All hell broke loose when this video of Joe Biden falling down went viral

Joe Biden once again turned into a national embarrassment.

There is no coming back from this.

And all hell broke loose when this video of Joe Biden falling down went viral.

Joe Biden’s Presidency took another stumble.


No President has ever put in a less strenuous schedule than Joe Biden.

At nearly 80 years of age, there are massive questions about Joe Biden’s physical and mental fitness to serve as President.

For millions of Americans, there is no longer a debate on either matter.

Biden was once again on vacation in Delaware when he rode up to a group of his ever-dwindling pack of supporters on a bicycle.

After coming to a complete stop and standing still, Biden began talking to the group before completely falling over, as it appeared the 79-year-old Biden forgot his foot was still in the pedal clip.

The video of Biden falling over while standing still exploded virally across social media, picking up more than 23 million views on Twitter alone.

This incident of Presidential clumsiness appeared to serve as a tipping point.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy tweeted that Biden falling over without any prompting meant he no longer possessed the physical or cognitive capabilities to carry out his duties as President.

Many on the Left are now openly wondering if Joe Biden can run for re-election due to his advanced age.

Former Barack Obama chief strategist David Axelrod told the New York Times the fact that Biden would be closer to 90 if he served two full terms would be a major issue if he runs again in 2024.

Biden not being able to stand upright without falling over will only add to the anxieties Democrat leaders feel about the prospect of Joe Biden running for re-election when he will be 82.

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