Brett Kavanaugh just played this surprising role in the 2020 Election

Democrats are still seething with rage over Republicans confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

That defeat sent the Left on a crusade for revenge.

And Democrats’ anger only got worse when Brett Kavanaugh stepped into this surprising role in the 2020 Election.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the current flavor of the month in the Democrat Presidential primary.

Buttigieg surged to the lead in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire.

But now that he is a frontrunner Buttigieg is under a microscope and liberals are scrutinizing him for any hint of impurity.

Because of that pressure, Buttigieg’s campaign returned donations from two lawyers that traditionally donated to Democrats because they represented Brett Kavanaugh.

The Daily Wire reports:

Alexandra Walsh and Beth Wilkinson, who are partners at the firm Wilkinson Walsh Eskovitz, donated $7,200 and $2,800, respectively, to Buttigieg’s campaign. That fact was brought to light after the Guardian inquired about the donations, as The Washington Examiner reported. The Eaxminer also noted that Buttigieg’s campaign noted it had returned $3,150 of Walsh’s donation because it exceeded limits.

Buttigieg’s campaign released a statement reading, “With nearly 700,000 donors, a contribution we would otherwise refuse sometimes gets through. We believe the women who have courageously spoken out about Brett Kavanaugh’s assault and misconduct, and we thank the Guardian for bringing this contribution to our attention.” A campaign spokesperson asserted, “[Kavanaugh] should have never been put on the Supreme Court, and this campaign will not accept donations from those who played a role in making that happen. Accordingly, we will be returning this contribution and others from this firm.”

The Examiner pointed out that both attorneys have donated to Democrats before; Wilkinson giving $1,000 to Sen. Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign, $2,800 to Sen. Michael Bennet, and $2,800 to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Democrats are still furious that the smear campaign led by Christine Blasey Ford and her hoax allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh failed.

It’s an article of faith among Democrat that the absurd allegations were somehow true.

So to get ahead of this story, Buttigieg and his campaign returned the donations from Walsh and Wilkinson.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Only one of those designations even applies to a majority of Muslims. The radical Islamic extremists, however, may expect “true Muslims” to wage war on the United States, until such time as the States are Islamified.

  2. What’s really funny is how the demoncrates continue to make the media look like fool’s with their moronic comments all the same slander. A can of worms come to mind , their all ensnared in the game! Hook line and sinker ! Meanwhile Trump continues to make America great again.

  3. Why would anybody who believes in the Christ support any candidate whose policies, proposed policies or policy agendas explicitly go against the Christ? Unless blindly partisan, that person would always be put in the position of voting in Democratic Party primaries only to wind up voting for the candidates on the Republican Party ticket, or nobody at all, in the general elections, perhaps writing in Jesus’s name as a last resort.

  4. Trump has kept many promises. His wall with Mexico is already over halfway completed.
    He promised to put more conservative judges in the Federal circuit courts. He’s far surpassed Obama already with his appointment of judges.
    Trump has put more people back to work in 1 year, than Obama did in 8 years. Remember the statement from Obama, “those jobs aren’t coming back”. Well Trump has been deregulation and reducing tax burden. Because of his agenda, he’s got more companies coming back to America. He’s putting more people to work. Now has a higher approval rating than Bathhouse Barry did at this point in his term.
    Our POTUS is getting better all the time. He’s had more adversity than any other President, but has accomplished more in 3 years, than any predecessor has done in 8 years. After 4 more years, we should see how Trump has drained the swamp. He’s going to show the corruption that the American people have been putting up with for decades. Not just from the Democraps, but the Republicans as well. Go Trump 💪 2020!!!

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