Americans just got some bad news about Chuck Schumer eliminating the filibuster

Democrats are threatening to trigger the nuclear option and cement their power in Washington, D.C.

Just one vote is standing in their way.

But Americans just got terrible news about Chuck Schumer eliminating the filibuster.

Democrats are trying to pass a controversial bill through the U.S. Senate that Republicans argue is an open invitation for fraud and a direct attack on democracy.

The only thing standing in their way of imposing nation-wide vote by mail, gutting voter ID laws, and allowing for dangerous ballot harvesting is West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin claiming he will never vote to end the filibuster.

But Democrats think they can pressure Manchin into folding and eliminating the 60 vote threshold to end debate by framing the filibuster as racist and filling his head with tales about how powerful he will be.

Axios reports:

Some Democrats believe that by making this about Manchin’s legacy — Does he want to stand in the way of major voting-rights legislation? — they can overcome his entrenched opposition.

Manchin would be more powerful if Democrats got rid of the filibuster. You’d need 50 votes — he would get to decide everything. With 60, the current threshold for most legislation, he’s less powerful.

Manchin’s word isn’t worth very much.

The West Virginia Democrat claimed he wouldn’t vote for the blue state bailout bill unless it was bipartisan, but ended up marching along with the rest of his party to vote for a two trillion dollar boondoggle.

Similarly, Manchin once claimed to be pro-gun, but worked with Barack Obama on a failed attempt to ram a national gun registration database scheme through Congress.

Democrats understand that Manchin can be flipped on a dime and they are already laying the groundwork to pressure him into caving on the filibuster and handing Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden unlimited power in Washington, D.C.

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