All hell broke loose when Rush Limbaugh accused Schumer and Pelosi of this crime

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi scrambled to preserve the Obama Deep State cover up after Attorney General William Barr revealed the spying against the Trump campaign.

His testimony was their worst nightmare.

But things got even worse as all hell broke loose after Rush Limbaugh accused Schumer and Pelosi of this crime.

Schumer and Pelosi were not happy with Attorney General Barr for blowing the lid off Obama’s “Spygate” scandal.

They blistered the Attorney General in the press for daring to expose the truth.

However their criticism backfired.

Rush Limbaugh asked on his show if their criticism of Barr combined with their ability to defund Barr’s investigation meant they were guilty of obstruction of justice.

Limbaugh declared:

I mean, weren’t we told that Trump obstructed justice when he criticized Comey and then he slammed Mueller and called it a witch hunt all day? Where are the calls now for investigations of Schumer and Pelosi and F. Chuck Todd and Nadler and Clapper? Because it sure looks like a conspiracy to obstruct justice and prevent an investigation, if you ask me! It looks like these people are hell-bent on doing everything they can to stop this investigation (i.e., obstruct it) and further to discolor it and disqualify it — and, by the way, these are not empty threats.

Schumer and Nadler and Schiff control the DOJ’s purse strings. As members of Congress, they’re in charge of allocations, spending authorizations. So how can anyone doubt that we are witnessing a clear attempt to stop Barr’s investigation and to obstruct justice “in plain sight,” as Nadler and Schiff might say. Now, you might think I’m trying to be clever. You might think I’m trying to be funny. Maybe so. But I’m also dead serious. This is exactly the kind of thing they said Trump was guilty of obstructing.

This is exactly the charge the Fake News Media and Democrats lobbed against President Trump.

If they aren’t willing to apply this same standard to Schumer and Pelosi, it shows just how fraudulent the entire obstruction of justice allegation against the President truly was.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.




      • If a Coup was successful, usurper obama intended to return to The WH, as interim President, until the Specual elwction is scheduled.
        But, the malignant narcissist would have never scheduled a Special Election, and could have been President for life.

  1. Pelosi is a real nut job and always has been. Her mouth gets away from her brain. She’s evil to boot. She needs to be gone. So does Schumer.

  2. This is only the tip of the iceberg these liberals have done in organized crimes. Many counts of sedition , high treason & theft of trillions of taxpayer funds for themselves , terrorists & various NWO schemes against America , including the southern border invasion by criminals !

  3. This all starts with the Clintons and the Obama administration and the Clinton Cartel is still working to bring America to ruin with the help of George Soros. Them and their Fake dossier and evil supporters will not quit because the have so much ill gotten money behind them that they can buy their way out of anything. They also control the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA.

    • I agree with you totally. We need to start investigating these idiots. Congress has done nothing since they were elected, except try to get Trump out. I think that it is time to put a stop to it.

  4. IF, y’all would go to the “Open Borders Foundation” website and read their goals, you would understand what is “Really Going On”???
    Soros founded the foundation back in 1985 and has funded it with about $40 BILLION.
    The goals are: “NO borders, governments, or religions with the “Elite Billionaires” in control. The Dems are “Owned” by Soros. They get rich doing what Soros wants. And they expect to be part of the “Ruling Class” when he gets his “Americas Union”. Just like he now has his “European Union”. Which he isn’t happy with!
    Read the goals and you can see for yourself.

    • So satan has Soros in his pocket and will be in control of this country. Revelation says that satan will rule for a time before Jesus comes and all is falling into place

    • With Soro’s crimes, I say hold 40 billion and build the wall. Soro’s son and Chelsey Clinton are married. So you know he is working with Clinton cartel and needs to go away. My heart will not be at peace till they load them up for Gitmo and forever off our soil. Then America will be in peace again. A new beginning for America and the serious severe criminals pay for what they did to America. Then clear illegals.

      • Chelsea Clinton is not married to a Soros son. But to Marc Mezvinsky. His father was a crooked politician from Iowa and went to prison for bank fraud and mail fraud etc.
        He cheated a lot of people out of millions. But Soros has had control over many democrats for years. He has controlled obama since before he was a senator in Illinois
        and soros’ son visited the obama White House over 50 times (public record)”
        Soros and Valerie Jarrett are both registered communists as is obama. You can see the CPA website for verification. Chelsea and Marc live in a $10 million dollar apt in NYC.
        And they certainly didn’t earn it. The clinton crime foundation and the Mezvinsky marriage was arranged. The more you stir this mess the more it stinks!! Hillary and Soros both belong in jail at Gitmo!! Thank goodness Hillary is NOT president!
        Trump 2020 our only hope !! ????????????????????????

        • George Soros and Hillary Clinton should be HANGED until DEAD, as TRAITORS to our country, right along w The Obamas.

  5. Barr needs to zero in on Brennan.. and specifically the meetings with the ‘Gang of 8’ in the middle of 2017… Pelosi and Schumer will shrivel before Congressional hearing THEY ARE SUPEONED TO… to testify… all the transcripts have to be released.. showing the Gang of 8 went along with the Traitor Brennan’s illusion.
    The Gang of * did not provide oversight, but allowed white washing…. Pelosi and Schumer have to answer for that… under oath.. before open hearings in Congress.. on CSPAN… for all of America to see!!!

    • John Brennan is a Muslim traitor to everything the USA stands for.
      He is as vile and corrupt as Obama, Valeria Jarret, lois Lerner, Loretta Lynch, Pelosi, Schumer, waters, etc etc etc.
      Fast and Furious is Obama’s watergate! Corruption on steroids !!
      Thankful everyday Hillary is not president.
      After 8 years of Obama destruction to every level of the USA and our government,
      Pres Trump is our only savior! Wake up,America!!
      Trump,2020 ????????????????????????????????

  6. I am awaiting the new drama to unfold ! Wow, so much drama & Lies, Lies, Lies from Shumer & Pelosi. No President in history has been put threw so much ! Just think, President Trump didn’t have to run and be elected, he is rich beyond my wildest dreams’ and could have lived his life in complete serenity & happiness ! Lol No, he had to make the unselfish mistake of wanting to be President !
    No one in their right mind would run for any Office if they actually realized what was about to hit them !
    People like Rush Limbaugh keep them honest, thanks’ Rush !

    • If these two don’t want to be investigated; just like the President was, by Mueller then they should resign immediately. If they stay, how about Trey Gowdy investigates them!!! Their brand of misconduct calls for nothing less than removal from public office.

  7. The King and the Queen of the Swamp Rats , the old Hangman is at the ready for those two , Nancy n Chucky , for their sins against God and Country , the rats are getting nervous in Old DC !

    • Sept
      Once again you put a fool in your mouth to steal your tounge. What do you think Nixon did? Now we have a sitting president involved with obtaining a FISA warrant under false pretexts, using Federal law enforcement agencies to spy wire tap etc possibly hacking emails of an opposing political party the purpose of which is to change the outcome of an election and favoring a candidate of his own party. Then you have the issues of using and spreading false information and damaging lies obtained from a known false document both during and after an election the purpose of which was to illegally remove a newly elected president under the claims of conspiring with the Russian govt. and attempting to cover it up and prevent an investigation. You are as worthless as a sack of dog turds.

  8. Rush, we the people are 100% behind justice for the crooks in the political arena the black plague starting with the clintons or before… Make America great Mr President.

  9. Schumer and Pelosi are just professional SWAMP POLITICIANS and will do any thing for their COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY. This is the kind of shit that is pulled in Communist Russia, etc. Now we have it first hand in the USA. Julian Assange perhaps will shed light on the corruption of the democrats and Hillary in 2016 and years before. One reason the Obama administration did not want Julian in the USA. The shit is about to hit the fan for the democrats, the house of cards will come tumbling down.

    • If either one of them worked on commission as I did for over 50 years, they wouldn’t draw a pay check. Government tit professionals they are. Wonder why they just don’t do their jobs? Nancy, baby, wouldn’t have near the bucks if she had to do it in a civilian fashion as Trump did. What losers, and they call themselves “leaders”, ho ho.

  10. Congress themselves need to clean house and get what should not be in there out and take care of the people’s work and protect this nation from within and out they know who is the enemy’s of this nation in Congress get rid of them

  11. Schumer and Pelosi don’t like being called out but neither did Trump when they did it to him. What is needed is calm and DC needs to get back to work for the people. We don’t need Schumer and Pelosi always jump on the wagon to call out the REPS and right now I think President Trump is doing the peoples business even will all that they throw at him. They whine every time they don’t get there way, so just get down to business Schumer and Pelosi and quit with all the drama.

    • If you understand the left you would realize the only reason they are in existence is to take this country down. They have been bought and paid for by soros.
      So please understand that nothing has value to them except for that. And they ain’t going to work with anyone who is against that one world order.

  12. I don’t think that it will be too much longer before we see the rats abandoning the ship! Or, drowning in the “swamp”. When we think about the Democrat Party, we can’t help but to think about corruption, collusion, lies, treason and murder. That’s what history will say about the Democrats, if not something worse! It’s really heartening to see the Democrats getting a taste of their own medicine. 2020, will probably be the end of the Democrats, if not sooner! President Trump is in fact, “draining the swamp” and we should all be proud to have him on our side…..

  13. That’s probably why the “witch hunt” Mueller has been doing. To take the fact that all these Democrats need to be held accountable for what they have done out of the lime-light. They have succeeded for the past 2 years by going after President Trump.
    When the truth comes out, we will probably find they are guilty of everything they have been accusing Trump of doing and more.
    I hope Barr will bring it out for everyone to see. Most of the Democrats will probably just ignore it and keep calling President Trump names, like they have for 2 years.

  14. Where is my comments? Whyare you doing this to me? I will be reporting you for doing thia as there are now new ways we can tell what is happening!

  15. It is important to hold Schumer and Pelosi accountable for their acts of treason, and collusion in the obstruction of justice, “in plain sight”. Our country is in crisis and money energy and precious time is spent on the obvious cover up by congress of coupd’ etat. We need military tribunals to begin trials for these crimes — NOW. TRUMP LANDSLIDE VICTORY 2020!

  16. One has to thank Limbaugh for turning the tables on them SOB’s. As the old saying goes “Two Can Play At That Game”

  17. I agree with a statement here. Why aren’t Palosi, and Schumer in Federal Custody as we speak? These two have been shooting off their mouths for almost three years now. Time for a snack down. The swamp needs a lot more draining done, so start right here. I am sure there is plenty out there on these two that’ll keep them busy for a long time. Look at how Diane Feinsteins spy driver story has some what shut her up.

  18. It is now absolutely clear that all their screaming collusion and obstruction was an attempted ruse to take the heat off all in the Democratic party that were involved in spying and releasing fake facts from the Steele dossier. They NEVER dreamed Trump could win after all the lies of the last few weeks of Hillary’s campaign. From Obama to Hillary to Pelosi, Comey and the rest they are all crapping their pants. So THAT is why they are trying to draw attention and the investigation away from themselves and whining about tax returns.

  19. Sincerely – WHY are these criminals not in Jail??? I’m sick unto Death of hearing they are “untouchable”. They are NOT. Drag these criminals and traitors in front of the Justice System, and IF they are found to be not Guilty, I will be among the first to apologize. Frankly though, I doubt I will have many apologies to make… if any. These SOB’s are TRAITORS and WORSE!!!!

    • I am tired of hearing about what should be done string them up drain the swamp quit talking about it and do something if it were anyone of the American people they would be in prison or sentenced to death already but nothing is being done to the ones that think they are above the law this is bullsh__

  20. There is nothing American about the Progressive Democrats and even LESS about Schumer, Omar, Warren, Pelosi, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortes, Sanders and the rest of the Marxist minions violating their sworn oaths of office and a FACT if elected that they SHOULD be held responsible and accountable for their seditious and Treasonous acts as defined; and the penalties for such are listed in the U.S. Code, Chapter 18; particularly sections 2381-2385. Don’t take my word for it; LOOK IT UP, then draw your own conclusions and petition The President to form a Special Investigative team to discover THEIR CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT COLLUSION AND FRAUD AND THEN PUNISH THEM TO THE FULL EXTENT OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND GUILTY THROUGH THE DUE PROCESS THEY DENIED TO BOTH PRESIDENT TRUMP AND BRETT KAVANAUGH! Then do the same for Dianne Feinstein for oath violation, malfeasance in Office AND DERELICTION OF DUTY, HONOR AND OBLIGATION TO HER AMERICAN CITIZEN CONSTITUENTS WHOSE RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES IS BEING ERADICATED BY HER AND OTHER COMMIECRATS AND I KNOW , HAVING FOUGHT THEIR MINDSET AND SMEAR TECHNIQUE TACTICS IN VIETNAM 51 YEARS AGO AND I HAD A DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT THEN, WHICH MAKES IT IN EFFECT 20 YEARS LONGER THAN PELOSI HAS BEEN IN CONGRESS! IF WE HAD AN UNCOMPROMISED DOJ, THEY WOULD ALL BE WHERE THEY BELONG ACCORDING TO EQUITABLE EXERCISING OF THE RULE OF LAW; IN PRISON, NEVER OFFICE!

    • Banshee
      Collusion is not an offense but conspiracy, conspiring with a foriegn nation,obstruction, political coups, misuse of go government funds and services, using branches of Federal law enforcement to frame or cause injury to an individual/s, election tampering, obtaining warrants under false pretexts, libel, slander are all on the books. And they have perpetrated every damn one. Swift charges, swift prosecution, swift sentencing and swift execution for every traitorous one. This is the WORST crime in U.S. history, to the point of being obscenely vile.

    • you should contact the ACLJ and suggest that very thing. you never know when it might do some good and they might file a law suit against them with your ideas.

    • Jesse
      Mueller is no stooge. He acted honorably and did the job he was paid to do. I know we all think it drew out for an insufferably long time, but he and his staff were THOROUGH. Had he done any less the liberal left would have poked holes in the investigation immediately and been able to discredit it. Now they really don’t have a leg to stand on since Barr’s and Mueller’s staff both went completely through it together before it will be released. Gotta remember, this is the guy that got the terrorists from the Chicago bombings put away where the sun will never shine. Have to admit “he done real good”.

  21. US Senator Warner (D-Va) was allegedly as one of the earliest conspirators that may have received a green light signal from Obama administration to go ahead with the fake dossier coup attempt. Sen. Schumer, with open ear, is standing by. He should be notified that he needs to be careful with Barr.

    Should the Barr investigation find its way to pinpoint Warner’s involvement, then how can Warner vote regarding this issue? Conflict of interest? Probably yes.

  22. Put your seatbelts on, the MSM/DNC will be spinning this so much we’ll be lucky to stay in our chairs. If your driving you may want to pull over.

  23. I think it is the duty of our SCOTUS to first issue a writ of Mandamus to certain Congressional members. Then proceed with their removal if they do not comply.
    The Judiciary Act of 1789 gave the Supreme Court original jurisdiction to issue writs of mandamus (legal orders compelling government officials to act in accordance with the law).

    • ncp-nate, Knucklehead isn’t harsh enough a name,they are crooks obstructing justice, They are lawbreakers and committing Treason punishable by serving time in prison. Trying to unseat a sitting President is TREASON. Pelosi and Shummer head the list, Sen Warren hatched the plot. Obama,Hillary and all the rest of the Dems were in on the wiretapping. This can not be swept under the rug, they have all got to be brought to justice..

  24. The Truth Shall Set You Free…and at times being free is in an 8×8 cell.

    We can not have it one way for some and another way for others.

  25. It “seems” the time has FINALLY come to bring ALL the CORRUPT “DEEP STATE ACTORS” to justice. (but I will believe it when these criminals are in cuffs)
    The “proof” that has been hidden by the DEMOCOMMUNISTS, is coming out for ALL the AMERICAN PUBLIC to see ( THAT IS, if they wish to see, and believe the TRUTH in front of their eyes) . NOW, let the ARRESTS,TRIALS, CONVICTIONS, and PUNISHMENTS begin, so we can get this STAIN off our Country, and OUR REPUBLIC back on track and MAGA.

  26. So, I wonder if someone like Jay Sekulow’s American’s Center for Law & Justice, or Alliance Defending Freedom would take up a class action lawsuit case for the American people and sue Schumer, Nadler, Pelosi, and Pencil-Neck Schiff for obstructing justice if they stop the Barr investigation, or take away DOJ’s funding? I think these folks should consider doing that for the American people, since these people claimed Trump obstructed justice, and he didn’t hold purse strings over Mueller, and never stopped the “witch hunt”~

    • Cliff & Mariesa. Great comments. Sounds like a PLAN to me. I want to see them all CONVICTED. They have put President Trump and his family through complete HELL for 2-years that he has been successfully PRESIDENT to MAGA. You play the game, YOU PAY. The justice system should not be just for one side, but for ALL. This conniving, obstruction and lies by the DEMORATS has gone on way to long and has cost the American taxpayers unbelievable amount of money just because their CHEATING, lecherous, evil, lying, DEPLORABLE Hillary didn’t get her way to be the 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE US. The DEMORATS have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the American citizens but cost us money. I thank God everyday Donald Trump is our PRESIDENT OF THE US. I know he hand a hand in this decision.

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