All hell is breaking loose after what Megyn Kelly said about Brett Kavanaugh

Megyn Kelly made her name picking a fight with Donald Trump.

She made millions off her feud with Trump when she jumped to NBC.

Now all hell is breaking loose because of what she said about Brett Kavanaugh.

On Kelly’s daytime talkshow, she addressed Christine Ford’s allegations that Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a high school party.

Initially, Ford wrote an anonymous letter that was given to California Democrat Dianne Feinstein.

She came forward after Feinstein gave the letter to the FBI and someone leaked it to the media.

Republicans gave her an opportunity to tell her story at a hearing, but she declined citing the fact that she wanted an FBI investigation first.

The GOP says if she does not show up at the hearing they will press forward with their vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

Ford’s story is sketchy.

The details don’t add up and she is an extremely partisan Democrat activist.

Kelly talked about the situation and blamed Feinstein for the mess.

She claims Feinstein should have brought this up with Kavanaugh when they had their private one on one meeting.

Breitbart reports:

During Thursday’s “Megyn Kelly Today” on NBC, host Megyn Kelly accused Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) of mishandling the accusations of sexual assault by Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Kelly said Feinstein “bears a lot of the blame” for burying the allegations brought forward by Ford until almost the last minute.

“I think Dianne Feinstein bears a lot of the blame here because this woman found a way to come forward and Dianne Feinstein buried it,” Kelly stated.

“Christine Blasey Ford found a way [to come forward],” she continued. “Why wouldn’t Dianne Feinstein say at least anonymously to Brett Kavanaugh when she met with him one-on-one, ‘I’ve received a serious allegation. I need to raise it with you?’”

Do you agree with Megyn Kelly?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. I believe in forceable rape, however many cases of rape are no,no, no, yes, yes and oh yes.
    That isn’t rape as for kelly and feinstein they are two vfc of a
    Kind. If there are good democreta out there they are gutless to my
    Opinion because they all follow the nasty left leaning liberal schiff pelosi, nadler and schumer
    and several i won’t bother to name. The left have sold their
    Souls along with the fake media
    that just want to sell news-
    papers, may vfc they all rot in hell. I voted Trump because he
    Loved our country. I will vote for TRUMP again. I don’t particularly like Trump but i do
    Like what he does for AMERICA
    And i have to say if he would put the bad people in jail i would
    Be happier. But if you’ll notice the only people going to jail
    is Republicans. Now tell me how
    Good does that make Barr.

  2. Julia, Obama didn’t support our military or law enforcement for all of his time in office and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ever did???

  3. Pretty impressive how the democrats stick together, even in their viciousness and deceit. If I were Senator Feinstein, I would hate to have that kind of thing be part of my legacy. Is there not one member of the Democrat party who will stand up to Shumer? You can just see the vile hatred in his face every time he appears.

  4. I agree, Pat. I’m so glad that we have a president who respects and supports law enforcement. Obama showed us that he didn’t at the beginning of his administration.

  5. Ned,Red, I’m with you on term limits. After all the President only gets 4 years so, why not the same for everyone else???

  6. Agree….. We must put into law, a time period for all Senators, and Congress period.
    We continually need changes in our government people

  7. Sorry, I don’t care much for her myself, but as an independent conservative I try to base my opinions on known, provable facts. When, like most democrats, you base your opinion on your personal feelings, you then create a false narative that is unfair to the person you are attacking you simply harm them and yourself.

  8. Thanks Megan Kelly for seeing it the real reason this is happening.One name .George Soros and his hate for our country.Antifa .Black lives matter.I have children in law enforcement BLUE LIVES MATTER. The dem party is evil where oh where are the dems of the OLD PARTY they were not like this. Come out good dems you wont regret it you might win next but not like this. Thanks Megan GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.GOD IS IN CONTROL,Watch.

  9. I agree with Jan…. Please, no one stay home on Election Day!! Get out and VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN; even vote for the worst GOP-er over the best Demoncrap (but “best Dem” is an oxymoron)!!! The only decent Dem on the National scene is Senator What’s-his-name from West Virginia, and he can only maintain credibility if he wises up and switches parties. But for heaven’s sake, please get out and vote GOP!!!

  10. Fiendstein is a left wing political hack. She buried the allegation until the activist “attorneys” had time to coach her on what to say to the committee. Ford is simply a pawn. Poor thing has been in “therapy” most of her adult life. She needs to lose these “attorneys” and spend some of the millions she’s raised through Go fund me to get some real professional help before she decides to off herself.

  11. Megan Kelly is an idiot. She was born an idiot, she majored in idiocy in school and graduated Magna Suma Cum Lauda in idiocy.

  12. Amen I agree with everything you said it is good to hear the truth. Feinstein needs to get out and go home to bed. Getting to be a disgrace. Nőt the democrat party fromlong agó. I really dönt think they have a conscience.Flake should nevet have collabrated with his buddy Coons. No respect for the man. The truth always has a way of coming out!


  14. It should have been turned over to Grassley and shared with the hole committee and then they could have talked to Ford and kept he out of the public eye. And the FBI could have added it to their normal background check and talked to all her witnesses in private and they wouldn’t be so hurt by this farce.

  15. GOD GIVE US MEN: A time like this demands strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands’
    Tall men sun-crowned, like Senator Lindsay Graham, Congressmen Matt Gaetz, Jim Johnson, Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy, who live above the fog; In public duty and in private thinking; Men whom the lust of office does not kill; Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy; Men who posses opinions and a will; Men who have honor, men who will not lie; Men who can stand before a demagogue and damn his treacherous flattery without winking! For while the rabble with their thumb-worn creeds; Their large professions and their little deeds; Mingle in selfish strife, lo! FREEDOM weeps; Wrong rules our nation and waiting JUSTICE sleeps. by: Josiah Gilbert Holland.
    Congratulations to corageous Senator Lindsay Graham for standing tall on behalf of Judge Kavanaugh. Also to the above mentioned public officials,for their honesty, decency civility, efficiency and courage in the performance of their jobs, on behalf of the decent and civilized “true American citizens”, including me, and for their effort in trying to make our nation great again.

  16. This whole issue is totally uncalled for.Its a
    disgrace for this to happened for all our young people and the world to see and hear.

  17. Your comment, a very lengthy waste of ink and our time to read. You are part of the problem that is dragging our country down. I don’t think there is any help for you I’m sorry to say. I don’t know how you can live with your hateful self. You need help. Good luck!

  18. I hope that after all that has gone down during Donald Trump’s term in office, it should be obvious there is one party who continues to lie and do everything they can to subvert the Constitution.What concerns me is that many on the left still don’t get it and probably never will.I think many Obama supporters are going to switch sides and I’m glad to see this and I applaud them for finally seeing the light. For those still not convinced, I encourage you to follow the news and listen to both sides so you can make an intelligent decision on what’s happening in our country.

  19. DON’T STAY HOME! I felt the same way for a bit and then I realized that staying home means the Dems will win! Don’t let it happen. What Kavanaugh has been through should at least have some ray of light and I think that it might be that Republicans are activated, mad, and going to get even at the ballot box!

  20. I think Ford and rimarez are liars and ruining a man’s life for money from soros. You can’t buy your way into heaven so you’ll end up in hell with your boss Satan. I feel sorry for you if you don’t make amends and apologize for what you have done to a good man and his family.


  21. jail Feinstein! She deserves to share a cell with Hillary so they can work on more dirty tricks to accuse others without proof. Ford should have her own cell with lesbians who can prove to her that rape is not something you accuse someone for if you have no proof. I wish government would do something to stop these horrible people from trying to ruin people’s lives.

  22. HEY DIANE, when malebabies are born you should require a birth certificate AND a rap sheet to be issued at the same time. Makes it a
    lot easier to call it in on lguy some 50 years later. See, 17 yr old guys don’t have any money, you have to wait for that! Oh, and journaling on calendars should immediately be OUTLAWED! But, That’s just because Judge Kaveneau’s parents were smarter than your parents. Oh and one more thing I fought off some guys too, but I still knew how I got to to party and how I left the party!

  23. This time Megan Kelly hit the nail square on its head!
    She laid the blame for this mess & nightmare at Dianne Feinstein.
    For once, good for her blaming big bad Dianne Feinstein!

  24. I completely agree with you Donna and I think Feinstein should go to jail for something/anything possible for causing this crap to happen…

  25. I think that Senator Feinstein accomplished her mission.
    She has cause a cataclysmic problem. She hide the letter written by Dr Ford for 2 months. She did not act upon it in the proper manor. She held the letter until the last moment in order to muddy the water.
    If Dr. Ford was accosted I am sorry that she did not get the proper help earlier than 36 years later. It is also possible that she has mistaken the person who might have accosted her. It is also possible that her motives are suspect.
    I am still in Judge Kavanaugh’s corner.

  26. Unfortunately, a Kwik vote cannot take place,,,,the DEMOCRAPS have closed that door til they either get their way, or they give up! The liar that is paid by George Soros to malign and ruin the reputation of one of the FINEST persons ever to be voted for the office of Supreme Court, is a gutless SHAM, not only against Judge Kavanaugh, but other members of the Supreme Court, and the AMERICAN CITIZENRY!!! I don’t wish her anything bad,,,,she is only being corrupted by MONEY!!!

  27. Dianne Feinstein sat on this information in order to limit the time for the Republicans to investigate and prepare their case for Dr. Kavanough. Now my friends hear this. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country by supporting Dr Kavanough.

  28. While we are on the subject of Megan Kelly, Have we forgotten how Mike Wallace and her teamed up to try discredit President Trump in the debates? Both were, as President Trump wound probably say, not very nice. I say they were darn ugly and they should be called out on it.

  29. Watch out. Men can’t say stuff like that now. Can’t look at women, touch women, whistle. I guess pretty soon you’ll be arrested for asking someone out!

  30. Yes, agree. Also true for these Politicians like Maxine Waters who has said she is going to kill the President!!! How can she get away with all she has and now this latest!!!

  31. Time is up! Vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford and Ms. Deborah Ramirez. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!

  32. Dr. Ford has no proof that it did or did not happen. No police report, no friend’s that were there, she can not remember where or when it happened and Brett was out of state when it happened and he has the proof!

  33. Definitely she is getting paid….the dems in Washington are of the lowest of the low, no respect or caring of others,or the Courts. I don’t believe anything they say….

  34. Carlos, Megyn can’t claim there are no facts until the hearing is over and the stories are published. In this regard, Megyn is staying true to her profession. She is merely pointing out the very suspicious and awful way this story has been presented by Feinstein – the real “deplorable”.
    I am NOT a Megyn Kelly fan. I stopped watching her as soon as she joined ABC.

  35. I agree with Paul. We definitely need some changes in our system, to avoid future dirty, vicious circus, as the one being created by the Liberals and the wild, loud mouth publicity seekers, corrupt, self serving Democratic, Washington Bubble humanoids. In their attempt to delay and stop the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, stirred by the above mentioned an innumerable of paid verminous,shameless, untrustworthy, women opportunists, of the likes of the professor, is emerging, falsely and unjustifiably, accusing, a decent honest man of integrity; a highly respected, brilliant jurist.Shame on them! This is intolerable and should definitely stop.

  36. It is painfully obvious to me that our laws need to be revised with respect to libel, slander, defamation and character assassination. There was a time in our country that people could be punished for using the kind of language and rhetoric that has unfortunately become so common place in the public forum the past several years. I think we all need to demand changes of our congress so that this type of tactic of bringing forth unfounded or unproveable accusations will be curtailed and that there be a price to pay by those making such claims.

  37. Now some of her witnesses can’t even remember the party she claims it happened at. This other saying Kavanaugh exposed himself again why now? Because you probably broke & need some money. No i don’t know why but again the demobrats hard at work. Why did this person wait so long after Ford? The so called witnesses are falling apart. Gets to me one of Fords witnesses can’t even remember going to a party. She doesn’t even know or what Kavanaugh looked like until the weekend when ford want her to testify on her behalf. That backfired now we have one today saying Kavanaugh exposed himself to her please give me a break. Demobrats still dividing the country. As for the FBI investigating this, it should have been turned over to the state & town where it was supposed to have happened. 36 years later I am having a hard time with excepting it. You sure it wasn’t the other way around? Just asking.

  38. Now some of her witnesses can’t even remember the party she claims it happened at. This other saying Kavanaugh exposed himself again why now? Because you probably broke & need some money. No i don’t know why but again the demobrats hard at work. Why did this person wait so long after Ford? The so called witnesses are falling apart. Gets to me one of Fords witnesses can’t even remember going to a party. She doesn’t even know or what Kavanaugh looked like until the weekend when ford want her to testify on her behalf. That backfired now we have one today saying Kavanaugh exposed himself to her please give me a break. Demobrats still dividing the country. As for the FBI investigating this, it should have been turned over to the state & town where it was supposed to have happened. 36 years later I am having a hard time with excepting it. You sure it wasn’t the other way around? Just asking.

  39. I agree with you,they are liars and obstructionists, they are worse than scum. We the people who love our country and our constitution
    Need to vote these Democraps
    Out. Get rid of Soros and the Hillary, Obama lovers.We the true Americans who love our Country need to stand up ,and let our voices be heard.
    God bless America !!!!

  40. Dan. This (dr) Blasey Ford woman should be tested
    for drugs’ Begin w. RU486. I’m sure RR’s resident
    B.S (behavioral scientist)drJD Will KNOW Exactly
    what i’m, talking about. This Ford woman is ‘wicked’ sick.

  41. NO, no, no, not the FBI. Or the DOJ. You know what side they are on. Can’t be trusted at all. Can’t trust ANY government agency after Barry until it is drained.

  42. There was a time when she worked for the ACLU, and she has received money from 1 of Soros foundations at some point.

  43. Democrat Congress are the most lowest SCUM on earth! They along with the Ryan’os have no sense of justice, truth, or integrity!Every word out of their mouth is a lie!

  44. Agreed. They took so many statement out of context to twist they way their twisted minds see it. Meanwhile thank g-d we do NOT have a politician running this country and g-d willing we never will again.

  45. Why is this even a discussion. Let’s take the admission of Booker. He has not right to be on the panel to judge the nominee. He is a self admitted rapist of a drunk teen while he was a drunk teen and used it as a “learning experience”. and what about Keith Ellison??? There is medical evidence and documentation. Not just an accusation that is being denied. Because he is a Rep? He gets questioned? But what Booker and Ellison did was ok and they get to serve politically (I am not going to say that they are serving the American citizens of this Country is no way shape or form)

  46. She’s a liar. If they screw this judge out of his rightful place on SCOTUS , if I’m ever on a rape jury I’ll vote not guilty no matter what.

  47. Polls show only 25 percent of women believe the lying professor Ford. Judge kavanaugh should sue her ass and make her prove it in a court of law.

  48. Mary, it’s sad that all the media is talking about Kavanaugh which is 30+ years ago but, no one is talking about Ellison which was 10 months ago. Double Standard Democrats at work…

  49. Yes I believe Megan Kelly. But she didn’t ‘accuse’ Feinstein as the story says, she pointed out the blatant and shameless politization of this accusation by Feinstein and the Dumbrats, which is evident for ALL to see who have a modicum of objectivity.


  51. The Clinton Foundation has plenty of Money to pay you to lie and hurt The Republicans and If they need more Help we still Have George Soros ! What happened to You are Innocent until you are Proved Guilty ?? What happened to Statue of Limitations ? Does it apply to teenagers 35 Years latter?

  52. Hate you but your information is really wrong. Not only has the first 62 women he went to school with putting forth a letter as to what a fine young man he was then and now because they have remained friends over the last 36 years. Too they don’t believe these allegations could be true because no way does her description of Kavanaugh fit the person they know. Then there is a letter from 200 w he has worked with, and Women that are Mothers with children He has Coached, were teachers and professors. The only ones who backed out were Fords witnesses that one PJ said no such thing happened in his presents. And another was a woman that was as off as Fords memories not jiving at all with what Ford said. She the next withdrew her statement when others said they had no memory of whatever she was talking about. She admitted she was just trying to help Ford but wanted nothing else to do with the situation. Dr. You really should know the facts and know that the left wing media leave out and change their stories around to suit what they believe the gullible want to hear.

  53. It will take FAR LONGER THAN A GENERATION, if we get most of them replaced with conscientious judges — as should happen within Trump’s next term.

  54. Kick Feinstein out .The vote is why. To stop it there only causes problems. How dare her hold letter for so long. Just to stop it. Those protesters was a joke, paid to do it. Ford is a liar will you ever open your eyes? More likely no. You know she is a liar but you keep this farce up anyway, Shame on you and the rest of your demorats.

  55. That leaves you disagreeing with YOURSELF if she happens to agree with YOU occasionally. That is kinda dumb on your part, I would say.

  56. Why hasn’t anyone asked if she couldn’t remember how she got to the party or how she got home how could she remember anything inbetween?

  57. Now it develops that Rikki Seidman is involved, since July. That was one of the pushers for Anita Hill, in trying to defame and take down Clarence Thomas, a similar situation. Seidman failed THEN, will fail NOW also. That is PROOF that this was a thin politically-motivated scam by the Democrats./ Funny to see Feinstein back-pedaling now, she KNOWS that she is in trouble for this latest DNC fiasco.

  58. It’s on you. Testify or not. If you don’t we are going TO VOTE AND CONFIRM KAVANOUGH. Once he is confirmed it is for life. Nothing anyone can do about it, so you best show up and tell your lies

  59. After this is all done (or before) I believe that Dianne Feinstein should be investigated by the FBI about how this all came down, I believe we all have many questions about HOW this all came down, and I think she has a lot of stories about this whole thing.

  60. You are right, it was prompted by a comment from the driver of the bus to get Trump going. Interestingly enough, the record was started AFTER that commentary was deleted. Oh, and it might have some bearing that the driver was Billy Bush, so he DID have the typical motivation for setting Trump up in essentially a LIE when he made that surreptitious recording (illegal, by the way), and played only the sound byte that he wanted, to try to get Trump to lose. I suppose he thought Jeb would win then, another of his clan. One of the Bushees even VOTED for Hillary, surprised he would admit that at all.

  61. I do not watch Meghan anymore. She lost my fanshop when she turnws on trump. The Democrats are responsible for this badly handled tactic they pulled. Never trust ir believe a demorat.

  62. Funny how many of your ilk claim to leave the country if Trump won (and lied), or say they will eat crow as you did here. TRhat is just another lie. Why even bother, it is VERY clear what you think, it is YOU that has to live in that small and ugly little universe. Others, like ME, just observe and laugh….

  63. When Rikki Seidman got involved with Ford back in July, that is PROOF of the political motivation of the aspersions made. Rikki was one of the pushers behind Anita Hill, trying to stop the election of Clarence Thomas, same type of deal. Funny too, I saw a photo of Ford, passed out lying face down (wearing only thongs) on a picnic table by a pool after one of her parties as a teen. It was taken by one of the other girls at the party. She was CLEARLY a promiscuous slut at that time.

  64. What has come out NOW, is that Rikki Seidman is involved with Ford, and was one of the pukes putting Anita Hill forward with similar baseless claims against Clarence Thomas. It IS A ANITA HILL REDUX ATTEMPT.

  65. Seriously, I see all this storming, ranting, raving about Ford However you called Ford a “liar” . From what I recall Ford took a lie detector test…did Kavanaugh? I’m pretty sure NOT. So all these unintelligent rants are meaningless. A lot of you call Ford a liar but she passed the polygraph, then you praise Kavanaugh? Kind of embarrassing when you put some thought behind it!

  66. Kavanaugh has been vetted 6 times already by FBI…Passed with no problems
    Kavanaugh has numerous women , colleges, law clerks, etc who have vouched for him

    On the other hand we have Ford…a Leftist activist who can’t recall…when, where, who was there, who did not report the supposed attack for 35 years.

    Her story is just not plausible and the fact Feinstein held back Fords letter until week before the vote puts her under suspicion also

    This was obviously a set up to delay / cancel Kavanaugh vote until after November election…nothing more.

  67. I have yet to talk to ANY woman who supports Ford…people have cottoned onto the Democrats by now

    .They are sleazy politicians after fashionof Sol Alinsky their mentor…The End Justifies The Means

    They are below contention

    Vote Kavanaugh in……….Vote Republican in .November…… to rid our lives of the demented Democrats

  68. That’s right….lies have no gender….they are NOT to be believed just because they are uttered from female lips

  69. This is nothing more than a delay of game until the mid terms are over so the Democrats, if the chairs change, can stuff their own nominations in place and keep the SCOTUS liberal based. If they don’t succeed they will need to wait another generation to change the SCOTUS back to Liberalism.

  70. It doesn’t take a rockets scientist to see a liar. Dr. Ford is a liar. So yeah, let’s get on with it. Enormous go with the desperation tactics. And your stat on women’s support is BS. They know the games she’s playing. Every one can see it.

  71. Walt, Walt . . . spoken like an ill-informed guy (I am male also and we have a LOT to learn about women. If I live to be 100, I will still be learning about females). Excuse me, those supposedly 70 women (and some have backed out somewhat) how many of them were in that room with Kavanaugh and Christine Ford?!? And did you know that Dr. C. B Ford has two witnesses to this party K supposedly did not attend, and Grassley will not let them testify (even though Anita Hill was allowed to have 22 witnesses!). Walt, do your realize your reaction is very similar to how the first female to accuse Bill Cosby and the first female to accuse Weinstein was treated and viewed? Now how many women do you think would have signed a letter fully supporting Bill Cosby? Did that mean Cosby was innocent.

    All Dr. Ford is asking for is a fair and impartial hearing. She is paying heavy dues to speak up, getting death threats and being chased away from her home and living in hiding. Is it too much to ask for people NOT to rush to judgment?

  72. And on 11-7 when done, will you commit, as I will, the loser comes on this blog and admits they were totally wrong? If the red tsunami comes as you say, I will come on the blog and admit I was wrong. Will you do the same if the blue tsunami comes along and the Democrats take control of the House and/or the Senate?

  73. Thanks, it is made up BS in the first place, just like Trump’s statement on the Hollywood access tape when he said he sexually assaulted women, grabbing them by the p^ssy, and then called that “it’s just locker room talk.” It’s not.

  74. Kelly’s right but her point is only half the story. The part she omits is Ford has no case, merit or facts, and THAT’S why DiFi stalled and only went hail Mary when it was last second and the Dems had nothing to lose.

  75. For once I too, agree with Megan Kelly. If this coward, vicious, pathetic liar, is indeed telling the truth, she has no reason to be fearful to confront Judge Kavanaugh (the honest, decent, innocent brilliant jurist, whose reputation she so viciously and unjustly, is trying to smear) before senate judiciary or any court of law. If as she brazenly claims, she didn’t want her name to be disclosed nor any public notoriety, why write the anonymous letter? Worse so why have it delivered to obnoxious, despicable Feinstein, the chief of the uncivil, wild, loudmouth, imprudent crooks, members of the Washington Liberal Democratic, self serving savage tribe? In her evil intent to try to, with her deliberate damaging concocted lie, delay and stop President Trump’s nomination of Judge Cavannaugh, to the Supreme Court, she just has publicly,shamefully made a fool out of herself. Because contrary to those,mostly poor,ill informed, paid for, who claim they believe her, “WE”, the nationwide, trustworthy, civilized, well informed, decent, true American taxpayers, women, DON’T BELIEVE YOU.

  76. Scott27
    You sound so ridiculous. He didn’t mock a gold star parent. And what he did say is true. Muslim women, especially standing by their Allah man, they aren’t allowed to speak.
    CNN has buffed you upside your head!!
    You are a simpleton. You are so gullible. You have TDS. You need medical mental treatment.

  77. Women in this country need to get off this gender crap. It’s your right to hate men if you so desire. But it does not enhance your appearance (not that you care) on the national scene. Feminism is the same a racism. I call it genderism. When around seventy people, mostly women, fully support a family man who is active in his faith belief against only one who has proved to be a political activist for the opposite and who so far has no history of supporting Christian values as does the Nominee and his supporters it speaks loudly regarding the requirement of TWO witnesses and around thirty five times that number coming out supporting. It’s time for the Senate to move forward and confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. Nothing surfaced previously while he functioned in the DC Court. THAT speaks loudly folks. Get on with the appointment. Penny-ante distractions by people with axes to sharpen have no place in the Brett Kavanaugh issue.

  78. Scott27; You are a smug and naive prick to not see that Trump was our only choice
    to avoid a continuation of the Obama disaster-in-progress. Hillary promised to
    be worse! Trump was our choice and he is doing a great job so far. The accusations you made against Trump are not as bad as the factual misdeeds of
    BHO (race baiting and spying on the population). Get some schooling!

  79. Since when do we automatically assume she is to be believe in. These senators are saying no matter what we should believe her. But where are these same women, and why aren’t coming to the woman defense who said she was attacked by Keith Ellison with abuse. She has documentation from the hospital. I will tell you why he is a DEMOCRAT. And they will only go against a Republican.

  80. Sessions is really a democrat and using his republican disguise to gain all the information he can gather to pass on to his commie friends in the democratic party. Fire him AFTER the elections and not before because if he is fired before, the democrats will say he was fired because President Trump was covering up something that Sessions was going to release. BS, get rid of him after the elections and good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

  81. I actually agree with most of you that might as well just have the vote on Kavanaugh and move ahead. This whole process is a joke, a sham and a scam, a stacked deck where the decision on Dr. Ford etc. has already been made and even the semblance of fairness went out the window long ago. It started with refusal to provide documents to committee members — and the only ones allows were selected by Grassley to be in Kavanaugh’s favor and omit evidence of Judge K’s lies under oath.

    Then when Dr. Ford came forward, there was no FBI investigation as was conducted with the Hill-Thomas similar issue (a lie to a federal agent would mean conviction – – so all the parties that could be involved better not lie – – including Ford and Kavanaugh and the alleged third person in the room). Anita Hill was allowed 22 witnesses, and 3 days of testimony, Ford is allowed NO witness (2 requested) and only one day of testimony. A false and biased investigation by one of Grassley’s people was supposed to take place but this guy tweeted it would be quit and then they would nominate Kavanaugh – -he was clearly totally biased, a sham. Finally, Grassley, Hatch and other Republican members of the Judicial Committee along with Trump and McConnell have already announce on national TV that they have reached a conclusion before Dr. Ford has even had a chance to testify one word. It is a sham, whitewash, and Dr. Ford stand no chance at all to be heard by people that have already reached the conclusion she is not to be trusted. Jesus, I wonder why alleged victims do not come forward.

    Get on with it. But just recall that 43% of women are now against the confirmation of Judge K, and only 23% support it. My prediction is that women will see that this lifetime appointment was rushed through without any sense of a fair hearing and very negative consequences will come for the GOP. Let’s go, git ‘r done.

  82. but yet you somehow support the judgment of a man who mocked a disabled man, belittled a prisoner of war and a gold star veteran, who lies on a daily basis, and cheated on his wife who was home with an infant; and a man who stiffed working people and defrauded college students. Please, and you want to talk about imbeciles and conscience?

  83. Agree! They (Repubs) are either gutless or in cahoots to ruin Trump and don’t care what happens to our country as a consequence. Remember John McCain’s thumb down vote on repeal of Obamacare and Jeff Flakes’ constant criticism and backstabbing of Trump! We’ve got to get rid of RINOS and never Trumpers or start a Third Party!

  84. Duh, maybe he has a brain and can critically think on his own? Why is it you vilify every single person, even with a career of service as a member of the GOP, if they make one decision that does not agree with you?!? In that way, and how you attack others, you are more of a cult than a political party. In a religions, they ask agreement on the major points, not every point, but a cult does not tolerate even minor variations. You turn on people that used to be your friends and, like Trump, knife them in the back. As far as the rules of the DOJ, Sessions was absolutely right to recuse himself, and he is hated for following the law.

  85. Like Trump! I mean Tillerson said he was a “f*cking moron, Kelly and others said he was an idiot and “unhinged.” No one in his administration has ever said he has a great mind and disposition. W

  86. without venom and hate, what the hell would you have left? You are the anti-party, have few proposals that are positive – -anti-taxes, anti-government, anti-abortion (you pretend to be “pro-life” but walk away after baby is born, anti-Democratic.

    The GOP support, according to RNC poll, in only among males over 45. Not all males, the gripey, whiny ones. You have changed the GOP from “Grand Old Party” to “Gripey Old Pathetics.”

  87. Joe I can’t believe people like you, spreading hate and nothing to back it with. I think when it comes to someone being appointed to the Supreme Court every stone should be turned over and also their should be term limits to the Supreme Court and all government positions. Just like for the President.

  88. Cliff, you guys just don’t know how to act when a person actually thinks critically and does not drink from the Kool Aid produced by Faux News, Hannity, Breitbart, Alex “conspiracy nut” Jones, and other right wingnuts. There are some left wingers who do the same, but the Trumpettes flip out when someone like McCain, or Flake or Sessions actually varies from the cultist path. How you guys treat members of your own party is shocking, so no wonder so many are leaving it. Your cult is getting smaller by the day, and less than 36% of voters support Trump anymore – – lowest of all presidents in modern record keeping.

  89. Might as well get on with it, the judgement has already been made no matter what Dr. Christine Ford may say, or what evidence she is NOT allowed to bring. You Republicans have already made up your minds and both Trump and McConnell have announced they believe Kavanaugh and he will be confirmed. The whole hearing has been a stacked deck from day one, with not even the pretense of fairness. Just like Republicans, they justify all the crap they do and blame it on Democrats. They act like victims, justifying they don’t have to follow the rules of the past.

  90. I am SO glad you have kept and open mind and have not rushed to judgement. People like you would streamline the judicial process – – hell, there would be no need for a trial or the collection of evidence. And think how quickly the Cosby and Weinstein accusers would have been dismissed so these two perverts could still be doing their “thing.” Ask Van, he knows ALL. Tell us, is Don Jr. guilty of collusion, or is he innocent because he is a republican and/or related to corrupt Trump? people like you don’t even want a PRETENSE of a hearing or justice, and we wonder why women are against Kavanaugh’s confirmation 43% to 23%.

  91. And the reason our Country is a liberal mess! What is it with those people? They have horrible judgement and NO conscience. Sick twisted imbeciles!!!

  92. Don’t any of the previous commenters have spell check? ( just a little side note ) I agree with just about every comment. I have been a card carrying republican all my life, and it pains me to see our elected officials roll over and not have enough guts to fight for what the republican party stands for.

  93. Does anyone remember Megan Kelly’s, and I might also add Mike Wallace’s rudeness to Donald Trump at the presidential debate? I’m 81 years old and I remember it well. They teamed up on him and were rude as H**L. I don’t hold grudges so if and when they ask forgiveness I will consider it.

  94. No one I know likes Megyn Kelly. She is a closet Dim that infiltrated Fox News. It was a great day when she was gone. Now she’s blabbing again trying to buffer her failing ratings. Not Gonna Happen this time…..She’s Done !!!

  95. WOW It looks like there is still a spark of logic in Kelly and if she keeps it up the liberals will BLACK BALL her so she now has a decision to make !! LOGIC & TRUTH OR LIBERAL LOON !!!

  96. This statement is so true and to the point, Fiseneteinid is to blame,and mishandled this affair,she knowingly held this bombshell ,untill all else failed!

  97. Totally support what Megan Kelley said‼️???????????????????????? Hiwever I have not followed Megan since she left FOX & became the spokesperson for the liberal media.

  98. I CAN help being a Trump supporter! He’s the BEST President we’ve EVER had. So they DON’T like him because he DOESN’T tell the “left” what he’s going to do! LOL! He’s NOT part of the SWAMP! Most of these politicians play a little “game” with their OWN rules and expect Trump to follow them!!! Thank GOD he’s NOT a politician, he’s a BUSINESS man and plays to WIN, NOT to be in the SWAMP’S good graces! GO TRUMP!!! MAGA

  99. Who in the hell really gives a damn what Meagan Kelly thinks or says…she’s an old has been…always causing controversy and now she is trying to fool the public into thinking she is on Kavanaugh’s side…FAKE NEWS

  100. I don’t believe anything any Democrat says. I don’t believe Mr. Kavanaugh ever assaulted Ms. Ford. First, why didn’t this woman not ever file a police report? Why did this woman send this letter to Diane Fienstein? Sounds political to me. Everything about this stink to high heaven. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t believe anything ever happened to this woman. I definitely would never believe anything she said even if someone else had sexually assaulted her do to her credibility. Ms. Ford’s lawyer is being funded by George Soros, her brother works for Fusion GPS, she’s a lying liberal college professor and in 36 years she never file a police report. Law enforcement needs to get to the bottom of this lie once and for all. I say haul her ass in front of the Senate committee and hook her to a lie detector test and if she is lying she needs to be prosecuted. Then, Mr. Kavanaugh needs to file a civil judgement against her. I also believe that Congress needs to pass a law for anyone barring false witness against someone to have to spend at least 25 years in prison.

  101. Fisenstein is another California Senator who does not give a damn about anybody but herself first and the Demos second.

  102. Well said. Thanks for your comment. I like the comment by PT Barnum of circus and siide show fame. He said ” You can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time and ALL of the people SOME of the time, But you CANNOT FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME”. PT BARNUMwas a real con artist who made money with the art of allusion and exploiting people who had rare physical malformations. His observation is so true. I believe that the Democratic Party is proving his point.

  103. This all smells like a bad lie and a clumsy cover up to keep all the fabrication from being even more obvious. Yes, Megan is correct. Feinstein, if the letter was ever actually given to her and not created by her, should have acted quickly during the actual hearings.That is procedure. But, Democrats do not follow law or legal procedure. It’s just too unsupported and conveniently sketchy. Of course Feinstein thinks we are too stupid to see through any of it.

  104. When I was 19 years old Feinstein called me a honkie queer. She meant this in a harmful, negative, hateful and derogatory manner. I do not believe she needs to be teaching as a professor due to her nasty mind-set. This all happened I think sometime between 1968 or 1969. No that would not be right because she was not born yet. Maybe it was 1985 or so. Anyway that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I think it happened so it must have happened. HOW STUPID IS THIS? JUST ABOUT AS STUPID AS HER ACCUSATIONS ARE RIGHT NOW. I cannot help it if I am a TRUMP supporter. STUPID is when you can do the things she is doing a have a large base of people believe you. The only problem is that large base is made up of (for a lack of a better term) shall we say democrats. Oh, that tells the WHOLE story in two words, liberal idiots… Not all democrats are liberal idiots, lets just say about 95% are. That’s reasonable… Lets get real people and move on to the confirmation of one great man, our new Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh.

  105. She is suppose to be a journalist and television host. St least she told the truth. This time. Are you a Democrat and only like news that helps their propaganda

  106. And so the darlings will see that folks have much more than half a brain in November,,,,,if all goes well and the “creek don’t rise”. It is so strikingly clear what the true game is,,,sad that a number of women have fallen for the garbaaaaaage..bur maybe not,,

  107. The left have pulled the same crap with Trump when all these women who are more than likely lefty’s came forward with allegations that trump sexually grouped and harassed them, until he sad he would bring legal actions against them. Funny how they all disappeared. standard tactics that all non truth people try to pull. Sad.

  108. how did Megyn Kelly get involved in this. I think she needs to be blackballed from any further media stories. time for her to retire, the sooner, the better.

  109. Republicans own all three branches of goverment, YET its still
    demorats that seem too still have all the power, WHY ?

  110. I don’t think Sessions is a Democrat, been a Republican all his political career, but I do believe that he is a card carrying member of the swamp. What else can explain his actions(inactions).

  111. The Democratic Party platform is now nearly identical to the Communist Manifesto. The Democratic Party has now become the New Amerikan Communist Party.

  112. Has Kelly lost her mind. She is now telling the truth. This can’t happen. She needs a billary intervention quickly.

  113. Anyone with even half a brain would understand and realize what the democrats are up to. Has everyone forgotten that they said they would do anything to stop this nominee from being confirmed? They said whatever it takes. So now we’re supposed to believe they’re intentions are honorable? They are the slimiest low-life sub humans I have ever seen. It’s one thing to have a different point of view with the opposing party but I’m really starting to hate democrats with a passion.

  114. Not to be outdone Chelsea was quoted today “Chelsea Clinton: ‘It’s Un-Christian’ to Oppose Abortion” Why does the media quote the mentally disturbed? Do we need anymore proof that liberalism is a mental disease?

  115. Ronnie: You can say that again! Dumb-O-Crats aka Dumb-O-Craps! Lets investigate the check or checks Dr. Ford received from the DNC!!!!

  116. Thank you Megan Kelly! I’ve been dealing with anti-Catholic bigots like Diane Feinstein ever since I was a little kid. Again,thank you!

  117. I, too, used to love Megyn Kelly but when she attacked Trump I lost all respect for her. Use to loc3 to see how perf3ct her makeup was, th3 clothes, etc. Funny how you can admire someone and then an honest dislike for her. Glad she finally aired a piec3 that I agreed with.

  118. Both the Democrats, and Republicans are working for the oil, and drug company’s,have wasted and stole our tax money, and are afraid of being audited, audit, tax, .and make them pay all back

  119. the Democraps have just proven that they will do anything even illegally to stop this appointment. They are reprehensible and should all be removed any one of them that knew of this letter before Feinstein, decided that it should be publicize because he was a “shoo in” for the job. True or NOT true they have ruined his stunning reputation forever. Shame on them all but especially Feinstein and she should be removed immediately if not by Congress themselves, but by the President

  120. They actually are not Democrats!
    The true democrat party has not existed for many years now!

    Actually, the mid sixties, when their leaders hi-jacked the political platform of the CPUSA!
    Yes, that is the Communist Party of the USA!

    Toady, they are what I call the COMMIECRATS!

    Any “true” democrat still alive today, is too old and decrepit to know any better!

  121. The Democratic Party put Feinstein under the bus and because she obeyed the rest of her swamp rats she has now experienced the Karma she deserves and Dr. Ford is made to look like a fool and if she has threats or does not feel safe this is what she signed up for and for an educated woman to damage any credibility she has is sad and unfair to all women.

  122. Although her and I often disagreed on political philosophy, I’ve always had a respect for Senator Feinstein because of the high degree of integrity she displayed. Needless to say, after this cheap, dirty trick she has played upon the American People I no longer have any respect for her whatsoever. In fact, I now find her disgusting. She had the chance to bring this up during the confirmation hearings but deliberately held it back specifically so she could drop it to the press just days before the confirmation vote that the Demoncrats would not have been able to stop by ethical means

  123. Megan YES, YES, YES. You are absolutely correct and on the money. The Democrats should censor Feinstein, remove her from office and if possible, prosecute her for withholding and then releasing information NOE EVEN proven to be true.

  124. I agree with Megyn Kelly. This should have been brought out at the confirmation hearing and give everyone a chance to question and Judge Kavannaugh to respond. By holding this until after the hearing and just before the vote it is quite obvious that this is another delay attempt and it makes one wonder if in fact there is any merit to the allegation at all. Shame on Sen. Feinstein for the way she handled this.

  125. i will never vote for a democrat again for any position.. i have a good friend that is a hell of a state judge but i will not vote democrat ever..

  126. amendment VI of the constitution gives everyone a right to jury, right to confront accuser, and to council.. why do the demos want to not give the judge these rights..

  127. I agree with Megyn! This whole debacle is because of Feintstien. Im sure she had a lot of encouragement from the DC.

  128. Megyn I used to watch You every day on TV , UNTIL what You did to TRUMP , THEN no MORE . It seems You now regain your sanity , yes feinstein is corrupt & so is that blasey creep.
    Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote TRUMP’s type of Republicans everywhere all the time except paul ryan & mitch mcconnell .
    mueller is not only corrupt , evil & traitor , he’s a thief , he’s after the money he’s cashing in & will streach it as long as he can .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & all the other creepy crooks .

  129. The swamp cannot afford to have this person or anyone with proper values or morals to be confirmed. This is why when their backs are to the wall they go to their old basic standby move to bring false accusations against him. The only reason they want more time is to find and fabricate more women and stories. Republican’s need to stop being wet behind the ears little wimps and get him confirmed immediately. They also need to stand behind President Trump and all his plans to make America great again. Americans are starting to wonder just how many of these twits are getting paid in dollars of favors from the left.

  130. Thanks Kelly! When you were with Fox News, You were my most watched program. What you did to Trump didn.t bother me that much. But when you went over to MSNBC, I was really disturbed. But what you said the other day, was a ray of light on MSNBC. I hope you speak more often in a truthful way. Way to go! A lost fan from FOX.

  131. Richard. Why is it nothing else works, democrats will bring forth the race or sex accusations? They did the same for Judge Thomas. The rino nrepublican believe Kavanaugh is guilty of a crime from 30 plus years ago. These “republicans” should become democrats.

  132. Remember, they didn’t like (insert name) from the beginning. The letter was penned prior to the choice being named, and the first publishing still included the draft without (insert name) being filled in.

  133. I totally agree and this is a disgraceful acts of the Democrats just because they don’t like Judge Kavanaugh from the very beginning.

  134. Women like Ford insult real victims of assault. Who by the way remember every detail of assault or rape. Ford should have to pay for false accusations unless she can prove it actually happened. Burden of proof is on her.

  135. This whole thing is a joke! I mean the lady actually admits nothing happened. Even if it happened as she claims it is so insignificant that it hardly bears a discussion. We have multiple “presidents” who are guilty of actual rape and ongoing illicit affairs while in office. Even if Kavanaugh did what she claims, he’s a saint compared to people in much higher positions. Enough already! Get on with approving one of the best men to ever be nominated for the SCOTUS.

  136. They should put Blasey Ford in prison, they should give her the sentence she is falsely trying to pin on Kavanaugh, Feinstein likewise for aiding and abetting, hell for that matter by the time they were done trying Feinstein for her past thirty years of high treason , she’d be given the fitting squad…mark

  137. Nah, it do not matter. Feinstein simply don’t want this judge anyway. She was intentionally not going to ask him privately. She wanted Kavanaugh to go down right at this moment. Should Kavanaugh failed to get the confirmation and the Democrats win one of the House, Trump can’t select a conservative judge. Game’s over …

    The Democrats … are f-king dirty. They are willing to go for any dirty tactic in their playbook. Listen to Maxine Waters. She is willing to go as far as physical threats against any GOP rep, or anyone wearing a MAGA hat.

    And I do not care what Meg said. She switched in a heartbeat, Pffffft!

    Let MAGA!

  138. Every act of obstruction, incivility and violence is being committed by the low life Democrats is to push this country into a civil war!
    We are as close to it as I’ve ever seen and I’ve been around for many decades. I’ve also begun prepping for the broad violent beginning of their war.

  139. To a certain extent I agree. I personally think reporters should report the news. Tv personalities should always talk of what they know to be true and leave politics out.
    But,we As a whole can see what is going on here. The Democrats are throwing a monkey wrench in the judicial system. At it again if they can’t have it their way they’ll fk it up for everybody else..

  140. This has gone way too far already. Democrats use this attic when their back is totally against the wall every time. Each day proof is comming out to prove that tjis is all a fabulous lie. When he’s found to be not guilty I pray to God this woman is charged and sent to jail for a minimum of ten years. And all other women who try tjis stunt should get the same.

  141. For once, Megan takes a sane position. She was on my no-listen-to list until this. Now I’m glad to say she is totally correct about the F-woman-Senator. …This has turned into such a joke that anyone who takes either Not-so-Fine-Stein or Not-so-believable Ford seriously is a candidate for the Funny Farm. …

    Everyone but a hate-filled Liberal knows what this stuff is about, and it’s not about a 17-yr-old taking advantage of a 15-yr-old at a school party 36 years ago. … It’s about the the Left doing anything in the name of revenge for losing their power to gum up the works for those who are now in control. … They hate being beaten, and will use Hitler’s “scorched earth” policy to get even. … Keep on, but the more earth you burn, the more sane people you’ll turn against you. … The ugly face of hate is at work.

  142. megyn kelly is correct. First of all the accuser should have reported to the school. Finstien should have addressed the accusation in her private meeting with the judge. I smell a rat!

  143. Not sure this is true but somewhere I read Kavannaugh’s mom is a judge to presided over the foreclosure of Ford’s mom’s house. If true and she is a Dem activist sounds like revenge to me. She should be hear but high school. This is a joke ask Cory Booker about the 15 year old in high school. This is kid’s stuff and has nothing to do with his nomination. Focus on the job not high school.

  144. I am tired of hearing about this BS, if she has something give it to the police. They will give it back as a non-issue. Feinstein is a stooge of the Party and is stumbling around lost as to what she should do. The letter was another insurance to be played if the Dems failed in the Judges Q&A. To bend over for these tactics and delay for even one day is disgusting. Ford should have demanded payment from the Senator for violating her trust in not wanting this out but, she has failed to follow up on that. I wonder why.

  145. Megan Kelly might have something here for a change. Feinstein is the one who
    screwed this up but the gal that sent her the letter is the SNAKE IN THE GRASS

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