Andrew Cuomo made a disturbing promise about the coronavirus vaccine

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo oversaw the worst response to the coronavirus pandemic of any elected official in America.

Cuomo keeps compounding his errors.

And Andrew Cuomo made a disturbing promise about the coronavirus vaccine.

Last fall, Governor Cuomo sowed doubt about the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine because he thought it would hurt Donald Trump politically.

Cuomo deliberately spread misinformation for political reasons.

Governor Cuomo is once again stoking vaccine hesitancy by unveiling an Orwellian plan to send agents door-to-door to put Americans in cars and take them to get vaccinated.

One of the top reasons Americans give for not taking the vaccine is that they do not trust the government.

Governor Cuomo announcing the new “mission” was sending teams to knock on doors and try and twist arms to convince New Yorkers to get into a government car to take the vaccine sounds like the type of Big Brother program that is fueling the distrust of government.

Coercive measures are not likely to convince skeptical Americans to get the vaccine.

If Americans look at the vaccine as something being forced upon them they are likely to dig in further and not “get the jab.”

Sending squads door-to-door to compel people to take a vaccine is the worst nightmare for individuals concerned about Big Brother.

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