Andrew Cuomo may be facing criminal charges after what this Democrat revealed

It’s hitting the fan for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

All the sordid details of his cover-up about the number of deaths in New York nursing homes from the Coronavirus are leaking out and all hell is breaking loose.

And now Andrew Cuomo may be facing criminal charges after what this Democrat revealed.

New York Governor Cuomo held a press event to try and weasel out of criminal charges, impeachment, or calls for his resignation over how he hid the Coronavirus death toll in nursing homes.

Cuomo’s press conference was a complete disaster as Cuomo blamed everyone but himself for nearly 13,000 seniors in nursing homes dying from the Coronavirus after Cuomo mandated long-term care facilities take in Coronavirus patients.

Democrats joined Republicans in calling for investigations and possible criminal charges over Cuomo trying to hide this information from the state legislature and the federal government.

State Assemblyman Ron Kim blasted Cuomo for lying during his press conference when Cuomo said his administration notified the legislature about a Department of Justice investigation into Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes.

“It took us almost two months before the governor decided to change. In fact, a month later, at a press conference, he said he didn’t know about it. He lied. Just like he’s lying right now to today’s press conference about sending notices to the Assembly and Senate that we knew about the Department of Justice investigation. We were not informed, we were not told there was an investigation in August,” Kim told Fox News.

Many Cuomo critics believe his administration obstructed justice and Kim added fuel to that fire, saying that there needed to be a complete investigation by the Department of Justice, the New York Attorney General, or an independent commission to figure out the truth and to determine if any criminal behavior took place.

“If there’s nothing to hide, why didn’t they just hand over the information when we asked for it? The information was available. They could have just disclosed it. But they chose not to. … I do believe we need a thorough investigation, whether that be [an] independent commission or the attorney general or the federal government. And that needs to happen as soon as possible,” Kim concluded.

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