America’s gun-grabbers were just aided in their efforts by this major bank

Liberals will stop at nothing in their efforts to ban guns.

And with the backing of Billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, their efforts are well financed.

Now things have taken a turn for the worse for gun owners as America’s second largest bank made a shocking announcement that could bankrupt gun manufacturers.

Bank of America declared they will no longer loan money to companies that make “military-style” weapons.

The Washington Times reports:

The second-biggest U.S. bank announced Tuesday that it would drop current loan-customers Vista Outdoors, Remington and Sturm Ruger, and blackball any other manufacturer of assault weapons.

Bank of America Vice Chairman Anne Finucanetold Bloomberg TV on Tuesday her bank has told those companies “it’s not our intent to underwrite or finance military-style firearms.”

“We have had intense conversations over the last few months,” Ms. Finucane told Bloomberg, a network founded by tycoon and gun-control-financier Michael R. Bloomberg. “And it’s our intention not to finance these military-style firearms for civilian use.”
When asked whether Bank of America would also boycott retailers who sell such weapons, Ms. Finucane parried the question and didn’t rule it out.

“That’s a good public dialogue, but that’s a ways off,” she said.

Vista Outdoors also makes popular outdoor products such as CamelBak, Camp Chef, and Bushnell.

When outdoor outfitter REI announced they would discontinue selling Vista products because they own Savage Arms (which manufactures six models of AR-style rifles), Outdoor Life was quick to point out the unintended ramifications of such an act.

Of all the companies Vista owns, none contribute more money to habitat, wildlife, and public land than its firearm and ammo makers. This funding comes through the Pittman-Robertson Act, which puts an 11 percent excise tax on manufacturers of guns (including ARs), ammunition, and archery equipment.
Hikers, birdwatchers, and cyclists who enjoy public lands benefit directly from ammunition and firearm sales (including AR-style rifle sales). And, Pittman-Robertson funds are apportioned through a formula that accounts for hunting-license sales numbers. So the more hunters you have in your state, the more Pittman-Robertson funding your state receives.
There is no equivalent excise tax on climbing gear, mountain bikes, hiking packs, or tents. In fact, the Outdoor Industry Association, which represents outdoor gear makers, opposes such a tax (the idea is commonly referred to as the “backpack tax”).

So while the liberal gun-grabbers continue in their march to repeal the Second Amendment, they may be unwittingly defunding “the nation’s oldest and most successful wildlife restoration program,” according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Be sure to throw that factoid out the next time one of your liberal friends or family members talks about how terrible firearms manufacturers and gun owners are.


  1. I have a Bass Pro Shops card – but it is issued thru B of A. I will be closing this account and I would hope that Bass Pro Shops will take their card customers elsewhere.

  2. BofA should return to it’s original name (Bank of Italy) and get the Hell out of this country! I stopped using Them back in the early 90s after I was ripped off by a teller when I made a cash deposit, and couldn’t find my deposit receipt 3 days later when I noticed 1000 was credited as 100. The receipt had the correct amount printed on it. BofA has the worst customer service in the banking industry!

  3. I believe all of the “national banks” (large name brand ones) are anti gun.
    you might find a local that is okay with it.

  4. Rick, I have a checking and savings account with them so we’re in good company provided you are talking about the one headquartered in Ohio. Relative works for them at the main bank. 🙂

  5. I have news for these gun grabbing democRATS, there will be war with the American people if they try to confiscate our guns AND THEY KNOW IT!It isn’t going to happen!Seccesion sounds great!

  6. Closing a bank account is one thing, and is or might be a valid exercise, particularly if the bank is notified s to why the loss of business. Canceling a credit card or cards can have down stream effects, why not simply quit using the card or cards issued by offending parties. Let them ponder the why’s of loss of business. Should they inquire, you can always tell them.

  7. What might be done is the following.Look into moving your mortgage to some other institution, if possible. Other than that,do not do any business, credit card or any other kind with that bank, aka Bank of America. You might also notify the bank as to why your business has gone elsewhere. Makes no difference whether or not you are a gun owner.

  8. What might be done is the following.Look into moving your mortgage to some other institution, if possible. Other than that,do not do any business, credit card or any other kind with that bank, aka Bank of America. You might also notify the bank as to why your business has gone elsewhere. Makes no difference whether or not you are a gun owner.

  9. That’s just plain old discrimination. This is what the Democrats are always throwing up in everyone’s face. Well if the government can charge me with discrimination they better charge Bank of America nd all the rest.

  10. Walmart, kmart, Dick’s does not sell semi-auto rifles. Sprouts, Costco and target do not allow open or concealed carry even in states like Arizona, Texas, and new Mexico where open and concealed carry are legal

  11. B of A
    Dick’s sporting goods
    And any other business that does not sell guns based on misinformation or does not allow you to carry in their estaishments should not be supported by anyone..if you do business with these places then you hate America and should leave

  12. It would not be surprising to find that the bank’s people and Bloomberg’s people got together and agreed that he would compensate B of A for all or a very significant part of any deposit losses B of A will experience because of this. B of A is not likely to be doing this solely on some “ethical principle”, otherwise they would have done it long ago.

  13. Try A X-press. Waay Better in ‘rebate %’. Check it out, there is a CC that suits your needs.

  14. I kinda did that several yrs ago. (20 yrs in,) only minor now.
    Went to A X-press – Waay better CC.

  15. Uh-oh. Now BoA. Look at All of what Vista 0utdoors is involved in.
    Many X-treme Leftists Seem to be Totally Unaware of all the Citizenry between Ca.& NYC.

  16. oop we can get this posted to facebook. I didn’t see it at first. anyway hey conservative let’s smarten up. First No more doing buss. with BoA…when you close your acct. credit cards etc…be sure to tell them why! Second, spread this info around. Let’s do the best we can and then pray for our country.

  17. good point. can banks just discriminate like this? seems wrong, but, hey it’s a liberal backed idea.

  18. Anything associated with Bloomberg isn’t worthy of doing business with. Where are the banking authorities when it is time to step in and prevent discrimination. Why can’t liberals just choke on their tongues.

  19. trying to find another article on this far left commie leaning banks move against the 2nd amendment so I could post to facebook. if we all keep spreading the word and posting articles to social media sites maybe folks will stop using BoA and they’ll get the idea fast. I plan to close my acct. credit cards with them immediately.

  20. I agree completely. Sure wish I could share this article on Facebook. I plan to close both of my BoA credit cards down!

  21. I have never done business with the Bank of America. They make more mistakes that I have heard from other people who do business with them. THey are a dumb stupid bank who really do not care about their customers. I would never ever do business with them. we have been with Wells Fargo since 1984 and have never had a problem with them, and they are not against guns.

  22. Better idea. If you have a mortgage, just stop paying it to B of A. That should show them. (sarcasm)

  23. I sure wish I were a big and very valuable customer of B of A — so I could move my business to a competitor and let them know why.

  24. Always someone else? If it’s that important to you, spend a little of your own money and do it yourself. Easy to say someone else should do it when you don’t have the balls to do it yourself. SAD

  25. That would mean he’d have to lead by example, something the left-leaning-loonies never do. And this guy wanted to be president!

  26. Time for the former Bank of Italy to change it’s name again to something like: Bank of the N.W.O.

  27. Looks like now is the time for freedom-loving Americans to stop enabling/financing institutions like BoA who are apparently bent on disarming law-abiding citizens.


  29. I wonder as to how many gun owners have accounts or any sort of business with B of A,and how many of these law abiding people will cease doing business with the bank? This might be a wonderful opportunity for gun owners to draw that often spoken of Line In The Sand, which I would think that the bank’s management has now crossed.

  30. That rumble you heard possibly felt was Mr. Giannini turning over in his grave. Oh by the way, would “military style rifles” include bolt action rifles, which as recently as The Second World War were issued to U.S. soldiers?

  31. It’s time to tell Bank of America and REI where to go. We must stop these people from undermining the nations conservation projects. First of all, if you currently have an account with B of A, move your account to another bank. If enough people will do this we can drive B of A out of business. Second, stop buying from REI and any other business that is anti-gun.

  32. Had an account with B of A long time ago. In Navy, just making it payday to payday. Could NOT use anything on payday, B of A would NOT count my check until closing time. Any checks, or cash taken out on payday had a over draft fee on each one.

  33. Well well a communist bank has reared it’s ugly head. Millions of Americans will be closing their accounts and I believe BOA will rue the day they made this stupid decision.

  34. I agree, Sheldon, but they could care LESS! They are entrenched with the Liberal Establishment. Actually, they ARE the Establishment!

  35. This might be the most short-sighted decision in the history of banking, and it’s acutely obvious that Ms. Finucane is profoundly ignorant about the inherent nature of the firearm-style she obviously disdains. She states: “And it’s our intention not to finance these military-style firearms for civilian use.”

    These legal, “scary looking” rifles that just LOOK similar to their military cousins operate exactly like every other SEMI-automatic rifle, SEMI-automatic pistol or SEMI-automatic shotgun…one trigger pull fires only one round.

    We can only hope that the consequences of this bank officer’s decision include an exodus of customers that results in a significant financial downturn for BoA, a shareholder revolt, and her subsequent termination.

  36. So who needs Bank of America – the biggest scam bank out there. Obama subsidized them big time after the financial crash. The bank should have closed its doors then. I haven’t banked with that particular bank since the early 70’s & would never consider it again. The big banks rob the customers – I only use small regional banks now & so do a lot of other people so I’m sure financing can come from some other bank/financial company.

  37. This makes one more reason justifying why I have no use for BofA. They suck at the top of the management list and their branches are staffed with a bunch of incompetents. They take advantage of uninformed customers of which I am not one. Imagine, I had to tell a branch manager how to properly close out a Home Equity loan payoff.

  38. It’s time to turn up the heat on corporations that want to control our lives in the pursuit of a constitutionally held right. If they wanted to save lives why don’t they deny loans to anyone that has anything to do with Planned Parenthood. Every gun owner and defender of the Second Amendment should close any account with Bank America. The only thing these people understand is the bottom line. Let them answer to their shareholders and if you are a shareholder be sure to let them know you are not happy with this decision.

  39. Not a member of Bank of America. Tell Michael Bloomberg to please walk the talk by disarming his bodyguards. Thank you.

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