An announcement about the spread of the coronavirus has all breaking loose

The stock market plunged as Americans nervously braced for the worst about the mysterious coronavirus.

On Wednesday night those worst fears may have come true.

And one announcement about the spread of the coronavirus has all breaking loose.

The Center for Disease Control released a statement on Wednesday that a California patient became the 60th confirmed Coronavirus case in America.

But what startled Americans – and caused another 400 point drop in projected opening for Thursday’s stock market – was the announcement that it was unknown how the individual contracted the virus.

A Center for Disease Control (CDC) statement indicated this could be the first case of “community spread” within the United States.

“At this time, the patient’s exposure is unknown. It’s possible this could be an instance of community spread of COVID-19, which would be the first time this has happened in the United States. Community spread means spread of an illness for which the source of infection is unknown. It’s also possible, however, that the patient may have been exposed to a returned traveler who was infected,” the CDC statement read.

Community spread means the disease will spread in areas of America like it has in Italy and China.

Despite this news, medical professionals still reassure Americans that the risk of them catching the disease is still very low.

And the federal government does have plans to deal with influenza outbreaks – which offer similar guidance to how to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The Fake News Media is trying to whip up a climate of fear surrounding the virus to hurt the President ahead of 2020 election.

This news of possible community spread will only add ammunition to the President’s enemies in the media to claim this is Trump’s “Hurricane Katrina.”

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The fact that the “simpletons”, in the MSM and the DNC and affiliated bodies, have nothing better to do, and have had nothing better to do for the past four years except malign and blame everything…including their ineptitude over the past forty + years…on Donald J. Trump one would think would have raised questions among the “proletariate” as to their “abilities” to commentate or govern. Sadly this apparently is not to be !!!

  2. Maybe China wants to kill some of their population. Since they took so long to start on a vaccine. It should have be started in Jan. Trump offered help on Feb 2 but China was being assholes. They should be paying for the loss to the us for their careless actions.

  3. Dumpacraps WANT the Virus to Spread through America. They even brought infected people here without informing the president ,so he would not know to quarantine them. This is their next big Trick to take him down. Hopefully some of them catch the virus so they will quit the Attack on our president.

  4. I think we need to send the democrat leaders on a junket to China to study how many cases there really and how it spreads.

  5. Trump has proven his compassionate leadership. Let him continue to provide his commonsensical acumen to limiting coronavirus.

    It would behoove all U.S. suppliers and transportation with China affiliations to stop now. Greed motivates the unscrupulous who would continue to transport and market goods from China.

    Partisan politics accusing Trump of inaction is absurd. This is the time for our nation to unite, hunker down, and, take care of each other.


  6. Dan, Tjok you are right about this Corona virus being a GMO. Have seen at least one in the last few weeks stating it came out of a lab at a British Institute that has a patent on it. It also said tht institute is largely funded by Bill Gates & wife. Those who haven’t seen the lectre Bill Gates gave on TED advocating the use of vaccines to decrease the population need to see if you can pull it up & view it.
    BTW – one cannot patent a natural growing organism unless they mutate it. If that English institute has a patent, they must have mutated the original viral organism with another. That should tell everyone that it has been GMO’d into a biological WMD by someone. Anyone else read the article on our own government having a patent on the ebola virus? Not sure if that patent was acquired under GWB or Barack Hussein Obama – but think it was under Obama. Prior to that pateht the ebola was not airborne. Been awhile since I read that but think it was a lab in Virginia who was doing a study on rhesus monkeys when it became airborne.

  7. To Dave in Houston: that’s why I’d like to see that plan the White House has. Who TF thought it was a good idea to fly infected people into a military base WITHOUT INFECTION CONTROLS in place? That to me is far scarier than wondering how 1 person in a densely populated and highly mobile part of the country got exposed.

  8. China created and then let loose this virus just to help Democrats in November and also to bottom out our Stock Markets to give them leverage to recall their billions in American loans.I say tell them to pound sand and let’s keep our billions.

  9. You SAY the federal government has plans, but where can we find those plans? Mike Pence had a plan for HIV just a few miles away from me in Harrison county, Indiana.
    Big fail, so treat me like I’m from Missouri and SHOW ME.

  10. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. The powers have been experimenting with biological warfare for many years and it was just a matter of time before it got away and out of control. Remember the movie The Stand? It was a prophetic look into our future that appears to be on the immediate horizon.

  11. Have COVID – 19 visit all Democrats because they so stupid, they used this manner and try to attacks President. Horrible

  12. The evil immoral Demorats will do anything to get rid of President Trump. They are using the Coronavirus to help create a panic that will tank the stock markets and prove the incompetence of the administration in dealing with this virus and our economic. Shame on them. I hope that this new virus will not cause havoc in our country.

  13. ok I’m putting on my tin foil hat. This virus was planned. I believe that the commiecrats conspired with China to infect America. Their mission? Take down Trump at any cost. I’m not kidding.

  14. Dave you are right, the news now spreads alot of news just to get people in a panic, we are going to be just fine, it is terible that they do this but it is the new norm for them.

  15. this is chickensh*t journalism. They are conveniently and purposefully leaving out that the person who got the virus was at an air force base through which people who were positive were flown into. The media is weaponizing the virus for viewership and to continue to generate hysteria

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