Alvin Bragg’s allies turned on him in this humiliating betrayal

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg secured the Left’s Holy Grail by winning a guilty verdict against Donald Trump.

But the conviction isn’t playing out the way Democrats hoped.

And Alvin Bragg’s allies turned on him in this humiliating betrayal.

Democrats admit guilty verdict isn’t a political winner

A jury convicting Donald Trump is the latest inflection point the Biden campaign promised its supporters and the media would flip the polls in Biden’s favor.

But like the others – Donald Trump getting indicted, voters tuning in once 2023 turned to 2024, Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination and Americans realizing their choices really were Trump and Biden – the conviction came and went with Donald Trump’s lead unchanged.

Even top Democrat strategists and the media are eager to put this guilty verdict in the rearview mirror.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked former Bill Clinton strategist Paul Begala about how Democrats should handle the guilty verdict since polls showed the American people reacted to the sham trial by shrugging their shoulders and treating the election like a referendum on Joe Biden.

“Paul, what do Democrats do when it seems many Americans – and I know there’s certainly a question about if enough care – but many of them, they just don’t seem to care that Trump is a felon,” Keilar asked.

Begala all but begged Democrats to stop talking about the Manhattan show trial since that gave Donald Trump an open playing field to talk about the issues voters most cared about, which are inflation and immigration.

“Right,” Begala stated. “And I think that’s why the Democrats have to make this about your life, not Donald Trump’s. I mean, it’s always, you know, I was politically raised by Bill Clinton and he would always say, you know, elections are about the voters’ lives, not ours. And Democrats need to take this to that message, of, ‘We’re here for you.’”

The polling data presented a stark picture for Democrats.

Fox News polls of Arizona, Nevada, and Florida all showed Trump up on Biden outside the margin of error.

And Trump and Biden were tied in Virginia despite Biden winning the commonwealth by ten points in 2020 and Democrats carrying the Old Dominion in every Presidential election since 2008.

Begala shows what a bind Democrats are in

Begala then showed how even if Democrats go on offense, they are still fighting on terrain favorable to Trump.

Begala told Keilar that Biden should attack Trump for telling energy industry executives that he would bring back the policies of 2017 to 2021 if they supported his re-election campaign.

“He was in bed with big oil,” Begala  declared. “There’s been reporting that he met with all the big oil executives, asked them for $1 billion, and told them in exchange for that he waived all of our environmental laws for them. Now, that’s something that affects you and me. So, I’m not very interested in Mr. Trump’s personal problems. I’m interested in the lives and families of the American people.”

But polls show that’s what the American people want.

Gas prices were $2.39 per gallon when Trump left office – and even that was slightly inflated from COVID lockdowns compared to the first three years Trump was in office.

Americans would cheer the idea of Trump promising to bring back the way of life they enjoyed during his four years in office.

*Renewed Right Official Polling*

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