“American Sniper” widow just fired back at Nike over their Kaepernick ad

Nike’s controversial Kaepernick ad continues to draw fire.

Many Americans were offended by suggesting Kaepernick was “sacrificing everything” with his anti-American anthem protest.

But the sharpest rebuke yet came from a woman who knows what real sacrifice truly is.

Taya Kyle is the widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Taya ripped Nike’s ad as “insulting to those who really have sacrificed everything.”

After all, Taya points out, what did the bench warming quarterback truly sacrifice?

Maybe he sacrificed the respect of some people while he gained the respect of others. Or maybe he used one career to springboard himself into a different career when the first was waning. I don’t know. What I do know is, he gained popularity and magazine covers he likely wouldn’t have gotten without getting on his knees or as you say, “believing in something.” I’m also thinking the irony is that while I am not privy to the numbers, it’s likely he gained a lucrative Nike contract.
You want to talk about someone in the NFL sacrificing everything? Pat Tillman. NFL STARTING, not benched, player who left to join the Army and died for it. THAT is sacrificing everything for something you believe in.
Taking a stand, or rather a knee, against the flag which has covered the caskets of so many who actually did sacrifice everything for something they believe in, that we all believe in? Well, the irony of your ad..it almost leaves me speechless. Were you trying to be insulting?

Taya concluded that after Nike’s offensive ad, she was taking her business elsewhere — more specifically, Under Armour.

See the full post:

Talk of boycotting Nike has spread after the ad.

President Trump recently tweeted: “Nike is getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts.”

What are your thoughts?

Was the Nike ad insulting to America’s men and women in uniform — especially those who have sacrificed everything and returned home in flag-draped coffins?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. If CK is “truely” concerned with social injustice, why wouldnt he tell nike to close their sweatshops in those poor countries and bring those jobs to America???

  2. Exactly! Nike’s plan played out and they are the winners! They got what they intended, more of our hard earned money$$$$! Typical of them to manipulate the public for their own profits, again. And Kaepernick? Well Nike is paying him lots of money to pull this off for them. To make them and him the word of the month! Everyone knows who Kaepernick is now.
    None of it is right or moral but they got everyone talking about NIKE now didn’t they.
    Not a whole lot we can do besides not participate and give them anymore of our dollars.
    THANK YOU and your family for all that they have done for this country!

  3. Hmmmm.. And I think there are still some low grade morons who would still vote for THAT female Mafioso… You know the one who left our people to die in Benghazi!

  4. I find Nike’s commercial very offensive. My grandfather fought under that flag in WWII, my uncle in Vietnam, my twin brother in Iraq and Afghanstan 4 times and also my sister-in-law. For a football player to use the flag for his cause, a cause he knows nothing about and for Nike to give him a platform is inconceivable. Kaeperdick has not had to sacrifice anything or is he hurting for anything. This is all publicity for him, he doesn’t care what he’s teaching children as long as he makes money from it. (oppressed my ass)

  5. The correct response to .c.k and his like is to make them irrelevant

    Vote .republican to stamp this ongoing nonsense out

    They are weakening US both internally and internationally

  6. Colin Kaepernick dodged the NFL because he was a one trick pony. His play had descended to mediocre at best. Now he’s being a Democrat and claiming he got dismissed because it must be collusion? He tried to get attention by kneeling. When his brothers saw him they wanted some too. Funny, but when asked to give their grievances, most of them are dumb struck.

    He might be protesting something, but when he does it in front of our flag, he’s crossed a red line. Our infantrymen carried it into battle and it waved over our fallen at Cooch’s Bridge in Maryland, 1777. Old Glory and them Anthem have been intertwined since Francis Scott Keyes and our troops witnessed that souveign banner flying ragged and scorched. She was waving in contempt for her adversaries.

    Today, that flag symbolizes what’s great about ‘us,’ including the over 600,000 men that died to wrest Colin away from the Democrats and their bespoiled history. Our Police, Firefighters, First Responders, Veterans, Armen Services and so many more people wear that symbol on their sleeves and in their hearts….. you disrespect our heralded flag, you disrespect all of us and that includes the fa;pen. You can spin it any way you want, CK is disrupting all of us and that was his goal.

  7. I’m not sure what you were trying to say,, but I’m not sure anyone got it. However, I completely agree with the sentiment in the last line and I agree. It’s easy… vote Republican and maybe we can there together.
    History: the Democrats protected slavery, spawned the KKK, formulated the Jim Crow Laws and voted against the Civil Rights Bill. Your party also had Bill Clinton’s mentor(he admitted it) Robert Byrd, the Grand Exalted Cyclops of the KKK in the leadership of the Democrat Party. Now you have Antifa doing the Party’s bidding. So Russ, stand up for the Anthem and vote Republican. Wear the smile that comes with that.

  8. And you probably love the philanderer Jack ?ennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Ted Kennedy ( he one upped philandering by killing a woman)…or maybe even Joe Biden who also got a deferment from the draft

    What I LOVE is the positive affect Trump Presidency has had on average American citizen

    *over 3 Million. Jobs created
    * cut regulations….another job creator move
    *cut taxes for over 90% of taxpayers
    *$2000 per child tax credit
    * Stock market at all time high….great if you have a pension…or invest your savings
    *increased military spending…and military wages
    *got NATO to kick in more $$$
    *got trade deals..eg. With Mexico…higher wages for Mexicans and more job security & pay for American worker
    * Better relations with with major international countries…China,S. And N Korea, Japan,Saudi, Israel, Hungary,etc.
    *got N Korea into negotiating denuclearization
    *got out of Iran Deal
    * in final years of Obama 64% of nation viewed their personal future as bleak…today the opposite …future looks

    No complaints ….here !


  9. I could rebut everything you wrote but it would be pointless and an exercise in futility. You liberal snowflakes have made up your minds and no amount of factual data can penetrate your fog, But Clinton’s draft dodging and philandering were just fine and I don’t recall anything regarding Obama’s lack of time in the military. However I do recall him traveling to Pakistan when it was illegal for an American citizen to do so and enrolling in an American college as a foriegn student.
    I also highly doubt that 90% of soldiers in Vietnam never saw action. You can’t count Airmen and Sailors in that number, they aren’t combat troops. You drink to much cool-aid.

  10. Richard Latner, you’re right, there is a difference between protesting and disrespecting the flag. They shouldn’t be seen in the same context. Just so you can get it straight, I’ll help you. The National Anthem is a poignant song about sacrifice, bravery, camaraderie and the pride that came from swing that flag. The battle had waged all night and in the morning, all suffering, pain and fear were assuaged for that beautiful moment, all that “Old Glory,” had endured was still waving. It was waving over the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” Now a bunch of millionaires, with hundreds of felonies to the credit of some of these players, are complaining about our police. There maybe a couple of bad apples on a police force. But these people protect us every night from every mischief, no matter what color it is. Our Stars & Stripes are revered around the World. It’s a place most people would love to be. A place of opportunity, freedoms and wealth… unless you’re an athlete that has few other talents. Funny how few of these guys can even explain what they’re protesting…

  11. Racism is alive, but that’s not well.
    Did you know that the kneeling football player has donated thousands of dollars to an organization that is in favor of killing police officers. There are other ways to protest.
    Stand up AMERICA and the FLAG. That does not mean that you have to stand for racism.

  12. Trump had bone spurs. A very common ailment in 1966, 67 and 68. From my time in Vietnam, I can tell you that plenty of soldiers spent their time sitting in a chair or cooking food. Only about 10% were actually in a combat situation.
    Regardless, it was a phony excuse to avoid the draft. If he had a truly serious ailment they would have made him 4F. He was a coward then and is now.
    As for the NFL players, use your own judgement but I would say they are not protesting America or the flag. Only racism which, if you read some of the comments on this site, is alive and well.

  13. And you love the draft dodging philanderer in the White House? Don disrespected all of us who did our duty. So Don dodged the draft, are people aware that some other person took his place? Someone without the money and connections to get medical diagnosis of bone spurs. Do you really think he has changed?

  14. YES INDEED. I WOULD DO THE SAME, but I LOVE GRIP MACHETES….love the swing and how they thrust through those who are against us.

  15. Me too! Look at the headwinds he has been fighting and he is still getting things done! More improvements than most Commander-in-Chiefs! And he needs to silence Obama the radical foreigner trying to ruin the US! Obama is not a true American and only cares about his future funds! After all he has a way of life established! I fail to see why anyone would pay to listen to the loser! He is angry and wants to fight Trump, duh, obviously. Have we ever seen this kind of disrespect before from the disgruntled ex? Poor sportmanship can we say? He lost, thank god, we are done with Obama! Thank you Donald!! Get over it and go forward to improve our beautiful country! All Obama really wants to get done is dividing the American people!
    I respect and support our President Trump!

  16. 26 year military vet here. 20 years of overseas duty too. ANYONE who disrespects OUR flag in my presence will absolutely get an ASS kicking!!! No warning either; feet and fists flying. LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. No, Mike. Only YOU are. Is there something wrong with you? Where did Alex Jones come from? Do you suffer from Tourette’s by any chance?

  18. Stephen, I’m with you and your family and will always be. You’re a family that has given the ultimate. That is what OUR FLAG is all about and deserves total respect. That FLAG gives people the freedom to express their views and therefore must be respected. As for nike and kaepernick the disrespect just goes to show how UNAMERICAN they are. I will not support UNAMERICAN. God Bless You.

  19. Historically we do better under Republicans!!
    Illinois was doing fine until it became totally demoncrat.
    My property taxes were so high I had to move out of state!
    None of us will be free if the demons win.
    My great grandfather fought in the civil war to free the slaves.
    The black lives matter group should be protesting all the innocent black baby lives that are being slaughtered by abortionists!!

    Historically we have a much better economy under Republicans.
    After Illinois became totally demoncrat, taxes went so high I had to move out of state. That goes for all the states that are primarily demoncrats.
    Black lives matter should be protesting all the innocent baby lives that are being slaughtered by abortionists.
    My great grandfather and my husbands great grandfather fought on the side of the Republicans to free the slaves. The demoncrats killed Lincoln because they wanted to keep their slaves and he wanted them freed.
    Many heroic people have died to keep our freedom and continue to this day! I am appalled that these entitled brats are disrespecting our flag!
    Shame, shame on Nike!! These big companies must be run by Millenials who were brain washed by their communist professors!

    I always bought Nike but not anymore!! Shame shame on them for glorifying this Unamerican spoiled little brat!! Obama and Michel are responsible for not honoring the ANERICAN FLAG.

  20. The only thing Kaepernick sacrificed was a failing career. In his last four years his team went 12-4, 8-8, 2-6, and 1-10. He had one good year followed by three severely declining years which spelled the end of his career. Who wants a quarterback who wins one game per year?
    Hereafter, when I see Nike, I will think of a failing quarterback and anti-American demonstrations. Anyone wearing Nike hates my country.

  21. Well to bad your not the oldest minority in the USA…. Ever heard of the Indians?? Which I am one so I guess that makes you #2 now… ( read between the lines please) ????

  22. Bone spurs were also a convenient excuse. A friendly Dr friend would write up the diagnosis and the draft board would grant the continuing deferment. If the medical condition was considered legitimate, he would have been reclassified 4F. But he wasn’t. As a drafted soldier in the same era, I don’t have an issue with guys trying to stay out of Vietnam. Stupid war. And, had Don gotten his deferment and gone out and protested the war, I would respect the hell out of that. But he didn’t. He simply partied on while he beat the system. Now he wears a flag lapel pin and claims to be the great patriot. Big and Barrack never tried to play the super patriot card like Don has. The guy saw the Goobers lined up to buy his BS and he piled it on. Sucker!

  23. Jackass, bone spurs are painful. He was rejected by the military. What branch did W J Clinton or Barry Sotero Obama serve in.

  24. With any luck you will be able to buy jeans from Alex Jones to go along with the other junk he peddles on his goofy show. He knows a sucker is born every minute, and many of them listen to his conspiracy crap. He might even sell some running shoes to you Goobers.

  25. Hey Gary,

    I agree with you 100%. But what could Oscar Brown had done differently when he was lying on his belly and hands cuffed behind his back and the officer was justified shooting him in his back?

  26. I still say he sucks as a QB and that it be proven in his lawsuit. All they need is a stopwatch, film from 3 or 4 years ago and film from the last couple of games he played.

  27. I agree with Taya whole heartedly. One of my sons paid the ultimate sacrifice while starting his 3rd tour to Iraq, he left 3 children too. He served to “Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of The United States, from ALL enemies, foreign or domestic.” That does not include some ones feelings.

  28. The sacrifices we should really honor, the one American who truly understands sacrifice is of course our hero Donald Trump. Who else does anyone know who fought tirelessly through the pain and agony of bone spurs in order to (in his own words): build buildings and play golf! now that is sacrifice!!!

  29. Injustice, think for a moment that you a police officer and its late say 2.00 am, its dark and you roll up on a scene. Tell the person to stop and put your hands up, then the person reaches into their jacket, you have 1 to 3 seconds, you wonder if it is a cell phone or a weapon, if you had think longer than the three seconds, you are DEAD. Just put hands up and do say they say. THINK.

  30. He says the NFL blackmailed him, which was untrue. John Elway and the Broncos offered him a job but Kapernick wanted more money than they were offering. Can you say say “narcissist”? Paperback must think a lot of himself.

  31. Larry,

    you are disrespectful just like Trump. You spoke to a vet the way Trump talked about McCain. You and your kind are disgusting and very unpatriotic. There no place in America for people who disrespect those who sacrifice for our country.

  32. Lyman I would expect you to do what you could to protect your family. Kill the bastard as so would I. Trump has offered to meet with the players to hear their gripes. And he should. We need to quit talking and around and at each other. And talk to each other.

  33. Nike used to represent REAL WINNERS back in the day, these people
    have lost touch with reality! The true hero’s are our soldiers, and their families! Huge disappointment NIKE, word of mouth from me won’t be
    good for your bottom line, I will support VETRAN owned companies for all my needs! You may need to start marketing vagina hats!

  34. I don’t know you but you wouldn’t make a pimple on Trump’s ass. Your thoughts are as dumb as I have ever seen. Do you want a country that is growing and people have jobs or do you want everyone to have it all free. In January when the tax cut when in effect my wife got about 3% more in her check so she took at started a 401 account that she had never been able to before now. Stop and think about what’s going on and you can’t say (with a straight face) that we are not better off.

  35. Dan,

    I am elated that you can understand that Mr. Kappernick is within his right. I believe the next step is for you to understand your approval or disapproval is your business. For example, if this discussion was about my defending myself from someone breaking into my home and violating my wife, what do you think the discussion should be about? Should the discussion be about the method I used to deal with the perpetrator or should it be about do I have a constitutional right to protect my wife and my home. All that I read from folks have nothing to do with the facts. Most people are speaking from the shallow levels they are living. Please, believe me. I am not saying shallow to insult. I am saying they are not going beneath the surface.

  36. Anna,
    I did not talk about slavery and who started that horrible institution. I just said there was a group of people, southern plantation owners, who fought a change to a way of life that was permeated with slavery. The problem you all are having is that you are responding not from intellect but from somewhere else. Please, get over it and lets move on to make this nation the nation that it was meant to be.

  37. Kaepernick was mediocre, at best. He set no records in the NFL that I am aware of. Then, HE opted out of his contract. Opted out, the way I interpret it, means he voluntarily quit his job. So, what did he “give up”? Nothing! He quit his job! He turned down two NFL jobs because they could not come to terms on the financial end of the spectrum. I will bet you a dollar to a doughnut that he wanted the pay of a starting QB. Most starting QB’s are a bit better than “mediocre”.

  38. Mimi,

    Thanks for your comments especially about the comment about Obama and Putin. I vaguely remember something on that order. However, all you have said about slavery, the democrats, education and so on I cannot be corrected on. I have never mentioned those topics nor have I eluded to them. The point I was making is that times are changing and at times it is uncomfortable for those who feel the pain of loosing an old way or having to confront a wrong belief to the core. It is not easy to deal with, I understand the pain. And then I see Russel is agreeing with you about slavery and Europeans started it not Americans. Clearly neither of you comprehended what I said. If the democrats and the teachers union have kept blacks dumb what is the reason for white dumbness. Obliviously you nor Russel had an education that would help you understand what I wrote. If you are correct, we all have been hood winked. Let’s come together and make our nation be what our forefathers have dreamed of.

  39. Agree. I’ll never buy nike again. Including the Nike football jerseys. I’m a service member and proud to say that I will not buy NFL or Nike gear. F em

  40. Fully agree with “Pat!” Kapernick is “selfish, arrogant and ignorant.” Nike should move to Outer Mongolia. And, yes, Kapernick will do well studying lawlessness in Chicago – with the toughest gun laws in the nation, and the highest murder rate! Even Raum Emmanuel can’t stand it – and he asked for the position of Mayer.

  41. fk nike i’ll never buy another thing from them or anything to do with them ever again,just another libertard pos company that needs to go out of business drop dead nike.

  42. The only con man here is you. DJT has done more good for the USA in his two years in office, than any past president could ever dream of accomplishing. Obama, gave up 3 high lever terrorist for one unpatriotic (like you) vet who left his post and caused others harm while trying to retrieve him. Obama gave tons of cash to Iran, one of the top supporters of terrorist. You are an idiot.

  43. You are obviously another sacrificial lamb spoon-fed by CNN. How far did your Tranny Lover ever got with Kim Young?

  44. Ric, get off CNN…

    Trump is a master at playing the long game. so what may immediately appears as negative, will eventually turn positive for the USA…Just last week Mexico and the USA reworked their NAFTA deal as Trump said they would 2 years ago…

    NAFTA has screwed the USA from the start and Trump is the first President to actually admit it…The great country of Canada would be crying at Americas door if they were attacked…You know it isn’t Americas job to prop up other countries, such as Canada..Getting rid of established trade deals that are bad for the USA is Trumps job…If you poor Canadians get nicked, get over it…

    This so called erratic behavior is only the deep state screaming as Trump is being different from past Presidents and finally doing what a USA President should do and that is to look out for America first…

    I am so proud of Trump, considering the head wind he has to maneuver through…

  45. Dr. Reread my comment before you lecture me. I did thank mike for his service. I tried to enlist. Had fallen arches. I don’t think someone whom didn’t serve cannot be a good president and patriot. I am one hell of a patriot. One of many ways is to stand against the communism that threatens our country today. No, I’m not politically correct. I consider that a sickness. Today’s democratic platform is based on Marxism. They are the ones whom divided our country

  46. Lyman I know. Colon what’s his face is within his rights But I disapprove of him and the others taking a knee. Racism is not a problem in this country. Just because someone drops the N word it doesn’t speak for America. Blacks are much more racist. Many have been taught there’s a klansman behind every bush. All that idiot Al Sharpton preaches is “don’t trust whitey” it’s not the fault of anyone alive today that caused people of color to be enslaved by southern democrats. Nor do I apologize for it.

  47. Jerry…You shouldn’t have burned it. You should have sent it back to Nike. Everyone should send their Nike stuff back to them so they might understand, but I doubt they will

  48. Wow Russell, that elevated the conversation and sure proved your point (not). Actually, in foreign policy, Trump is a nightmare and making mistake after mistake, with being taken by Kim Jong Un in Singapore, to being Putin’s Puppet in Helsinki, to insulting our allies of G-7 (and advocating for Putin again at the G-7), from disrupting established trade deals to stabbing one of our best and best allies in the back, the great nation of Canada. As far as domestic policy, those who have talked to his people say: “.” Senior advisors have passed on information that they are extremely concerned over (Trump’s erratic nature, his relative ignorance, his inability to learn, as well as what they consider his dangerous views. “

  49. Bpnnie, when someone had a legitimate physical issue, they were reclassified as 4F. When the issue was not considered to be permanent, they continued to be 1A. Don went through this five times. Finally the draft ran out. Any person with a little money could buy a Dr’s statement of physical ailment. maybe hay fever or some respiratory issue. Bone spurs were a great excuse.


  51. As Reagen would have said “there YOU go again,” Dan Tyree. Can’t have a civil conversation, calling people you disagree with “a dumbass.” And then had the audacity to say “did you serve” as an accusation, when YOU did not serve yourself. Mike is right, he served and we all should respect his service.

  52. Shecky, you are another perfect example of the kind of behavior that Colin is protesting. Still working the birther thing along with Alex Jones? Pathetic!
    What is it that you don’t seem to understand about racism? Read your post.

  53. The truth will come out. Let’s give Mueller time. Hillary was investigated for years. Ask Tray Gaudy, big “nothing burger”. I read both parties literature and do impartial investigation. I recommend we all should.

  54. Latner, your are an IDIOT, VET or not. Trump is doing a GOOD JOB, IF THE STUPID LEFT WING IDIOTS LIKE You WOULD LET HIM DO IT.

  55. Apparently you didn’t take advantage of your GI Bill. Yes you sacrificed, a lot. So did I. Even though we disagree welcome home soldier. I didn’t hear that for 40 uears.

  56. Historically we do better under Democrats. Facts don’t lie. Didn’t Trump promise great healthcare and balance the budget? What’s up with that? I suggest we be more civil to each other. It’s easier to communicate without being an ass.

  57. About the same as The Donald. Can’t you tell a con man when you see one. Ask all the people “The Donald” screwed.

  58. lymon read your history or better yet about slavery on your computer. It was a rich blackman who introduced the blacks to the ( i believe the The donimican replubic where they were sold to the the white seamen to bring to then the united states.) don’t blame the white. there were also alot of big slave holders rich colored who owned slaves that were White in the carolinas. So see they were both guilty of misusing the people. Some of the slaves in the carolinas by white slave holders were after so many years given land to live on to support themselves and raise their families. I found it to be very interesting and informative. So read it and find out history first hand. I did.

  59. Lymon,

    It is sad that you are mistaken in your understanding of history.
    First of all it was Africans who got rid of tribes by selling them to the slave traders.
    The KKK was formed by southern Democrats who fought against desegregation. The Democrats have kept black people dumb by not allowing them better education for the sake of the teacher’s unions and the Democrat votes. Trump is the first president who has helped the black community by freeing up businesses which were crippled by Democrats with terrible taxes including Obamacare which was the final nail in the coffin. He is also pushing for their right of choice in schools.
    You mentioned that he is cozying up to Putin. Weren’t you paying attention to what Obama did with Putin? Didn’t you hear when he was caught on a microphone telling the Russian to tell Vlad, that after the election he’d have more flexibility to help him????? Obama never did anything for you or your brothers, he’s a phony man, and it’s time you know it.

  60. Clinton probably did dodge any form of service. Maybe that is why he has made an effort to do some good things with his foundation. But he didn’t do what Don has done and that is beat his drum about being the great patriot. If he had gotten his deferments and then went out and protested the war, that would have been great. But he went out and partied without a second thought about those who had the balls to go. Now, you want to roll right past that and take his jaded position on the NFL protests. Sad. He has ignored the real issue of racism and perverted the situation into an anti American protest. It serves him well politically but his basic person hasn’t changed a bit.

  61. You call them nasty? Have you listened to the so-called liberals? This is courteous in comparison. Have you listened to all the news channels, the View, the politicians, the Democrats at Judge Kavanaugh’s hearings?
    Then tell me the people here are nasty. Democrats are nothing if not nasty. They are venomous like snakes, and lying is what they do best.

  62. Ricky, proof of your statements would be nice. There are lot’s of men that can not do military service due to feet problems. Mueller has NOT found any thing to do with Trump and Russia, except in his and your imagination. So please provide proof. I think you stole your post from any wingnut and I ask him for proof too and he went silence. Hard to proof Trump and the Russian’s planned anything when Hillary signed the DNC check that paid for the fake dossier.

  63. As an American (who happens to be black)I do support Kappernick. As you know blacks are one of the oldest immigrant groups in this great country of ours. Again as you know the first to die fighting for what would later become the United States of America was a black man, Crispus Attucks. With this in mind I find it to be pretty arrogant for others to define what is patriotic. Those who are shouting about patriotism has not mentioned any thing about upholding the constitution. What Kappernick has started is practice his constitutional right. Those of us who feel that we need to speak out about injustice can not do it to the comfort of those who is being protested against. I think we are living in a very interesting time. Before the American Revolution started, there were no talks about the ungrateful colony. But what was the talk when things began to heat up in colonies. The same with slavery in the 1700’s things were great for the ruling class, but what happened during the civil war and the issue of slavery was introduced. Slave holders began to get uncomfortable. The same plays out throughout history. Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, LGBT Rights, etc. What’s happening now is nothing more than a change is coming and there are those that are feeling uncomfortable. Think for a moment all of this non patriotic talk is those defining how protesters are to protest. Many of us feel that Trump is unpatriotic because of his cozieness with Putin. Obama has been called a communist and he was not cozy with the communist. This will blow over and who knows in a few years, our Dear Brother Kappernick may have a holiday in his honor.

  64. Didn’t rapist Bill dodge the draft? But no one brings that up. Perhaps Trump did. I thank you for your service sir. But Vietnam was a war we should not have been in , seeing that we wasn’t allowed to win it. But had I been drafted, I would have reported for duty. Like my dad the marine went to the South Pacific I don’t care if Trump dodged the draft or not. I’m proud of his service to our country now. He’s doing a great job.

  65. Why is it that the NFL protests have suddenly been hijacked to reflect an anti-American position? They are protesting racism and if you read a few of the comments, you might understand their point. And the article doesn’t mention any of these other politicians although the comments about their eagerness to not be in the military are accurate, I think. Kaepernick’s disdain is for racism, not the country. That is a direction that Trump took their protests for his political advantage. Given that we all know he dodged the draft with his bone spurs and now he touts himself as the great American patriot, I find that disgusting.

  66. Kyles widow is spot on,Kaepernick is a spoiled brat who does not know the meaning of sacrifice,he doesn’t even rate to kiss Tillmans boots

  67. Hey Ricky, I forgot to remind you that “Sloppy Joe” Biden didn’t serve either. He flunked the physiacl(cough, cough, arghhh, cough) because he apparently had asthma. With Joe always saying nutty things, he’s just our adorable old. He still thinks J O B is a four letter word. So Ricky, what’s your point? The one you tried to make fell flat. People that gave their lives, sacrificed everything! Kaepernick just turned his disdain for our country into his biggest payday!

  68. Dan. You are precisely what Colin is protesting. Read your comment and ask yourself if this is how you want your children to think. I don’t know about Ricky but I was wounded in Vietnam in 1968 and I agree with Ricky 100%. Robert Moore, Trump is a draft dodger. Where is the insult?


  70. Ricky, Ricky, Ricky… how short your adolescent memory is. Billy ‘The Molester’ Clinton was smoking boo in England and draft dodging the Service. Billy Bob hightailed it out of there after he was accused of rape. He came back here and did,about the same. So many ladivious stories out there and he had his wife demean his accusers. We don’t even know what Barry O. did about Service,(who is anyway?) except defile the military and its brave enlistees. He was well on his way to depleating our military. Hillary wasn’t in the military, though she lied, that she tried to join up. Can you imagine her trying to do a couple of sit-ups? Corey the lying Booker and Kamala sleight of hands Harris didn’t serve. Your rant comes down to a bigmso what!!!

  71. Ricky, what an ignorant a**hole! You don’t have a clue, dumbass!
    Just another shameless, lazy assed libtard, snowflake, tell me how you got access to the President’s medical records! Moron, you have no opinions but fake news. Yes

  72. okay snowflake, have you ever been in the military? Have you ever served your community by being in a emergency medical system, police, fire? I have been all of those as well as being a Service-connected disabled veteran. until you’ve been in a veteran shoes keep your moronic comments about Donald Trump to yourself.

    Lastly, explain to me exactly what KP sacrificed?

  73. You are an IDIOT! Instead of lying about the President, show your proof! If not keep your lying mouth closed! And No, tbat is not what she is saying but kaperdick and nike opened thier big mouths by saying in essence that he gave up everything for his beliefs! But, Pat Tillman gave his life, that is giving up everything! Have you all forgotten what Islamic Muslims did to our Country on 9/11! Our men and women are still dying and being maimed to fight Terrorism and rasical islamic muslims who wish to do harm to everyone else! Learn to respect the Country and the Flag that represents it that has offorded you the opportunities to have a good life!

  74. Kappernick is a sad excuse for an human being

    He is selfish, arrogant and ignorant on facts

    If he really wanted to protest black murders,…go to Chicago there are dozens of them every week

    Then find out how many policeffcers are killed by blacks…some doing it on purpose so much so it is called …murder by cops…to get money out of police and insurance vompanirs

    Perhaps If blacks did not commit crimes at statistically high rates….their demise would not be by cop.

    NIKE an outraged move by your company…we do not support anything to do with this pathetic American…and NIKE along with him

  75. Bottom line is this s country is about one vote away from the insanity on the left ..these anti flag kneelers. The Hollywood left…the propaganda Mills of the media…and the swamp rats in Washington…if we allow them to win in the next election…it’s just the beginning of the end of this country..

  76. Your comment is extremely insulting to both Mrs. Kyle and to President Trump. You need to be ashamed of yourself and your are part of the problem with what is wrong in this country!

  77. I hope that this marketing stunt by Nike blows up in their faces. It makes no difference now to me. I have no need to buy anything with the Nike Swoosh on it ever again. These people have a lot of nerve with this stunt. Kaperdick giving up a pay check when he already has a few million in the bank now, doesn’t equate to those who have lost their lives on the field of battle for what they believe in. I’m looking forward to the 1st fire in the fireplace this year. I have a few things from Nike that should help get the fire going….

  78. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again when his gravy train ends he can always go to work Monday morning picking cotton but then they do have regulations to working there and a loser like you just might not pass the physical its back breaking work and you don’t do it on one knee. I hope the looser reads this and I don’t care if he is black, purple ,green, yellow red or blue. and I might be classed as a resist but I don’t give a S–T either.

  79. What did he sacrifice? A second string quarterback with a sorry=ass record of 1 and 11. If he had the commitment and skills, he would still be playing. Becoming a national disgrace, in my opinion is not an upward move.

  80. No..just saying Ksppernick only LOST his football career…which does not compare to losing ones life

    Actually his pronouncement only highlights how out of touch with real life of average family..especially military families who lost their loved one

    Like many activists his prism is…me, me, me

  81. Taya Love your responds and yes NIKE is over they are losers like Colin Taya I agree with you and our PRESIDENT 100%

  82. So. According to Ms. Kyle, if you haven’t died for your country…or even served for your country…you have no right to make any statements or agenda about your country.
    Using this same barometer: donald, the coward, trump got 4 doctors to write 4 deferments over his feet and then conspired with Russians to steal a USA election.
    I would guess Ms Kyle then also thinks donald, the liar, trump has no right to open his pathologically lying mouth and say a WORD about the USA.
    Right Ms. Kyle?

  83. He looks like a terrorist, and he acts like a terrorist. Had he not been adopted and encouraged to attend school and participate in sports he would be just another deluded american who ran to the middle east to support evil. He would probably already be dead. Life is mysterious sometimes it is a good outcome and sometimes not. Yes this was a not

  84. I agree totally with Mrs Kyle, True sacrifice is not necessarily profitable. I call upon Nike to pull the add, cut it’s ties with a washed up ex football player with a dismally last two years record, and plead for forgiveness from the many patriotic Americans they have affended.

  85. If not Kyle, why not the NFL Arizona Cardinal’s Defensive Back Tillman! If you want some one who “sacrificed everything” he would have been a much better choice! He said NO to a lucrative contract to join the military and died fighting for the rights and freedoms Kapernick has so cavalierly hijacked for his own gain!

  86. Sending all my Nike Gear back to them after almost being Killed in Boston Marathon 2013 finish line wearing Nike,I would be Ashamed to wear it agian, Hit Them where they understand it…IN THE POCKET BOOK

  87. what an excuse for a hero. For real heros that sacrificed everything, consider Kris Kyle and Pat Tillman. Kaepernick is a poor excuse for an American and does not represent my views.

  88. Face it. Kaepernick is trying to save his face. He’s relieved to know that the libs jumped into his boat by giving him fake awards everywhere. He’s a loser. A real loser.

    Nike … is paying him in millions. Gee. What a joke.

  89. I completely agree with Kyles widow. Kaepernick has sacrificed nothing. His ability to play football was gone and he had nothing to offer the NFL. Real heroes are those men and women who have given their lives for this country. He makes me ill to see him doing what he is doing just for attention.

  90. Just what is this ungrateful millionaire sacrificing, he had the good fortune O f being brought up by a successful white family and and being made a multi millionaire by having the chance to play NFL football a lot more chances than most americans will ever get so please tell me what he has sacrificed I repeat again what has this ungrateful POS sacrificing

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