An eye-popping report showed how one Democrat group saved Gavin Newsom in the California recall

California is a horribly-governed state.

Gavin Newsom recently survived a gubernatorial recall despite California’s death spiral.

And an eye-popping report showed how one Democrat group saved Gavin Newsom in the California recall.

Joe Biden and Democrats are newly emboldened after Gavin Newsom recently survived a gubernatorial recall election in California.

Democrats love waste, fraud, and the abuse of government power.

California is the poster child for all of that.

Despite the fact that Democrats have a two-to-one advantage in California, many were hopeful Republicans would replace Gavin Newsom with a Republican Larry Elder.

But Democrats were confident that wouldn’t happen because Republicans lost one key group long ago in California.

An eye-popping new reporting revealed the who, why and how Democrats completely dominate statewide elections in California.

From City Journal:

“While Golden State students suffer academically, their teachers do quite well for themselves. The latest data show that the average K-12 educator hauls in $84,531 a year. But as Just Facts reveals, that amount does not include ‘unfunded pension liabilities and non-pension post-employment benefits like health insurance.’ Adjusted to include costs, the average California teacher’s total compensation is almost $127,000 per annum.”

Despite ranking near the bottom across the board in public school performance, California teachers are raking in the dough.

California teachers unions comprise an army of Democrat foot-soldiers who the left can count on to mobilize for elections and who are literally training and indoctrinating new generations of socialists.

It’s no wonder, Newsom proposed a new public school budget that will add $15 billion, which will assuredly go to teacher raises that end up in the unions’ coffers in the form of dues.

Of course teacher union bosses and public school officials constantly claim schools are underfunded.

There’s never a clear funding target; the answer is always simply “more.”

California ranks 19th in funding per pupil at just under $16,000.

City Journal continued:

“It’s worth noting that full-time public school teachers work an average of 1,490 hours per year, including time spent on lesson planning and grading, while private-sector employees work an average of 2,045 hours per year, or about 37 percent more. Nevertheless, local teachers’ unions eager for a share of the new funds will likely demand hefty raises for their members.”

As public school funding and teacher salaries have increased, the quality of the education has decreased.

One of the reasons for that is their failures to teach kids basic math and reasoning helps bureaucrats get away with fleecing the public.

Instead they inject “wokeness” into the curriculum and schools are more focused on spreading Marxist critical race theory and so-called “anti-racist” ideology than teaching kids arithmetic.

It’s a vicious cycle more and more Americans are waking up to.

As public schools decay, homeschooling and charter schools are gaining more momentum than ever as increasing numbers of parents begin to seriously consider getting their kids out of government indoctrination mills.

Nevertheless, after seeing Gavin Newsom’s recall win, national Democrats are doubling down on his strategy with a $3.5 trillion socialist welfare spending bill that is chock full of Green New Deal “wokeness” and handouts to teachers unions.

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