All hell broke loose when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent this tweet

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never misses an opportunity to make a fool out of herself.

But this time she crossed a line.

And all hell broke loose when Ocasio-Cortez sent this blood-boiling tweet.

Americans were horrified to learn of the unspeakable tragedy in New Zealand where a madman murdered 49 innocents at a Mosque in New Zealand.

But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t see it as a tragedy.

Instead, she saw it as an opportunity to score political points.

She mocked the idea of giving “thoughts and prayers” as a distraction promoted by gun rights supporters in America in order to avoid debating the role firearms supposedly play in mass shootings.

Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats want one thing – the complete and total confiscation of every firearm in America.

But they can only go on the offensive in the wake of mass shootings.

It’s why the left sits around waiting for the next tragedy, so they can deploy emotional blackmail in the immediate aftermath to force Republicans to accept gun control.

In this case, Ocasio-Cortez’s comments were even more ridiculous.

New Zealand has some of the strictest gun control laws on the planet.

This tragedy sadly proved that gun control does not work.

The only people disarmed by gun control are law-abiding citizens that need firearms to protect themselves.

Madmen with murder on their minds don’t care about gun control laws and obtain the firearms they need to carry out their acts of terror by any means necessary.


  1. Kevin, Please don’t insult the horse, AOC aka KOTEX looks just like the DEMONRAT’s Mascot, THE JACKA$$, which of course all DEMONRATS are. Really though I think what all the DEMONRATS are is what comes out of the BEHIND of the JACKA$$.. Yeah I believe that what comes out of the behind of the JACKA$$ is smarter then AOC aka KOTEX.

  2. This woman Cortez has no commonsence, not 1 brain cell is working. Everything that come out of her mouth is totally stupid. She’s a complete idiot. My good Lord she went to college. We’ll she sure didn’t learn much. I guess you don’t need brain cells to be a bartender. No wonder she couldn’t get a job, she can’t get threw an interview. George Soros you sure picked a winner this time. She probably doesn’t have enough brain cells to blow her oun nose! From farting cows, to removing all transportation, to lava lamps (she thinks buy lava lamps is ruining volcanoes) to thinking the USA had something to do with the New Zealand shootings and we shouldn’t send out thoughts and prayers. It’s just to unbelievable the things she says, that someone could be that STUPID!

  3. She is a Major distraction from the BS the rest of Demon crats are up to. They tolerate her crap so the rest of them look at least somewhat intelligent when they spout off their nonsense. Planting the seeds of doubt.

  4. Oh no it’s, it’s AOC, Absence Of Commonsense, or is it Mr. Ed’s daughter or better known as the Forrest Gump of Congress!!!????????????????
    Haha Stupid is what Stupid says and Stupid looks like!!
    Horse faced twit…

  5. So Right the ???????????????? will do say anything to take AMERICAN DOWN !!! We better pay close attention !! Them SOB ???? s are as searious as a heart attack ! To be in Power !!!!

  6. And don’t forget Venezuela. They were allowed to have private guns until Chavez (former President before Mudora). In 2012, Chavez outlawed all private gun ownership and told the population that they must all turn in their guns. 47 people turned in their guns out of the 8,000 to 15,000 that the citizens had. They sent the military out to every home and using strong arm tactics, they confiscated all the g had their guns.uns. With Mudura in power, they all wish they wish they still

  7. In a kind of a way, I agree with the twisted whore, but not how y’all might think.
    It’s about time moslems experienced the same kind of anguish and heartbreak we all felt after THEIR attacks of 9/11.
    I think it needs to happen on a larger scale, MORE moslems need to be killed!!!

  8. Cortez, for Heaven’s, she needs to shut her big mouth, sit down and learn how to speak
    sensible matters.

  9. Just think about this. Cortez again opens her mouth only to change feet. She is so stupid if brains were dynamite she wouldn’t have enough to blow her nose! My good Lord could New York find anyone stupider to serve our country in congress!

  10. Looks like she is trying to get herself “off’d” by one of those “illegal” fire arms… However she is sooooo STUPID!! that she doesn’t realize nor understand what she is saying and what she is doing to her campaign and/or LIFE!!!!I think the only thing that she is qualified at this point is to be a target… hopefully. however, she is not received in that manner and no harm will come to her other than to be soundly rejected come the next election..or someone buy her a one-way ticket to Venezuela!!
    There she could live out her dream (as short lived as one of this nature could be!!)
    Thanx….rich …. IN GOD WE TRUST

  11. Then…

    You are EVEN THICKER, than I thought, originally, while commenting on this thread…

    If it “Makes no sense”, TO YOU, about what “trapperwv1” said – OR, PRECISELY WHY HE SAID IT – I’m not gonna’ PUBLICLY explain it, JUST FOR YOUR BENEFIT… Because, quite frankly… ANYONE WITH EVEN “ONE OUNCE” OF COMMON-SENSE CAN IMMEDIATELY UNDERSTAND WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT…


    Warren… I would like to take THIS OPPORTUNITY, NOW, TO SAY MY “GOOD-BYS” TO YOU…




  12. Trouble is we get used to her idiotic remarks then Biden gets nominated and he doesn’t sound near as stupid after hearing her.

  13. Warren:

    My favorite line in “PATTON” is delivered after The Good General beats Field Marshall Rommel in the African desert:

    “Rommel… You magnificent Bastard – I READ YOUR BOOK!”





  14. This is exactly right. Stop giving her so much ink. She thinks that she actually matters. Please she must have bought her degree, because she speaks like someone without grammar.

  15. I welcome AOC’s idiotic comments. She continues to prove how ignorant, stupid and clueless she truly is. We need not do much other than sign petitions requesting her removal. Other than that, she is doing the rest all on her own!

  16. Let’s hope your correct. Keep in my this awol wacko was elected by default. She only won the primary and got in without votes from the main election.

  17. You know Jim, the democratic party has already become just that. Now they use whatever evil tool they can including the fake news to rise into power and control.

  18. My thoughts to aoc. Hope they start that probe into the 1,000,000 dollers you hide soon. to see you in orange would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL HAPPY DAYS WOULD BE HERE TO GET YOU AS A START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Don not confuse our vocalizations and willingness to work for change before all options are exhausted as a sign of cowardice or weakness. If you kick this growling dog enough, it will jump up and viciously eviscerate its attacker.

  20. Looking for more useful idiots that fall for your communist b.s. huh?Anyone that falls for your anti-Trump rhetoric are highly ignorant people that wouldn’t be competent enough to graduate from kindergarten.

  21. Right Sharon. It would have been great for the people in new zealand to have been able to defend themselves. I’m no fan of Muslims, but no one deserves to be murdered just because they are there. The Muslims should also consider that.

  22. Ms Cortez is a marionette, her words are crafted by others and she delivers them well when reading from the TelePrompTer. However, sometime she can’t help herself and she wanders off script. In those circumstances, even the far left America hating fans can’t believe what comes out of her mouth! We need to know WHO is pulling her strings. Her constituents should have done this, but failed to do it.

  23. This piece of trash does not represent me or speak for me…. She needs to get on her knees and beg forgiveness. How or why anyone ever voted for donkey teeth is beyond me…. Idiots!!!!

  24. New Zealand gun laws are harsh. My family member spent months getting his gun license even though he is a local Dr. in the community with an excellent reputation. I have taken several rifles into the country. At the airport they were turned into the police and throughly checked and recorded before forwarded to me son in law. Amuno can only be purchased by a licensed gun owner.

  25. The left wing idiots just don’t understand, that if more good citizens were carrying, there would be less shootings! Taking guns from good citizens, just make more people more vulnerable to these shootings! And they left wing nuts can’t do much logical thinking with thier pathetic tiny pea brains!

  26. Betty,
    WOW do you kiss your mother with that dirty mouth. get off this site we don’t care about your opinion and you don’t matter crawl back into your mother’s basement and play your video games. You are not smart enough to be here on this site or offer a legitimate response. You are totally clueless. I challenge you to come up with an intelligent response supported with facts and not the ignorance that the Clinton New Network (CNN)is spreading. Do some real research in other words turn off the television and open a real book read and then come back with a logical response. I bet you can’t Typical liberal ignorant response!

  27. Exactly what Adolph Hitler did giving rise to the Third Reich. Our Democratic party is working toward a Fourth Reich.

  28. There are so many guns out there that’s there’s a gun for every man woman and child in this country. Let them try to take all of them away from us which is totally impossible as many gun owners are hiding them where no one but them can find them. AOC is a very stupid idiot as to think they can take all of them from us. Gun owners are not stupid as she thinks they are. Take away guns from people and you have a dictatorship where we are at their mercy. That is how the former Soviet Union came into being.

  29. So can anyone tell me why the news gives her so much press ? It seems they are even more insane than she is by keeping her in the news.

  30. President Trump didn’t elect this Cortez idiot Betty. This is the fault of everyone of you leftist clowns. Maybe it’s time you started taking responsibility for your own screw-ups!

  31. Those who sit on the couch watching their “news” on TV are what puts the likes of this “thing” into public office! As a result, when no one is looking, they are suddenly holding public office or have some high mucky muck office in the administration of whoever may be in the WH. Don’t blame Donald Trump; he’s the only guy who has been in the WH for DECADES that has tried to get rid of all the garbage in the DOD, DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. And always remember, the Muslims are very, very patient, just like Hitler and his guys. While we weren’t looking or listening, Barack brought the Muslims further in their quest to take American than they’ve been for centuries! That’s why this piece of garbage and a few of her cohorts are where they are today! The people who put her in office ought to go to jail for Treason!

  32. David Heise, Please, Betty aka Diane is a paid troll and just here for the money. Ignore her nasty comments and help starve her to hades.

  33. Not anyone with any taste. She is a woofer even at 2:00 pm. “Girls all get prettier at closing time” never took into consideration that dogs are dogs.

  34. Ege Shegava, Dude, you make me nervous. I am an American patriot and will do whatever necessary to protect our great nation, hopefully and, if possible, in a peaceful way.

    I do not believe you are an American and probably not even in America. I say this simply from your word pattern and the words you use. You seem to be a instigator of violence and there is more than enough of that already in the world. Would you waste your life in a senseless act of violence attempting to solve a problem that could be legislated to a better solution? Dude, we are more civilized than you appear to be but, we are not cowards and our enemies had best fear our determination to preserve our freedom. You sound more like a terrorist whose life is looking for the next opportunity to attempt to kill people with opposing views.

    I will not be responding to your comments in the future.

  35. I’d beat the crap out of her if I knew that Mr. President would pardon me and pay for me to get there to do it.Trump 2020????????????????????????????????????????????????

  36. Betty, our First Lady has more CLASS in her little finger than you have ever had and YOU are a LOSER!

  37. JESUS is planning things on this earth that no human can understand. When we still murder babies and took pray out of everything then GOD give this earth over to satan and his demons. What other wrath from GOD CAN WE EXPECT? it is coming people, not if but when.

  38. Hey you LIPTURD POS DEMONRAT BETTY, WHY THE HELL DON’T YOU GO TO HELL YOU ASS A NINE WITCH. You are one worthless POS that should have been flushed down the toilet, along with AOC aka KOTEX… That witch to also has a brain the size of an ant. She has no business along with her 2 POS MUSLIM WITCH’s of even being in our POLITICS. You DEMONRATS have no RESPECT at all for our country and our people. That has bee n PROVEN over and over and over each day we AMERICANS WAKE UP. The best one so far to prove this point is allor just about every DEMONRAT in Congresswant to MURDER innocent little BABIES.. SO YEAH BETTY YOU AND ALL YOUR LIPTURD DEMONRATS CAN ALL GO TO HELL WHERE YOU ALL BELONG, and don’t forget to take your Muslim POS with you…

  39. This old Veteran agrees with you 1000% and do not let the commie liberals nazi democraps change our minds. I took an oath in 1968 when I got drafted in the Army and it still stands.

  40. Looks like everyone has about said it all! At first I thought she did this crap for attention but now I just think she is totally uneducated and stupid! See how stupid you were to let her in Polise? Where has your intelligence gone?

  41. I doubt you will see him there. But you,Obamam,and the Clintons can bow down to Satan, when you get there.

  42. I doubt you will see him there. But you,Obamam,and the Clintons can bow down to Satan, when you get there.

  43. Ms. Occasional-Kotex has really gone over the deep end! She has no business telling another country how to run its business. She is a very junior House member who was voted in by the people in her district who were dumb enough to vote for her. She probably ran for Congress because she was bored with her bartending job and bored with sitting around in her childhood bedroom surrounded by her Barbie collection and her participation trophies from high school.

  44. This person (I won’t call her a woman, that insults women all over the world to be included in her gender) she is truly an idiot and she’s probably got liberal satanist writing her tweets!! Everything she has ever said sounds like her brain is disengaged!! NO BRAIN NO SENSIBLE CONVERSATION!! SHE NEEDS TO GO BACK TO BARTENDING AND SHE EVEN PROBABLY SCREWS THAT JOB UP TOO!! I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF PARENTS SHE HAD AND WHAT SHE WAS TAUGHT AS A CHILD!! BY HER OWN WORDS SHE IS CONSIDERED A BRAIN WASHED OR BRAIN DEAD SIMPLETON ON THE SAME LEVEL AS PINNICHIO!!

  45. About as much as can be expected from the WORTHLESS WORM & His Equally WORTHLESS Legalized WHORE currently living in the White House?

  46. I think AOC is hurting the
    Democrat Party, so let her take them down. She’s as stupid as she looks. Scary

  47. The police can’t even carry firearms in NZ. If there had been a police presence before the shooting they would have been killed as well.

  48. Congratulations, james. In your above posted message, you just described CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump to aT. A INSANE IDIOT & a Pile of CRAP is mr. White House Worm!

  49. Ocrazyo is just trying to be a star in the foggy sky of the democRATS. Her thinking may be just a little skewed. Or maybe that’s Screwed.
    Sudden death via terrorism shouldn’t happen to anyone,but I can’t say I feel really sorry for muslims in the light of 9-11, Cincinnati, Boston, and the scattered “Alley Snackbar” knife attacks. I can’t help but wonder if any of those people were singing and dancing and passing out candy after 9-11 as were muslims overseas.

  50. I think AOC is the bottom of decency.I agree with A Seeker, she is a mindless idiot.Nothing good would ever come from her. She must go, NY voters.

  51. All of these leftist Crazy Democrats can cry about our Constitutional rights all they want, but there is just one problem the 2nd Amendment is here to stay because it is our American Constitutional right to be able to protect our Family’s and our neighbours in a time of danger or Civil war or invasion of enemies or Terrorists. The American Constitution; A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. This the 2nd Amendment is my Gun permit.

  52. New Zealand shootings: As usual, no one is trying to solve the real problem. It’s “knee-jerk” convenient to blame the gun. And no one is even considering any interim stopgap solutions, like posting armed guards at vulnerable places. Or allowing responsible citizens to “open carry” – found to be a vastly effective deterrent.

  53. A few weeks ago a 79-year old grandmother in a county about 50 miles from Atlanta, GA heard an intruder breaking into the second floor of her home. She grabbed her 38 pistol, called 911, and yelled at the intruder she was armed and going to shoot him. To prove her point she fired a few shots. Then to add more emphasis on her control, she switched to a 45 automatic and fired some more shots. The police came and found the intruder cowering in a second-floor closet happy to be rescued. This makes a good point for homeowners to be armed and ready to use their guns when confronted with an intruder.

  54. AOC continues to amaze me in finding ways to put her foot in her mouth. If she is supposed to be the hope and face of the future of the Democratic party, everybody should think twice before deciding to vote for Democrats.

  55. Why are we all wasting energy discussing what AOC say or does? What we all should do is, get ready of her or any other
    elected Democrat say or does. If it does not goes with what America system work, then we should not accepted them or their ideology.
    Like Caesar said, We are waisting good oxygen on stupid people.Karl

  56. The real problem with OAC is the people that voted for her … one the vote and 2 they Breed.

  57. What do you expect from an ALTERED BRAIN on drugs like AOC???? She has a warped brain and a big ego because her parents did not give her enough attention.
    Like a fish with its mouth open, she will be caught and reeled in , mark my words along with fake news . A new day is dawning!! Hi

  58. Be like me and sell all your guns before the senate screws up and passes H.R.8., I’m sure you know why to do it.

  59. Bold words, but the line of patriotism is long drawn writ in water by Obama & solidified in gold by President Trump. If Trump were to die, then which of you would actually pick up a rock and heave it at these 2-3 dozen traitors who attempted a coup d’etat to bring Trump’s Presidency down. If Trump died, would you all be “Chicken-Little”. When you can kill for freedom preserved you’re a US man or woman patriot. Not until then.

  60. I do so hope the powers that be in the Democrat party are working as hard as possible, behind the scenes, to make sure people are running against AOC in her 2020 primary. AOC, if left unchecked, could be not only the ruination of their party but of America! I read an article that stated her district may be “done away with” in the next election and her seat would no longer exist. Would that be the answer to everybody’s prayer? OOOOOOOrrraaaaaa!

  61. Roger, Drive a stake through her heart and cut off her head before that vampire sucks all the blood from our country.

  62. Mike W, She is not even the boss of herself. Her handler is her boss. Handler is the right word but even under his control she sill makes a monkey out of herself. But she’s not even half as cute.

  63. OAC how about you take several months off and use the time to actually read the highest law in the land “Our National Constitution”. If you do not want a gun for what ever reason that is your right under the Constitution. BUT, that document does not give you the right to take away any other citizen’s Rights.

  64. I know this moron Alessandra thinks very highly of herself – why – everyone is trying to figure out. She was elected with a little over 100,000 total votes – which represents 16% of the district that mistakenly elected her. It represents about 1.3% of the population of NYC and 0.0036% of the U.S. population. Yet she call herself the boss – She is the boss of NOTHING! She is a pathetic little freshman congressman. I guess she thinks her powers reach all the way to New Zealand. The last I looked their gun laws are their business NOT OURS! But as it said at the top of this article – she never misses a chance to make an ass out of herself.

  65. I’ve seen clumps in my cat’s litterbox that make as much sense as AOC. She reminds me of a show way back when by Art Linkletter, Kids Say the Darndest Things. Have fun keeping her in line Nancy!

  66. Satan’s Daughter and favorite mouth whore is at it again showing just how much an idiot she can be. Now she is degrading muslims. Put a crucifix in this woman’s chest is the best reward she can get.

  67. I think she is spending to much off time back at her old job — her speech doesn’t make much sense when you are intoxicated

  68. All right, all you real Democrats out there. Have you had enough of this idiot yet? This is getting sicker by the day, speak up!

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