Andrew Cuomo got caught in one giant lie that spells big trouble for Democrats

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a growing crisis on his hands.

And it threatens not just his political standing, but that of the entire party heading into 2020.

That’s because Andrew Cuomo got caught in one giant lie that spells big trouble for Democrats.

In 2019, Andrew Cuomo signed jail break legislation that forced police to immediately release suspects arrested for burglary, second degree manslaughter, negligent homicide, aggravated vehicular homicide, third degree assault, promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child as well as dozens of other offenses.

Cuomo claimed that eliminating the ability of judges to impose cash bail would make a most just New York.

But in the wake of these so-called “reforms” New York is seeing a surge in violent crime during the coronavirus pandemic.

Breitbart reported:

Over the last 28 days, in the middle of the lockdown, murders in New York City have jumped more than 55 percent compared to this same time last year, when there were no lockdown orders in place.

Between April 13 to April 19, murders increased 100 percent compared to the same week last year. From year-to-date, murders are up by 5.7 percent. Likewise, grand larceny auto — a crime that no longer warrants bail in New York — has increased more than 53 percent compared to last year. Specifically, there have been 500 charges for auto theft in the last 28 days. During that same time in 2019, there were 326 charges for auto theft.

Over the last week, grand larceny auto crimes across the city have jumped 50.5 percent and they are up more than 62 percent overall since the year before — the largest spike in crime year-to-date for any major category.

Not only are violent suspects turned loose on the streets, but Cuomo and other governors are emptying prisons of dangerous criminals because jails may develop into coronavirus hotspots.

How both parties proposed managing a pandemic will be a key issue for voters this fall.

Democrats wanting to empty jails of hardened thugs and criminals will not make voters trust them with power.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I have never heard a grown man whine the way this man WHINES. He should be ashamed. What happened to the Harry Truman Democrats – “The Buck Stops Here”?
    I do not recognize what is currently called the Democratic Party.

  2. ThevTeymp pandemic is making people shoot each other while suffering from the virus. This is the morons fault more than the fault of China. How else would you explain why the nation has just under 1/3 of the worlds cases and deaths and they shall continue for another year. It would not be surprising if over 1/3 of the worlds cases and deaths shall occur in USA. Make America die again!

  3. Emptying the prisons and arming the criminals has been crucial to every communist revolution of the past century. That is what Cuomo and the party of recession, repression and rape are aiming at. The felons and gang members will join with millions of mohammedans and mestizos pitchforked into the country during the regime of The Mongrel and The Delaware Dement, and will be the army of occupation that will keep law-abiding citizens locked down permanently if this is not stopped in November.

  4. Now we are still under the seige of the CCP virus pandemic and it would not be Politically Correct to publish the TRUTH. If the House of Reps. or the Bureaucrats in the Dept of Justice and the ‘main stream media” have their way, the U.S. public will never learn the TRUTH ! Why are New York, New Jersey, and nearby states the core of the CCP Virus pandemic with the most deaths, and infections ? The simple truth is that Gov. Cuomo and Major DeBlasio encouraged New Yorkers to go out to restaurants and events and they do not have to “hunker down” as recommended by President Trump’s task force ! What entity failed to follow up on all the passengers that arrived from Italy with the first passenger sickened with the CCP Virus ? Which Governor made it clear that he was looking out for the health of the citizens of his state ? How well did he do ? The U.S. citizens are suffering from a treasonous CABAL for our news coverage that is vicious slanted against the public from knowing the TRUTH.

  5. Hey, The Dems can’t keep locking up members of their party! How will they be able to win the election. Look at the number of people shot in Chicago. 2,962 shot in the “Gun Control Capitol” in 2018. Yet few cases are solved. Guess the “BOSS” in Chicago told the mayor of NYC to “Lighten Up”?

  6. Have always thought Cuomo was a first class snake— A political animal of the worst kind —- when he cleverly lets violent criminals out in a snaky underhanded way these criminals become part of our communities at large which means his own family members could be murder raped or robbed these criminals— Americans we have to decide just what kind of communities we want for our families to live in and me and my house it’s not with murders etc let loose to prey on our communities

  7. Gov. Cuomo (60K vents, a hospital ship and portable hospital units NEVER USED). His Fake news brother (caught in Martha’s Vineyard when he’s supposed to be quarantined in his basement?) and De Blasio telling NY’rs in the middle of MARCH…to keep going out~~ I can’t understand how NY has had such a bad run during this crisis.

  8. Andrew Cuomo needs to held accountable for the crimes the freed felons commit. He also needs to be brought up on charges of negligent homicide for the 2700+ senior citizen deaths that took place when Cuomo forced the rest homes and senior hospitals to take Covid-19 patients when they had no ability to safely care for them and protect their senior patients. He had an empty hospital (3000beds) and an empty Naval Hospital ship the Mercy (1000+ beds) and he refused to use them. He is liable for this crime!

  9. With Joe Boden FADING into MEMORY FREEZE ZONES daily Andrew Ciomo is attempting to try to become the NEWST Nominee with mICHELLY Obama of the FIBAR (D) PARTY but he seems to also experience FOOT IN MOUTH DESEASE

  10. King Cuomo II only cares about power and control. He has armed body guards to protect him from the scum he lets out of jail and the repeat offenders who get a chance for more criminal activity when the judge lets them go with no bail requirements. Most people in NY are brain dead sheeple and give him a 77% approval rating. I wish I had the resources to leave!

  11. The Democratic Party cares nothing about We The People; their only interest is Power, getting it,keeping it, getting more of it and the illusion of protection in order to stay in power. As in Power OVER The People.

  12. Face the facts folks, as an ex-New Yorker I know first hand what a moron you’re dealing with as your governor. Andrew (Asswipe) Cuomo is only interested in becoming President and could care less about the hardships he’s putting the good people of New York through. He has no morals, has the most corrupt legislature in the US, has among the highest taxes in the country and cares more about illegal aliens and criminals than he does about his constituents. He’ll do anything for a vote, no matter how immoral or unconscionable it is. Worthless is among the best words I can use to describe him. Glad I was able to escape from NY!

  13. When are the Democrats such as Schumer Pelosi Omar AOC going to give up their salary to help the people that really need it?
    They don’t seem to have a shortage of ice cream or anything else.

  14. Hey Steve, we all must remember that the Cuomo Brother are cut from the same Democratic cloth. Tell any lie you want and never be held accountable by the MSM. Fredo and Sonny are two of the worst example of pure trash the infected the once great Democratic Party and made it a party of hate and race baiters. Was a Democrat and now a Republican because of people like the Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and Fredo Cuomo.

  15. BJ, Thanks for the responses, they definitely make me laugh! Your insight about our President’s lying is profound. Our President cannot help himself from lying but how do you know to keep up with them all. And I kind of doubt it when you say that President Trump has been forgiven by God because he is a Christian. Do you really believe the President Trump has ‘ever’ admitted he was wrong or that he has sinned? If you can show me any time where he has admitted either one, then I will change my opinion of you and your fellow posters and so-called Christians here! Thank You BJ ! Have A Nice Day!

  16. The people in New York should stage a revolution and put a stop to this stupidity of turning criminals loose. But unfortunately the people there are of the sheeple mentality It’s coming to the point that we are going to have to make the government by the people a reality.

  17. Cuomo knows he can protect the incarcerated felons and not turn them loose. He’s merely playing terrible games for political points and will see his actions result in murder and mayhem..not re-electable

  18. Why are dem states over-reporting CV deaths in their own states-
    They are trying to take advantage of a crisis.
    By overstating their actual situation, the Dem states are building their case for overdemanding resources for their states from the Federal govt, particularly cash, to address their own state’s overdrawn budget issues, including overspending for union demands and their open border, open immigration, and open the jails Marxist agendas… Like Cuomo’s $6.1 bln deficit in NY… and Illinois’ $6 bln budget deficit and a $130 bln pension deficit.
    Potus should quarantine NY,NJ,Penn and Mass. The are responsible for 50.8% of the covid cases in the US and 64.2% of the covid deaths. Open up the other 46 states, but with continued hygiene practices… This covid data comes from Johns Hopkins. This info should be useful in making the re-opening decisions by Potus.
    One thing for sure, the dems will be in full attack mode, whatever decisions Potus makes.

  19. It is hard to imagine any positive outcome to an epidemic that kills our fellow citizens. But, if it exposed the fuzzy thinking or left wing idiots and hastens their departure from office, so be it. Likewise, if it wounds the Chinese Communists Party and accelerates the return of industry to the West in general and the USA in particular…well, that is a good thing too.

  20. Andrew comatose is an idiot that couldn’t run a lemonade stand. and this is the fool they are considering dumping dementia Joe for. he’s worse than joe and he doesn’t have dementia.

  21. ANDREW CUOMO IS NOT STUPID? (I wish it was just that easy). HE KNEW IT WOULD WRECK NEW YORK! … HE IS OUT TO CALL MARSHALL LAW! … ALL DEMOCRATS WET DREAM! In A Democratic Perfect World #1.) Everyone would get a small/tiny itsy/bitsy check! Below POVERTY CHECKS! Then they would make you stay HOME. UNTIL, THEY BROUGHT YOU OUT TO WORK! … On the friggin ROCK PILES! Ask Yourself This? DO I WANT A GREAT BIG GOVERNMENT? TELLING ME WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO EAT? WHAT TO WEAR? THEY CHOOSE YOUR LIVING QUARTERS? … They TAKE TAKE TAKE until there is nothing left of you. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? … This is what is coming baby. (“0” FREEDOM.)

  22. Robert and Larry are you two married to each other? What a couple of misguided queer thinkers. Nothing you say makes any sense. Your favorite celebs must be Jim Parsons and Don Lemon. Nobody pays any attention to what garbage you spew, so don’t even bother to respond, it would be meaningless.

  23. There is another part to that legislation that Cuomo passed: it entitles any person going to trial to receive all the demographics of any person who will be testifying against them. That includes phone numbers, addresses, family members, etc. One witness scheduled to testify against a major drug gang was murdered before the trial. Would you sign up to be a witness under these conditions. This is the same tactic used by the Mafia against potential witnesses, only the Mafia had the decency to leave families out of any violence. Today, in NY, witnesses and their family are at risk of something happening to them before trials start. How are prosecutors supposed to put someone away based on a jury trial, when all of their witnesses run the risk of intimidation from the perps supporters? NY is now scary, because if I had to live there, I would get guns for protection, and I am not a gun carrying person.

  24. Dan Tyree, I agree with you also 100%. The saying is true, no matter what the “Anti-Gun” politicians OR the MSM believe, “If Guns Are Outlawed, ONLY Outlaws WILL Have Guns”! The problem is they are TO STUPID to understand. But when it comes from the mouths of those who have “ARMED SECURITY” 24-7, they could care less about us, so WE HAVE TO PROTECT OURSELVES AND OUR LOVED ONES!!!

  25. Gary, “Escape from New York”! I agree 100%, fence the city off and drop all the criminals in!

  26. Gary the sale of guns has been over the top. And we aren’t buying them to turn them in to the government. People got a wake up call with what happened in Australia and England. There is a movement being formed now to stand against gun confiscation. They will cause violent resistance if they try to take our guns. I’m ok with the “out of my cold dead hands “. I wasn’t born to live forever and I accept death over tyranny. Get with us and stand and fight.

  27. Only 1 name can describe this DUNCE, “FREDO”! Reminds me of his OTHER “FREDO” moment, the “Unsafe Act”!

  28. Robert F…Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. Jesus loves and forgives all who come to Him. Have YOU come to Jesus and repented and accepted Him as your Savior? He forbids your hatred

  29. Frances Garcia, it is very obvious that you have no clue of the truth. sad. But since you can’t stand the truth, then just don’t come here. Just keep believing the sick lies of the dem party without question

  30. Robert F… Pres. Trump has done a lot of good for Christians. Wake up and dare to see the truth that you deny. You attack Pres. Trump, but it does not bother you that Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth and muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House. You speak of God but do not know who He is. Please read the Bible and get educated

  31. Larry, Republicans DO see the light. They know the truth that dems deny. And it is the dems who are not nice. They have only hate and lies, as they have thrown God out and follow satan

  32. To top it all off they want to take away our guns too. That way we can’t protect ourselves leaving the city wide open to the criminals. Why not just move all of the law abiding citizens out and turn the whole city over the the criminals. Put a big wall around it with 50 calibers on top to shoot anyone trying to get out. Just like te movie. I’m for it, with all the high rises it is a perfect environment for these dangerous virus’s anyway.

  33. Cuomo is a failure. He did nothing to prepare his state for something like this even though he was warned years ago. He goes crying to the fed for help when he should have been prepared. And Illinois democrats are trying to get 1 billion extra COVID-19 relief money for their unfunded pension liability. Decades of fiscal mismanagement and corruption from Springfield democrats got Illinois underwater and now democrat are looking to taxpayer of other states to bail them out. Why people keep voting for democrats is beyond my comprehension. You have to be clinically stupid to vote for them.

  34. the Ameriphoibic demonazis release felons to reoffend, cater to illegals who also break the law, and lockdown law abiding citizens. Please remember this in November.

  35. Larry you and Robert are kind? Lol. The party that murders babies. You two should get a room And we don’t need to be nice to you and your antifa thugs. You people are the enemies of America

  36. IDIOT LIBERALS, SO DESPERATE FOR VOTES, RELEASE is another dumb stunt to garner them votes. Also they are hung up on MAYBE & IF, Bloody juviniles.

  37. If they are letting them out of jail. THEN WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE POLICE??? I am guessing he wants to be a sister area of Venezuela or Cuba. I could beleave that one! My question is why don’t they think about what they are doing before acting on it! OH, I FORGOT THAT IS HOW THE DEMS WORK! Me bad.

  38. Robert like a typical evil democrap, twisting everything. Trump was talking about the light that it’s being tested when someone is incubated , the light kills the virus’s and infections. It’s been tested in Oklahoma. Trump is not an eloquent speaker, but We know his best interest is the American citizens

  39. Robert: Thank You kind sir, you give me hope in these tough times that there are good people out there! And to Republicans, you too can see the light and be nice – even President Trump could see the light and be nice, but I doubt it! Be Kind, Be Safe and Have A Nice Day!

  40. The increased crime rate in New York is the result of Gov. Cuomo and de Blasio. Both are crooked SOB’s

  41. Robert…you…like all the other Libtards must be from a country of poor education or your just eliterat your self…I’m sorry but..if you had a true grasp of English…you would of understood what the wonderful president Donald John TRUMP said…go back and LISTEN to what he said…if you have a comprehension problem I’m more than happy to help you with my hard working tax paying dollars that go to people that wish not to work for their own way in life…

  42. Good Lord, how stupid can one person be? Glad I moved out of New York years ago but I still feel for all of you.

  43. bj. God gave us Trump? My God is not that evil. Not sure if Cuomo told a lie here, but if he did, it surprises me that you right wing nutjobs think one lie would sink the ship. If that were the case, Trump would have long ago sunk to the bottom of the sea, since as we all know, from whatever political perspective you come from, that he is the ultimate Liar in Chief. Wake up folks. You are just hurting yourselves. I know you don’t care about the rest of us, but you might think about saving your own skin.

  44. ONLY an IDIOT or a DEMWITT would allow criminals to be released from jail. Did the Governor not learn a thing when Deblasio did the same thing in NYC. Who in the world would want to stay in New York when THIS is THEIR ACTION PLAN to help fix the VIRUS problem. Next will be release those in CRAZY hospitals convicted of murder!

  45. I am glad Americans are starting to see how far left Democrats have become. Running USA Demorats way we are all doomed! This is only a small example – letting criminals out AND wanting to confiscate our guns! Hello America Wake UP – Dems are crazy, evil, lying, hypocritical scum! VOTE THEM OUT so WE THE PEOPLE can get back to MADE IN AMERICA Pride and Freedom

  46. Robert, read your own comments to see childish. You really need to grow up and open your eyes and see the truth that you deny. God gave us Pres. Trump because He knows how evil Hillary is. Trump has done only good for this country. If you hate him so much, you are free to move elsewhere. Please do

  47. Dan,

    Reverting to name calling like our, injecting disinfectant doofus in chief. Sticks and stones, you know? Actually, people like you make me laugh because your thought pattern is so childlike. Kinda like don the con. 🤡

  48. I don’t believe tjese criminals should be released. What is the matter with these Democrats?

  49. Typical Yankees Dan, always wanting to turn someone loose. Naturally in the end it’s gets people killed and takes our country a little further down the toilet every time.

  50. Robert you’re not being sarcastic. You have to have intelligence for that. You’re just being a typical stupid asshole.

  51. I would say send in the National Guard and start shooting those hardened criminals on sight, but the best way to address the problem is shooting and killing the politicians responsible for unleashing them on society.

  52. SO this is news?? That’s what dems do. They lie. They have no morals so it does not matter to them. But it will matter to them very much when they have to stand before Jesus to be judged, as they have thrown Him out

  53. Cuomo is an idiot. It will all come to light. Same goes for deBlasio – who still cannot account for what happened to $900,000,000 of NYC taxpayer money entrusted to him and his wife. IF New Yorkers continue to re-elect this garbage and NOT hold them accountable – they deserve whatever comes

  54. Hey newhon63,

    You mean passing on stuff like injecting disinfectants into your body? There is some great advice from president orange faced fat A$$. 🤣 of course I’m just being sarcastic. 😑

  55. The commiecrats want to release prisoners but don’t want us to protect ourselves from them. Crime rising in New York? You hoodrats come on down south. We have more freedom to shoot your asses.

  56. Not going to go over the same things I do when a Democrat in any position is caught doing or passing anything stupid. All I will say is….

    Nuw Yowykas keep voting them in. Either take it or vote him out. Same with Bill “jackal” Deblowzio.

  57. Any LAW that is ESTABLISHED, it must be OBEYED! There is NO EXCEPTION! Justice sees ONLY WHAT IS JUST! To take advantage of a situation under which to commit CRIME should be doubly punished! The PREMEDITATION to COMMIT that Specific CRIME was fully evident!

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