An anti-Trump FBI agent never saw a career ending development coming

The leadership of the FBI is infested with anti-Trump crusaders.

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was one of the ringleaders of the scheme to undermine the President.

But when he walked in to work on Monday he was met with the surprise of a lifetime.

Around lunchtime, news rocketed across Washington that McCabe was being forced out as Deputy Director.

He was put on terminal leave which means he can stay with the Bureau until March – at which time he can retire with his pension – but he must immediately step down as Deputy Director.

New FBI Director Christopher Wray reportedly forced McCabe out after learning that an impending Inspector General report would not show McCabe and the Bureau’s conduct in the Hillary Clinton email and Donald Trump Russia investigations in a good light.

Trump supporters cheered the news.

Will more resignations follow?

Investigative journalist Sara Carter claims more housecleaning is on the way.

Will new leadership at the FBI continue to clear out the Deep State operatives embedded in the Bureau’s upper echelon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. You are absolutely right. There needs not only to be a cleaning of the swamp, but JUSTICE. Mueller, Comey, and McCabe all three belong in PRISON.
    They have brutally and cynically, and illegally betrayed their oaths of office, and should be held accountable for their actions.

  2. DOJ IG Michael Horowitz…our behind the scenes pitbull…has McCabe under investigation. Trump cannot just go around YOU’RE FIRED…smacks of bad optics obstruction of justice. And we can’t have HIM making HIMSELF “look” guilty. Swamp is draining itself…one slimy murky drop at a time.

  3. He should be going to Jail not Retiring . Trump should be working on sending quite a few people to Jail. IT’S WHAT YOU CALL CLEANING THE SWAMP .

  4. No apology should be accepted, It would be nothing more than another infernal lie.
    Their treason was cruel and unusual to our beloved country’s decent citizens. When America was once great, traitors paid with their lives either by hanging or firing squad.


  5. And they still should be hung or shot today. Why should the American taxpayers pay fir clean sheets and three meals a day for these traitors? A bullet or hanging is way cheaper.

  6. It is so sad to see some in a Department of our Government slide so far away from the values of the founding fathers and allow power to corrupt such a fine agency. You have lost your integrity and shamed your parents and family, children and your country. All because you do not like our President. I weep for you.

  7. Thanks so much for that information. I had no idea there was a law that they could lose their pension. You’re right, that’s why we don’t see any of them tried .. the big cover up! I sure hope this changes now and there are people in prison and pensions lost!!

  8. BRAVA to the DOJ IG whose input was McCabe’s downfall! Starting with McCabe’s collusion in exonerating Hillary in her email scandal! Unlike those unfortunate souls on the Titanic…liking THIS tip o’ the proverbial iceberg!

  9. Yeah…it was ‘illustrious war hero’ McCain who delivered the UNvetted UNverified Steele Dossier to the FBI that started it all. His ONLY regret?…to vote DOWN MLK Day in AZ! Money talks. His ‘regret’ was the NFL refusing Phoenix as host to whatever Super Bowl! MLK passed…Phoenix HOSTED…$$$ to the local economy. A very sad testament to his ulterior motives…in ALL things!

  10. McCabe was never a true FBI agent. He was a criminal first before entering the FBI. The dossier evidence was shredded.

    John McCain sent his man to fetch for it … unbelievable.

  11. Well I do hope so. I am real happy about this removal. There is plenty known that should be no problem to remove them all and convict them for there treason to this country.

  12. The swamp, the deep state, the elites are still in control and it will take time and a lot of work to get the rot removed from Washington. It’s like mold that’s that’s in every wall and crevice of your house. It’s a dangerous nightmare and takes time and hard work to get rid of it. We all have help in this and never stop complaining about it and let the democrats know pretending it doesn’t exist is going to ruin everyone, including them.

  13. I agree 100%. Hillary, Obama and others ought to be on that list as well. As for cleaning out the swamp, anyone hired during Obama’s presidency should be fired immediately from wherever they are working, Termination pay of $1,000, turn in your keys, security clearance cards, and any other government documents or other items belonging to the government. pick up your $1,000 check, and leave the building immediately.

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