All hell broke loose when one of Adam Schiff’s witnesses made one confession

Adam Schiff thought his impeachment show trial hearings were the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.

But no one expected them to take this shocking turn.

And now all hell broke loose when one of Adam Schiff’s witnesses made one confession.

Former National Security Council official Tim Morrison testified before Schiff’s committee that he found nothing illegal or improper about the July 25 phone call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President.

Morrison’s testimony came hours after Deep State saboteurs, Jennifer Williams and Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, expressed their opinion that the call was “inappropriate” and “wrong.”

Townhall reports:

It’s looking like the Democrats’ narrative of President Trump’s handling of foreign aid to Ukraine is the exact opposite of what actually happened.

Former National Security Council official Tim Morrison was deposed in a closed-door session in the House on Saturday. Morrison listened in on Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukraine President Zelenksy from the White House Situation Room. 

“I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed,” Morrisson told lawmakers.

Williams – who is a National Security staffer for Vice President Mike Pence – was also contradicted by her boss Lt. General Keith Kellogg who is the National Security Advisor to the Vice President and who stated that he listened to the July 25th phone call and found nothing inappropriate about the President’s remarks.

Kellogg and Morrison’s testimony undercut one of the Fake News Media’s and Democrats’ talking points – namely that none of the facts of this case are in dispute.

But the central allegation – that Donald Trump improperly pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate a political rival – was contested by two administration officials.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.