All hell broke loose when Donald Trump sent these two tweets

Americans were sitting on pins and needles to see how Donald Trump would react to the shootings in Dayton and El Paso.

They finally got their answer.

And all hell broke loose when Donald Trump sent these two tweets.

Gun-grabbers in Congress have been trying to pass a national gun registration scheme for decades.

And, on Friday morning, Donald Trump sent two tweets in favor of strong “background checks” which gun-grabbers use as the vehicle for a national gun registration datatabse.

President Trump’s instincts are to defend the Second Amendment.

But he has advisors inside the White House claiming this gun control scheme will win over suburban swing voters.

In reality, gun control will drive a wedge between President Trump and his base.

George H.W. Bush learned that lesson in 1992.

In 1990, then-President Bush broke his “read my lips: no new taxes” pledge, thinking Democrats would cut an honest deal and the conservative base would stand by him.

Neither proved to be true.

Americans are hoping Donald Trump paid attention to this lesson.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. You know last time I checked this is a free country and President Trump can do anything he wants except do a lot of cussing at his rally’s. So tweet away President Trump.

  2. The Democrats are asking for more than just background checks. They want a ban on “assault” weapons and “large” magazines. Their statements lack specifics and they refuse to explain what they mean. Let’s be clear, semi-automatic weapons are not assault weapons. Furthermore, automatic weapons (such as machine guns) are already banned from commercial sale. It is also worth noting that criminals have no difficulty in obtaining guns without the required background check. The name Brian Terry comes to mind. If passing laws were the answer to preventing mass murders maybe the DOJ would prosecute applicants who falsify existing background checks already required.

    • Peter I’m not surrendering anything to the government. We the people can hold the line. I know it’s possible that Trump will sign some type of gun regulation. I guess something should be done. I am ok with improving background checks, but bans and registration is way too far. The gun industry is already the most regulated industries. Gone are the days when a guy can get out of prison and have his guns returned to him. Or buy guns. (Legally) Or a kid go buy a hunting weapon with no questions asked. We have enough so called gun control. Mental health and better vetting for purchasing guns are good ideas. The red flag laws could work as long as safeguards are in place. Not having some pissed off ex wife making false allegations. I won’t even joke about shooting people. But anyone talking about hurting people should be dealt with. I knew a guy like that, and a few years later he killed 3 of his neighbors. By the way, an armed citizen stopped him. This really happened. Look up Denny Booth in a North Carolina.

  3. Resurrecting long dead people just to appear morally superior and outraged is sad and egocentric to the point of narcissist. It is also a comment on the times .

  4. The real issue here is both of these guys that committed these mass murders were known extreme left wing crazies. One was a satanist and antifa supporter. First thing everybody says is this is a gun problem, what about the mental illness that is extreme left wing insanity? Nobody wants to talk about that and the news even blanketed right over it and made up other stories. Big surprise. Just keep lying till all our rights are gone.

  5. Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities.
    The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army. The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy.
    The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President of the United States has zero authority without violating the Constitution to call the National Guard to serve outside of their State borders.

    • I agree with you and know exactly what you’re saying I know that bill and I stand by it 100% every state is supposed to have an able body militia which means people general public people of the state and gives them the right to bear arms and that’s to take back our country and case the people in Washington tried taking it from us our for fathers put something like that prior to this bill in effect but never ever doubt what the democrats are capable of their lying cheating deceitful ways and corruption goes way beyond our constitution and our amendments just take Obama care when the federal prosecutors stating that it was no longer a fine it was attacks they voted on Obama care as a fine a penalty that we would pay if we didn’t have insurance when they voted on it and said no it wasn’t that this Supreme Court said it was a tax or than that bill should of went right back to Congress because that’s taxation without representation that’s what we had a revolution about the tea tax and the Boston tea party and our revolution with England

  6. If you think about this issue logically you will see how silly the Dems are to think that removing guns from society would end violence. It’s like saying,”Donald Trump stopped sending money to to the Paris climate Accord, now the climate is going to be effected, what? Or that by pumping money into the education system is going to make kids want to learn”. Following this idiotic logic you could summize that if you want to thwart arsonists all you have to do is ban fire, lol!

  7. In 2017, President Trump signed a bill blocking Obama-era background checks that would have made it easier to flag mentally ill potential gun purchasers. You think he’s really serious now??

    • That situation was different. Veterans were being disarmed that had made no threats to anyone. My dad had issues from the war and owed guns all his life. The only people he ever killed was japs in the South Pacific. He had ptsd but was very capable of being a responsible gun owner. Odumbass wanted any reason to take people’s guns. Just like the commiecrats running for President today.

    • we have in place already a national backgroung check when purchasing a gun from a licensed provider, all you would have to do is add the mental health check to that. I know they want this for private citizens who sell their guns to friends or others, but good luck trying to get that enforced.


    • Nor should it, at least until it is determined and agreed upon just whom is considered too ‘mentally ill’. Passed as is, of course, Democrats would expand it to include non-violent people with any health problems, then to veterans, and gradually to anyone that has doubts about their extreme ideology, until only they have guns.
      Then the fascism and genocide that they have been accusing Trump of begins in earnest with them.
      It is the same pattern that has happened, repeatedly, throughout history, to bring about nothing but oppression, misery and death.

  9. arm all citizens and the crime rate will drop because nobody would start shooting if every body was armed like in Switzerland if you do not believe me check it out

      • Well Mary more tiny little humans are killed every day at the hands of the evil “hit men or women” known as abortion
        Assassins. The dems have blood on their hands! These are the same evil people that want to take your guns. When they wanted abortion in the first month for rape, incest etc. they got it and what has happened now? Millions of little babies have been murdered even after birth! Give a demoncrat an inch and they’ll take it to a whole other level!

    • Woody, even allowing CC makes a big difference. The few times Antifa were here in Austin to protest, they kept it relatively civil, knowing they were likely surrounded by armed people. Ending soft targets, AKA ‘gun free zones’, like the El Paso mall, would help even more.

  10. Dan Tyree you are so right. Registration only gives the wrong people a list of where to go to pickup and disarm the people who will save this country from the radical left. As long as we are armed, they know they will not be able to take complete control of this country. That is why they are demanding registration. We need the friends and relatives, and medical professionals to be alert and listen to what people are saying. No one becomes a mass murderer over night, they show signs thru actions and statements, most are just calling out for attention or help!

  11. Why cant we flag the ID’s of convicted felons like we flag organ donors ID’s and include that as part of the background check.

  12. Evil will find a way. Does not make good policy or sense to restrict honest law abiding citizens. Timothy McVeigh committed mass destruction with diesel Fuel and fertilizer. Zachary Castaneda killed four and wounded others with a knife. Many many instances where evil found a way to do harm with out a gun. The focus should be on the reasons why people fall victim to evil intent. Cure the problem. Don’t just treat the symptoms.
    Guns don’t kill, knives don’t kill, diesel fuel doesn’t kill, fertilizer doesn’t kill. People Kill!

  13. Hey, james, In Your Above Posted Message, Are you Talking about the Democrats or instead the republican RETARDS With Their Constant ASSHOLE KISSING Of That presidential PISS ASS PENIS PIG?

    • Awww Betty. You don’t really believe that. You are just like all other retarded commiecrats. Big and bad. Big mouth and bad breath.

    • Did you not hear about the shooting that happened in Chicago over the weekend, Chicago has the strictest gun laws and it’s a battlefield over there, law abiding citizens aren’t allowed to defend themselves and no one seems to want to address that. I strongly against any attack on the 2nd amendment,(or any for that matter). It is all about politics, and hatred towards the Right. I’m sorry, it’s ludricis to believe removing guns from alw-abiding citizens will send us down a path to chaos on the streets where only the craziest citizens will own guns.

      • It’s ludricis to think removing guns will stop the mass shootings, it will however, further take away our freedoms that make us Americans. Our country is heading for a civil war, Antifa is organizing, far left extremists are targeting Trump supporters and I for one would like to have a loaded weapon at my side to protect my family and neighbors. Have you heard about the Blumhouse movie? It’s very irresponsible to put that out there for young people and crazies to see. Talk about inciting violence.

    • My Bette WHAT a mouth you have!!! Do you eat with all that filth in it? Express yourself with words not garbage!!! By the way you must be Democrat!!! A Republican would not use that uneducated language.

    • Your hatred is blinding you. Show wisdom. Hate does not hate the hated. They feel nothing. Hate only hates the haters. They feel suffering but because of ignoring which is ignorance they live a false life. Why do you think you came to this place Earth. To spread hate and ignorance. Please study facts with a wide open mind and then you will let in some light.

    • Betty, going by your comments, You seem to have a high degree of mental retardation and extreme OCD yourself. Is there an MHMR clinic where you’re at? You should go, they can help you.

    • Do you see the difference between your input to the conversation and the red side supporters, Betty???
      The pro Trump people are having rational, clear communication and suddenly you type dispicable

        • Truth and facts, I always thought they were the same, well They are to normal people, but to those like creepy uncle Joe, they are different. The truth is what they deem it to be, and anyone who disagrees the with the their “truth” is a bigot, racist facist pig. On the other hand facts are an inconvenience. Al Gore did not call his book, “Inconvenient Facts”, nope the fact is that his book was full of convenient lies, proves that. The facts are Democrats are liars, power hungry, haters of all that is respectible, honest and good. My truth is, we are a nation founded under men of godly character. But what does the left do? They tear down statues of men they are even worthy of shining their shoes. We live in times where that which is evil is seen as good and vise versa. God help us if the evil Dems and RINOs get into power.

  14. Background checks are a waste of time and money! The key is to severely punish the bad guys who commit crimes, with or without guns.

  15. Did any of you notice that all (or most) of these mass shootings happen in “gun free zones” That is sort of like putting fish in a barrel then throwing in a baited hook.
    One of the other things to consider is how many of these folks (the shooters) have been under a Doctors care for mental health issues ?? We already have a requirement of a background check but it cannot contain any info about mental health only criminal issues are considered, which hasn’t worked very well so far

    • They do need to allow the reporting of those with severe mental illness, which could make them unpredictable.
      Another thing I believe should be studied further is the effect of psychoactive medications used for depression or behavioral issues, which have also been linked to many of these shootings.

  16. Less than 10% of the firearms recovered after a crime were purchased legally. Expanding Background checks will do nothing to reduce gun crimes. ERPO’s don’t even reduce suicides, and have no effect on gun crime to date and one certain State has had them on the books since 1999, and it didn’t stop/catch/flag the Sandy Hook killer. Gun Bans, Capacity limits both had an effect so small it was nearly unmeasurable, yet both were in place when Columbine occurred.
    It’s not about reducing violence, it’s about the eventual confiscation and disarming of the law abiding, and the desire by the elite to control every aspect of our lives. Gee, didn’t we rebel against a government that pulled similar confiscatory act!

    • Yes. That is how he passes the time while he’s waiting on the welfare check, then we get a break while he’s too drunk to post.

  17. National gun registration? That was what Hitler pushed and when it passed all good little liberal types registered their guns. Hitler then sent his jack booted brown shirt thugs to take them. This was to protect the people as he said they needed no guns because the police would protect them. Anyone see the parallel here?

    • Marlene I watched Bill DeBlasio, the commie NY mayor debate with Sean Hannity. When asked about the right of law abiding NY citizens to have guns for home protection, comrade Bill kept shouting about the NYPD being the best and would protect them. Sound familiar? If we allow the commiecrats to take over, we had better be prepared for a civil war. Their goal is total bans on guns. Comrade Bill will have his armed thugs, but we are dirt under his feet. He talked about being concerned about the safety of his police, but he sure as hell don’t have their backs. Except when they turn their backs to him when he’s around giving them “the talk “

  18. Dan, I know the background checks seem like they could solve the problem, but the flaw in that is criminals are notorious for not obeying the law. So all it does is inconvenience good citizens while also creating a quasi database of gun owners–which will come in handy when dems decide to round ’em all up. However, if someone has been diagnosed with a potentially dangerous mental problem (or have come to the attention of others for displaying dangerous signs) they should be listed in a database to be checked by sellers and to prevent them from purchasing a firearm. Of course, like all precautions considered, this too does not prevent them from purchasing a gun illegally or stealing one. Sadly, nothing is foolproof.

    • CarolGid there are two sides to everything. Nothing is foolproof. They are going to pass something. Let’s try to get them to respect the 2nd amendment If a felon is caught with a gun then several years should be added to their sentence.

    • Hi Colleen, yes ma’am you missed it Our President is about to sign away the farm as far as the second amendment goes. Seems awfully strange to me that as many laws that are already on the books, the broken government that may as well be neutered cat, can’t or won’t enforce those laws, but actually have the absence of intelligence to think new ones will work , this time. How’ve you been?

      • Hello Robert
        I am doing great, I left you a message when I saw you were back from your hiatus, but you didn’t respond so I thought maybe I had said something you didn’t like, but I am very happy that I was being overly dramatic ????
        Ok, so he is going to sign something f I r stricter gun control… well I think what he is talking about is already in effect… I don’t know, I really haven’t kept up too much with what 1 has to do to own a gun. But ok, if this is not a great idea on his part, I will still & always support him. To be honest, really I think it’s ok if he slips once in a while because he is human, & we all make mistakes. BTW: how have you been doing? How’s Buddha & the gang?

          • You are wrong on Trump’s new bold choice to enhance background checks to ensure that criminals and mentally unstable individuals do not get access to guns. I am a moderate Independent, an NRA member, and totally feel my second amendments rights to gun ownership must be protected. I also believe that all police, school officials, and the medical professionals MUST cooperate and share information on anyone who has displayed any violent behavior, mental instability, or has made threats of violence against other citizens. Our background checks must be improved to further ensure the safety of our schools, hospitals, churches, shopping centers, hotels, and all other public areas. If the NRA continues to push back and not see the light that it is time to protect citizens without taking away gun ownership rights to law abiding citizens, then I will seriously consider dropping my membership. Many of my fellow gun club members agree with me on this.

  19. The same government – that cannot round up a few million illegals and that has failed for over 60 years to stop ILLEGAL drugs from getting into the hands of children – now says they want to round up a few hundred million guns?

      • Robert the people on the left aka commie assholes want to round up the guns. And some republicans. If they want gun violence to get more rare, then people making threats about violence must be stopped. Sure, some will slip through. I’m thinking about so many mass shooters with historys of threats. I won’t even joke about shooting people. I definitely would to protect myself and others. We need to be vigilant about what they try to pass. Reciprocal carry in all states for people with carry permits would be great. They are going to pass something. But we need to have an imput in whatever it is. Trying to ban any guns should be met with severe resistance. They did that shit in England and people still get shot. And they never mention Chicago.

  20. trump-ah-hump america. and 98% of the greasy headed racist white-folks in america will brown nose him into doing it. White-folks ruined the country. hahahahhahahahahaha

  21. It seems odd to me that the Democrats seem to benefit from every mass shooting. These shootings always seem to occur when the Democrats are down in the polls or have other news coming out they don’t want the public to be aware of. Look at the first thing the Democrats do after each shooting – they have fundraisers. They scream about gun control – oddly you never hear them speak about the victims – they do seem to rush to judgement and accuse the shooter of being a Trump supporter – even though in most cases that proves not to be true.

    • Somebody on the far left is instigating these shootings MW. I’d bet on it! The left has no respect for life! If a few people get murdered during one of these shootings, it’s just collateral damage to the left and for the better good! They would stop at nothing to disarm the American people.

    • The left keeps an on call a group of protesters. Look for the same faces in every protest group and how fast they come out after every shooting, sometimes before the bodies even get cold.

    • There seems to be a correlation between these events and new gun legislation or elections. The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. They are no longer Americans and should be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists.

    • Bingo Mike W. I’ve noticed the same thing.
      The Los Vegas shooter came into a lot of money before
      it happened. There were videos of the police and FBI hiding in the stairwell while the shooting went on. Just saying.

  22. I cannot believe President Trump is caving to the Democrats. He will lose a lot of his base. If he caves, he will definitely lose in 2020. I am a huge supporter, but won’t vote for anyone for President in 2020, I will write in my own name.

    • Donnella this isn’t caving. There is no registration involved. Maybe they will deal with people whom show signs of being crazy through threats and violent actions. By the way, I’ll never surrender my guns to the government. Who else can we vote for. Leftist commie liberals who hate the thought of armed citizens?

      • Background checks doesn’t keep law abiding citizens from getting and keeping guns. We will need to make sure no bans are allowed in the bills. For years I’ve said I would require a background check on anyone if I sold them a gun. It’s for my protection. Screw up and sell to a forbidden person and we would become criminals and lose our gun rights. Many of these mass shooters have shown signs of mental problems and terrible behavior prior to acting. We must be vigilant and make sure no national registration happens. And I don’t think any type of gun that is now legal to own should be banned. I hate the word “ban” or “control “. Lets demand to remain an armed nation. I’m locked and loaded.

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