All hell broke loose when Trump saw this game-changing 2020 poll

The Fake News Media’s talk of a Joe Biden landslide victory just ran into a brick wall.

And it came from the last place anyone ever suspected.

Now all broke loose when Trump saw this game-changing 2020 poll.

Fake news CNN shocked the political world when it released a poll showing a double-digit shift toward President Trump in their latest poll.

Back in June, a fake news CNN poll showed Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 14 points.

The latest CNN poll – which was conducted after Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate – found Biden leading President Trump by four points nationally and by just one point in the 15 battleground states.

CNN reported on the groups that shifted back towards the President:

The movement in the poll among voters nationwide since June is concentrated among men (they split about evenly in June, but now 56% back Trump, 40% Biden), those between the ages of 35 and 64 (they tilt toward Trump now, but were Biden-leaning in June) and independents (in June, Biden held a 52% to 41% lead, but now it’s a near even 46% Biden to 45% Trump divide).

Trump has also solidified his partisans since June. While 8% of Republicans or Republican-leaning independents in June said they would back Biden, that figure now stands at just 4%. And the President has boosted his backing among conservatives from 76% to 85%.

To make matters worse for Biden, this poll sampled just registered voters and not likely voters.

President Trump performs better in polls with likely voters so this poll could indicate that overall President Trump stands a better chance than anyone thinks of winning the key swing states that will decide the election.

With fewer than 80 days remaining until Election Day, this race is far from over.

CNN’s own polling data makes that crystal clear.

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