Andrew Cuomo made one jaw-dropping claim about America and the coronavirus

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke on night one of the Democrat National Convention.

At these events, Americans expect partisan attacks and over the top language.

But things crossed the line when Andrew Cuomo made one jaw-dropping claim about America and the coronavirus.

No Governor in America handled the coronavirus worse than Andrew Cuomo.

An untold number of New Yorkers died because Cuomo mandated nursing homes take in coronavirus patients.

The official tally of 6,000 New Yorkers dead in nursing homes undercounts the true death by thousands because elderly New Yorkers who died in hospitals or at home after contracting the virus in nursing homes are not counted in the official tally as Cuomo tries to cover-up the extent of his disastrous decision.

Despite his historic incompetence leading to disaster, Cuomo used his speaking slot at the Democrat National Convention to attack President Trump’s leadership on the coronavirus.

“COVID is the symptom, not the illness,” Cuomo. “Our nation is in crisis, and in many ways, COVID is just a metaphor.”

Cuomo tried to amplify Joe Biden’s pitch to Americans that Biden can heal the soul of the nation.

“A virus attacks when the body is weak and when it cannot defend itself,” Cuomo added. “Only a strong body can fight off the virus, and America’s divisions have weakened it.”

But then Cuomo outrageously claimed that the federal government response was “dysfunctional and incompetent.”

To make matters worse, Cuomo falsely claimed the coronavirus was the “European virus.”

“The European virus infected the Northeast while the White House was still fixated on China,” Cuomo added. “The virus had been attacking us for months before we even knew it was here.”

The virus did infect America as travelers from Europe entered America.

But it only got to Europe because it originated in China and the Communist Chinese government allowed it to escape its borders through a deliberate series of lies and coordinated misdirection campaigns.

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