All hell broke loose when Monica Lewinsky was asked one question about Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky will forever be linked because of the scandal that nearly destroyed his Presidency.

20 years later, the questions still have not died down.

And all hell broke loose when Lewinsky was asked one thing about Bill Clinton.

Lewinsky was at an event in Jerusalem where a local reporter was going to conduct a question and answer session before a live audience.

The journalist asked Lewinsky about Bill Clinton saying he did not believe he owed Lewinsky a personal apology.

That did not go over well with Lewinsky.

She got up and walked off stage and ended the event.

The Hill reports:

Monica Lewinsky ended a live discussion and walked off stage at an event in Jerusalem on Monday night after being asked a question involving former President Clinton.

The former White House intern sat for the start of a discussion at the Jerusalem Convention Center when Channel 2 news anchor Yonit Levi brought up Clinton’s comments from June when he said he didn’t believe he owed Lewinsky, with whom he had a sexual relationship during his presidency, an apology.

“Do you still expect that apology? A personal apology?” Levi asked Lewinsky on Monday.

“I’m sorry, I’m not going to be able to do this,” Lewinsky responded, before putting down her microphone and walking off stage.

Lewinsky claimed they had an agreement not to talk about the affair with Clinton and that she was misled.

The Hill also reports:

“When she asked me it on stage, with blatant disregard for our agreement, it became clear to me I had been misled,” Lewinsky said. “I left because it is more important than ever for women to stand up for themselves and not allow others to control their narrative.”

Do you think Bill Clinton owes Monica Lewinsky an apology?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Bill Clinton didn’t hold a gun to her head, he was horney and apparently she obliged. No apologizes necessary. They both got what they wanted.

  2. I think you need to be corrected it was in a dress it was a blouse that she kept with semen either and luckily she did because if she didn’t have That evidence she would awake to jail when she was questioned by the committee investigating the charges against him remember Jennifer flowers came forward to but had no proof thank God she hung on to that blouse so in knew exactly what type of pieces ship president we add he lied to the face of every merikin person IM as well television that addressed probly cost us millions so go screw yourself idiot

  3. You’re darn right both the clintons owe Monica Lewinsky an apology. I remember the whole Scandal as it went down. And what the clintons did to her especially Hillary was horrifying. Then to top it off Bill Clinton gets on national television and lies to every American person on our dime where paying him to have sex with an intern and lie straight to our face when he did that interview and said raising his hand and finger like he does I did not have sexual relations with that woman I looked right at that face on my television screen and told everyone in the Room hes lying straight to our face it was written all over his face not only is he a horrible liar hes a horrible human being. He should have been in peached thrown in jail and we should have demanded every penny he was paid for being our president at that point. But once again the clintons not only get away with murder they also get away is far as I’m concerned with sexual abuse and harassment

  4. Billy Blythe (Real name of Clinton) paid Monica 3M. Talk about an expensive piece…pardon the pun.

  5. Of the whole thread you make the most sense, but of course as they vote on themselves it will never happen.

  6. It wasn’t rape. Monica wanted to have sex with The President of the United States, not Bill Clinton. Bragging rights that she gave the President a blow job. Period.

  7. It wasn’t rape. Monica wanted to have sex with The President of the United States, not Bill Clinton. Bragging rights that she gave the President a blow job. Period.

  8. Bill Clinton is an average, everyday sleezbag! Not worth the time of day! Mr and Mrs Clinton deserve one another and will probably burn in hell, the ultimate judgement! That will be justice

  9. She threw the “Country” into chaos? Whose “head” is in a hole? If Clinton had kept his pants zipped like a decent husband, none of this would have happened. Why can’t married men act like they are supposed to, and use the brains God gave them, instead of lusting after women who are NOT their wives??

  10. Clinton should be behind bars since his act with her could be considered RAPE something Bill likes to do. He owes America an apology and Monica a whole lot more. He used her and then tossed her aside. That is something Hitlery was ok with so long as it did not become public which it did along with all those he had before Monica. DUI g his first campaign Hitlery called them the Bimbo brigade. The problem is no one listened to these women and that resulted in the RAPE of Monica. Why call it rape well had she said NO she could have been removed from the internship. So she feared she would be let go thus she was forced in her mind to do as he wanted her to do.


  12. Jerri Williams
    Might try getting the facts…another of “Bill’s” conquests told her to keep the dress. Turned out to be a wise decision…not preplanned.

  13. She is the one who flipped her thong panties at him. She was the seducer. She saved the dress with semen on it. Why?

  14. Even if she did not think she was in love with him she probably was in awe of the man because of the power he wielded.
    This is exactly the reason that the military has rules against fraternization with junior people. If slick willy had been in a military service he would have been, at the very least, kicked out and possibly even court marshaled.

  15. Bill Clinton knew what he was doing to this young woman but he only wanted to satisfy himself. I would t forgive him either if I were her, her name will follow her forever. Bill is a piece of trash as my mother in law would say.

  16. Sorry Charles but “men” are far more responsible in ANY sexual relationship than involved women are; they “have to be” in control! W. J. Clinton was not, obviously; he submitted to his impulses!

  17. Jeri Williams, I disagree. A young stupid immature woman who idolizes and worships a man with all her heart does this sort of thing. I am sure she thought she was deeply in love WJC. I believe she turned the dress over after being publicly rebuffed by Bill and harassed by HRC, over time time Monica became angry and struck out at the Clinton’s to hurt them, in the only way she felt she could. I would say Monica had a great deal of sweet revenge however, she obviously has never found a way to be happy. She was a spoiled immature young women without the experience needed to deal with Bill Clinton, the experienced sexual deviant and predator.

  18. She owes him an apology.Shes not naive and innocent. She had this planned to ruin his career. She kept a dress with semen on it for years then exposed it. Does this seem like a young, naive, innocent victim or a woman with an evil plan?
    I think the latter.

  19. I would agree with you except for one thing. Those same millions of ignorant, gullible, dependent, and apathetic voters elect the state legislatures so the end result will ultimately be the same if not worse. The only solution is term limits, no pension for congress, insider trading restrictions on members of congress, and no lobbying allowed. Then fix the education (indoctrination) system.

  20. Except Bill should have known better, as President of the US. Poor judgment is not a good quality for that position.

  21. Tim he made a good comment. The truth. The only thing rapist Bill wanted was to get his rocks off. The pig he married liked pussy too.

  22. Let’s remember that she was very young and caught up in the excitement of the moment. Most of us have done ill-advised things when we were young.

  23. It takes two to tango. They were both wrong for having an illicit affair. It states clearly in the Bible that before you come to the altar to worship to go to your brother or sister and resolve any matter between you. Repentance involves not only asking God’s forgiveness but also seeking the forgiveness of others you have sinned with or against and harmed. It’s a shame that Bill Clinton the man has not seen fit to humble himself and do this. He would be a better man if he did so, as he could help bring about the healing of both their hearts and souls and once and for all they could both put the matter behind them and be at peace about it in spite of what the rest of the world thinks, says, or does.

  24. When the most powerful man in the world takes advantage of a very young intern it is definitely “sexual harassment in the workplace”. The NOW(national organization of women),they are the ones that owe an apology for turning a blind eye to the situation, all for the advancement of Hillary. What a shameful act on their part.

  25. Is he owes hwe an apology, then she owes the country an apology, for her part in throwing this country into chaos.

  26. Clinton and his wife owe much more than an apology to Monica Lewinsky who was sexually abused and by Bill Clinton. And I agree wit you both Clinton and his wife should go to prison and many more of their criminal allies like Obama-Soetero, and the whole far left fascists

  27. Why does Monica put herself in this position? She is famous for one thing only, and that is her affair with Bill Clinton in the WH and its aftermath. Once the agreement not to talk about Bill was in place, what else was there left to discuss?

  28. Bill and Hillary owe her far more than an apology. They both should be in prison. They both abused the power the prople gave them.

  29. Raymond you are so right. The girl was weak, perhaps promised something job wise or to prosper her or help her out. Bill is the sex preditor, rapist, womanizer, scum bag as you said.

  30. Slick Willie had a lot of power as president. Sometimes president’s abuse their power. In Slick’s case threats can be very subtle. Also remember he was/ is an aggressive person used to getting his way, as also is with Hillary. Wherther threats, subtle threats, or enticements Bill has a way with women to fondle or whatever with impunity. Despite his easy going demure’ he is accustomed to getting his way. Young women who are not so strong willed can be overpowered.

  31. Agreed, we have never seen Trump apologize for being a sexual predator, even when caught bragging about what he has done.

  32. She was not totally innocent, she was naive but Slick was a (friend ?) of the family and she was taken in by that sexual predator, rapist, womanizer, scum bag, were she my daughter I would find a way to get the SOB who used my daughter and then had his wife shred her.

  33. considering who he had wed i’d say he was very deprived and being the pervert he is just simply looked elsewhere for a place to inject his meat – after all he’s your typical politician anyways (not much diff just being more in the spotlight is all).
    She took his willy’s genetic code like the slut she is – who would apologize – ‘uh sorry that u went down on me’ …
    only apology she deserved was if he didn’t provide her with any mouthwash BUT she probably gargles with the goo anyways …
    slut case closed.

  34. I feel sorry for her, in that she was put in this situation by a professional adulterer and made a fool of by one of the lowest POS that has ever inhabited the White House. On top of that that POS’s, POS wife tore her shreds for her own political plans. And of coarse the MSM is going to attack her and mock her at every opportunity because they love the Clintons and will do anything to protect them and vilify anyone who can damage them. I’m really sick of the Clintons and the media and of coarse the “Braying Jackasses” of the Democrat party.

  35. I like Randy’s reply. I’ll bet she found a wad and it was wet. Just saying.
    Good riddance them both. What’s she up to now?

  36. That poor girl, she acts as though she still has it bad for Slick Willy. He does owe her an apology but I’m sure Killsry would never allow that. Lewinsky was a YOUNG adult & Cluntn was a seasoned ladies man. There’s no telling what he whispered into her eager & naive ears. All those that he didn’t rape, those who willingly had flings with him, they got what they were doomed to get. He was never leaving that thing he’s married too, I’m sure that groundwork was laid out before the power union wed. It sure would bite to have to be with someone because of all your mess ups and what you’re left owing them. Killary is the true evil one in that pathetic union, Bill just can’t keep it in his pants.

  37. Not a fan of either person but this 20 year old story keeps coming up and the serial womanizer has 100’s of apologies to make when it comes that!But a then 20 something kid should not have deal with it the rest of her life! EVERYBODY screws up especially when they’re young! I’m sure we ALL have things we WISH WE HAD NOT DONE!

  38. Why would Bill C. owe Monica L. an apology? What, for letting her do what she did, and then told the whole World about it. I think she owes him an apology!!!!

  39. Clinton lied under oath and still in jail.You or I would be in jail.He lied to the country and did not apologize to us.I would believe him if he apolojized.

  40. Your comment supports the idea of returning the selection of Senators to the States by repealing the 17th Amendment. When senators were picked by popular vote, it removed the voice of the states in the federal government. You can’t ever convince me he states’ legislatures and governors could do a worse job at picking senators than millions of ignorant, gullible, dependent and apathetic voters do today.

  41. Sorry but Monica is waiting on something she will never get from either clinton.Slick Willy was only interested in taking advantage of a gullible young lady at the time.Nothing more.

  42. Amen! Way past time to let this poor woman live her life without bringing up the nightmare of WJC every time she ventures into public,

  43. The Clinton’s both of them owe all Americans an apology, for all the bad deeds they have done. Monica should have been apologized a long time ago. She was young and naive, she was taken advantage of by a president, that was impeached for his actions, by congress. The Senate however didn’t do their job and finish the job of impeachment. That shows you how long our government has been corrupt, not caring about the people.

  44. Yes, he does.. Just like Hillary…they think they are the ‘King & Queen’ of the hill! Well, they are not. She’s a glowing piece of crapp..She need to be prosecuted & in jail! She is no longer a ‘queen’ like she thinks! He needs to pay her & own up to what he did..crooks!
    If you or I, just comon folk did what she did…we would have no choice..we would be in jail! Come on..get with it..prosecute her. Oh, she’s special..lives in the Hamptons of New York…BS. Stop the stupidity…get it done! ????????????????

  45. Of course the slimeball owes her an apology. Facing the wrath of Hillary is nothing to him, he created the beast. She aided and abetted Weinstein and a host of others on the Caribbean Island Slick Willie visits all the time.

  46. Monica knew what she was doing. She knew he was married. She knew he was the President, and she knew he had his penis in her mouth. So, let’s not whitewash her complicity. No one owes Monica an apology. I cannot stand Bill or Hillary, but NO he doesn’t owe her an apology. She knew very well what she was doing was wrong. She needs to repent! Bill does too, but not to each other but rather to God.

  47. “Accept certain inalienable truths,
    “prices will rise, politicians will philander,
    “you too will get old,
    “and when you do you’ll fantasize
    “that when you were young prices were reasonable,
    “politicians were noble and children respected their elders…”

    –Baz Luhrmann, “Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen” (1999)

  48. He is a criminal.
    He is an amazing excuse for a human being along with his wife!.
    He is a low life that needs jail time.
    He is a pediphile, a hoar master and should have to register as a sex offender!
    Would you want this piece of S–t in your fox hole.
    He is a brilliant piece of crap that should be in jail.

  49. Good for her, she did the right thing. Every person does something they regret later in life, let he who never sinned throw the first stone. She was a young and naive victim and anything that transpires between her and predator Bill is her business !!!!

  50. Bill Clinton owes America, as wells as Monica, a big apology. The Democratic Party always supports thieves, sex offenders, drug users and murders for public office. Bill is a typical democrat, low morals.

  51. In these times of Larry Craig, David Vitter, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, etc., the Monica Lewinsky scandal pales in comparison. Democrats are quick to point out that while Bill Clinton may have lied under oath, his lie merely involved consensual sex, which didn’t harm anyone, whereas George W. Bush lied about “weapons of mass destruction” which cost innocent lives: Americans AND Iraqis!

    Do the math. President Clinton was born in 1946. Monica Lewinsky was born in 1973. Nothing makes a mature man feel younger than to be pursued by a younger woman. And it was Monica Lewinsky who first came on to Bill Clinton (not the other way around!), revealing to him in the Oval Office that she was wearing thong underwear. And Monica Lewinsky had political ambitions of her own. In an interview in the aftermath of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Barbara Walters said to her, “You must realize now, you’ll never be president!”

    The Republicans claim to be the party of faith and family values! Republicans Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, Dan Burton, Ken Calvert, Henry Hyde and Helen Chenoweth condemned President Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky affair (and not merely for his lying under oath) when their own past is less than exemplary!

  52. Cheating on your wife is a preoccupation with Democrats. John Kennedy had a whole group of women he screwed. Franklin Roosevelt has a mistress. Bill Clinton went after anything female including White House interns, any female who was crazy enough to be left alone in his presence, the dog, the gophers in the White House lawn and, when he really was desperate, he nailed his dyke wife.

  53. I would hardly say “all hell broke loose” as the notably false headline says. I watched that clip. No hell broke loose. She very classily decline to go further and casually walked off the stage. Period. Who write this stuff anyway? Headlines are always inaccurate and stories are written at a junior high school level.

  54. Should she ever give a speech again, somebody in the audience would quip out “cigaaaaar!”, she would fall apart on the stage.

    Other than that, it was consensual sex. I recalled that Monica complained that the libs disowned her big time. She had nowhere to go. It was sad. Took her years to recover their rejection.

    By the way, I support her walking off the stage. The reporter did not honor the agreement. Just like Stormy Daniel did not honor the confidentiality agreement with Michael Cohen. People nowadays hardly respect the agreement. Mostly liberals, I must say.

    Go in peace, Monica.

  55. That person should give the whole world an appology. Do you recall how he pointed his finger and said “I did not have sex with that woman” and shook his pointing finger at all of us. I wanted to slap him so bad for his degrading all of us with his attitude.

  56. M it was clear back in the day when that was going on. She cam across as an airhead During the election I wanted to attend a hillary town hall. I was going to ask her if she would allow monaca to hang around the White House if she won. My obituary would have been published soon after.

  57. Monica L. was a consenting adult however, with that said, she was no match in her small immature snowflake mind not to be taken advantage of by WJC, a man old enough to be her father, a deviant pervert who used his statute and power to prey on women who were fearful to say no to him and those who fought back were raped, plain and simple. He should have gone to prison many times over for many crimes.
    I do not blame Monica for walking out of the press conference, the guidelines were not kept. I would like to see Monica left alone, the press stop hounding her and , let this woman get on with her life. It is long past time!

  58. they called kennedy Camelot.he had an affair with one of the most beautiful women in the world.bill had an affair with a page! that’s why they call him cumalot! you know a little on the mouth,a little on the chin,a little on the bress!

  59. He should also apologize to Kathleen Willy and Juanita Broderick. And many others. Monaca was a willing participant. I’m sure he led her into it. I was no fan of Clinton , but I can’t blame him for monaca. Assuming she wasn’t forced Look at what he woke up too every morning. A stump broke cow would have been a step up.


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