Alvin Bragg just got hit with some bad news from the last place he ever expected

Alvin Bragg thought he had all his ducks lined up in a row to convict Donald Trump.

Joe Biden’s counting on one of his Democrat prosecutors to return a guilty verdict as his last chance to win re-election.

But Alvin Bragg just got hit with some bad news from the last place he ever expected.

Judge agrees to delay in Alvin Bragg’s “hush money” case

Alvin Bragg’s trial against Donald Trump was set to begin on March 25.

The case stems from Trump paying back Michael Cohen $130,000 for Cohen paying Stormy Daniels a $130,000 nondisclosure agreement settlement in October 2016 that Bragg now claims was an illegal campaign contribution that Trump used to defraud the public ahead of the election.

Bragg indicted Trump on felony charges of falsifying business records to cover up a supposed federal campaign finance crime that Bragg says he doesn’t even have to prove exists, he wouldn’t have jurisdiction over even if he could, and that the Biden Justice Department found no evidence to indict Donald Trump on.

But just weeks before the trial, federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York responded to the Trump defense team’s discovery request by turning over tens of thousands of pages of documents and over 100 pages of witness testimony from their investigation into Michael Cohen that ended with Cohen pleading guilty to making false statements to Congress.

Trump asked for a 90-day delay and Bragg countered with a 30-day postponement of trial.

Judge Juan Merchan agreed to hold a hearing on March 25 – the day the trial was set to begin – on how long to delay the proceedings so both sides can prepare in light of the new document dump.

As a result, the trial is now delayed at least a minimum of 30 days.

CNN freaks out over trial delay

With the Georgia criminal case in tatters over Fani Willis’ alleged misconduct, the Supreme Court putting the January 6 trial on hold, and Judge Aileen Cannon properly taking into account the complicated nature of the Mar-a-Lago documents case before setting a trial date, Trump-haters saw Bragg’s case as their best shot to get Donald Trump in front of a stacked Democrat jury before election day.

But CNN’s left-wing activists Paul Reid had to force viewers to come to grips with the truth that even if Marchan only sets a 30-day delay for this trial, Trump’s lawyers have a slew of motions  they can file to stretch out the proceedings and there is a growing chance that Donald Trump won’t stand trial at all – despite three different Democrat prosecutors indicting him in four different jurisdictions – before Election Day.

“The defense had asked for a 90-day delay to go through some discovery, and the surprise was that the prosecutor said they wouldn’t be opposed to a 30-day delay. Now it‘ll be up to the judge. So this judge could come back and say 30 days, 45 days, hell, we‘ll give you 90 days,” Reid whined to host Jake Tapper.

“But what’s astonishing to me, Jake is this is the one case that was on the calendar,” Reid concluded. “The other three criminal prosecutions are in limbo and even if he delays it 45 days, let’s say, there‘s nothing that would require me to say absolutely, this will go, you can always come back and delay it again every week, every filing, every little delay makes it possible this may not go before the election. So this was a real shocker.”

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