All hell broke loose when Donald Trump saw this post-debate poll

The Fake News Media and Democrats were quick to hail Joe Biden as the winner of the first Presidential debate.

But a key group of Americans held a different view.

And all hell broke loose when Donald Trump saw this post debate poll.

Joe Biden struggled in the Democrat primary with Hispanic voters.

Biden’s lack of appeal to Hispanic voters continued into the General Election where polls show Donald Trump winning the highest share of Hispanic voters since George W. Bush won over 40 percent in his successful 2004 re-election campaign.

After the debate, Spanish speaking viewers of Telemundo graded Donald Trump the winner by a nearly two to one margin.

For years, the Fake News Media and Democrats smeared Donald Trump as racist for his immigration policies because they falsely believe the only issue Hispanic voters care about is amnesty for illegal aliens.

This myth is collapsing during the 2020 campaign as President Trump is proving Republicans can win Hispanic voters on a message of law and order and economic growth and the Democrats’ usual lies that anyone who opposes open borders is a racist falls flat.

If President Trump wants to win Arizona, Florida, and Nevada he will have to over perform with Hispanic voters.

The Trump campaign is predicting the President could win upwards of 40 percent of the Hispanic vote in this election.

And the initial reaction to the debate by Spanish speaking voters gives an indication that is entirely possible.

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