with a vast knowledge of the law system, can name a lot more. Look at the way they charge a lot of people with crimes now. What 50 years ago, would have been one charge, is now 3-10 charges, so if they cannot get you on the main reason you were arrested then maybe they can get you on one or more of the other charges. We are giving our liberty away. Very few people are perfect citizens, and never break any laws. I read an article a few years ago, that said almost everyone in American commits a felony everyday, not on purpose, but because there is so many laws and rules on the books now, and most people never even know they broke a rule or law that could get them arrested. Just my 2 cents on this, but we must remember that when we change laws to get someone, or don’t speak out against the government when they start bending the laws, to get that bad person, then we should not get upset when they do the same thing to get one of us.

  6. This whole Deep State will do down in infamy! This country is divided against itself, and that is a death warrant! Every other nations that has experienced this has gone down, and America is no different! So sad!

  7. As they say in Law and Order, you can indict a ham sandwich; but before sending a person to prison.. a Judge needs to know the absolute truth and to do so needs all of the documents without sections being blacked out.

    • Yes, If I were Judge Sullivan, I would demand the documents in question without redaction. If Mueller refused, I’d gladly throw his case and he and his stinking prosecutors out of my courtroom and advise General Flynn, as a matter of record, to pursue a monumental lawsuit against Mr. Mueller and the FBI for fraud, obstruction of justice and lying before a grand jury and the District Court. It would be Mueller’s obligation to defend himself by turning over the documents Judge Sullivan is demanding.

  8. This is tyranny at it’s best. If anyone belongs in jail it Mueller, Comey, Rosenstien, Stoltz, his girlfriend, Hillary, Bill Clinton, among a few more of the Democrats along with Maxine Waters. They are all corrupt to the core and all need to go to jail. We have enough evidence on all of them to put them away for life. We can not allow this to go on, and have a two tiered justice system that allows them to get by with this! Obama also needs to go to jail for spying on a incoming President witch is Communism. God be with us all if the other half if this country don’t wake up to the tyranny on the left. Kavanugh was a wake up call for most. Now rejecting the border wall just made them loose millions of voters! Trump 2020 if you live your country!

    • I know how did Trump beat a lying murdering rapist protector primary stealing hag. Just keep watching CNN to see what you should be upset about next

    • Seems you are the problem! The left sends Mueller to take Trump down for what the left are doing! Hillary is guilty of everything they went after Trump for. It was her that did it not Trump. The Steele dozsher Is all Hillary,Obama, Soros, The FBI.

    • Hey, we’re not the ones sucking up the goober juice from Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the railroad party. Let’s see if you still think stupid after Pelosi gets through with you.

    • Another brain washed democrat, your stupidity has been proven every time you open your mouth, it seems like every democrat you look at is crooked
      Or nieve.

      • dhazen, you are truly wasting your time with the dems & libs. They lost me when they say we should not have ID for voters or should not have a secure border. They cant even opine how much illegals cost the taxpayers per year yet argue that $5B should not be spent on the wall. Illegals cost us $115B per year. Look it up. And the silliness of not needing a valid ID to vote? My gosh and these people have children! Please move!

    • Apparently you forgot to read the top, this is renewed right site not leftist!! Who’s stupid now! You in grade school, you talk like a childish democrap! Muller is way out of line And needs put in his place! Jail him with Hillary!

  9. MARK MY WORDS ! They will find malfeasance in the Mueller investigation … they will pin the deception and lies to a slew of the biased leftist investigators … and NO ONE will receive jail time. Just like with the Strzok and Page cell phone records … the evidence will, mysteriously, be washed away !

  10. judge have mueller locked up and throw everything out that he did to Flynn. he’s not guilty mueller made money off him jail time.

    • everything that has nothing to do with collusion should not be allowed this investigation is crap and the clintons and dnc should be investigated for criminal acts and Russian collusion

  11. I wonder if the judge is going to ask Mueller, “Where are the original 302’s? Not these that are dated 7 month’s after Flynn was interviewed.”

  12. Well if a coup d’e.tat (koo’da.ta) were looked up in the dictionary; An unexpected stroke of policy; especially, a sudden seizure of government, often accompanied by violence; literally, stroke of state. Today is December 17th and to listen to the main stream media they are all in lock step (talking points) that they all are saying the same thing, Trump will not serve out his time in office. The Deep State and the Media in lock step are propagandizing all this negative dialog if said enough they hope will come true. If they would start talking about what he has done for the American people the list goes on and on. we would definitely all be better off. I’m hoping that they both suffer big disasters for the lies and total hate they show for our duly elected President who we support 100%.

    • I totally agree. Trump is the best thing that happen to America.
      I have faith in God that everything will come out. All the lies and extreme Behavior of people who are just not investigating correctly. The new generation Of young adults that have not learned to educate themselves before they make statements that are completely irrelevant.
      Go back to the history books educate yourself and then make an intelligent decision don’t follow people without knowing what you’re following. Another problem with the young adults are that they have had everything given to them and they have not worked hard as we head to work for everything we have we appreciate everything we have and we have earned it with our hard work and honesty. Enough is enough of all these lies and all this confusion that they’re trying to make believe that this is the truth there is no truth in anything that’s going on right now with young adults that they are not willing to educate themselves properly For free.

  13. Looks like anyone associated with President Trump and the President have been under investigation since he ran for office, yet they deny it’s a witch hunt. They blew off Hillary’s and the Democrats investigations, sounds like they want to overthrow our government !!!

    • That’s exactly what they are trying to do! They are communist not Democrats anymore. This is what Trump has been telling everyone for a very long time, and the roaches that they are ,are coming out of the woodwork, with their pathetical ugly heads for the whole country to see!

  14. Robert Mueller and the members of the FBI hired under the Obama Administration see to be the individuals that have seemed to break the Law in this investigation and some Judges. The Judges know that if you have a Warrant for a certain time period, you can not go into any period before or after the period of that Warrant.

  15. Hello all you Ruskies out there in Far Right land! Nice job of misleading the American public…again! Can’t wait to see “The Donald”, his friends and family in a group photo wearing orange jump suits. Wonder if Ivanka will have hers designed by Gucci? Хорошая работа по мобилизации крайне правых!

    • funny I think you should be wearing the suit on Gitmo we will assign a Hillary advisor for you or you can just share the same cell with her

    • WOW! If there was a Snow-Flake running loose like a chicken with his head cut off, Sonny is the one elected..LOL Take your Meds Looney Tune!

    • Sonny, You must be one of those Lying, baby killing democrats! The only ones guilty of Russian Collusion are the DNC (fake dossier?!) and Hillary Clinton! Funny how they only investigate and indict people that worked for Trump but let the “Demon”craps off without even investigating them? FIRE MUELLER!! None of the indictments have anything to do with Russian Collusion, at all!!

    • You do know the American Citizens are on to the demodummies and liberals and leftist, and if you watch news other than fake news they are starting to worry, even controlling the house next year isn’t going to help them that much, can’t wait for all you ass wipes to fall when it sinks in that what you believe in the dems, won’t matter, and they don’t need you or your inputs anymore…but well, let time take care of this one, I do want to say I am so sorry, that they warped your brain and you can’t think a rational thought, but one day hopefully you will see the light…….Bless You.

    • Lmdao…..All you left wing sheep will stand up against the very people you voted for here soon, and be very sad that they lied to you day in and day out. Some people have common since, and some don’t, I would put you in the second category! But I can’t fix Stupidity unfortunately! You like tyranny then go ahead and vote for your Communist party!

  16. How many times did Hillary Clinton lie to the FBI? 29 or 39 times?!? Now, Flynn was set-up BY the FBI and Mueller and who knows who else for 1 lie? Bull! Anyone with half a brain can smell what The FBI and Mueller are shoveling! The agents that conned General Flynn not to bring an attorney should be fired, loose their retirement and go to jail! Mueller, the one who started the scam should get doubled the time the agents get no matter how many agents are involved! Start throwing the book at these liars! They are not above the law!

  17. Indict, arrest, try, convict, and hang Robert Mueller for treason against the United States, conspiracy, 3,000 cases of first degree murder, before, during, and after the fact, and contempt of congress and the theft of several millions of dollars from the American people..

  18. Yes! Expose Mueller’s tactics and all that he has to the full light of day. Pelosi and her bunch keep talking about being transparent while hiding all sorts of things. Prove to the American public that the investigation was justified in the first place. Show us all that Mueller has accomplished and the documents that support it. Stop hiding behind false narratives. You talk of being transparent; then be transparent. The American people are sick and tired of politics as usual!

  19. Want to use this opportunity to contact you about donating on the GoFundMe page for helping our president build the wall. The page was established by Brian Kolfage the wounded warrior who lost of his limbs and had his Facebook page deleted after investing $30,000 in advertising for his business. Donate and share this.

  20. do us a favor and turn clintons and odummer and soros into human wind chimes just hook the ropes around their necks and let them swing as far as that piece of shit mueller is concerned make him the top of the list and stuff the tree up his ass.

    • Howard, I couldn’t have said it any better,the democrats are pure EVIL, just wait until they take control of the House. All the good that Donald did is going to go down the drain, we will be screwed, I already read today 12/17 that have changed the Rules, in an effort to raise taxes, well now the bullshit starts,

  21. What gets to me is that when Mueller , the FBI, and all the democrats come out with statements against the president the media jumps on it like glue. but when a judge, such as this, brings ANYTHING out against that team the media and all the Trump haters automatically yell “LIE”. I think it’s way past time for all the authority be taken away from Mueller and his team and put the whole thing before a court of law, put Mueller, the FBI, and all their “witnesses” under oath in court and get to the truth. I guarantee that Mueller has become one of the richest people in Washington DC with his back door and under the table payments. AND he has spent over 25 million dollars of taxpayer money with no other agenda except to sabotage the president. Then after all this time and money there is nothing except rumors and accusations in his reports and the media fairy tales.

    • I think that once General Flynn is vindicated, Mueller should be made to reinstate and restore him for ALL of his financial losses, out of his own (Mueller’s) money. This is the same man who allowed 4 innocent men, and 2 to die, in prison just to protect his snitch, Whitey Bulger, from exposure.

      • You can add two more wrongful and malicious persecutions to that list, there was the prosecution of an innocent man for the Olympic bombing incident and another in an anthrax attack via post. Both of them, the wrong guys. While we are on that, how is it that Andy Weissman still holds credentials as a lawyer after his wrongful and malicious prosecutions. He has caused a lot of collateral damage, hundreds of people losing there jobs by forcing a corporation out of business and putting innocent men in jail that were later exonerated in a 9-0 ruling in the Supreme court.

    • I totally agree with YOU Bill Cash!!! Lies and more lies… It needs to come to an end… So Keep Praying. These liars, and ‘leakers’ in SWAMP CITY will be exposed today…(2018) before the new YEAR!!! Believe Almighty GOD and remember his Promises are YEA! and AMEN!!! He Hears us and he promised to HEAL our LAND… BELIEVE… 2 Chronicles 7:14

    • Bill Cash should make a high billboard on everything he stated. I agree with every word you stated.

    • There are some reports that the Mueller investigation has cost 60 million so far. How much is speculation as opposed to truth I don’t know. What I do know is Mueller refused to account for it so far. I want a public accounting for every penny and whose pockets got filled and what the rest was spent on. My opinion is if forced to account for all of it there may be an indictment in it for Mueller himself.

  22. When is our President going to release all those who were involved in the Doesn’t? I thought for sure he would have pulled that off before the November 2018 elections.

  23. I’m getting really tired of these over the top headlines. All hell broke loose? Not really. Yes it’s a good thing this judge is onto liar mule for brains mueller. But come on that headline is another way out of line headline.

  24. What the hell??? How do any of u know the real truth? Nobody knows until it is all said & done? Just because u don’t like what is being said & what comes out, u actually know WHO is lying? Have any of u had a hand in it? NO!!! SO SHUT UP !!U been in any contact with them?? HAVE ANY OF U SAT IN ON ANY MEETINGS? AGAIN, NO !!! IF U CAN PROVE ANY INNOCENTS GO BEFORE MUELLER YOURSELF!! AGAIN, NO. Let justice do their thing cause eventually it will all come out in the wash. STF UP!!!

    • Justice would be the Clintons and obamas in prison since there is far more evidence to convict them and also muller was neck deep in urainium one. He and is team are dirty only those who are blind or dishonest think what is going on is right, go after the Clintons and obamas the same way then it might be right.

      • We know the Corruption of Mueller in the Uranium Deal and hiding it from Congress and that why he was picked to find no crime in collusion which is not a crime Get They Gowdy DOJ break up this mess not

        • Miss, Who are you referring to as the “man above”? If you are talking about God, call him God. It is disrespectful to refer to God in any other than a “holy” name.
          It is obvious you are a flaming liberal and most of you don’t believe in God anyway.
          You are just a “pen name” for a familiar nemesis on this site. Poor thing, you keep trying, don’t you? Liberals lie so much, it just comes natural for you to deceitful but, you are ridiculous!


            Miss, You need a course in comprehensive reading! I sent my comment back for you to read.
            You said I “said” I am Christian, I made NO reference to that. You saw what you wanted to see as you are an atheist. “I know who you are”.
            The balance of my comment was totally ignored in your reply to me because it was true. My comment was not nearly as “ugly” as your comments to us Conservatives! God knows that as well as all of us know it!

    • What is the evidence against the clintons or Obama’s?? I don’t see them being on stand. Tell us what u got. I’ll listen with an open mind. What cha got that can be proven!

      • Oh M. Don’t u know God doesn’t like ugly. A Christian like me knows that. Shame on u !! U say ur a Christian? Try hypocrisy!! Sound it . And Rchard, why would I thank anyone for me saying what i believe? Just another Trumpy Dumpy puppet. RIDICULOUS!! PUTIN WILL BE HERE SOON AT THE RATE TRUMPP IS GOING. REMEMBER HOW MUCH U CARE ABOUT TRUMP WHEN U, CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN HAVE NOTHING LEFT. DO U THINK TRUMP IS GOING TO STAND UP FOR U AS U DO HIM? HMMM…. I THINK NOT.ILL PRAY FOR U AND “M”.

        • Putin won’t be coming because Hillary the liar didn’t win the election. That is where the real collusion was but it didn’t work. Mulehead is dirty and he is about to have all of his cases thrown out of court. And then the Russians he accused of crimes are going to have a field day with his bankbook. The British gov’t is already investigating Steele. And Hillary will soon have to appear in court and testify under oath. Bet you didn’t see that on CNN did you Miss? Guess who the judge in her case is. Judge Emmet G. Sullivan. The same Judge who struck down the Sen. Stevens conviction and is about to hand Mueller his backside. And the thing is, Mueller will have no one to blame but himself.

        • Oh Miss, can’t you see how Obama and the demoncrats have encourage divisiveness? They sold guns to our enemies, uranium to our enemy Russia, lied about Benghazi when our brave men and women were killed. All the things they have done
          Have been on the news your just being brain washed and the demoncrats will bring down America if Trump can’t fix what they’ve done. You say your a Christian and believe in the Democratic Party? Do you think God would want innocent little humans ripped apart and killed violently and painfully in their mother’s womb? Read what God has to say about that!

        • If one looks up the definition of uninformed, idiot; there will be, I am SURE, a picture of MISS and one of Ocasio-Cortez, side by side, take your pick as it is difficult in either case to comprehend what they are saying or in what foreign language it is being said, and on what planet it originated on. Wherever it is, it certainly is NOT this one! Anyone up for a bit more ubscientific fiction?

    • Why don’t we know the truth? It’s been 2 years and over $25 million of taxpayers money and we have nothing. The truth is Mueller is doing nothing because he has nothing. If he did it would be all over the news 24/7 for the past year. How much longer are we going to have to wait to find out what he has found or has not found.
      As long as he is getting paid, he will keep the so-called investigation going. It’s time to demand he tell us what he has or get out. The money he is wasting could certainly be used for something better, the border wall for one.

    • Miss, what language are you trying to use anyway? It obviously isn’t English. First of all we are educated and can read and reason. Facts are facts whether you like it or not. Also, you can’t be a Christian and support the atheistic and communistic democrats. Somewhere along the line you have lost contact with what Christianity really means and also that the democrats aren’t the party of old. Even though I have never been a democrat, I understood that they were still Americans with some different views than mine, but they weren’t hateful, spiteful, lying communist thugs that they are today. I really feel sorry for you and others like you who don’t even know or try to understand how they have been deceived into becoming lemmings blindly following the evil leaders.

    • If you are implying that what Muellar is doing is justice ? Then you are living in the wrong country !They gave all the REAL CRIMINALS immunity , so they couldn’t be charged for the horrendous amount of crimes against the United States !

    • You are sadly misinformed regarding the “Witch Hunt”. There is no “justice” in what is being done by Mueller and his mob. The entire piece of crap was based on a lie. There will be no justice here and now, but the Lord God will mete out final justice when Jesus returns.

  25. I know this’ll sound harsh but here goes. Ever wonder why millions of Germans and other Europeans were okay with Hitler’s policies? People like Mueller! Not to say it wasn’t barbaric but scumbag people like Mueller bring out the worst in others.

    • Great analogy. I would also like to add that the same process of pulling the wool over peoples eyes took place in Russia with Lenin who had an evil protege of Josef Stalin. Another example is Mussolini who hoodwinked Italy through the use of propaganda and deceit. I think all of us who learned History in school (when the schools were not owned by the liberals) could add other monsters who took over countries.

  26. This has always been a set up!! Finally a REAL judge can fix this crap but what about Flynn’s retirement money and house STOLEN by MULL HEAD!! The witch hunt needs to PAY RESTITUTION!! AND PENALTIES!!!

    • There are “many” reasons why Military Tribunals are in order as dealing with the HILLARY GANG involves treason while America is “at war” and has been since 9/11.

      • Agree and the leftist democratics , rinos, Pay the bill that’s been run up by this corrupt investigation and any others these corrupt politicians try doing needs to be held accountable all involved including those hiding in the back ground obama soros bloomberg holder and others, they were and still are Treasonist, High Treasonist to this Country and we must demand them pay full penalties even if that is Firesign Squad

    • Like Corsi, Flynn will have to sue and will probably require assistance in finances to get the job done. Mueller not only needs major suits against him, but he needs to be brought to justice for his criminal activity.

  27. All of this will go away and no one gets jail time, have’t yet and never will.
    Too big to jail and they all know something on one and another so nobody talks.

  28. He will always be remembered what he tried to do to our President and others and all the trust in the world will be gone forever.

  29. Simply do not give jail time…say the SPECIAL COUNSEL is not giving evidence to the judge for a thorough examination in a legal proceeding. No jail time…no conviction…throw out the confession. Send Flynn back into politics.

  30. Mueller is the Eraser Man! He make incriminating evidence disappear. He has been doing the left dirty work. With total access to all records, and the ability to make them go away. Make you wonder how many secret Briefs when out the door in his Briefs.

  31. I’m tired of this crap. Everyday there’s a report of more evidence towards Mueller, Okenya, Killary etc. being crooked yet no one is being punished, arrested, hung. Like the saying goes; “shit or get off the pot”…


  33. I still can’t get over all the News Networks and many members of the House claiming that Mueller was a Highly respected Man and Attorney in the beginning of this investigation. If I’m not mistaken, Mueller was well known for his dishonesty especially when he was investigating the case involving poison powder sent by mail.

    • He needs to reimburse the American public for our wasted tax dollars! Lies,subterfuge misleading American public, Frauulent spending of again American funds.

  34. Whereas the Mueller tactics style has been know for years…the who investigation was based on farce and should have been rescinded based on that fact. If the FISA Courts approved the Special Counsel based on false documentation, then it should have never happened and therefore should have been nullified as soon as the farce was revealed.

    • I still can’t get over all the News Networks and many members of the House claiming that Mueller was a Highly respected Man and Attorney in the beginning of this investigation. If I’m not mistaken, Mueller was well known for his dishonesty especially when he was investigating the case involving poison powder sent by mail.

      • The only ones that need locked up are Hillary, 0bama, and their supporters. All of them are guilty of Sedition. 18 U.S. Code § 2384 That would be a death sentence for her as she couldn’t do 20 in prison nor could Mueller. So it is you who wins the stupid fish award.

  35. how about if the judge sentences mueller to do a full invetigation f hillary, commy the clinton foundtion and the entire democratic party along with cnn, washington post, new york times and most of bigotted media?

    • Unfortunately not feasible. These bad politicians will get off Scott free. A lawsuit instigated by the American public will be the only way. Make this man reimburse tax payers dollars by charging him with misconduct of funds. FINE HIM EVERY NICKLE!

  36. Mueller needs to do his job which he can’t.

    If mueller did… He would incriminate himself along with hillary clinton and all her democrat cohorts…

  37. I hope that Mueller get busted on this one. If it did, it will sure open the Pandora box that should trigger the domino effect on his investigation whether the Democrat Beria-style conspiracy corrupted the due process or not.

    I hope that what goes around comes around on him.

  38. I hope this judge puts Muellar in prison for doing this to one of our heros He thinks he is above the law and can treat people anyway he wants. God Judge get him. He has already done enough damage to Flynn.

  39. It is time for Mueller and his “team” face the long arm of the law with criminal charges for the actions they have taken which violate the 4th amendment, blackmail, and coercing innocent people to lie, and using gestapo like tactics. I want to see how they feel about facing this type of investigation. Actually there is proof that they are the law breakers and deserve prison as well as compensation for the innocent people they have ruined. I would relish being on the grand jury!!!

  40. If – like Strzok and Pages phones – this evidence has been “scrubbed” “redacted” or otherwise tampered with – Mueller should be headed straight to jail for obstruction.

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