All hell broke loose when one of Adam Schiff’s witnesses made one confession

Adam Schiff thought his impeachment show trial hearings were the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.

But no one expected them to take this shocking turn.

And now all hell broke loose when one of Adam Schiff’s witnesses made one confession.

Former National Security Council official Tim Morrison testified before Schiff’s committee that he found nothing illegal or improper about the July 25 phone call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President.

Morrison’s testimony came hours after Deep State saboteurs, Jennifer Williams and Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, expressed their opinion that the call was “inappropriate” and “wrong.”

Townhall reports:

It’s looking like the Democrats’ narrative of President Trump’s handling of foreign aid to Ukraine is the exact opposite of what actually happened.

Former National Security Council official Tim Morrison was deposed in a closed-door session in the House on Saturday. Morrison listened in on Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukraine President Zelenksy from the White House Situation Room. 

“I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed,” Morrisson told lawmakers.

Williams – who is a National Security staffer for Vice President Mike Pence – was also contradicted by her boss Lt. General Keith Kellogg who is the National Security Advisor to the Vice President and who stated that he listened to the July 25th phone call and found nothing inappropriate about the President’s remarks.

Kellogg and Morrison’s testimony undercut one of the Fake News Media’s and Democrats’ talking points – namely that none of the facts of this case are in dispute.

But the central allegation – that Donald Trump improperly pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate a political rival – was contested by two administration officials.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Along with removal from the U.S. military, insure that he does not collect any pension to which he or others might think he is entitled.

    This is where the left Totally gets it wrong. When they are caught with their proverbial hand in the cookie jar, they think it is their prerogative to be rewarded rather than penalized.

  2. Well Laughin at you I am an independent and I vote I believe that the bigoted, Fascist party the white mans party. Look at who the republicans has become they have become the party of white grievance’s.

  3. we,the people,pay there wages,why they use our money to try to ruin our country
    …No way !!! be careful idiots ,we are getting to tired of your garbage RABID RATS

  4. The law is in this country, you have the right to tell the truth period. The man has been a citizen since he was 3, he is as much of a citizen as a natural born person. He and his family have served this family well in
    The intervening years. I’m this country we don’t act like dictators as you are suggesting.
    He has done his duty to the country he loves and not the president. I commend him..q

  5. no? Really. What it is, is someone with no information or viable opinion so desperate to be seen on the internet, they become the grammar police.

  6. Who pays these peoples wages? We the people do. How do we pay them? Through taxes. We the people have the choice to get rid of the corrupt government officials if we choose to do so. Stop the flow of money and find out how fast they fold.

  7. susanna, don’t you proofread what you write? And please get a sense of humor. Correcting someone is not making a mountain out of a molehill

  8. 12 years maximum in any elected position. That is long enough to learn the rules and do something. It is half a career.
    12 years and congressman and the 12 years as Senator and goodbye. We also need rules that forbid changing states and being elected from another state. IT must be FINAL.
    24 years is a full career altogether, therefore the maximum that one should be in any federally elected positions totally, 6 years maximum in any seat.

  9. Well Stated, however, he should face Courts martial FIRST. His actions in Ukraine denigrating the US forces and military wherein he was pulled said and cautioned by his CO should not have been just a caution. He should have been in front of a Court Martial that week. You know it and I know it. His rank is TOO HIGH to allow that EVER. He is an OFFICER, not an enlisted man.

  10. Agree completely. As a former U.S. Army officer, my solemn oath bound me to my superior officers (including the President, who is above all other military personnel in ALL branches and, therefore, at the TOP of the chain of command), and violating that chain is a violation of military law. What Vindman has done is unacceptable and he should be dealt with accordingly. He doesn’t deserve his rank and certainly doesn’t deserve to keep his citizenship. And what nonsense is it that we learn of a so-called “offer” to be the head of Ukranian Minister of Defense? He’s a damned wimp and should be drummed out with prejudice.

  11. I’m certain you meant petition, but the smart-mouths on this page have to makw a mountain out of of a molehill. My Smartphone will change what I type to whatever it deems it should be. I am not aware of the changes until it’s too late.

  12. Yes, Dona! We need to get rid of the career politicians. The Democrats have been wasting our taxpayer money on this coup. They have been after Trump since he ran for office because they wanted Hillary, who clearly did not help Bengazi.


  14. Windman is Russian born and naturalized a US citizen. And I totally agree with you as to what we should do to him.

  15. Yeah, just like when she said we had to pass Obamacare before we read it. Pelosi seems to like putting the cart before the horse. That’s fine, as long as she gets run over by it.

  16. I am from Wenatchee but still want President Trump. But as mentioned he can only have the next 4 years then it is back to the swamp. It is a shame our state is for the Dem party and Seattle (includes whole coast) will keep it that way.

  17. I am not too sure he isn’t still working for his home country Ukraine. He was offered a huge job in their political staff while still in the Unites States uniform. How many others have ever had that happen to them? I can’t recall any but then I am only in my eighties.

  18. Someone tell me if I am wrong, my understanding is vindman was not born in the US but applied for and was granted citizenship, if this is true it seems vindman is working against his commander in chief who is the president therefor he should be stripped of his ranking, discharged from the army, stripped of citizenship because of treason then deported to the country of his birth and denied the right to ever enter the US again, that should be punishment enough, maybe then he will realize just what he threw away, that should be the fate of all people that are foreign born and become citizens then break the US laws that they swore to uphold

  19. The ‘charade’ & ‘Parade’ of ‘Witnesses’
    Who Weren’t even There ( on the phone call’ )…
    > However, ‘under Pressure’ – Revealing statements
    were Made To Prove the’hole’ Dems dug themselves into.
    &&& ‘WE’ Will NOT be ‘dragged’ Into That hole’. It’s theirs.

  20. Watching Vindman during the impeachment hearing one could tell from his composure and body language that he was lying thru his rotten mouth. he needs to be stripped o his position as well as that frumpy Jennifer Williams. They are demorat scumbags.

  21. We should all get together & go to DC & DEMAND limits on theses career politicians. DEMAND that all this wasted time & money end immediately. I am so tired of hearing BS that cannot be backed up by credialbty proof. Just think of all the good that could already have been done with all the time & money these democrats have already wasted. OUR MONEY.

  22. Demo rats are not true americans. They are bigoted, racist, fascist, murderous, rapist. Baby killing, murder lovers.

  23. Your right and I am sorry. I still need you to keep voting though. Come move to north eastern washington state you will be welcome here.

  24. The Biden’s bad money keeps on getting bigger the more they investigate. The reason they don’t want the ‘Whisteblower” to testify is he has connections with the Deep State and with G. Soros himself. Mr. Soros is funding the Antifa and other groups to try and take down this country. Trump is our only hope to hold together for a few more years. If they can’t untangle the mess and the corruption and lies of the deep state and the left. We will end up like Venesuala,

  25. After watching Fox News this evening Jim Jordan told the only thing that was needed. “They have more votes and almost a forgone conclusion of impeachment”. A President does not have to commit any crime to be impeached. They are going to impeach President Trump so one hundred years from now when his record is compared to Ronald Reagan as the best two Presidents have ever had. Economy doesn’t matter, which it should mean everything. The Senate will not impeach and the President is going to have a bash party when sleepy Joe is the Baby Butchering parties nomination. This whole goat screwing ordeal is only about Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina and Florida. The swing states! The Dems need to pull one or two of them and can win. Our way of governance is a joke. There will be so much money spent by the liberals hauling people to the booth or hitting the college campus to tug on the mindless kids. I spent 27 years in the Army and I have mentioned this on a few occasions but this time it’s about my beliefs. I spent 13 months in hell called Afghanistan. I thought I was there to fight terrorism and find Bin Laden. My dumbass was there to clear the route for opium to come to the US through China and to secure the lithium deposits for some corporation. After I vote for President Trump in 2020, I’m done with our criminal system of voting and especially since we have the same trash in office for twenty-thirty years. Criminals is all we have, were seeing our last purist.

  26. You lost me at “Deep State saboteurs, …. Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman”
    Shame on you!

  27. Just so these scumbag bureaucrats understand the President makes policy not them. They think Schiff and his rotten scum Democrats have all the power. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER NOT YOU AND IF YOU KEEP UP THIS CRAP YOU WILL SOON FIND OUT. YOUR CHANCES OF BEING REELECTED ARE DIMINISHING EACH DAY. If any Democrat votes for any of you in 2020 they are not true Americans.

  28. The commiecrats think Trump is stupid. Interesting. They can’t get him on anything. And they and their followers get more stupid every day.

  29. I hope these holier than thou Democrats- Pelosi, Schiff, Swalwell (the fart king), and all the other deep state corrupt bureaucrats pay the price for their lies and crimes. I want to see dear Hillary pay the price as well and Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and the lovers Struck and Page taken down. Oh yeah I want to see Biden held accountable and his brain dead son. Time to take the war to them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Let’s see Obama gave Iran 1.500,000,000 dollars and that money went for supplying terrorist to kill our soldiers. It really seems to me that we should be asking the hard questions ! How much of this money is going toward ? What? Is corruption being subdued.whats your big problems. Who ? I believe that bribery as stated in the Constitution is that president’s could be bribed ! into doing something for other countries. Not that presidents can’t ask anything ! Congress gave 400 million dollars away , our money.we should get some kind of securities.

  31. Everything Schiffty says trump did, he did , because that’s the way Schiffty wants it that way ! If Schiff was to put air hose in his mouth his head would not swell anymore then it is now, or his ego!!!

  32. Lt. Col. Vindeman reminds me of the Frank Burns character from the old sitcom, M*A*S*H* — mealy-mouthed, spineless little whiner who probably got stuffed in his locker in school one time too many, wedgies in gym class, etc. and a strong, successful person like POTUS DJT is his antithesis. The little loser is jealous, pure and simple. He’s getting his 15 minutes of fame to feel self-important. Now he needs to get back under the porch and stop trying to run with the Big Dogs. Mealy Mouthed little wussy

  33. Schiff told us many times he had evidence of Russian collusion but couldn’t release it until after the Mueller report came out. So what happened? Why can’t Schiff just impeach on Russian collusion? Isn’t that enough?

  34. Sorry, but if Lt Col Vindman turns out to be the WB, he should be DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE WITH ALL BENEFITS RECINDED. JAILED FOR TREASON AND SEDITION. So much BS coming out of todays hearings. Where were the Oboma dems when Russia invaded Ukraine, to busy giving them blankets, rather than arms to defend themselves. OBAMA WAS IN BED WITH THE RUSSIANS. NOW THEY ARE IN BED WITH THE CHINESE, FOLLOW THE MONEY, Russia HAS NON, CHINA DOES AND THE DEMS ARE VERY UPSET.

  35. Pres. Trump IQ 156…..he beat them at their own spy game; now they will get the beat-down of the millenium!! ?

  36. Emil, You have said it exactly the way it should be put and since I’m an older voter I wholeheartedly agree with you. And, all I can say is if Biden runs and is elected we has the American People will have another Obama in office, because it is apparent that Biden is still in Obama’s pocket!

  37. Don’t forget the phrase ‘we were all in the loop cover’ There’s more than being said. How many would have stepped up without previous meetings and testimonies if they weren’t sure they were covered by the loop. Look how long it took shiff to open anything to public. This is the Toad who has out-right lied many times to the public. If all was above board, there was and is no reason to hide and change rules for one-sidedness. when several dems was starting to speak, they put all on Trump. This has been going on every since DONALD TRUMP entered. Big money, Soros backed by democrats are the ills of the USA. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP

  38. The Redman…The one thing the DemonBrats have done is just cement most Republicans firmly behind President Trump! Heck even Democrats are questioning the wisdom (or lack of it) about where they are heading. Even Obama has told them that they are going too far to the left.
    So well done DemBrats! You have just handed 2020 firmly into Republicans hands.

  39. That’s ok but you see what happens when your on the other side. we can only hope the good people that voted will see this as it is can support the only president that is trying to do as he said he would.

  40. As CIC of the Armed Forces of the US, the president has the power to fire military officers that seek to undermine his authority. Pres. Trump should definitely give Vindman his walking papers after he is reduced in rank to 2nd Lt.

  41. RedMan, FISA goes Both ways, as the dims. r sooooon going to find out!!

    They thought they were the ONLY ones that cud play the eye spy game?!! hahahahahaha


  42. Who the flying flip is Lt.Col. to tell the President something is inappropriate? I’m tired of hearing about underlings who were “concerned”. Tough. Quit! Get the Sam Hill out of my hair and his both.

  43. The democratic party started it 55years ago ! The problem is the rich left is the problem! They hate America! And they hate most white people! White Americans! They still think it’s 1860!

  44. You are a waste of skin. Loos like Obama’s administrations was laundering money, 7.4 billion. When you are in hell, I hope the devil pisses on your worthless soul!

  45. Explain this to me: There is strong evidence that Biden use his position as VP under Obama to stop the Ukrainian’s from investigating his son and the copy to was associated with. Isn’t that something that we should all know about and certainly something that our government should be investigating? Shouldn’t we voters know about it? What difference does it make that he is potentially Trump’s opponent for the next election? Suppose Biden did run against Trump and was elected. What kind of deals would he make at taxpayer expense? Does it make any difference that he may be Trump’s opponent? Isn’t it our Presidents obligation to protect our interests and the interests of the government? Stop the BS. It is not important the Trump is running for re-election . . . it is his responsibility to defend your and my interests (and money) from being dished out for the personal gain of our government representatives.

  46. Hey the redman you are really belongs to Democrats good in demonizing other people with different colors of skin, I’m so glad that my color of my skin is not the same as you are, shameful !

  47. The commiecrats can’t accept the fact that their case is blowing away in the wind. The door is open to harass any and all republicans elected to the White House going forward. We had better be ready to stand and fight. One of the “witnesses “ is being attacked and threatened by the left for not giving them Trump’s head on a platter. My point is that we are in physical danger if we don’t play their way. To you lefties out there,know this. Don’t f—k with me or mine.

  48. The DemonRats Have Been Getting Away w/ Murder for More Than 20 Yrs…Let’s See ( if ) The Senate Will Stand By Their ” Processes ” And Convict ???????????????????

  49. Because trump can’t be trusted, someone has to listen in on his crooked deals for personal gain. trump is a typical, crooked white-folk like most white-folks. hahahaahah.

  50. julio…You prove your ignorance and very low IQ every time you post. Your sick name-calling also proves your immaturity. How old are you, ten???

  51. julio dick lard
    DJT is playing the democrats. The truth is that the American people can see the impeachment inquiries for what they really are “ an illegal and unconstitutional coup”

    The stupid democrats have failed in each of their coup attempts. DJT will be laughing all the way to the 2020 election.

  52. Damn! How many people “listen in” on the President’s phone calls? Should he reserve a large conference room for any calls he wants to make AND put all the calls on speakerphone?

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