Americans just sent Michelle Obama a stunning message

Michelle Obama’s legacy as First Lady was her government mandated health lunch program.

She believed the government could micromanage the school lunch program.

But now that she is out of office America’s children are sending a startling message to the former First Lady.



  1. My son-in-law was just telling me the story of a woman in Canada who sends her children to school with brown-bag lunches, complete with a varied nutritionally-rich meal ~ sandwiches, I imagine, 2 fruits, etc. She posted on FB a picture of a letter she received from the school one day telling her that, since she only supplied them with ONE grain serving, they were each given crackers. If she did not start giving them TWO servings of grains every day, she would be FINED. Unbelievable…..!!!
    And THIS is what we have come to here in the USA as well…the federal gov’t. regulating our every PRIVATE move.
    I, for one, am SOOOOO happy that the obumas are GONE!!! (misspell intentional)

    • Amen to that. Until the power goes back to the people via states rights, this nightmare of government control continue. Problem is who are the politicians with the will to run on this platform. Our senators and congressmen on both sides of the aisle are backing the swamp. It’s never been about the people, only enriching themselves. What politician going into office doesn’t come out 100 times wealthier than when they went in. You will not find many if any who are Nou multi millionaires . Most all of them should be in jail as a result of how they attained that wealth. Through lobbyists, pay to play(hildabeast, Pelosi). Does anyone believe a moron like Maxine Waters could make it anywhere except congress. She is dumber than a bag of rocks and has done nothing for her district while enriching herself. Lock them up. Show thenoeipke that the law applies equally no matter You status in life.

  2. Government “overreach” IS one of the biggest problems facing us today and the agency that overreaches the furthest is most definitely the FDA. It’s been reported that they are now looking into dog food. Isn’t that something that the Dept. of Agriculture should be looking into rather than the FDA. This agency has no second thoughts about totally ignoring scientific facts and basing their conclusions on their own personal and moral ideas. They are stripping us of our rights and forcing manufacturing industries in many different sectors to spend outrageous sums of money to conduct testing on the products they make and submit the results to the FDA for THEIR APPROVAL which comes with no guarantees and will most likely be disapproved. The FDA feels they have the right to come into our homes and dictate to us what, when, and how we can or cannot use products we choose to use. President Trump should begin scaling back the authority that the FDA believes they have.

  3. Wow! I wonder if they had to do a government funded study before coming to the conclusion that kids like REAL FOODS THAT TASTE GOOD and NOT “nuts and twigs”. The Middle School I teach at added an extra trash barrel after the former first KOW’S “healthy” lunch mandate. The kids threw more food away than they were eating. By the way, for all you “brown baggers” out there, did you know by law the principal is supposed to “check” those lunches for “healthy” food? Check that out for yourselves and then demand that practice come to a screaming halt.

    • As far as she was concerned she was Queen Michelle Obama and her hubby was LORD OBAMA. They found out they were BOTH wrong when WE the PEOPLE voted TRUMP in as President and NOT Hildabeast. Now they and the DEMS and MEDIA are having hissy fits and have NO class and won’t back the person who WE the PEOPLE elected. The ydo NOT want to see that OUR President has done MORE for our country in almost 3 months than Obama did in 8 years.

  4. So many children said the food she forced them to eat was ‘NASTY’and tasted terrible. How come HER children were not forced to eat that way in there PRIVATE schools? I was told that We were happy with the food we got until she she changed everything. We are so VERY happy she is out of our world!!

    • She and her Muslim loving husband should. Oth take a flying leap and leave alone…8 Years was more than enough

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