All hell is about to break loose over this Trump 2024 decision

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is facing an inflection point.

The end result may not be what everyone was expecting.

And all hell is about to break loose over this Trump 2024 decision.

After the events of January 6, every social media platform banned Donald Trump.

Elon Musk recently restored Donald Trump’s account to Twitter.

Now Facebook is in the process of deciding if it will lift Trump’s suspension at the end of the month.

CNN reported:

Facebook’s parent company Meta is considering whether to allow former President Donald Trump back on to its platforms and is due to announce its decision in the coming weeks, a company spokesperson told CNN on Monday.

The decision, likely to be one of the most consequential in the company’s history, is being considered by a specially formed internal company working group made up of leaders from different parts of the organization, a person familiar with the deliberations told CNN.

The group includes representatives from the company’s public policy, communications, content policy, and safety and integrity teams, the person said. Details of the working group were first reported by the Financial Times.

Big Tech censorship became a major issue during Trump’s Presidency, as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants began banning his supporters from their platforms.

But the Silicon Valley oligarchs struck their big blow by banning Trump following the events on January 6.

The Twitter Files showed that Twitter and the FBI conspired to rig the 2020 election by censoring negative stories – that were true – about Joe Biden.

No one believes Twitter was the only social media platform that the FBI and other intelligence community agencies pressured to censor content during the election.

There was election meddling and interference in 2020.

But it did not come from shadowy Russian spies or foreign troll farms.

The election rigging came from inside the federal government.

And if Donald Trump wins the 2024 GOP nomination and faces Joe Biden, Biden will hold a massive advantage due to the fact that he will be able to post and advertise on Facebook.

Big Tech clearly rigged the 2020 election through mass censorship ordered by the FBI.

In 2024, Big Tech companies like Facebook could rig the election by upholding their bans on Donald Trump and preventing him from communicating with voters.

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