American Sniper’s widow just slammed the NFL and provided a voice to many Americans

The NFL’s anti-American protests during the national anthem have divided the country.

While the left was quick to embrace the so-called “cause,” many football fans felt the protests were asking Americans to choose between the sport and their country.

That’s what makes this open letter to the NFL penned by Taya Kyle, the widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, so powerful.

“Your desire to focus on division and anger has shattered what many people loved most about the sport,” Kyle wrote.

While the NFL accused Trump of being divisive for suggesting the league should require players to stand for the anthem or face repercussions – including firing – many football fans feel it’s the NFL’s actions that are dividing Americans.

She continued:

Football was really a metaphor for our ideal world –different backgrounds, talents, political beliefs and histories as one big team with one big goal – to do well, to win, TOGETHER.

You are asking us to abandon what we loved about togetherness and make choices of division. Will we stand with you? Will we stand with our flag? What does it mean? What does it mean if we buy a ticket or NFL gear? What does it mean if we don’t? It is the polar opposite of the easy togetherness we once loved in football.

It was simple – we loved you and you loved us – with all of our races, religions, different backgrounds and politics. Simplicity in a crazy world was pretty awesome.

You dear NFL, have taken that. You have lost me here.

Read her letter in full below.

By protesting during the national anthem, the NFL is forcing fans to choose – between their favorite team and the country they love.

Many Americans are making it clear they’ll choose their country every time.

DirectTV recently told the Wall Street Journal they were providing refunds for NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers who site the anthem protests as the reason for their cancellation.

Where does this end? The protests during the anthem can’t continue unabated.

Otherwise, many viewers will choose to change the channel rather than support a league that doesn’t support America.

Be sure to vote in our poll: Should pro football fans boycott the NFL until these anti-American “protests” stop?

Then, let us know in the comments if you’ll be watching on Sunday!



  1. what i can not understand ostupid screwed this country for 8 years nobody protested why?no matter what president trump does some morons protest. the nfl has no right to disrespect our flag and country and he is 100% right in wanting those disrespectful bastards to stand for our national anthem. they kneel we boycott enough said

  2. I make 3 thousand dollars a month because I lost my leg fighting for my country in Vietnam.. I grew up loving pro-football.No more. For the first time I didn’t turn it on today. I have had long hair all of my life as my form of protest against inequality. I have no time to watch some rich kids who know nothing about history or who believe that we are so ignorant. Most don’t take time to study history, because they are too busy studying the best cars or houses money can buy while crying about inequality. They know nothing about the 22 to 35 veterans WHO COMMIT SUICIDE EVERY DAY. I say every life matters, and way more veterans die every day than any other group. Thank God for college football.

  3. Roger goodell has NO BALLS ! when are we going to get some leaders in this country that are not afraid to do whats right. The left is nothing more than a bunch of communists and we need to shut them down!

    • Problem is, when you have multi-Billionaire Communists like G. SOROS (that have more money that most regular Americans put together) funding these people, how can you stop them? His money talks and that creates a lot of crooked/corrupt people, even on our side (cough,cough, RINO’S). We need a legal way to get rid of Soros and people just like him, or has he paid off all the Lawyers too?

    • I totally agree! No BALLS money talks BS walks. They want to kneel or sit let them stay on the bench for a quarter Nd then let’s see how much they want to speak. You want to speak about your thoughts go on news broadcasts, take some of your millions and help children or vets! That’s how u help your opinion! Not spit in the face the people who are paying your way. Assholes all of u!

    • that is why they are now known as the National Felons League, lol!!! and just last week a player for the LA Ram was arrested and charged with several felony charges!!! proof they are the felons league!!!

  4. I hope the owners of these teams go BROKE for lack of Fans at their games, loss of sales of their items and loss of advertisers.

    • Ditto! Don’t turn on , don’t go to see them and watch sports that don’t spit in our face! And don’t buy sports stuff for Christmas. Thank u vets for all u have done. And thanks Mr President for having Balls!

  5. If the players can’t show respect for the American Flag, then I’ve lost respect for them and not watch them. How dare they Coaches play along along with them. Bye bye NFL.

  6. Mr.NFL commissioner there is a section in the players regs. That makes it mandatory for the players to stand for the national anthem.enforce it or quit. The nfl is about to collapse.

  7. For years I was a Buffalo fan until Sunday Sept 24. When the Bills showed took a knee during the National Anthem> Turned off, and Cancelled the Sunday Ticket. As a vet of Korean War I will not watch another N F L game or support their sponsor’s of N F L games

  8. They forget and disrespect the memory of one of their own who left the NFL and joined the military some ten years ago. He went over to the sandbox and lost his life in combat.

  9. love to see a total figure of the salarys of all the black oppressed players in the nfl and nba . of course their money comes from the white people that pay for the tickets and buy from the sponsors, then toss in the taxpayers that pay billions for the stadiums

  10. The NFL has shot itself in the foot……and now will have to go begging for money from Uncle Sam…AGAIN. So never again will I view or listen to a NFL game… NEVER.

  11. High football on Friday or Saturday is still good; they don’t get paid, it is love of the sport, school and community. High salaries, lucrative advertising, no performance standard and getting a lot of money for not performing is ruining a great sport. The owners don’t give back and in fact take our money to even build the stadiums they tell you and I and our representatives that we need!!! Young people have no real role models here; end zone dances are ridiculous, and each catch, touchdown and big run is celebrated as if the super bowl win!!! Fines mean nothing if any collected: we don’t know.
    Poor performance is followed by excuse after excuse, year after year:NFL Welfare. Time for change, and disrespecting your country’s veterans and country is high on the list Not To Do!

  12. According to US code 301 What to do when the national anthem plays. Individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem until last note.Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are not in uniform may render the military salute in a manner provided for individuals in uniform . All others present should face flag and stand at attention with the right hand over heart. Men not in uniform should remove their headress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder and hand being over the heart. When the flag is not displayed all present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed .
    Now to all the idiots out there that don’t want to do this. stay home lay on your couch and sucked on your beer you fat asses!

  13. these players should be ashamed of them selves they are lucky they live in the greatest country in the world. they make millions playing a is dividing the country.shame on them

    • Professional Bowling can be seen as a parralel. Both men PBA and women PWBA once were enviable and featured prominently on TV. Partially due to similar arrogant behavior, sponsors were lost and now bowling is rarely seen on most TV markets. Women bowlers have had to compete against men and other than a few select “stars” participants seem limited. I would guess there is also a tremendous loss of revenue. BOO HOO

  14. I was a Steeler fan since 1966, no more. My going to one game a year is not going to break the NFL bank by not going. They better do something quick or no more NFL. Their lots of fans like myself that are fed up. Goodell will break the NFL.

    • got you beat sad to say I was a 49er fan since 1948, yeah I am an oldy but goody!!! and now I plan on watching roller derby, those gals though amateurs can really kick butt!!!

    • My wife Steelers fan also but refuses to watch. Me I’m for the patriots but no more they want to kneel it’s their right but it’s also the right if people not to watch!!
      Show Respect for this country where to make millions you assholes! Don’t use my time with your thoughts of world policy.

  15. GOOD BYE NFL and NBA both these organizations should be sunk to HELL!!! America needs neither one, they service no purpose but to make millionaires out of uneducated blacks with little or no education, who now want Americans to denounce their president as they don’t like Trump, They love Obama who used to stand and chant with that despicable thing he called a wife “WE HATE WHITE PEOPLE”” !!! Yes, the NFL and NBA did not complain when Obama created a terrorist organization called Black Lives Matter(BLM) to go out and kill police officers at their choosing just murder them, like happened in Dallas where an Obama savage BLM murderer when out and killed cops!!! Yes, Obama has set America back 50 or more years preaching his hatred of police and white people, yes, the Kenyan has delivered America backwards in to the old days of racial discrimination!!!Yes, Hate was Obama’s special;ity and we are now seeing some blacks are buying in to it!!!! an example is colin Kaepernick who spread hatred toward the American flag and Americabn justice since becoming an Islamic muslim a true hate filled dirt bag, just like Obama a terrorist and member of the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization!!!!Why doesn’t colin go join ISIS he could really execise his HATRED at the WORLD, this Obama created organization which was organized and put in to business by Obama and financed by the FAke Leader from Kenya who needs to be imprisoned NOW!!! Where was the NFL and NBA when Obama released 160 radicalized Islamic muslim terrorists in to the world to go out and murder infidels? These organization didn’t give a shit as they were in Obama’s camp. they love this despicable, evil, vile hate spreading savage!!!! Yes, they did not complain as they admire Obama and the hate he spread in sending America in to a tail spin back to the days of racial discrimination with the help of Sharpton , Obama wanted to start race wars, which Sharpton through race baiting did start riots in Baltimore yes, Obama and Sharpton thought they were on their way to racial unstability in America!!! where were the NFL and NBA disapproving of this ?? they didn’t give a shit!! Yes, now they are interested in politics as they like Obama are filled with HATE toward our President Trump, yes, they are despicable and evil, of their own chosing and following their former masta way Obama’s hatred ways!!!


  16. The difference is This Commander In Chief Takes His Oath of Office seriously. ALL Military Swear an OATH TO “PRESERVE AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES FROM ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC ” OBAMA had to repeat his 4x it does not say except football players???

  17. Dear NFL, Did we abandon you. When you had players that beat their wives or girlfriends? That were arrested for selling
    illegal drugs? Or even after a player murdered someone. NO. Because a persons action, is his alone. Get upset with the
    person, NOT a nation or someone profession.

  18. I consider the NFL spoiled Brats a bunch (a least a large portion of them) who want fame and money at the expense of hard working, hard fighting (Military) personal. So NO, NO and NO NFL watching are over.

  19. Although I never cared for the sport, I do respect those that do. And with that comes unity in how they feel. These spoiled brat millionaires will never be content, no matter how much money or fame they have, and have shown the world just what stuff they are made of. And it is not good stuff.

  20. I played football and I will tell you right now that the NFL is wrong and I am very disappointed in the players that are participating in this useless and wrong so called protest. In the long run the players and owners are going to regret what they are doing. I will no longer have any connection with the NFL. I would think that these so called athletes had more sense than this.

  21. Dear NFL you were once a great institution, today not so much…
    BTW: I’ll be sitting the seasons out until you decide who’s side you’re on, and deal appropriately with these pampered, overpaid, arrogant, snowflake fools. The owners seem no better either!

  22. The Flag of Freedom, that freedom paid in blood even when Southern Democrats fought under a different flag for slavery,Jim Crow and segregation, still flies for free speech and the NFL and NBA, including Magic Johnson, are exercising that freedom. Even the fascist that call themselves antifa and use fascist violence have that freedom. The same freedom is also displayed by others during the National Anthem paying respect for those who died. The freedom of wallet and feet is also being displayed. Unity is an individual choice.

  23. With all due respect,the underlying problem we have in today’s world is that the love of sports has become an obsession. It has become the new religion of our post-Christian Nation. It is a sickness and maybe this protest will lead a way to the cure.

    • The cure is to abandon football as a seasonal favorite sport. (I have always preferred hockey anyway) If these overpayed jockstraps want to join the overpayed Hollywood elite in their near universal condemnation of this great land, my advice would be: don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

      • Too late for that advice they have already bitten that hand and now they will see what it gets them. I have read a lot of message boards in the last 4 days – and if what I have been reading is truly how people feel and they intend to stick to what the said the NFL has an awful lot to worry about. The irony is – like you said the people who have the jobs that most people fantasize about having – seem to feel obligated to trash the very country that provided them with their luxurious lifestyles. Mistreated my ass they are nothing more than – elitist – entitlement – spoiled brats and it has been duly noted by the American people.

      • that is what is wrong with the National Felons League, they are biting the hand that feeds them and have not figured it out yet, because this is a racist rant by ignorant people who have had or are having brain damage!!!

      • You are Right On!!! These Treasonous IDIOTS had better learn that FAST,or Real Americans will continue OUR BOYCOTT costing them MILLIONS. Once LOST they won’t be back,i know as a VET I WILL NEVER FORGET THEM SPITTING ON OUR HEROES GRAVES,,NEVER!!!!

    • I agree with you–The sickness never touched me, I left sports behind when I graduated because I had more important things to do in life

      • Linda, why give it a year? This is going to get worse, not better.
        DONT give the NFL any glimmer that you’ll watch again.
        Already a filthy rich that sucks its fans dry. Go to a game and you’ve spent a weeks pay. Look at the prices they charge for food and drink while we pay for all the stadiums. And buying hats, jerzees, etc., is all way OVER PRICED.
        GREED IS SIN!!

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