All hell broke loose when a woman filed this lawsuit against Trump

The opposition to Donald Trump never takes even one day off.

With the Russian collusion hoax collapsing, President Trump’s enemies are dredging up an old line of attack.

And now all hell is breaking loose after a woman filed this lawsuit against Trump.

A former campaign worker filed a lawsuit claiming Trump tried to kiss her on the lips as he exited a bus for an election rally back in 2016.

The Washington Post reports:

In interviews with The Washington Post, and in the lawsuit, Alva Johnson said Trump grabbed her hand and leaned in to kiss her on the lips as he exited an RV outside the rally in Tampa on Aug. 24, 2016. Johnson said she turned her head and the unwanted kiss landed on the side of her mouth, which she called “super-creepy and inappropriate.”

“I immediately felt violated because I wasn’t expecting it or wanting it,” she said. “I can still see his lips coming straight for my face.”

Johnson said she told her boyfriend, mother and stepfather about the incident later that day, an account all three confirmed to The Post. Two months later, Johnson consulted a Florida attorney about the unwanted kiss; he gave The Post text messages showing that he considered her “credible” but did not take her case for business reasons. The attorney gave Johnson the name of a therapist, whose notes, which The Post reviewed, reference an unspecified event during the campaign that had left her distraught.

Trump supporters cast doubt on this story.

And they had good reason to question this account.

The Post also reports that the lawsuit cited two witnesses to the event – Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and another campaign official.

Both denied Trump tried kiss the woman or that this event even took place.

Trump supporters were reminded of the Access Hollywood tape “October surprise.”

After that tape dropped, a dozen women lined up to hurl shaky allegations that Trump sexually assaulted them.

Trump denied all claims and said the attacks were politically motivated.

Once again, this question of sexual misconduct rears its head just as the Russia story is receding.

And once again, the timing of the accusations is raising suspicions.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.




    • This woman and the lawyer are morons. They know that you cannot sue a sitting President, only through impeachment by congress and she is a lying bitch.

  2. Charge her with conspiracy, fraud, contempt of court, and slander and false claims. Make it for enough money and court cost no one would want to pay her bill

  3. This is just more lies from the Democratic left scum. They will try just anything to go after the best President ever in American history. The evil scum can’t stop oozing out of the woodwork and crevices from out of the ground from hell itself. Will they ever stop their attacks on our President?

  4. she is the one that needs to be investigated and posabilay charge for trying to defame Trumps reputation and check to see if her or some of her family has just come into some money

  5. These idiot #Me2’ers must all have the IQ of 25 BELOW A ROCK. It is SO OBVIOUS
    they are lying in their teeth, and the only reason for demeaning themselves in public is for MONEY! I have more respect for the “working girls” on the corner than I have for these sleazy, lying ho’s! They are giving all women a bad name and for that they should be ashamed of themselves, but they have NO shame, NO ethics, NO morals, NO principles, NO self-respect, just a greedy lust for money they are too lazy to earn through honest, hard work. A pox on them all!

  6. I am so horrified! Someone tried to kiss her and she is mentally distraught? Sounds like a drama queen trying to get fast bucks, to me. Woman, if you are reading this, get a life.

  7. Another baboon that wants some free bananas from Trumpy,hopefully the Clintons will take her out so she and Hillary can eat at the Y

  8. Here we go again. The Dems are out pounding the streets and gutters to find sleaze balls that are willing make false accusations against Trump.

  9. Hey Irish. The only good thing coming out of Mexifornia is Greyhound. That is the lowest, filthiest state in our great union. I thing probably New York runs a second to them and then London in England. There are several studies about the happenings in cities where the populion is packed on top of each other. It becomes the cess pool of the nation. It is the apparent way humans that an attitude that is anamalistic.

    • Hey Sam: You are a TOTAL FOOL. Are you talking about cities, or states?
      California is NOT FILTHY, and I don’t even know what you mean by the lowest – as in “low class” OR WHAT? I’ve lived in California for more than 40 years, since I immigrated and although I am saddened by the political majority now in Cal, and saddened by all the illegals who are supported by California Dem Americans, IT IS NOT A FILTHY STATE, and as an American (if you are) you should be ashamed of yourself. The state is beautiful, from it’s amazing coastline, to its mountains and deserts. From Shasta, to Yosemite and Sequoia, from the Avenue of Giants and the drive through beautiful wineries where you can stop for all kinds of samples.
      From The Gold Country, Sonora, Columbia and to Santa Barbara, Solvang, Buellton and Lompoc, and to the beauty of the coastal drive south heading to San Diego.

      As for “Mexifornia” – STOP WITH THAT CRAP, it’s insulting to all of us who live in California and still fight for good things.
      BTW: the words are: “population”, “cesspool” is all one word, and your last sentence doesn’t make any sense (however, due the fact that the word is “animal” your attempted word would be: “animalistic”. GET A GRIP, and try writing something worthwhile.

      • Wyn Brewis, I’m from Kalafornication, born in San Bernardino, and yes, there still is a lot of beauty in the “state”, but the cities are absolute cesspools. The government is low IQ communist and yes, it is pretty much Mexifornia now. Last time I was there, working under military contract, I barely heard English spoken at all when I was off base. I wouldn’t live in Kalafornication now for a billion dollars – tax free. I know there are still good people there and my advice is: get out while you can.

          • Thanks Ric. I speak from experience and observation. It’s too bad the demonRATS don’t know how to use either one. All their tiny brains can can comprehend or express is evil and hatred. Logic is far beyond their capability.

          • Well Blue, that pretty much goes along with it being a “shithole”, which all the major cities in Kalafornication are.

        • When you get out, if you get out, leave your nasty liberal shit there. Do not bring it with you to pollute fly over country. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  10. Kamala Harris should be ashamed of herself for the way she got to where she is in politics today. But I must admit she has the mouth for it.

  11. This person better have film, these flaky women are getting hard to stomach. This makes women look weak, why didn’t she call it out when it happened, witnesses? I bet not. Money grubbing bimbos are on every corner give it a rest!

  12. It is time to stop the bullshit of the left. Get rid Ocasio and the rest of the ones in the #MeTo movement. All they are doing is making a damn fool out of theirselves. More and more lesbians, left wing nuts and queers keep showing up and we find Soros is the one paying for their stupid, idiotic, scheming shit they are trying to pull. Let’s stop the nonsense NOW!!!!.

    • It is so sad when the truth hurts. Lying Trump has not stop lying since he been in office. There is no witch hunt. Witch hunts do not produce indictments, jail sentencing, court trials, and evidents for the convictions. Russia received Trump’s polling locations during the electoral college election. Proof that Russia tampered with the election is not a witch hunt. Trump close associates are found of lying all around him. But just wait until the SDNY finishes with there investigation and more proof will be known.

      • Your comments show us all what a biased basement dweller you must be. Easy to make accusations but can you provide one bite of proof?

      • Now I’m confused! All we have heard for the past 2+ years is that President Trump is a RACIST!!! Now I have to question why he would want to kiss a BLACK WOMAN if he is a RACIST?? Don’t those two facts contradict each other??!! It would also seem that he would have much more on his mind just before a political rally than grabbing a public kiss while exiting a bus – he’s much smarter than that!


      • Russia trying to find out about polling places and other items about the election process is nuts. All they need to do in monitor the news agencies web sites or the TV stations and they have all the data. No real need to try and infulence the vote…we do not elect the President by popular vote (easily manipulated by the lack of political education by the voters) and the electorial vote can be looked at very easy. The real problem with our political policy is being shown daily by the “special counsel” actions and the Congress doing what they are doing with that liar Cohen while the President is in a summit (yes summit) meeting with a foreign power’s leader. That was and is stupid.

  13. I really like your naming the liberals as being in a state of desperation. They are and the desperation drives them to do all types of underhanded things to bring a light on our President.

  14. The thing is how does Donald Trump prove a negative, that something DIDN’T happen? Another bimbo eruption and rent-a-skank. Do you remember in 2016; after Trump won, these lawsuits were dropped because there was no evidence to prove these incidences happened. They were so hoping these allege incidences would derail his campaign. They had no witnesses or physical evidence to support their claims. Maybe Christina Ford was there, but she just can’t remember the date, where and when this occurred only that she was traumatized. Are you seeing a pattern? Forget those Hollywood skanks, who complained about his “sexism” while behind the scene there was so much worse sexism, rapes, unwanted attention, sexual assaults happening from 229 Hollywood’s hierarchy going on behind the scenes. Everyone from studio heads, agents, Kevin Spacey, Harvey and Bob Weinstein, directors, producers, newsmen, journalist, CEOs, CFOs, Photographers and every other lowlife and pervert living and working in Hollywood and Broadway. They only managed to expose their own hypocrisy.

    • Ford was telling the truth. Kavanaugh lied under oath and had Judge lie for him. The Republicans did want a true investigation and information was investigated. Trump controlled what should investigated. He cannot control the SDNY and when their investigation is over the truth of Trump’s criminal behavior will be known.

      I heard nothing about lawsuits dropped. I do remember TRUMP saying he was going to suit maybe that is what you are referring to. HE DID NOT SUIT ANY OF THE WOMEN SO FAR.

    • Hey Irish. The only good thing coming out of Mexifornia is Greyhound. That is the lowest, filthiest state in our great union. I thing probably New York runs a second to them and then London in England. There are several studies about the happenings in cities where the populion is packed on top of each other. It becomes the cess pool of the nation. It is the apparent way humans that an attitude that is anamalistic.

  15. This is another futile attempt to make Trump look like a jerk so that they have another attempt to remove him from office this is another low down disgraceful tactic by the communist left wing turd heads to smear him and make him look bad. If Barack Obutt hole did this the Marxist media,Hollywood and the commiecrat party would immediately cover it up.

  16. Her career didn’t work out like she thought it should, she thought Trump should have tried to make a pass and didn’t or a dozen other bs claims. Telling your parents or lawyer or therapist does not mean a damn thing happened nor does it stand as proof. Sure the left wing guerilla media will try to make nothing into something, breaking news or this is a special report. No one gives a horses ass anymore.

    • You are correct. We DO NOT CARE. So stop with this nonsense and start thinking about an agenda to help this country, not help yourselves! And for God’s sake, grow up already.

    • A former campaign worker filed a lawsuit claiming Trump tried to kiss her as he exited a bus for an election rally back in 2016. Where was the rally and time since trump was flying to all the rallies. Her two witness that who can back her up claim this never happen. Sound like Ford and her two witness against Kavanaugh . Tell Charles Harder she is your next case along with everyone who is involved.

    • Another LOAD OF LIB NUT B>S!!!!!!!!!
      obviously AGAIN and again the LOSER DUMBOCRAPS and the MSM are full of it AGAIN. And this nobody all of a sudden magically shows up when our commander and chief is trying not to get us in a ” Shooting match ” with North Korea. Unbelievable what these POS’s with do.
      Liberals, Losers and LIARS all start with an L figures now don’t it

  17. What was that stupid, lying bitch that accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct??? just another lying slut being paid by Soros or the democrats to keep the fake smear campaign against President Trump in the fake news media…..the slut probably slept with every male on the campaign trail…

  18. Just the fact that a women said this does not mean it is the truth. Their is a culture in this country that thinks these people always tell the truth. We must get back to facts Not this idea that some one said or filing a lawsuit makes truth or confirms facts.

  19. Women can thank the liars we have seen in the past. I no longer believe a womans story UNTIL it’s proven with facts that are beyond doubt and a democrats grasp to change them.

    • An absolutely great idea. Don’t trust anything anyone says because it time they are usually proved to be false. The problem is it drags a man’s reputation through the mud and there is no way to take the problem out of the news. I think that a woman who files fictious suits of sexual abuse or imposition should be fined for the cost to the man after she is proved to be the puppet of the Dem party.

    • Agree Mike. And the BIBLE plainly tells us,” to stay with our kind”. Amd, most white women are not attracted to black men. However, I cannot believe the President is attracted to anyone but, his wife. Presidents Trumps wife is beautiful and intelligent. I, never believed the stormy daniels and that fraud of an attorney she had. She lost in court and has to pay the President. The attorney also, was jailed along the way. I, believe many fake frauds are out there in todays time. Where has the honesty, class, integrity and honor gone in the people? And, for the accusations they have no remorse or, shame. I doubt if this new elusive garbage is anything but, truth.

    • The part of Melania being gorgeous is true and one only has to look at her to verify that statement. As far as white men not being attracted to black women is certainly false. If only one white man finds a black woman beautiful or attractive then the assumption is false.

    • The lies of the white skank didn’t work, so, they’re trying, a black one-much more believable LOL. They’ll get ‘double mileage’ out of this one. If Trump.even, utters the word black during this fiasco, it will prove that he’s a racist (SARC).

  20. I strongly suspect this woman is looking for some money! She and her family figured this was a great way to get some of President Trump’s money! Shame on her and her family! She is making herself known in the country for all the wrong reasons! What a jerk!!!

    • Nice comment jan. It is a shame that people will bow that low for a few dollars for their lies. She will be paid regardless of whether she retracts or it is found to be court worthy.

  21. If President Trump kissed me i would think it was an honor. Probably never wash my face again.Lol Why would any woman complain of a kiss from a handsome & great all around man?

  22. Oh no, not another bimbo bought and paid for in the attempt to bring President Trump down. When will they ever learn, they have cried “wolf” too many times and nobody is going to believe these scripted phony fake charges! They are a diversions and are old, tired attempts, so stop it! Besides, he has witnesses who verified “it” never happened!
    Yes, I know, every liberal in the world believes it. It’s call desperation!

    • Real M the cockroaches are crawling again. It’s all about getting Trump. The bottom feeders won’t talk about the lieutenant governor in Va. Or rapists Bill Clinton. Oh by the way. I don’t believe that woman. The truth h will come out. I respect a trump for standing strong with all these commiecrat lies.

      • Dan T., Right you are brother. They are insulting OUR intelligence thinking we are not able to walk and chew gum at the same time. They think we have forgotten about all their dirty laundry. If they can keep us busy defending DJT with their little diversions, they can sweep their trash under the rug and it will be as if it never happened. Well, NOT!!

    • Ya gotta love Trump..the leftists are trying their damnedest to knock this Man down..and they can’t do it. They can’t find dirt anywhere, but yet they keep’s starting to be a joke on how much of idiots the left side is..

  23. Dems come up with all sort of “hoaxes” in weak attempts to do damage to President Trump’s term(s) in office. They are so fragmented and now they have to babysit for aoc as well. I think that aoc is the Conservs biggest support in that she is distracting, illiterate, foolish, and untrustworthy, and that will keep the dems sidetracked for some time. I’m sure she’s a soros puppet but not even soros can shut her up unless he consults the clintons for a good way to get rid of her!

    • There are probably pictures that would dispute her claim , not to mention two women that were there that say it never happened.

  24. More Democratic and #MeToo bullshit! I am sorry, but this is way to much women’s rights bullshit. The women with real grievence’s are going to get screwed!

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