All hell broke loose when Joe Biden saw the results of this new poll

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expecting a cake walk to the White House.

Polls show him crushing his Democrat rivals and even beating President Trump.

But now all hell broke loose when Joe Biden saw the results of this one poll.

Joe Biden was leading every state and national poll.

Not anymore.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren — who is seeing her campaign rebound — is now leading Biden in the state of Minnesota.

Breitbart reports:

A poll of Minnesota Democrat presidential primary voters released over the weekend shows that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has overtaken former Vice President Joe Biden as the frontrunner in Minnesota, a major development that highlights both Warren’s national surge and Biden’s weakening lead ahead of the first debates.

Warren, at 21 percent, leads Biden’s 20 percent in the Change Research survey, conducted June 8 to June 12. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) comes in third with 19 percent, while home state Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) is in fourth at 16 percent. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is next with 11 percent, followed by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) at 4 percent, former Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX) at 3 percent, Andrew Yang at 2 percent, and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, and former Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro all at 1 percent.

Many pundits believe Biden is a weak frontrunner that is only leading the polls because of name recognition and the belief that he is President Trump’s toughest competitor.

But that aura of invincibility can quickly shatter once polls show other candidates are viable.

This poll could signal the doomsday end for Biden, or at the very least the first crack in his armor.

With the first Democrat presidential debate less than 10 days away, this could be the beginning of a long slow slide for the former Vice Preisdent.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Warren is nuts, Biden as well……….
    A fake Indian, and a butt grabber…
    It would be a nightmare for any democrat
    In the White House.
    Biden was obama’s Side kick, that ruined America.
    They will LOSE EVERYTHING in 20/20, and when it happens
    I will be the happiest person on the planet.

  2. Ha,Ha…More fake news by CNN,CNBC, & the rest of the Communist Media. Biden will be in the White House, Biden will have a cake walk….Right. The only accurate Poll they provide America is spelled…. Pole

  3. hope you all saw the TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGN in Florida tonight
    dont believe the lies of the democraps–we all know sometimes Trump says things that come off not very presidential
    HE believes in God and LOVES AMERICA AND AMERICANS– LOVES our vets and families etc etcthe unhinged democraps are so desperate they will try everything–like even 16yr old votes–gosh i know so many 16 yr olds that just want weed/dope like kamal toe pushes BEST RALLY –google it —

    • Anyone that has ever listened to a Donald Trump speech knows that he is an amazing man, with amazing ambition and amazing love for GOD, AMERICA and the AMERICAN people!

  4. “All hell broke loose when Joe Biden saw the results of this new poll…”

    Huh? I thought the real news was that much was made over Trump’s internal polling that showed Joe Biden with a significant lead in key states. And when Trump didn’t like what his pollsters were saying, he fired them.

    There are over twenty Democratic candidates, and the Democratic primaries are still several months away. Anything can happen between now and 2020. In 1999, George W. Bush was the Republican front-runner, but John McCain stunned everyone in early 2000. Let’s wait and see what will happen.

  5. If you want to see how polls work, just look back to 2016 when Trump won…He was supposed to be way behind Hillary in that election…How can you believe a poll anymore…

  6. I used to teach the following to my students when I was a school teacher.
    Polls are useless. A poll will say whatever the poll taker wants it to say. Only three things are required.
    1. Word the question in a way to get the desired response.
    2. Know who to ask to get the desired response. Poll takers know demographics better than the U.S. Census Bureau.
    3. Word the findings in a way favorable to report you want the poll to say.
    Example: This poll actually occurred. – In the early nineties, senior citizens ONLY were asked the following question: “Do you believe Congress should balance the federal budget by suspending cost of living raises for Social Security recipients for the next ten years?” Of course, the vast majority replied “NO.” However, the poll results were announced as “A majority of Americans opposed to balancing the budget!” No mention of who was polled or how the balancing would occur.
    The only legitimate polls at this time are Zogby and Rasmussen. They report the number of people polled, the demographics of those polled, the exact questions(s) used, and any additional comments made by those polled. Please note that Zogby and Rasmussen are not saying much at this time.

    • A better question would be do you believe Congress should balance the budget by suspending their salary for the next 10 years? That would not only save a ton of money, but make them realize they actually had to do some work to earn a salary. As it stands now Congress should be paying the taxpayers for doing nothing of any benefit to the American people.

  7. Remember 2016 poll, 95% democrats said Hillary Clinton win, Newsweek magazine had
    a special issue to congratulate “Madame President”.

  8. The whole outfit couldn’t poor piss out of a boot with instructions printed on the bottom of the heel and they think one of them should run the whole shebang? Huh…

  9. Let’s be Frank!! Frank!! Biden and his son should be in prison.AG BARR?? Where the H are you and what are you doing?? That aside Biden nor any Demo has absolutely no shot!! Guess what!! The American people want voter ID laws and paper ballots!!

    • You are so right Richard….and yeah…where is the justice that needs to be served for Biden and his son? You know what would happen if it were you or I who did what they did.

  10. Republicans no longer believe any of these “Polls.” Republicans are seldom polled and if they are polled they give bogus answers just to prove what a farce these “Polls” really are.

    • I do not believe polls are accurate. However, some are indicators of trends. Spot any conservative about 15+ points in most polls and you will be much nearer the true poll results. You cannot use leading questions and pick only the individuals you think will give the “correct results.” Most are just a waste of time, producing lies.


  12. It is really a shame the Dems. have to decide on folks who argue which end, is the right
    end to pick up lawn droping’s !!

    • I agree. What I don’t understand is that how the Democrat Party, out of 360 Million people they cannot find a single person that could be decent candidate.

      • Straight Republican Ticket is what is needed- VOTE!!!

        The Dems only hope is cheating, illegals and you staying Home.
        Dash the heck out of their hopes!

      • I really think it is going to be hard for these Democrats phonies to win over Trump, Trump has been sharp and has done a lot more that other Presidents, especially Obama that didn’t do a thing to help the American people. He was to busy looking at himself in the mirror hoping the Americans praise him that he didn’t deserve I sure am glad he is going to be investigated


    • Yep,by the grace of God, Trump was sent to save this country. I believe he should campaign in California. Those folks have got to be sick to death at what the Democrats have done to their state.

      • Pamela,
        You got that 100% right! Californians are sick and tired of being the “Guinea pig state”, used and abused by the absolute WORST POLITICIANS and crooks on the planet! RECALL GAVIN NUISANCE NOW! He is the most mentally ill, power hungry Dem-oron of them all! His auntie Nancy made him that way! Just look what he has done to San Francisco! We call it “Brown Town” for all the human feces on the street!
        Demo idiots are “proud” of that? As a Cali native, it makes me SAD, DISGUSTED AND SICK TO MY STOMACH to watch my beautiful state flushed down the toilet!!!

    • you must have been out of th country or the world if yu think lying is a democrate thing. You lying ass president has been doing that for years. Worst lying pervert commie I ever heard of. Putin lover isa gaga about becoming a dictator. He has only made it to dick-head so far.

  14. Joe Buffoon will go down to defeat by a much larger margin than Hillary! Another beautiful day in the USA – neither Obama nor Hillary is president!

        • You may settle but it isn’t going to happen. You do realize there are several new investigations out right now but not against Trump but against your lovebirds. Now there are some crooks that may end up in prison.

    • True, it will be so very amusing to watch as liberal heads explode all around us, like a gruesome firth of July but then we have the next four years to listen to them whine about how the election was stolen from them! LOL. I guess it still worth it!

  15. All these polls are getting just a bit ahead of themselves the election is about 18 months away,the liberal media is trying to sway the process just like they did in 2016 and that didn’t quite work the way they wanted.

    • Absolutely correct Kevin. The demo scum spent over 2 years and $0 Million trying to prove against Mr. Tromp exactly what the media is and has been doing every day, “influence the national election” with their bullshit fake news. Where are the charges????

      • Keep living in your fantasy world, Woody. That is where you belong if you can’t function in the real world and have to make up lies to soothe your conscience. Rigged Electoral college. You are just a sore loser, nothing else. Your drunk falling down the steps candidate just did not win. Period. If she had won, you would have thought the electoral college was just fine.

  16. Polls are worthless. My Dad always said, “there are 2 things you never want to believe, one is a polititican, the other is a poll. Both can be munipulated to get the results you want”. He is absolutely right. Look at the 2016 election. No poll was right, not one. Are these the same polls? Probably.

  17. If someone beats Trump in 2020 they should be removed from office for participating in a seditious conspiracy and Trump should be declared POTUS.

    Many people will.not.tolerate a politician to be POTUS again after Trump has renewed the U.S. of A. I am one of them.

  18. In what way would either of these Democrats put the nation in a positive direction like President Trump is doing? Do we remember what misery there was during 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama? But I do remember his trousers had a nice crease and his smile while on the late night talk shows was 2nd to none.

  19. I believe Warren came up with more free everything, including college, for everyone, but after she spends everyone’s money, we’ll all be standing in food lines half starved.

    • Just take a long hard look at CA. This is what every single one of these Dems will create nationwide if they have their way- Why because Ca. Politicians have grown mega rich and all the other Dems want some $$$ at taxpayers expense too!

      Oh and let’s not forget the few Dem dimwits who actually believe their BS like AOC who in their bid for $$$ will also tare down our country because they believe their ideas are actually true. lol. Yeah, polar bears have had a pop explosion, glacier national park had to remove the signs that the glaciers would disappear by 2020, and weather is weather – whether they want to believe it or not. But politicians like these will hope on the gravy train while they push their BS on us.

  20. Holy crap , a wannabe Red Skin and Joey Biden , not much happening there that’s a fact , especially Warren she’s a certified wacko

  21. Colleen La Rose and susan dudak: I agree with your posts 100%. But the Democrats will pull EVERY dirty trick at their disposal to rig and try to win the 2020 election.I wouldn’t put ANYTHING passed them! God help us all if they do get a sitting president in 2020!!Hey, has anyone noticed that in the Democrats name is what they really are ? RAT….

    • Well hopefully the American people by now know how crooked the dems are & will be more vigilant when it comes to monitoring what the dems do. I really think if (GOD forbid) a dem does win the election, in no time there will be pure anarchy everywhere! Once again I say I am kinda happy I didn’t have any children that I will have to leave behind to clean up the mess the dems have made.

      • Colleen La Rose: You are so right about anarchy raining on us if the dems get a sitting president in 2020.Not that I am hoping that they do get a president voted in in 2020( GOD help us all). But I would LOVE to see the look on the faces of the fools that voted a dem in, and they will be forced to see the truth! Too late for the rest of us with reason and common sense.I only hope our country will survive..I do have two adult children and my heart cries for what they will have to deal with if that horror happens.

        • Remember all the oceans of tears from the looney leftists when President Trump won the nomination? OH my gosh, when he wins 2020, the forest are gonna be left bare of trees because there’s not enough tissue for the cry babies to go around! Great amusement for me to watch the romper room crowd have melt downs😂

      • I’ve said many times over the past 10 years that I am grateful that I don’t have children. I was raised in a home of meager income and that has made me very conservative and thoughtful. All the youth in our country are going to bear the cost of the Obama years. If another democrat gets elected president, it will only get worse. When my time is up, I will die without the emotional regret of leaving children behind to clean up the mess of other’s poor judgement. I support Trump and do believe the Lord placed him in office to lead the US. God Bless Him and keep him.

    • I call them demons! What a democrat joke! None of them has the crowds that Trump has and they expect us to believe their idiots are ahead of Trump?! This is a repeat of the 2016 election when their ridiculous polls said Hillary was up in all the states and had a 98% to 2% Trump chance of winning! Don’t believe those democrat run polls! They want us to think we have no chance so we won’t bother to vote! No way are those dumbasses leading Trump!

  22. Susan: Right on, right on !!! President Trump all the way. There’s not a Dem running who could beat him. Besides, it’s a long way til the next election and more junk on these “candidates” will be coming soon.

  23. It can’t be! Both Biden and Warren are white! That’s unacceptable in the Democrat Party!

    Maybe Warren can. She’s about 1/1046th Indian. She should be qualified if Harvard University says so.

    How can the liberal media take them seriously? 🙄

  24. I think it would be the greatest idea if people would stop protesting for anything, go to work every day, keep your mouth shut, and don’t let anyone know who or what you are voting for. It really is no one’s business what you do when you fill out that ballot. And think about it, how many people say they are doing one thing & do another. Who would know? It is like my Mom said to me when in my teens I asked her who she was going to vote for. Her answer “It is none of your business. When I go behind that curtain no one knows, not even your Father.” Very smart woman.

  25. I wouldn’t trust any of these liberal rats to be in the position of being a dog catcher…a win for any of these pigs is a loss for America!

  26. I believe after the debates between the two groups of 10 Democrat candidates is viewed, I think all their poll numbers are going to go down.All their agendas are undoable and off the wall. I believe Trump will beat all of them in the end.

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