All hell broke loose when Megyn Kelly dropped one bombshell about Jeffrey Epstein

Megyn Kelly continues to try and stage a comeback.

The former Fox News anchor dove head first into a story the Fake News Media is scheming to cover up.

And then all hell broke loose when Megyn Kelly dropped one bombshell about Jeffrey Epstein.

On Sunday, Megyn Kelly broke the news that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a letter to ABC demanding an explanation into the network spiking a 2016 story that would have exposed Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes.

ABC anchor Amy Robach got caught on a hot mic admitting that she had the goods on Epstein’s crimes back in 2016, but ABC suppressed the story out of concerns over access to the British Royal Family.

Robach also mentioned her reporting uncovered the extent of Epstein’s connections to Bill Clinton and many critics believe ABC killed the story because it would have aired in the heat of the 2016 Presidential Election and caused major problems for Hillary Clinton.

Ever since this story broke, other fake news outlets like CNN refused to cover the jaw-dropping allegation that ABC put political considerations ahead of exposing a pedophile.

No one knows how many innocent young girls were harmed because of ABC’s immoral decision.

But House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is pressing for answers.

And Megyn Kelly breaking this bombshell should help as she attempts to rehabilitate her career.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Paul Ryan, a Fox Board Member, is the enemy who hired the Democrat Firm that conducts all of the Poll’s for Fox News? Wonder why Trump is always loosing? Paul Ryan was the enemy to President Trump. Lied to the President till he resigned?

  2. Epstein had to be murdered to keep him from listing the names in his little black book. To many well known names.
    Interesting how the perverts like their activities but do not want anyone to know what they do. They know what they are doing is despicable.

  3. There is no such thing as “gun worshiping”, so it simply is not possible for anything to come to ruin as a result of it. Attacks upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms are ruinous, though.

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  6. I’m no longer a fan of Megan K. but if she replaced Wallace or Cavuto bring her back. While they’re at it they can get rid of
    Paul Ryan from the FOX board

  7. Hey, folks! Let’s concentrate on what this article is about. I really thought highly of Megyn Kelly until she was so snarky to Trump during the Presidential Primary Debates. However, with that said, she was a good anchor when she was at FOX. I would be willing to give her another chance. She’s definitely better than Chris Wallace.

  8. Epstein was the vilest of persons. That however, does not excuse those who murdered him. The powers behind his murder should be brought trial just like every other murderer.
    His black book clients want him to never speak.
    They all know molesting children is wrong. They are not men. A MAN does not hurt the weak and helpless. They all are monsters.

  9. if the swamp scum is ever to see justice it will be at the end of a rope. Hope none of ya’ll ever break down on a dark highway!

  10. I think Meghan Kelly should be brought back into the flock at Fox News, I liked her before and now that she has been brought down a few notches she might be ready to return. Some of the other clowns there at fox need to be gone. At least Meghan was nice to look at. But she needs to make nice with the president first.

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  13. He was not a human, he was a monster and used those poor girls again, and again, and laughed about it. Prince Andrew is a liar and so is Bill Clinton, who both took advantage of the young girls.

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  16. OF MEGYN KELLY has REDISCOVERED HONEST JOURNALISM she may be agood Replacement for CHRIS WALLACE at FOX who seem to have gone MSM FAUX News

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  20. While I deplore ABC’s sitting on the story, I do have a concern over a governmental official forcing a news organization (even a very biased one) to justify itself before a governmental body. Congressional inquiries are limited to those having some legitimate legislative purpose. But the First Amendment says that “Congress shall make no law” abridging “freedom of the press.” Perhaps McCarthy can thread that needle, and I commend him for his concern over a spiked story, but….

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