All hell broke loose when everyone saw what bombshell was in the Mueller report

The Mueller report is finally here.

Attorney General William Barr stood in front of the media and outlined the key findings.

And all hell broke loose when everyone saw this bombshell inside Mueller’s report.

Attorney General Barr stated once and for all that special counsel Mueller found no evidence of Russian collusion.

Despite spending two years and $30 million on a far-reaching witch hunt, special counsel Mueller found out that the idea of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia was fake news.

The Daily Caller reports:

Attorney General William Barr reiterated at a press conference Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence to establish that President Donald Trump or members of his campaign colluded with Russians to influence the 2016 election.

“After nearly two years of investigation, thousands of subpoenas, and hundreds of warrants and witness interviews, the special counsel confirmed that the Russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the 2016 presidential election but did not find that the Trump campaign or other Americans colluded in those schemes,” Barr said at a press conference.

“We now know that the Russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of President Trump or the Trump campaign,” said Barr. “That is something that all Americans should be grateful to have confirmed.”

This is the final nail in the coffin of the collusion story.

President Trump expressed his relief at an event for Wounded Warriors.

“They’re having a good day, I’m having a good day too. It’s called no collusion, no obstruction,” The President told reporters. “This should never happen to another president ever again, this hoax. It should never happen to another president again.”

Now the focus will shift to the Department of Justice Inspector General’s investigation into how the FBI and Obama’s Justice Department initiated this witch hunt.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Who will murde-e-r-r Mueller before the May 2nd date with Barr? The Dem-rats must make that move as Bloom in-panties from CT wants Mueller there, and we know how vain his Vietnam-nerve is. And if Mueller speaks once openly like he did secretly to the New Corker magazine and its published, Obama and Hillary’s lives won’t be worth a dime for 20 years to come. What is a lying prosecuting failed turkey to do? Why, look like he kill-led himself, of course.

  2. Sadly, the day is not far off that I thoroughly expect an armed citizen army will be marching through the streets of Washington D.C. I have a sinking feeling that a couple of liberal states and the liberal east and west coast will continue to push their agenda to the point the rest of the nation erupts. It literally brings me to tears to see the destruction of morality and ethics and promotion of racism and bigotry under the guise of the first amendment. Will the U.S. MILITARY side with the traitors or the citizens? It is most unfortunate that I am afraid we are about to find out. “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

  3. When will the real consel start on Hillary and Obama’s corruption! CIA,FBI,DOJ abuse of power and people they falsely went after! What tragedys they created on American soil! Shootings created here! Buildings blown up!! Lots of it to be investigated! Not counting overseas things they lie about!!

  4. Pretty good when all the idiot democraps that keep this going is the corrupt ones in Congress! Those who holler the loudest and run to news channels are the worst of them all! Now the little weasel naddler is doing the running for Soros!! All this is a deep state game to make trumps presidency the hardest of them all! Keep the games, lawsuits, an fake news going all the way and through the next election! They will lie,cheat and make fake documents to trap trump any way they can! Look at there clown show running on democrap side! Show them who’s boss and dont vote for any democrap no matter what! They are way to stupid to run this country! Democraps have to go! We need our goverment back! Illegal Imigrates have to go home! Camel jockeys,who believe in Koran and sharia law, need to be deported back where they come from! There not here for the right reasons!

  5. This Mueller Witch Hunt was a good thing. It had the Demagogues pushing their weakest case with NO EVIDENCE for two years. The Demagogues will just keep on looking for something, ANYTHING, no matter how slight, that they can use to impeach Trump, even if it is for jay walking! And even if they have to FABRICATE something!
    But: In the mean time, we have had Trump for two years, and i think that Trump has already saved many lives from the Demagogue Dance of Death.
    And the Demagogues are madder than wet hornets that Trump was elected to begin with.
    In 2016, the Demagogues missed getting a genocidal dictatorship by a gnat’s hair; and that is what has them so insanely MAD!

    • Michael Groves: Civil war of a very real construct is forth coming. I am sure all conservatives who follow these conservative sites are aware of several attacks upon our Constitution and Bill of Rights. These are being perpetrated not only the far left, but some members of the GOP are attempting to erode YOUR personal rights as well as our rights as a class. Attacks on the first amendment are becoming more prevalent and blatant. Observe the attack on the New York Post for daring to call out and answer Ilhan Omar’s demeaning reference to the attack on 9/11. Continual attacks and legislation on the second amendment. Virtually every piece of proposed legislation is designed to crush YOUR right to keep and bear arms, but in reality do nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. When Ca Rep. Swalwell stupidly speaks of using nuclear weapons on citizens he is paid to represent for exercising their Constitutional right should give every person in the land of the free pause and should horrify and enrage the populace to the point of absolute anger. This is symptomatic of the condition we find in the halls of Congress and the people WE have elected to ensure our government works for the electorate. The reality is the citizen is slow to anger, but when repeated abuses of.our rights occur, PATRIOTS rise to the occasion, and usually with violent results. Question is, whether all on these sites are just willing to give lip service to what is happening or will they be PATRIOTS when their country needs them most.

      • Micheal Groves when this starts those Liberal Snowflakes will not know what hit them… We work hard, we don’t need a timeout, we love our Country, just tell us where to meet!!! Not to mention I am sick and tired of the Anti-American Democrats and The couple of Muslims (that need to go) and the Liberal Media

  6. Make no mind about it. America’s second civil war is here. The Democrats lost the Presidential election, and they don’t like it. They will lie, cheat, and do anything else to gain their power back. Including disallowing what the American people decided in the election. We are in a Civil War between Conservative Volunteer Government and Leftist Democratic Professional Government hell bent on regaining their power back, and the American people will not be allowed to stand in the way.

    • It should be remembered- (do they still teach this in school?) that it was DEMOCRAT politicians who seceded to protect their slavery interests, and northern Democrats, called “Copperheads” who opposed and vilified Lincoln and his family in the press media of the day for prosecuting the War to end Southern secession. The lib/Dems/progs don’t need the Alinsky playbook.. they just revert to the means used by earlier democrats.

  7. The Far Left Wing Looney Tunes need to be kicked out of our country for ever , what a waste of TIME , RESOURCES and Tax Payer Money , better yet , Hang the IDOITS by the Neck , End of Story

    • In the meanwhile there is a vast multitude of rewarding ways those funds could have been spent on instead of some pipe dreamers witch hunt! Monies toward rehabilitation of our well deserving veterans,research and development,prosthesis,food medical supplies etcetera.

  8. Our cultural values are eroding!
    It doesn’t matter which side of the political aisle you’re on, you must admit cultural chaos and confusion are rapidly eroding our solid cultural norms.

    This is being fueled by political correctness. Our foundational absolute values are being emasculated into a system of values to be whatever one wants values to be. The mentality is becoming, “It might be right for you, but not for me.” A society with such norms is willfully in the the process of self-destruction.

    When absolute values are incrementally manipulated toward a compromised standard of agreement, a society begins to crumble into irrelevancy. When that happens, it can be categorized into a disease called “liberalism.” When that starts to mutate, it becomes the guaranteed eventual demise of any respectable society.

    Our culture’s momentum is reaching the point of irreversible salvation for self-preservation. All great cultures and nations eventually find their grave in the dust bin of history and future irrelevancy.

    I’m so sorry America is rapidly heading in that direction!

  9. The investigation of collusion was a democrat delusion designed to create an public illusion that Trump was crooked when in fact it is hillary and the corrupt FBI, DOJ, and the obama administration. They all knew that the FBI had searched every sewer in the world trying to come up with the insurance to keep Trump out of the WH, and could not do so. Mueller and 18 hillary supporting lawyers! To retrace the FBI’s footsteps?? There should be some charges of sedition and treason against brennan, nadler, schiff, mccabe, and all those promoting the collusion investigation especially since they knew the FBI had already failed.

    • It’s just the investigation that is required, and no actual crime need have been committed beforehand. You can always tell them that you don’t remember that stuff, as in “I don’t know. I don’t keep that much written down, except for shopping lists and the like. If you want to see what I last bought at Wal Mart, look at my old shopping list and receipt. They’re in the recycle bin. While you’re at it, subpoena their store-cam footage.”

  10. Look enough is enough look at facts, what has Democrats..(oboma)done over last 12-16 years oboma dismantle this country seperated every aspect that he could flooded states with other national personnel(faren allies) won those an corrupted all now he’s out on top with killer Clinton as prime suspect’s a lot more will b added any way 12 years of corupt dems vs 2 years of promises pres Trump.DELIVERED @n still going strong even with all.the BS the dems were an still doing if this never happened we would be the strongest country in the world so eather put up or shut up

  11. All these anti -Trumpers are being controlled by the lobbyists who fill their bank accounts with our hard earned money.
    I truly believe that they want to see another civil war, not between haves and the have nots, but between low and middle income families, between races, but not between the rich and the poor. These so called senior statesmen will be sitting in their Eiffel towers watching, with their walls they have built. We need to wake up and ask the real questions of these people, what have you done for us Americans lately?

  12. The Leftists are still out to depose Trump, by any means necessary, right up to the next Presidential Election day. If Trump wins again, they will start all over again. This is not about how good, or bad, a person Trump is, or whether or not he’s a good President. This is about deposing him in such a way, that we will never have another Republican President, or Congress, or, eventually, a Supreme Court. The Left wants permanent control of the country, forever, or as nearly so as possible. They got so close before Trump won, that they’ll never settle for less, anymore.

    • The Irresponsible Press Releases about our President, a Man of High – Integrity Mr. Trump must come to a STOP! No one needs an ENMEY from within whose household! This Distrust could only brings shame to our Country! “A houosse devided shall not with stand!” Let OUR PRESIDENT goes on doing what he said he is to do: Make America Great Again, without anymore un-necessasry underhanded Distructions! Simply becasue some people do not like HIS GUTS! His Guts are the BEST Thing for America! Look, how all others bowed to the world, only wanted to be LIKED! He stands firm on all issues~~ Every American must be for the Best of Amerca! Starting from the Presdient! That is what our President Trump is doing! A clear mined capable Leader! THERE IS NO DIRT IN President!!

  13. Getting rid of these nitwits will NOT be easy you need to look at the region they represent VERY SMALL slivers Pelosi (San Fran) that’s it Nadler ( garment district in NY city ) small slivers of areas that are meaningless that’s the problem there is a drastic need for term limits

  14. It is hard to understand people! If one person does it, it is okay but not the same for another. Hillary Clinton has a lot of wealth, Nancy Pelosi and now Obama and that was never questioned. Then someone not serving in the military is brought up. Did Obama serve in the war? Did Bill Clinton ever serve? What about Carter? Did any of these things matter? What matters is how they help America economical, protests us from evil people that are penetrating our country in mass groves and help us live a morally good people and once again be free. I don’t have to live with them personally and so if they are doing an honest acceptable job for our nation, then that is most important. The other is they also can be free to live a good life. I know Bush never accepted a pension and Trump gives his back to the government so we should see the good things they do and not greedy for our tax money. Trump lowered the taxes and now the rich are crying because they can’t use all their wealth to write off on their taxes and the State are now greedy to get more through higher taxes because they want to spend, spend, spend instead of willingness to cut off all the fat.

    • Jimmy Carter ( our worst President and Best X was indeed a Military Man ( US Navy, and served his country well!)

  15. Well, I think Mueller is wrong about no “other Americans colluded in those schemes” with Russia for our 2016 election. We know Christopher Steele did because of the dossier and because of who his Russian contacts were. We still don’t know that whole story yet, but I’ll bet it’s going to be entertaining finding out. Grab your popcorn.
    Meanwhile, back at the House, the Dems are dithering…

  16. I;m not surprised that he passed the buck to get Trump. He couldn’t do it so he knew the Democrats would. The people on his staff that wrote the report and he signed off on were ALL Democrats. Just another Swamp stab. He’s tougher than that but the idiots will try


  17. It’s time to get some Democrats voted out of office. After Ocasio-Cortez I’d like to see that numbnuts Jerry Nadler GONE

    • What a coward Mueller is! What a milquetoast!~ He should face-off Senator Plummy-draws of Connecticut and tell the senator exactly what the jerk wanted to hear coming out of his report: pure garbage! Plummy loves garbage, esp. if it makes him look like a Vietnam war hero.

      • Just like cadet “bone spurs Donald J Trump” used his wealth and privilege to avoid Viet Nam. I knew 6 “poor” guys that never returned back. I was one of the lucky ones to return unscathed. I always thought the Attorney General was the attorney general of the USA and not Trumps personal attorney. Trump has been a “crook” his entire life, screwed SOOOOOOOOO many people in his lifetime. The individual only cares about himself and the Trump family bandits. He will be judged when he meets his maker and he will surely rot in hell. Then justice will be served…..

        • Fake Dan perhaps you should apologize to President Trump since he has been exonerated. But you won’t you commie shit head. You aren’t man enough.

          • Exonerated???? Read the report, doesn’t state that. That’s Trump viewpoint. It’s “comical” you stating making an apology: When has the individual you support ever apologized?????? I’ll answer that for you NEVER. When something goes correct it’s all about DJ Trump but when something goes wrong……well Trumps view is it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. He is such a “low quality…. excuse me NO quality human being!!!!!! Keep buying the snake oil the con man is selling you.

        • Dan . . . . I also returned from Vietnam.

          It’s embarrassing to see a Vietnam Vet make an absolute fool of himself simply because he cannot read nor think rationally.

          • Rich, Trump is a “con man” His quote, my personal VietNam is not to get any STD’s while the “little” guy goes to war!!!!!!!!! He is a “SORRY” excuse of what a human being should be……

        • Fact is, almost many male Americans with money avoided being called for service during a conflict, Everybody’s corrupt President, BILLY CLINTON FOR ONE. Want to clean our congress out. lets start with most of the lame brained WOMEN CURRENTLY IN OFFICE. i.e Pelousi, Maxine, Feinstein, Ocasio, Oman, Warren, to name a few of the Demoncraps, then you have Murcowsky on the other side. I know I missed a few but I’m sure you get the idea. They need to be what God made them to do. BE MOTHERS for their Families. When we do that, the Government can be back on track instead of being dead in conflicts within.

    • Country getting tired of hearing these crying babies common sense have 2 term limit do job hired to do work together let president do his job he was hired to do everybody keep their noses out of other people business we work for a living and we dont do what we was hired to do we out the door same day why does Congress get away with it fire them no benefits stay till the die fighting like little kids not damn one in office has not done something wrong in their life all have sinned move forward Mueller closet is running over hes not god what makes him perfect how much over time and pay has he made america going down the drain

  18. Two opposing groups of lawyers who lie, cheat, swindle, etc. trying with all their might to convince everyone they are majestic in the wisdom. Again we see the U. S. of B. S. in action. What’s the largest politicians profession? Lawyers. Better known as “legal thieves”.

    • Time for arrests, trials , convictions and the “proper” PUNISHMENT for treasonous TRAITORS. and TAXPAYER MONEY WASTING DEMOCOMMUNISTS. Time for a HANGING!

    • I would like to think that the republicans would go “all out” to counter the democrats and really, really investigate them for this 30 million $ fiasco against the presidency. But I don’t have the confidence that ANYTHING will be done. From past experience the republicans will again blow “hot” air (blow off steam) and continue to do absolutely NOTHING. Do any of them have the capacity to GROW A PAIR?

  19. There was plenty of collusion and plenty of obstruction – Mueller just spent 2 years looking at the WRONG people. Hopefully soon that will be corrected.

  20. Well American citizens who are not moronic Democrats, it is over and we can get busy making America great again. Not so fast! I see and hear the Democrats and the media do not believe the Mueller report and after spending $30 million dollars and 2 years on a bullshit witch hunt, the Democrats want more investigations and spend more of Americans hard earned tax dollars on more bullshit. When do you American citizens wake up from your coma’s and tell your elected officials enough!

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