All hell broke loose when Donald Trump admitted this one shocking truth

The media and the Democrats thought they had Donald Trump boxed in.

President Trump was about to enter his re-election campaign with Democrats claiming they had the wind at their backs.

And then all hell broke loose when Donald Trump admitted this one shocking truth.

After a deranged gunman murdered at least seven people and wounded more than 20 others, gun-grabbers jumped for joy.

Many in the media and Democrat party celebrated this development as a chance to press Donald Trump to cave in and accept massive new gun control.

But the President met with reporters and told one truth that no one on the Left wanted to hear – that gun control would not have stopped any of the mass shootings in recent years.

Breitbart reports:

While speaking to reporters Sunday morning President Trump said stronger background checks would not have stopped the mass public attacks our nation has witnessed over the past six or seven years.

Trump said, “I will say that for the most part, sadly if you look at the last four or five going back even five or six or seven years, for the most part, as strong as you make your background checks, they would not have stopped any of it.”

He made these comments the day after a man in the Midland-Odessa region of Texas drove around shooting people while sitting inside his vehicle.

The New York Times reports that Trump assured reporters he is “speaking with Republicans and Democrats on possible legislative efforts regarding guns,” but no other details were forthcoming.

This is the dirty secret gun-grabbers don’t want Americans to know.
Gun control does not stop criminals.

It only disarms law abiding citizens.

And the Left was horrified to see Donald Trump make this point.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The closet from hell has open, and all of the greasy headed racist white-folks who gun lick, inbreed, hate for no good reasons, lie, money greedy, and live deep in denial are ruining the world. hahahahahhahahahahaha


    • This has to be the most negative individual on the Internet…I read through these comments about once a week and people actually respond to this nitwit. I have never seen a positive comment , as a matter of fact whatever Redman is reminds me of the stupid kids who shout racist or Nazi or Hitler when there AIRHEADS are Empty and they have lost the debate….

    • Redman seek help, there are proctologists out there that can help remove your cranium from your rectum, it’s nice and fresh out here, there’s also psychiatrists and councilors that can help with your TDS and snowflakitis. Please seek help because you’re excreting some vile, bile-like substance on this site. I’m being serious right now buddy!

    • I have to say REDMAN that you have a good description of a lot of people. Whether White or not I cannot say, but for the most part they are white. I, as a white person, am often embarrassed when I read the hate advertised verbally by white people with underhanded hate talk about our black brothers and sisters. Then when the President of this Union of states points out over and over again negative concepts of our citizens of color, I am hurt. It has taken years for the US to finally appreciate that black people are not subhuman. I recall when growing up, that was how most whites just assumed that the people who helped care for their children, or cleaned their yards and houses were “below” them and did not deserve to have opportunities to be all they can be. There is something that a lot of people need to know. When you have hate or disdain for a fellow man based upon his race or religion, you are just looking for someone to step on to make yourself appear better. But no one is better by putting another down. I remember when Trump put April Ryan down with horrible insults because he was incapable of answering her question during a press interview. It was shocking. It was evil and Satanically mean. Ms. Ryan did not deserve his anger and never his hateful words. Human beings are the most important commodity that exists and should be treated as that.

  2. Donald J Trump and the “truth” are like oil and water, they DON’t mix!!!!!!!! Don the “con” didn’t even know there was a mass shooting in Dayton, not Toledo. The guy has more BS than anyone. Keep drinking the “Kool Aid”

        • Some people hate to love and some people love to hate. I think those who are so enamoured by our demented pres are finding comfort in the fact that he loves to hate. It is not difficult to care for others when one keeps his eyes off of his selfish self.

        • REDMAN: Tell it really 98% of whites who are “that” bad? I am personally very disappointed that people who call themselves Christians hate people because of color.I have seen and heard people who would shot themselves in the foot rather than to have voted for Obama. He was a good man, he was and is smart. He had good ideas for us. I was so fortunate to have had parents, especially my mother, who believed that all should be treated equally and treated with dignity. She lived it. She put “Miss” in front of a black lady’s name as they did hers. She lived her beliefs and had compassion for all. I like Hispanic people, black people, I have only known one Indian in my life. He and his white wife were friends with my parents. I have been very blessed knowing what is in the heart means so much.

        • Sorry to tell you, haven’t you noticed the far right wing neo-Nazi’s and like organizations are haters. As usual the lefties, are the people of peace and love. That did not change. Howevver, I believe most moderates are tired of all the blind ignorant hate groups and those who are constantly saying mean and stupid things like the Pres. He loves ’em, then he uses ’em and when they disagree with him, he “fires” ’em. They treated him mean… he turns into poor pitiful Pearl. If Donald loved America the way he loves his dictator idols, we’d all be better off.

      • You cannot ever out-law hate is true. Hate according to Jesus the Christ is definitely the same as killing someone. However, if someone hates another, only, the other still has his life. I like what MLK said: “Never let another bring you so low as to make you hate him”. That puts responsibility back on the victim of aggression not to hate. I try to look at things when people provoke me with mean intent, “you are not worth causing me to hate”. There are ways that we can control hate by taking responsibility for our feelings by determining the results. So roninoomaha, remember hate takes our energy and gains zero. Anger turned inward is what causes depression.

    • So Dan, I’m extending the same invitation to you that I extended to Redman, please seek help! Its really sad that you Democrats embrace murderous abortion clinics, Epstein was one of you guys! Hillary like to go to those baby sacrifice parties! You guys are very sick individuals! Ask for God to forgive you, he will, then you can be one of us! Happy and guiltless!

      • It is not necessary that one believes in abortion as a means of birth-control as so often Republicans believe. However, as my dear friend, another social worker whom I worked with whose work involved abused children said. “Until you have seen the beaten battered body of a child from an abusive parent you may not believe in abortion, but then you may see what may have been averted by the procedure”. In other words, as a client expressed to me that her granddaughter had died, but she did not wake up. The father had slung the baby (18 mos) by the legs and banged it’s head against the wall til it died. Some people should not be parents. All this is sad and who is to say what why or where. But before you condemn a person for voting Democrat, realize that there are many other reasons or ideals the Democrats have that are good for people. Being punitive toward others and sitting in judgement of their priorities is not for humans to do. Just remember, every tub has to sit on it’s own bottom.

    • I remember years ago when at the hair-dresser, I’d read the tabloids and Trump was always pictured with some woman and making statements with always praise for himself. I read where he had been caught calling into the National Inquirer pretending to be an informer (anonymously) to give information on “Donald Trump” telling about Trump’s millions and all kind of self-glorification comments. Someone caught him and then everyone knew.His statements will always one way or the other praise himself and then puts someone down. No one is better or has anything better than Trump. There is a book I’ve ordered that tells how long Trump has been doing business with the Russians and his affiliation with the Russian Mafia. I laughed with he told the Pres. of China when dining with him at Mara lago that he was serving him the best cake he had ever eaten…none better. That is just funny to me….Have you ever noticed how frequently he says insulting things about Obama? He is trying to gain favor by putting Obama down. Makes no sense to people who have sense. I heard an interview of Howard Stern’s who said he made a bet with Trump regarding running for President. Howard, Howard Howard. How could you? Stern also said that he did not think that Trump likes his job of being President. He liked the power, but he did not like the job. It was the Russians who wanted Trump in office.

  3. Everyone is talking about gun control, What about Chicago you don’t hear anything about that on how many shootings happen in a Weekend. This is Obama’s City. Toughest gun laws in US. You don’t hear about that from the News Media. WHY

      • I believe that having a leader in the WH who does not encourage violence because someone disagrees with him or whomever would be the main starting place. Trump has encouraged violence since he began campaigning. People see this as strength. It is not. Strength is accomplished through peaceful negotiations or talks trying to solve problems. I have to say that Trump did right to get rid of Bolton, as Bolton wanted a war with everyone. However, Bolton was right in not wanting the Taliban meeting with the Pres. Bolton has always been a man of aggression. We want peace and working through the problems we face. Mental health does help a lot of people but unless one wants to have help, not much is ever accomplished. As I understand it the guy in Dayton O. had treatment for mental problems. His mental issues were very complicated and on going. Some things cannot be treated. But for the most of us, we just need to think of the possibility of outcome to violence and it cools one’s heels.

  4. Reading these posts, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!!!! If guns weren’t available, other methods would be used, such as knives, knitting needles, safety pins, acids, the list goes on and on. I believe that MENTAL HEALTH initiatives would be a great place to start.

    • Let’s say the murderer in Las Vegas ran into the crowd of concert goers with a knitting needle. I am willing to bet he would not have killed 58 people or wounded countless others.

      • Jonathan I’m not surrendering my rights over what others do. So shove your gun control shit. I would feel that way even if my family was shot. When the sensationalist stick their microphones in my face, I would probably proclaim my support for the 2nd amendment. A guy stabbed my cousin to death but I still carry a knife. And a gun.

      • Well at least you would be in the right town to lose that bet Jonathan. How could anyone be so certain as to make that claim? At least with a firearm you have the ability to hear the report when fired. How do you hear a knitting needle going quietly from person to person at a concert, maybe piercing its victim in the back? It sounds horrific to me as well but my point is, think about it before you go betting on a substitute.

      • The guy in Las Vegas would have had a sling-shot and hammered hand-grenades into the crowd. He may have set off a bomb in the crowd. It was the guns that he chose. He had a lot of them if I understand right. His reason died with him and that was not any help.

    • Did TJ actually make the statement you have said? Fear is evil regardless who causes it. Well, when one has a reason to fear it alerts them to be resourceful in protecting themselves.


    • If we allow the Government to take away our guns, as law-abiding citizens, then CRIMINALS and SHOOTERS will be the ONLY ones with guns!!! I do NOT love guns, but I know we MUST have one and KNOW HO to use it for protection of our families!!!! Don’t be stupid, people!!! It’s not just republicans who want their guns! I was raised a Democrat, and ALL OF MY FAMILY owned and knew how to use a gun!!! It was to protect our property and our families!!! Get a LIFE, gun grabbers!!!!

    • Firearms are for self defense and the 2nd amendment supports this. two things need to be in time.before more loose drivel from liberals. 1. looks at gun homicides from FBI statistics. “gun violence” stats includes suicides, justifiable self defense and law enforcement justified killings. 2. arm police with an AR15 in the squad car. SWAT does not respond in time. stop the police handicap when encountering mass shooters.

      • Cris I strongly advise people that own so called assault weapons to refuse to give them up. I’m not saying whether I have one or not. That’s my business. But if I do, it’s mine and I’ll never turn it in. I know beatoff o’Roark is calling for a mandatory buy back. But that fool can’t buy something back he never owned. I’m calling for that asshole to drop his security detail and live like the rest of us. I don’t go around shooting people, and I’ll be damned if I pay the price for those that do. We don’t need idiots like you telling the rest of us how to roll.

      One hammer is not capable of killing dozens of people in a matter of seconds like one assault weapon can do

  6. Gun worshiping coward white-folks who sit in their glass barns and run their stinky snake-mouth are some of the worst terrorist in the world. Always plotting to kill for the thrill, and den play crazy like old trump-ah-hump america. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. Dan I agree with your statement , but as we know the Liberals aren’t going to , you know what , I Don’t Care , there’s no use talking to them with Common Sense , for they haven’t any to begin with !

    • They talk about common sense gun laws. Interpretation. Seize them all. In England they can own a double barrel shotgun but it must be registered and kept locked up. Self defense is completely illegal there. But people still get and use many types of firearms in crimes. People are daily being murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted over there. Defending ones home and family with any physical force is illegal. If you punch someone trying to rape your daughter you would go to jail. Coming to America? Not on my watch. We had to bail them out when Hitler attacked them. I have nothing against the British, but some of the commiecrats point to their gun laws. The term “castle doctrine “ came from old England when a persons home was his/her castle.

      • Some good points, but it is not true all who want gun controls want to “seize them all” – – because even you advocated background checks to focus on those who should not be able to buy guns (felons, mentally ill – – the guy lately in Texas). But what you really fail to compare is murder rate per 100,000. American has 10 times the murder rate per 100,000 than Japan and 3-4 times higher rates than most European countries. WE ARE THE MURDER CAPITAL, PER CAPITA, IN THE WORLD.

        • Your argument is only correct because of Democratically controlled cities such as Sacramento, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc. The gun violence in Chicago, which has among the most repressive gun regulations in the country, is as high as it is because there are no jobs to keep the kids off of the street. Most gun murders–71%- are black on black, brown on brown, etc. this does not include suicide by gun. If the kids who are at risk had a better venue than gangs, we would see violence drop dramatically. t
          This is not about gun regulation, gun loving or hating, but rather about giving people a reason to resist the insanity.

          • AMEN AMEN Thomas Sanders! We need jobs for all people and not welfare checks, then they would have to go to work and stay busy, BUT we have to have a place to keep the young people and all people busy, jobs. The idle hands are the devil’s workshop as they used to say!

        • Dr.JD the Japanese people are taught from childhood to respect authority and their elders. I know this because my neighbor spent several years there as a missionary. Not so much here. Many of the kids are being taught to question authority and are growing up without proper supervision. The mass killings by government thugs in 3rd world countries occur when the citizens are unarmed. And yes, it can happen here. I suggest that people who want to, get trained, get your permit and carry at all times. Those that don’t want to, don’t even think about it. Add yes, no guns for felons and insane folks.

  8. Gun has NO power to move itself around so to kill! It takes a person with a PURPOSE in MIND to use a gun or two or may be even more to do harm to others, due to mostly, hatred, or greed, or despear… In a PURE Charged EMOTIONAL STATE of MIND, that is not a THINKING MIND! Do not Blame the GUN, blame the one who used it to do HARM! Do not take away GUNS RIGHTS from those who are Righteous, Responsible and with Good Sense! But, never to sale any GUN to those who are not able to pass the MIND STABILITY TESTS! Please, do make A SET of TESTS to screen “Emotional Stability” before selling any gun or guns! The FREEDOM of the SOUND MINDS should be honored! It is certain that with all the Sychologists we have in our country, to create A SET of TESTS to scrren out qualifications to own GUNS is not be a problem!

    • Yes and I have said this to persons all along the gun does not kill on its own the person does, now how do we know who is mentally stable who has that right to say you are mentally stable and the next is not, who can say who will go insane at any given moment!
      Well the only one I can say who has this power is GOD! we are not God and we are not here on this earth judge anyone but to believe in the good of persons and it appears the Dems would love to diarm all of us so they have total control like HItler did! JUdge not by what they say but buy what they do and so far the dems support the illegals Antifa and give all our tax money away to those who do not work well this I will say it looks like they want the power to over ride all of us Americans that is true AMERICANs Look at the facts just given!

      • Gloria…that is exactly what dems want. Make no mistake. They want total control of our government and us. The only way they can achieve that is to disarm us. We should NEVER give up even one of our guns. Our founding fathers were very wise to give us the second amendment. They knew we would need the citizen militia for just that reason. Ben Franklin said that we have a Republic if we can keep it. But the dems have no intention of keeping it. They are very dangerous to our freedom.

      • I gotta newsflash for you stupid, ignoramus… no gun has ever at any time killed anything or anyone. Guns must, by their design, be triggered by someone. It is people who kill, by whatever means, whether it’s a firearm, a baseball bat, a knife, an automobile, etc. Any gun is merely an inanimate lump of metal until acted on by a human being.
        It’s rather baffling why you come back here time after time to display your stupidity and ignorance for the entire world to see. At the very least you make yourself look like the foolish meathead you are.

      • True dat, jo. but 98% of the white-folks in america worship guns more den “God”. And would rather go long necked into hell before they trust “God” over a gun. hhahahahahahahahahahahaha

        • redidiot…It is very obvious that you know nothing at all about God or white people. And it is YOU who will go to hell if you don’t come to Jesus and get rid of your sick hate and racism. have fun with satan

      • Joanne, my post did not show up, so I will try again…YES, we need to repent and iinvite God back in. The dems have thrown Him out and satan rules their party. satan will rule for a time before Jesus returns. He has libs/dems/communists/atheists and muslims in his army. Muslims deny Jesus His true identity. Muhammad was satanic. When Jesus comes, Hw will send satan and all of his followers to an eternity of torture and we will never have to deal with them again.

      • Joanne when one woman caused God and the Bible to be removed from schools, that’s when the violence and drugs are many more evil took over. Yes, schools always had certain problems, but discipline was allowed. Now they tell kids to stay no to drugs but put them on drugs to control them. In my day the teachers had their own brand of drugs. When that wore off they would give us another dose. It was a paddle on our asses and they had law and order. And we were allowed to kick a bully’s ass, so we didn’t have much of that. Black and white kids got along just fine. We didn’t have people stirring up crap and harping about jim crow and slavery.

        • Yep, dan-o-inbred. It was a white-folk woman who done dat evil deed like yo mama did when she had you. and what do you mean by; “Now they tell kids to stay no to drugs but put them on drugs to control them”. Its all done by you evil white-folks, but you won’t say dat, huh. It was racist white-folk brats who were the “bullies” jes like nowadays, you racist idiot. hahahahahahahahaha

      • Our country shifted when we disallowed prayer in school and removed “under God” from the pledge of allegiance. Once God was removed from every aspect of life, our country no longer had a moral compass. Now, without the pledge of allegiance we are no longer one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.

  9. I know of not one of those who live in my town, and many of them own guns, who would ever think of harming another with them.
    There may be a whacko in town but if he were to threaten others with a weapon many in this town, being legal CCP holders, would stand in defense, myself included.
    I am sick and tired of the media somehow placing me and every other law abiding citizen under the umbrella with those sick minded individuals who would purposely harm and/or kill others.

    • I have several guns, but as I post this comment not any of them are firing. Someone would have to pull the trigger. I don’t blame the guns, I blame the trigger puller. If there were no shootings, the commiecrats would still look for any reason to disarm us. But their radical antifa thugs are stockpiling weapons. And so should we. If I were to shoot anyone it would be all about defending myself and mine from criminal attack. I’m tired of being judged by what a few crazy bastards do.

      • Dan, the dems want to disarm us because their goal is to totally take over our government and have complete control over us. NO WAY should we ever give up any of our guns.

    • Yep, Di-anus. You, dan-o-inbred, and bj-ban-jo are demons in pink skin who are jes one blink away from killing yo whole family, and den shooting yo own lice bait heads. bang, bang, you idiots. hahahahahahahahaahahaha

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