All hell broke loose when Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce made this relationship update

Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce was one of the biggest stories of the 2023 NFL season.

The couple’s status is a major story in the world of sports and pop culture.

And all hell broke loose when Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce made this relationship update.

Swift and Kelce attend the Mahomies Foundation Gala

Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomies hosted his annual 15 and The Mahomies Foundation Gala in Las Vegas.

The Gala is designed to raise money to benefit the well-being of children.

“15 and the Mahomies is dedicated to improving the lives of children. The Foundation supports initiatives that focus on health, wellness, communities in need of resources and other charitable causes. It was established by NFL MVP, Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes in 2019,” the foundation’s website reads.

But this year’s gala was unlike any previous version as Kelce and Swift arrived in the middle of the event holding hands.

Kelce stuns the crowd 

Once the auction was complete, Kelce stood up and made a special announcement that Swift agreed to give four tickets to a show from the “Eras” tour in Miami, New Orleans, or Indianapolis when it resumes this fall up for auction.

“I was just talking to my significant other and we might have one other auction item that wasn’t on the docket. Has anybody heard of the Eras Tour?” Kelce began. “. . . Does that fire anybody up right now?”

Auctioneer Harry Santa-Olalla posted to social media that the four tickets sold for $80,000.

But what stood out was Kelce referring to Swift as his “significant other.”

When the two were first seen together at the Chiefs games last fall, no one would even confirm that the two were dating, and some suspected it was a publicity stunt to promote Swift’s tour.

It soon became obvious that the two were a real couple, and the photo of them kissing on the field after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in February became the second most iconic photo of the last calendar year, with only Donald Trump’s mugshot beating it out.

The speculation quickly turned to whether Swift and Kelce would make it official and tie the knot.

Kelce’s declaration that Swift was his “significant other” could hint that nuptials may be around the corner sooner than anyone thinks.

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