All hell broke loose when Joe Biden got asked this question about wearing a mask

Joe Biden is used to softball questions from reporters.

So Biden was not prepared for what the press just grilled him about.

And all hell broke loose when Joe Biden got asked this question about wearing a mask.

Joe Biden’s come under fire for wearing a mask despite being fully vaccinated.

Biden was finally called to account for this anti-science behavior.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden wore a mask when he walked to an outdoor podium to announce “new” CDC guidelines that fully vaccinated Americans did not need to wear masks when they were outside by themselves.

The contradictions were so glaring that NBC’s Pete Alexander asked Biden what message he was sending by wearing a mask outside – despite being fully vaccinated – to tell vaccinated Americans they did not need to wear a mask outside.

Biden mumbled some answer about how people could see him take his mask off.

The mixed messaging on masks continued all day as the CDC released supposedly “new” guidelines that showed even fully vaccinated Americans needed to wear masks at all times indoors and that it was only “safe” for fully vaccinated Americans not to wear masks if they are outside by themselves or in a small group with other fully vaccinated people.

Biden and the CDC claimed that even fully vaccinated Americans presented a danger to spread the coronavirus at outdoor events like baseball games or concerts.

Outside of major cities, few Americans had been wearing a mask outside at any point in time.

Biden’s announcement just caught the CDC guidelines up to how 90 percent of the country was already living their life.

Joe Biden wearing a mask outside to announce the supposed loosening of mask mandates when vaccinated Americans were outside only added to the farce.

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