Anthony Fauci’s jaw hit the floor when Democrats gave him this surprising news

Anthony Fauci is trying to keep his fifteen minutes of fame going for as long as he can.

Fauci loves the constant hero worship the corporate-controlled media has lavished on him.

And Anthony Fauci’s jaw hit the floor when Democrats gave him this surprising news.

The tide is starting to turn on restrictions for the pandemic.

Blue states and cities around the country are beginning to lift mask mandates and other restrictions.

Even pro-lockdown and pro-mandate California is rolling back its pandemic tyranny.

Meanwhile, Fauci and his cult are still fear mongering to keep everything going.

But newly-released polling could reveal why states like California have suddenly distanced themselves from the Fauci mandates.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is the campaign arm in charge of electing House Democrats.

Their internal polling found that Republican attacks against Democrats for their handling of the pandemic have “alarming credibility.”

The DCCC’s poll found that 57% of voters in 60 competitive Congressional districts agreed with the statement, “Democrats in Congress have taken things too far in their pandemic response.”

66% of self-described “swing” voters also agreed with the statement.

The breakdown of voters by race left the Democrats sweating bullets.

The poll found that 59% of Hispanic and white voters agreed with the statement that Democrats took their pandemic response too far.

An eye-popping 58% of black and 54% of Asian voters agreed with the statement.

Across every major demographic, voters rejected the Democrats’ whole-hearted embrace of Faucian hysteria in these highly competitive Congressional districts.

The DCCC’s finding shows just how much trouble Democrats will be in during the Midterm elections after spending two years embracing Fauci.

This internal poll explains why Blue states are suddenly racing to get life back to normal.

The science on the pandemic hasn’t changed for Democrats.

However, their internal polling has left them terrified of an electoral rout in the Midterm elections.

The public is sending a clear message that they’re sick and tired of the pandemic tyranny.

Even though Democrats have been desperate to keep their political power grab going from the pandemic, public opinion has scared them into backing off.

With Nancy Pelosi clinging to a razor-thin majority in the House, this could spell doom for her chances of hanging on to power after November.

This wasn’t the only devastating news for Democrats in the poll.

The DCCC poll also found the border crisis and their embrace of “defund the police” are sinking them with voters.

With this disastrous poll on the pandemic, this could be the start of a Democrat stampede to distance themselves from Fauci.

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