All hell broke loose when this report about Kim Jong Un on his death bed went public

Kim Jong Un spent years menacing the world with North Korea’s rogue nuclear weapons program.

Kim Jong Un even pushed the world to brink of nuclear war in 2017.

And all hell broke loose when this report about Kim Jong Un on his death bed went public.

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has not been seen in public since April 15.

That fueled rumors he had come down with the coronavirus or suffered another serious medical trauma.

Fake news CNN stunned the world when it reported on Monday night that U.S. intelligence was monitoring North Korea for news that Kim Jong Un was in “grave danger” following a recent surgery.

Fake news CNN reported:

The US is monitoring intelligence that suggests North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is in grave danger after undergoing a previous surgery, according to a US official with direct knowledge.

A second source familiar with the intelligence told CNN that the US has been closely monitoring reports on Kim’s health.

Kim recently missed the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday on April 15, which raised speculation about his well-being. He had been seen four days before that at a government meeting.

Another US official told CNN Monday that the concerns about Kim’s health are credible but the severity is hard to assess.

Because of North Korea’s closed ruling party it is nearly impossible to get reliable intelligence out of the country.

Rumors have persisted that Kim Jong Un suffered a serious setback following brain or heart surgery.

But South Korea reported nothing out of the ordinary coming from North Korea so this could be more fake news from CNN.

However, the U.S. intelligence community believes the rumors of Kim Jong Un’s failing health are credible.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Come on, RenewedRight – compliment your headline and tell us about the “hell broke out”.
    You will soon be as bad as the Fake News fraternity.
    Headlines and no substance.

  2. Who will replace him; his sister is a sociopath who would invade South Korea in a minute. She cares only about herself. Get ready for war if he is dead.

  3. If you have any knowledge of intelligence collection it is obvious why the U.S. just keeps it like they are guessing and have no real idea of the condition of Kim because if it is obvious that details are known than everyone will start investigating sources that we use

  4. When Kim Jong UN was calling President Trump a Dotard, the Democrat Progressives were all on board with him. Then when the President met with him and they got along, he’s suddenly an evil dictator. I will always dislike any Communist Dictator, but how come Democrats never say anything bad about Hellcat Xi??? He’s murdering people of all faiths and cultures, and taking their body parts for resale.

  5. Larry sounds like another unhinged snow flake. Call your health care provider Larry and ask for a Social Case Worker they may be able to give you some emotional support or hook you up with a psychiatrist. Hope you get to feeling better…FODA.

  6. Patricia Waxman: I agree with You! I didn’t know that bullies like President Trump Have hearts or brains! Well said! And remember – Have A Nice Day!

  7. Thank You Lisa. I see the niceness apple does not fall from the Trump Tree with you! Moron, Loser, POS, Garbage, yes, you’all call us hateful and Un-christianlike, but NavVet, it was not me that called Mr. Kim , My Lover! And it was Mr. Trump who told the Christian evangelicals that Jesus was Wrong in the Bible, and they, like you, approve and cheer him on! You’all , not I, obviously think that Trump is more God than Jesus! Now, in this time of Great need, we are stuck with a Man that Nobody , except fellow dictators , and even they cannot trust ! But hey, let’s be careful out there and Have A Nice Day, especially you James 75th Regiment!

  8. Well I see that has many people are concerned about Kim and his health. I do believe the
    man up stairs all ready knows what will happen with him. So all that we say about Mr Kim
    Doesn’t matter a whole lot. One way or the other regardless of our beliefs.
    So I say what ever happens there isn’t much we can do.

  9. At least Kim isn’t in our Congress, plotting for rthe overthrow of our government. He just stands up for his people. Like it or not, it isn’t our business to regime cchange. If the Koreans want a different leader, have at it. We must get along with all kinds of nations and people, but the backstabbers in our very own government are the problem, as foreseen by our Founders.

  10. I , personally would rather have Kim jong instead of Nancy Pelosi or AOC or Biden or Maxine or Steyer or Cuomo or Obama or SHUMMER or swallowell or shifft or lee or the news media or ohmar or tlaib ……………..

  11. Our Mr. President TRUMP is the BEST! He never misses a beat, especially with Mr. Kim Jong Un! Our Presdient TRUMP
    understands the MUSIC that is being played by Mr. Un of N. Korea!

  12. trump and Kim were/are like Best Bros.
    I wonder if trump is to deliver the Eulogy for Kim should Kim die. Now THAT would be a world first!

  13. Hey Larry have you ever heard of ” Christianity”? You give a nice word to your enemies you just do not sleep with them. How about ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? You follow the hate filled lies of the democratic party who is trying to take down the FREE USA. Read the Bible, ask God for help then come back and post. Untill then take your stupidity some where else.

  14. Julio Trump shut Kim’s mouth for him and there was no nuclear war. At least he didn’t bribe him like mulatto obozo did. Like giving lunch money to the school bully to keep from getting his ass kicked. He probably sent mooshell over there to give him a blow job. She probably arm wrestled killery for the job.

  15. Yeah Julio, if Trump stated he wished the zip would dead, then you would be on here calling him a racist. Go play with your bag of dicks pendejo…

  16. Larry liberals like you are so full of it. You supported that giant pos Obama who went around the world apologizing for the US. That garbage like you support but President Trump wishing someone to get better is a problem. Apparently you have never heard keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You are such a moron Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, god you liberals are a pathetic bunch of losers.

  17. Kim Jong Un spent years menacing the world with North Korea’s rogue nuclear weapons program. Kim Jong Un even pushed the world to brink of nuclear war in 2017 And Trump wished him well, anyway.

  18. With no designated successor, it appears likely that his sister will follow him upon his death. She’s the current propaganda minister and signs are that she will be worse than Fatty-Bum-Bum! She knows what works as far as the release of info about the Hermit Kingdom. Fox News reported this afternoon that relations between our two countries (bad as they are) are certain to deteriorate significantly if and when Fatty-Bum-Bum dies.

  19. Well, it will probably double the amount of food available for the people of N.Korea. Now, what to do about his barber..?
    As for the comments about President Trump; he’s a negotiator. he accomplished what no president before him had managed to do, which is at least get the North Koreans to the negotiating table instead of throwing money at them in exchange of empty promises. Ever hear of Schmoozing?

  20. President Trump said about President Kim : “What can I say? We fell in LOVE!” If President Obama had said that, we would never have heard the end of that! Today President Trump wished the man that has tortured and killed so many, Good Luck and hopes he gets better. That’s OUR PRESIDENT talking about another Commie! Thank You Mr. President! Have A Nice Day!

  21. Oh, the inhumanity. North Korea without a global terrorist in charge. What will CNN do? Or the Democrats for that matter? Hopefully, the starving people will be able to overturn whoever shows up next. South Korea should offer a re-unification olive branch.

  22. why would the Con-artistNudeNews want to report lies in the first place? i thought NK is their bed partner. wouldn’t it great if someone takes over his reign and unifies both Korea?

  23. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we actually had news like back and Walter Cronkite days. I seldom listen to anything foremost news outlets because you can’t believe it

  24. It is most discouraging that some of the major news outlets take advantage of any opportunity to expand, exaggerate and misrepresent news that may help them make their point in degrading our government in any way they can. Sick !

  25. If he dying then SATAN is gaining a child! And South Korea will find peace! But maybe the people and military will find the strength to turn the country around

  26. If he dies he will probably be replaced by his sister who is already in charge of the state propaganda network. North Koreans will never be free.
    Living in North Korea is a lot like living in Oceania in George Orwell’s 1984.

  27. I think about if Hillary was the President. If the roumers were true what have she been doing? Probably right by his side holding his hand. How about Joe Biden can’t find a running mate? He wants Michelle Obama? Well…she better tell him to keep his fingers and hands to himself. He might be in for a big SURPRISE!

  28. About time. Problem is, he will probably be replaced by someone even mow power mad. Hey, perhaps Michigan could send halfWhit Hitler over there to lead them.

  29. His demise wouldn’t be any great lose to humanity. Typical Communist who should have been exterminated long time ago. When you kill your own people through starvation and kill all people who doesn’t meet your agenda with torture tactics, there’s a place for you zip…

  30. I trust neither CNN or the alleged “intelligence” community. Both prove to be unreliable at best, inventive at worst.

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