Anti-gun Parkland student let the truth slip about the plan to confiscate all guns

David Hogg and his band of gun-grabbers have tried to claim they aren’t after your guns.

But it’s all a lie.

One anti-gun Parkland student sent out a tweet that revealed their gun confiscation plans are even worse than you think.

Emma Gonzalez was one of the anti-gun students parading across the cable news landscape demanding Congress gut the Second Amendment.

She claimed that anti-gun activists weren’t after everyone’s guns.

They just wanted “common sense” gun reform.

Gonzalez revealed in a tweet that she really meant the confiscation of tens of millions of guns across America.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“Tens of millions of semi-automatic guns are in circulation in the U.S. and they constitute about half of of guns produced since 1986. Removing them from “civilian society” would require the confiscation of tens of millions of handguns, hunting rifles, and other weapons in common use.”

Gun grabbers like David Hogg, Emma Gonzlaez and Barack Obama pay lip service to the Second Amendment.

But eventually they let their real intentions slip.

Obama eventually spoke favorably about Australia’s gun confiscation laws.

Gonzalez let it be known she supports ripping tens of millions of guns out of Americans homes as part of her anti-gun agenda.


  1. The funny thing is these “students” (and I use that tem very loosely)never mention anything about getting the mentally ill idiots that commit these vicious crimes help or off the streets and out of the class rooms. I have many guns of all different shapes and sizes and none of them have ever gone out and shot or attacked anyone and they alone never will.

  2. Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  3. Surprise,surprise, the word gun is not named in the second amendment. The second amendment is 100% about SELF DEFENSE. DEFENSE Against government tyranny ( government anarchy) and defense against the enemies of the United States and our personal enemies. To accomplish this WE THE PEOPLE must have access to any and all ordinary weapons(arms) that could be used against us. What would be the number one weapon of used today? Common sense would tell me a gun. What would be the first thing a robber would do if he was robbing you? If he saw you had a gun he would take it first then he would rob you of any money you have.. What is the first thing government would do if it wanted to rob you of your right to self defense? The government would want your gun. Why, SO YOU COULD NOT DEFEND YOURSELF. Why are so many children killed in schools these days? BECAUSE SCHOOLS HAVE BEEN MADE GUN FREE PLACES. THE GOVERNMENT HAS TAKEN AWAY THE MEANS FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN TO SELF DEFENSE. The government is a cold blooded murderer in all these shootings. All this is a made up program designed to disarm the American people. Why does government not want you to be able to defend yourself? Ask Hitler. Do you really want to be slaughtered like a dog by a mad man? Read your history. John

  4. Hogg is not mentally retarded. He is Under X-treme Influence & Mind Control. He IS ‘ticking Time Bomb’.

  5. Folks do you really think if there was no second amendment that WE THE PEOPLE would not have a right to self defense? Second amendment or no second amendment it is just plain old horse sense or common sense that I have a right to protect myself. The second amendment does not tell me or give me the right to self defense. The second amendment is telling me there is nothing government or anything or anybody can do or ever have the authority too deny me that right. government never gave me that right and government can never take the common sense right of self defense away from me. You would have to be totally stupid, ignorant, and mental retarded to think otherwise. This poor hogg kid is a perfect example of just how stupid and ignorant a human being is capable of becoming. John

  6. Gun control laws do not work never have never will. Yet government keeps adding more every time there is a mass shooting. What do they expect the new laws to do? Because they accomplish nothing what-so-ever.

    Just exactly who is effected with gun control laws? The answer of course is the people who regularly obey laws. Do criminals or terrorists care about laws? Their actions are already illegal. Do crazy mass murders on mind altering drugs care about laws? So this government fails to do its constitutional duties (protecting the nation and the citizens) and instead further burdens the very people they are duty bound to protect with more and more restrictive gun laws. Is that what they seek to cover their mistakes and short comings? Everyone with an once of common sense knows law enforcement cannot be everywhere at the same time so a law abiding armed citizen assists law enforcement with his or her God given right to self protect. Disarming the very people who are most vulnerable the very people who are always the victims makes them more vulnerable not less. What is so difficult to understand about that? Is this one of those do something even if it is wrong instances? It does appear so. However, those in government charged with the duty of providing that protection are, by suggesting more gun laws, are the answer not the problem, making the problem even worse. Such a problem is serious it involves peoples lives. When will the leaders of this nation begin to take this problem seriously and pass constitutional carry nationwide by passing reciprocity. Sooner of later most of the states will pass constitutional carry (no permit required). The constitution already allows that carrying of firearms (keep and “bear” arms remember). Therefore, the government should get out of the way and quit assisting these murders.

  7. Terry,

    Agreed! a “weapon” (inanimate object) CANNOT load itself, and run into a building to kill people. It took a mentally-ill moron to do it. The comment the “weapon did it” is the LIBERAL DEMOCOMMUNIST “talking point” that ALL anti-freedom, anti gun “people” use the push their “gun control ” narrative.

  8. Fred,

    You will NEVER see that happen, because the “kids” today #1 CANNOT give up their electronic “devices” #2 a drill Sargent would turn the “poor little snowflakes” in to a pile of screaming MUSH in about 1 minute.#3 there are no “safe spaces” on a Military Base for them to cower and cry. Besides, these INDOCTRINATED, BRAINWASHED BRATS, have never been “taught” the REAL history of the founding of our Country because they could NOT handle the TRUTH of how this country was started, and all the MEN that fought and DIED for THEIR freedom to be spoiled BRATS, mainly because the “teachers” are not “allowed” to, if they want to keep their JOB as communist indoctrinators.

  9. Amen to that, But as one of our NRA Presidents Stated ( YOU WILL HAVE TO PRY IT OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HANDS). It`s too bad that this country does not have the same rules as Isreal. All their young people must server two years of military service.
    I would love to see this young lady in the service it just may clean out her mind, from the liberal brainwashing she has gone thru

  10. I agree with you. And the Demons want it lowered to 16. Those snowflakes aren’t even dry behind the ears yet and their brains not developed. This ‘Hog’is being paid by Soros to keep up all the despicable lies and his trying out for a part on a TV show. I would bet a dime to a dollar, ‘Hog’ not only has a gun, but many guns. I can believe the lamebrain mainstream BIAS lying media believes his stories, oh yea, it’s the mainstream BIAS lying media who is being told, by Soros and Obama, what to say and what not to say. Remove all the BIAS lying mainstream media from the airwaves.

  11. >>> THEY (punks) Do matter. Especially If ‘they’ Stir up enough KrAAP. ‘punks’ in Voting could do Damage.
    ‘WE’ must Stop ‘this’, Butchy.

  12. You scored a home run what that line. We have a whole generation of 30 year old kids now, still clueless about reality.

  13. Why do you think we vets call the French “frogs”? That’s what happened in WWII. Ask any vet why we still call them that,

  14. It will Patriots killing the anti-American Left. I say, let them start the civil war so we can eliminate them.

  15. This kid has to be mentally retarded. How can such bizarre. irrational behavior be explained from such a young kid? This kid needs help. He is totally consumed with hate. John

  16. You have that right my entire family and I will fight for our second amendment rights no one will confiscate our guns especially some spec from Cuba! Or some Nigbor like Obama! Or some retard like Hogg.

  17. She is obviously supports the “BLACK LIVES MATTERS”, if not part of the movement. Her comments are directed at civil war and can be expected if her comments are supported. She and others seems not to believe people will fight for their rights.

  18. that would be the biggest mistake that you pukes could perpetrate on the American people, if you know what I mean. keep arming up America!

  19. It was not a WEAPON that did it, it was the criminal that misused that weapon just as he could have used a bomb, knife, truck, etc. to achieve the exact same results against unarmed victims. Other than that on target.

    There was even a report that two members of law enforcement that did try to rush to the scene were going to be punished for not WAITING for orders from higher up to go in before they acted as if they needed permission from their boss to obey their oath to protect the public before they were allowed to act.

  20. It is not taught anymore because the politicians want to use the same methods to take over America they are upset to no end that the constitutional restrictions on the powers of government get in the way of their personal agenda of following foreign laws even at the expense of the rights or lives of US citizens.

  21. It is just like cooking a frog, put it in cool water, meaning everything seems nice and cozy…then start warming up the water slowly, meaning our rights are slowly taken away…then once the water is boiling, when our basic rights are all gone, it is too late for the frog to jump out as it is already cooked…. once our rights are all taken away, then America is no longer Free. Might as well be part of the EU or Russia or China, as America will cease to exist. America is the ONLY COUNTRY THAT IS DISTINGUISHED BY OUR CONSTITUTION AND THERE IS NO OTHER COUNTRY AS GREAT AS AMERICA IS, THE U.S.A. Liberals are trying to get that uniqueness squashed and extinct…. BUT, TRUE AMERICANS are stronger and have a larger base than the Liberals will EVER HAVE….Why do you think they, the Liberals, are more for illegals and criminals than non-criminal and legal Americans? Because they cannot own guns already, so the Liberals have already taken their ‘gun rights away’…..which they have control over them already… They want to give these criminals the right to vote but not the right to defend themselves against the Liberal tyranny….

  22. It has always been the goal of the anti gun groups and politicians to disarm all law abiding citizens it has nothing to do with their mistaken belief about “common sense”, real common sense would demand everyone be armed and carry based on realistic statistics of who most often survives a home invasion etc. Frankly until GUN FREE ZONES were imposed we heard of more ATTEMPTED attacks on schools (including ones using vehicles) that were stopped by ARMED CIVILIANS than the SUCCESSFUL ones.

    That one reporter openly admitted they wanted successful crimes emulated when they used the excuse “we do not want people to emulate him” referring to an armed civilian that stopped one such attack as the excuse for not reporting the story proving they only report what they want to see emulated by others.

    It is not lost on those of us who paid attention that it was not after successful school shootings they decided GUN FREE ZONES were needed rather it was after at least the third time a PRIVATE CITIZEN exercising their right to keep and bear arms stopped one that the politicians suddenly decided anyone who LIVED NEAR or ATTENDED the school for any reason be disarmed.

    It was published decades ago the steps to overthrow America one of the biggest things on that list they needed to do to accomplish this was to DISARM the civilians. They have been using every excuse they can since to try and abolish the second amendment so they can accomplish their goal of taking over America from within.

    Frankly I am surprised they have not arrested the ones who have been posting in other places how to LIE TO THE POLICE anytime they see someone LEGALLY carrying to increase the chance a paranoid or poorly trained officer responding would just execute the person at the sight of there holstered gun. To the best of my knowledge they only tried to prosecute ONE OF THEM for making the FALSE REPORT OF AN ACTIVE SHOOTER and the ACTIVIST judge protected the criminal by allowing the claim that DESPITE HIS VOICE ON THE 911 TAPE MAKING THE FALSE REPORT EVEN GIVING HIS NAME called in using his GIRL FRIENDS cell phone it was INSUFFICIENT PROOF he was the caller. Fortunately in that incident the responding officers did not go in acting as if the call was irrefutably true and gun the man down at the sight of a holstered gun they did their job the correct way so no one was killed. Unfortunately we hear far to often of the ones who do not assess the situation killing innocent people because they reacted to what the caller claimed was going on without verifying if it was true. They simply saw a gun and shot the person without paying attention to if it was holstered or not or like in one case in California if it was even a gun when they ended up shooting a man who pointed the HOSE NOZZLE he was holding at the BUSH an unseen police officer was HIDING behind without even IDENTIFYING themselves or even letting the man know they were there. yet they were allowed to get away with it on the grounds they THOUGHT THE HOSE NOZZLE was a gun and he POINTED it at the officer despite no way of being able to see the officer through the bush. All because a neighbor seeing the man in the yard with nozzle apparently not even knowing what gun looked like called in as if he was shooting up the place.

  23. Amen !!! I’d like to stand at the southern border with my bayonet fixed to defend against the invasion of illegal alien foreign nationals infiltrating my country.

  24. It’s funny how idiots like obama always say common sense since the ones saying it Don’t have any common sense

  25. Obviously don’t know history, they don’t know about how the government the Nazis used the youth to take over! I don’t understand how this is not taught anymore we are repeating history right now in America. I feel sorry for these youth because what’s coming isn’t going to be pretty. People are not going to hand over their guns the way they were convinced in Nazi territories that it would be safer if they did. This is America and this is why we are armed and this is why the Constitution was put in place so that those horrific vents cannot happen to us

  26. To Eric,
    Maybe YOU had better read the bill of rights “WE THE PEOPLE” are the “well regulated militia” spoke of.. Does not say a damn thing about “we the military” (you know the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE) to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed (that is US that have BALLS enough to defend this country) Give up on your COMMUNIST “attitude” this is one “battle” you and your LIBERAL COMMUNIST COHORTS are NEVER going to win.

  27. YOU need to read the 2nd Amendment yourself, and while you’re at it you should also read a book called The Federalist Papers. It is a collection of newspaper articles written by several of the writers of our Constitution back when the first 10 amendments were being originally voted on. They go into detail exactly what each one of the first 10 amendments mean. At that time, the Militia was defined as EVERY able bodied male between the ages of 17 and 47 that was not currently serving in an organized military, meaning not in either Federal or State organized military. The National Guard is NOT considered part of the Militia. It also means that they should own a firearm that is consistent with current organized military weapons.
    Also, the Supreme Court has ruled that the 2nd Amendment does guarantee the individual right to own a firearm.


  29. I have spent 75 years studying the U.S. Constitution and the events surrounding the debates that led to its adoption. The 2nd Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments, and this was what was required before the document could be accepted by all of the delegates. Militias are organized for a certain period of time by individual citizens to provide ‘teeth’ to the constitution, after all, the document serves as protection against the abuses of organized government. The delegates had plenty of personal evidence about the abuses prevalent in governments at this time in history and our government today is guilty of these same abuses.

  30. Eric . . . . the “well regulated militia” is the same as it was in 1789; i.e., citizens of the USA who choose to protect their rights.

  31. Abraham Lincoln said,”Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”
    The people who want to deny us the right to arm and defend ourselves will ultimately be taking their rights away also. They just don’t understand it.
    All it would take is a George Soros-like neo-fascist to step in and take over.
    We all need to go on bended knee and pray to God that people will wake up to the truth.

  32. Try READING the 2nd Amendment and you will learn. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon”. The Bozo Biden said the 2nd Amendment was diluted over the years. He was very wrong again. The 2nd Amendment is as strong today as it was when it was written! If you want to be enlightened about these shootings, research each and every one and look for answers. You will find a plethora “things” that make no sense what-so-ever. You are entitled to your opinion but I ask you to research the shooting(s), Texas, Parkland, Vegas and others. It will not take long to figure out that nothing is adding up.

  33. EXACTLY!!These kids are so naïve, and are easily persuaded by the ILK of soros, Obama, and many on the far left. True Americans will never give up their guns.

  34. In schools is not the place for teachers to voice their political views for any reason no matter of how it “fits” into a subject. Yes, it was a weapon that took the lives of 17 helpless children. For that my heart breaks for the victims and their families. Before these kids blame “guns”, they need to look into the facts of that fateful day and days and months prior in Parkland. People warned law enforcement about what the shooter was saying he wanted to do with no response! People called the FBI and told THEM what this shooter wanted to do with no response! Individuals at that school and elsewhere tried to get this kid help before a shooting DID, in fact, happen. Those calls for help went unanswered! Look at the local law enforcement’s inaction! Protocol for an active shooter is to enter the building and end the threat. The on-site officer was busy OUTSIDE securing the perimeter?! Allegedly this officer told the officers outside not to enter! Was the on-site officer waiting for the shooter to run out of ammunition???!!! The bottom line is the officers should have entered that building and stopped the threat! Also, there is talk of Secret Service presence at that school before the law enforcement got there. Is that true? That would be like the Texas shooters that were stopped by armed citizens with FBI agents trying to get out of that area but were stopped by alert local law enforcement. Can these kids not see that something is very, very seriously wrong here, in Parkland??? Local law enforcement should have entered that building and stopped the threat by this active shooter! The only reason, other than a very broken kid with a gun, was law enforcement did not perform their jobs but chose to stay outside and allowed 17 innocent babies die! There is something very, very wrong with many of the shootings that have occurred in this country. Stand back from what you think is right and just and research each and every shooting that has taken place. If you cannot see there are things that do not make sesne then you will never see the forest because the trees are in the way. Research!

  35. Someday you will read the second amendment

    No where does is guarantee an individuals right to own a gun (unless they are a member of a well regulated militia)

    We have to get rid of Bozo’s like Alito (and before him Scalia) who refuse to read the constitution and invent their own law.

  36. The gun grabbers never make sense because it is beyond their comprehension. Gonzalez and Hogg are just sucking up to the liberals for attention. Their justification does not add up and all the facts and statistics blow the grabbers arguments away. They are wrong and guns don’t kill people…idiots and criminals do! They use all kinds of tools to do it..guns, knives, cars, bricks, so banning guns is NOT the answer! Meanwhile little Emma and David should get their butts back in school where they belong!

  37. Hogg is sponsored by soros. It’s soros plan to get rid of guns from all Americans then he can take
    over. Of course, communist Muslim obama is right in there too. I am surprised our so called
    politicians have not prosecuted, tried and hung this these two for domestic violence in our country. If it
    was up to the American people, they would be in jail already.

  38. Hogg is sponsored by soros. It’s soros plan to get rid of guns from all Americans then he can take
    over. Of course, communist Muslim obama is right in there too. I am surprised our so called
    politicians have not prosecuted, tried and hung this these two for domestic violence in our country. If it
    was up to the American people, they would be in jail already.

  39. Right on George and it makes you wonder how many of these shootings are run and financed by the anti-gun media.

  40. ARJAY,
    “common sense” is the liberal communist “buzzword” for complete confiscation. THAT is how anyone with half a brain should know these “kiddies” are being “coached”, “brainwashed”, and “indoctrinated” because they are using the DEMOCOMMUMNIST’S own “talking points” that we have been hearing for EONS. SAME OLD TIRED RHETORIC.

  41. We can only hope that when the lowlife home invaders that want to rob someones home starts stealing they start at Emma Gonzalez’s home and leave the people who own firearms alone. Get the anti-Americans like Gonzalez first and they are less likely to be stopped.

  42. I always find it interesting how the gun grabbers say that 90% of “the people” want some kind of “common sense” gun control “laws” passed.

    There is ONLY ONE way for the 2nd Amendment to be nullified or changed. A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to do so!!

    IF the gun grabbing left is so sure, PROPOSE A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to do just that?!?!

    OH, that’s right, they KNOW it would NEVER PASS!! So they will try and try, over and over again, until they PI$$ us off and start another DOMESTIC war over the CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS the 2nd Amendment and the rest of the CONSTITUTION!!

    It will NOT end well for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. As some on this site have said “they” will only get MY GUNS…AMMO FIRST..They MAY get me, but I will take a few with me when I “go”. (and I do NOT aim for “center mass”) There are no “vests” covering HEADS.

  44. he should be considered a national threat and a very possible killer before he reaches adult what has his parents taught him

  45. While I hope that is true, there are a lot more brainwashed snowflakes than true Patriots. Our days seem numbered.

  46. If anybody tries to confiscate people’s weapons they are going to have a problem that’s not a threat that’s a promise do you really think people are going to hand over their weapons they have another thing coming if does because this could be the start of a revolution do you know how many gun owners that legally own weapons in this country go ahead try to take their weapons and see what happens it will cause a revolution because people are not going to just Handover their weapons you are going to be in for a rude awakening

  47. I do not own a gun, have never owned a gun. But I will defend to the death your right to own one. The Founding Fathers put it in the Constitution for a reason. They knew this day would come.

  48. Always believed that these shooting are a conspiracy to disarm the country for an all out take over of our Democracy and the plot started with THE ODUMBO ADMINISTRATION. These shootings are deliberate and law enforcement in some areas are paid to look the other way and allow them to happen. It gives them more ammo for the disarming of the country. Meanwhile, the public is in the dark while these shootings go on and being duped to believe these are mental issues.

  49. Just another gaggle of democommunist paid, brainwashed, indoctrinated, morons. Does ANYONE out there believe for a SECOND that this was “organized” by a bunch of punk-assed brats that can’t even decide which BATHROOM they are “allowed”to use? Too much MONEY and “planning” involved. What I am reading “permits” for “protests” were already authorized,WEEKS before the “shooting”,and “transportation” was already arranged (and paid for) for the “kiddies” so they could be transported to their “protest sites” Suspicious??? You BET. It seems that the “plans” were already in place LONG before the “act” like the “planners”already knew what was going to transpire. All they had to do was egg-on and ALLOW the “shooter” go through with his evil “intentions” THUS the “stand down” orders when this was happening and ignoring all of the online posts what “he” was going to do, when he should have been arrested, because the “evidence” was there LONG before this happened.

  50. To me this is how HITLER and Castro got started in their DICKTATORSHIPS. CONFISCATION OF ALL GUNS.. Send this NAZI HOGG KID and his commie girlfriend Ganoriazolis over to cuba for a month, I’ll bet after a month over there they won’t want to take our guns away. STUPID little punks.

  51. IF these children are not happy with guns they can go to countries that have banned them and see what their world is like. They will NEVER change our Constitution by removing the 2nd Amendment.

    They need to put the blame on these people who have mental health issues. They are the PEOPLE who aren’t squeezing the trigger. The gun will not shoot unless a person does their part.

    How much would we be hearing if they were killing people with a blade instead of a bullet? People have been cut and NOTHING was in the news and this was done by children in Junior High school. STOP picking on guns.

  52. You will never disarm Americans. If you try it will be the bloodiest war in our country’s history. Maybe not in numbers but in the people that try and the people that resist. Because we are armed very few country’s would even think of trying to take over the USA


  54. Let these little punk ass children throwing there temper tantrum be the first ones to go door to door to take guns a ways. If these libTARDS think any one is going to disarm us they are smoking crack.

  55. And still there was a SHOOTING at a schol where the SHOOTER was not a student aND STILL got into the school. Drugs have been BANNED in school’s for as long as I can remember. I but I bet this little BRAIN WASHED MORON knows where to find them. I bet he won’t rally to stop them.

  56. Little retards, Obama was the worst president in history, and his minion’s will fail horribly, what’s next little Adolph Hitler’s,knives to,you people are so damn stupid and delusional,you will fail badly,

  57. The “liberals” plan on totally taking over this country but they fear a revolution when that happens. They want the people unarmed so the revolution can’t happen. Their plan is to STAY IN POWER FOREVER!!! Think about it!!!!!

  58. When the government comes knocking on there door with guns drawn and BS warrants. I for one will not lift a finger to help, they are making there own bed let them sleep in it. As for me try and take them.

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