Andrew Cuomo faced one call for impeachment after this decision blew up in his face

Fake news reporters hailed New York’s Democrat Governor as the model for how a chief executive should handle the coronavirus outbreak.

But that veneer is quickly collapsing.

And Andrew Cuomo faced one call for impeachment after this decision blew up in his face.

New York has seen the second most coronavirus infections in the United States and the most deaths.

In fact, New York’s 32,000 deaths would be the sixth most in the world if New York was its own country.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul blasted Cuomo for his disastrous coronavirus outbreak policies including a fatal March 25 order forcing nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients.

“I see a mountain of people who died, particularly, in the nursing homes,” Senator Paul told the Fox News “Rundown” podcast.

Over 6,000 New Yorkers died in nursing homes because of Cuomo’s order.

Nearly half the coronavirus deaths in the entire United States have come in nursing homes due to the fact that Cuomo – and other mainly Democrat Governors – signed orders early on in the outbreak mandating nursing homes in their states take in coronavirus patients.

Rand Paul told Fox News that Cuomo’s catastrophic decision led to so much death that Cuomo should face impeachment for his incompetence.

“I think that many of the things we have done have not worked, and the people we are lauding are people who actually made catastrophic decisions. I think Gov. Cuomo should be impeached for what he did, for the disastrous decision he made to send patients with coronavirus back to nursing homes, and virtually half his people who died were in the nursing homes, same with New Jersey. So, terrible public health policy decisions were made, and I think, in the end, none of these policies have probably been good for our economy or actually good in containing the virus,” Senator Paul concluded.

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