Alvin Bragg is facing this nightmare scenario over Donald Trump

Alvin Bragg looks like he will be the only Democrat prosecutor to bring a case against Donald Trump before the election.

But Bragg’s maneuvering created an ugly new problem.

And now Alvin Bragg is facing this nightmare scenario over Donald Trump.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr rips Bragg case

Former Attorney General Bill Barr is no fan of Donald Trump.

Barr resigned in December 2020 after Trump refused to concede defeat.

The former Attorney General even defended Jack Smith’s January 6 and Mar-a-Lago document witch hunt against Donald Trump.

But Barr thought Alvin Bragg’s falsification of business records case was a joke.

And the jury convicting Trump didn’t change Barr’s view.

Barr told Fox News he still believed the case was an “abomination” as Bragg never proved a crime and didn’t present the charges against Trump until closing arguments, which is a direct violation of Trump’s Sixth Amendment rights.

“I said from the very start that this was an abomination, and I actually was surprised that they went ahead with the case because there really was nothing there. There was no crime there, and they really weren’t able to articulate it until after the defense rested its case,” Barr, who has criticized Trump on several occasions,” Barr stated.

“So I thought the whole thing was a travesty,” Barr added.

Barr’s concern 

Barr had no doubt this case would get overturned on appeal.

But that won’t happen sometime in 2025 or even 2026.

That’s far too late to matter for the election.

Barr worried that if Joe Biden wins a close election and the verdict gets overturned, then half the country will feel Democrats used the courts to rob them of the rightful outcome.

“This will be eventually overruled after the election. But what if there’s a close election? And Biden squeaks through, and then the case is overruled? Half the country is gonna feel this was a stolen election and again, this is a grave injustice and disservice to the country,” Barr added.

“It would sort of affect people’s attitude toward the ultimate fairness of this election,” Barr concluded.

The polling in the aftermath of the conviction shows Barr’s vision of electoral apocalypse isn’t coming to fruition.

Early polls show the verdict having no effect on voters as Trump continues to maintain his lead over Biden in national and state polls.

The real story of the Trump era is the fact that Democrats spent eight years destroying every democratic norm and burning down every Constitutional guardrail in a demented quest to bring down Donald Trump.

It’s actually the Left that’s destroying faith in institutions piece by piece.

And the end result of the lawfare Democrats waged against Trump, as Bill Barr sees it is the loss of legitimacy in the judicial system and the election.

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