All hell broke loose when Kamala Harris refused to answer one question

Screenshot via YouTube, ABC 7 Chicago

Democrats spent two years trying to rehabilitate Kamala Harris’ image.

That effort proved to be a disaster.

And all hell broke loose when Kamala Harris refused to answer one question.

The White House tried allowing Kamala Harris to sit for an interview with far-left MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell.

Biden’s handlers figured not much could go wrong since Mitchell is such a dedicated supporter of the Democrat Party and especially left-wing female politicians like Harris.

But Harris cannot even answer the simplest of questions.

Mitchell gave Harris a chance to answer her critics in the Democrat Party who point to her 39 percent approval rating as evidence the party can never nominate her for President.

“Why do you think the President has such low popularity, favorable ratings, and you have even less favorable ratings? Why do you think that is?” Mitchell wondered.

Harris whiffed on this answer and confirmed why many Democrats believe Harris lacks the political skills and personal charisma to win a national campaign.

Kamala Harris began her answer by trying to claim that broad swaths of the public thanked Harris for everything she and Joe Biden supposedly got done.

“Thanking our administration. I think that what we have to do is focus on what is actually strengthening America and the American people and American families. And when I talk with American families about what they want and what they care about, things like bringing down the cost of health care, bringing down unemployment, doing the work of strengthening and growing America’s workforce, including American manufacturing. That’s what the American people want,” Harris claimed.

But majorities of Americans disapprove of the job Biden and Harris are doing in office.

Harris could not answer this point.

Mitchell then asked Harris about reports in The New York Times and POLITICO that Democrats understand Biden is too old and senile to be President, but that they feel obligated to back Biden for re-election because the alternative is Kamala Harris guaranteed to lose to Donald Trump.

“I think that it is very important to focus on the needs of the American people and not political chatter out of Washington, D.C.,” Harris responded.

Democrats and the media know they have a Kamala Harris problem on their hands.

This interview was a chance for Harris to right her political ship.

Instead, Harris failed miserably.

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