An anti-Trump FBI agent never saw a career ending development coming

The leadership of the FBI is infested with anti-Trump crusaders.

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was one of the ringleaders of the scheme to undermine the President.

But when he walked in to work on Monday he was met with the surprise of a lifetime.

Around lunchtime, news rocketed across Washington that McCabe was being forced out as Deputy Director.

He was put on terminal leave which means he can stay with the Bureau until March – at which time he can retire with his pension – but he must immediately step down as Deputy Director.

New FBI Director Christopher Wray reportedly forced McCabe out after learning that an impending Inspector General report would not show McCabe and the Bureau’s conduct in the Hillary Clinton email and Donald Trump Russia investigations in a good light.

Trump supporters cheered the news.

Will more resignations follow?

Investigative journalist Sara Carter claims more housecleaning is on the way.

Will new leadership at the FBI continue to clear out the Deep State operatives embedded in the Bureau’s upper echelon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. You are absolutely right. There needs not only to be a cleaning of the swamp, but JUSTICE. Mueller, Comey, and McCabe all three belong in PRISON.
    They have brutally and cynically, and illegally betrayed their oaths of office, and should be held accountable for their actions.

  2. DOJ IG Michael Horowitz…our behind the scenes pitbull…has McCabe under investigation. Trump cannot just go around YOU’RE FIRED…smacks of bad optics obstruction of justice. And we can’t have HIM making HIMSELF “look” guilty. Swamp is draining itself…one slimy murky drop at a time.

  3. He should be going to Jail not Retiring . Trump should be working on sending quite a few people to Jail. IT’S WHAT YOU CALL CLEANING THE SWAMP .

  4. No apology should be accepted, It would be nothing more than another infernal lie.
    Their treason was cruel and unusual to our beloved country’s decent citizens. When America was once great, traitors paid with their lives either by hanging or firing squad.


  5. And they still should be hung or shot today. Why should the American taxpayers pay fir clean sheets and three meals a day for these traitors? A bullet or hanging is way cheaper.

  6. It is so sad to see some in a Department of our Government slide so far away from the values of the founding fathers and allow power to corrupt such a fine agency. You have lost your integrity and shamed your parents and family, children and your country. All because you do not like our President. I weep for you.

  7. Thanks so much for that information. I had no idea there was a law that they could lose their pension. You’re right, that’s why we don’t see any of them tried .. the big cover up! I sure hope this changes now and there are people in prison and pensions lost!!

  8. BRAVA to the DOJ IG whose input was McCabe’s downfall! Starting with McCabe’s collusion in exonerating Hillary in her email scandal! Unlike those unfortunate souls on the Titanic…liking THIS tip o’ the proverbial iceberg!

  9. Yeah…it was ‘illustrious war hero’ McCain who delivered the UNvetted UNverified Steele Dossier to the FBI that started it all. His ONLY regret?…to vote DOWN MLK Day in AZ! Money talks. His ‘regret’ was the NFL refusing Phoenix as host to whatever Super Bowl! MLK passed…Phoenix HOSTED…$$$ to the local economy. A very sad testament to his ulterior motives…in ALL things!

  10. McCabe was never a true FBI agent. He was a criminal first before entering the FBI. The dossier evidence was shredded.

    John McCain sent his man to fetch for it … unbelievable.

  11. Well I do hope so. I am real happy about this removal. There is plenty known that should be no problem to remove them all and convict them for there treason to this country.

  12. The swamp, the deep state, the elites are still in control and it will take time and a lot of work to get the rot removed from Washington. It’s like mold that’s that’s in every wall and crevice of your house. It’s a dangerous nightmare and takes time and hard work to get rid of it. We all have help in this and never stop complaining about it and let the democrats know pretending it doesn’t exist is going to ruin everyone, including them.

  13. I agree 100%. Hillary, Obama and others ought to be on that list as well. As for cleaning out the swamp, anyone hired during Obama’s presidency should be fired immediately from wherever they are working, Termination pay of $1,000, turn in your keys, security clearance cards, and any other government documents or other items belonging to the government. pick up your $1,000 check, and leave the building immediately.

  14. No way this TRAITOR should be allowed to retire and receive a tax payer funded pension. He is a criminal who should be led out of the Headquarters building in hand cuffs, as should Rosenstien and Mueller. They are all TRAITORS and should be treated as such. TRAITORS should swing from the gallows or stand in front of a firing squad.

  15. i believe you’er right no pension. What Comey was trying to do was become another J Edger Hoover and control politicians, he was and so is his subordinates dedicated to his ideals are corrupt and should all be scrutinized and if found guilty be held accountable …

  16. I agree it will take years to clean up all the mess past presidents, particularly Obama made of our government. We must do a better job vetting the people elected to serve in our government, that they will do what they say they will, they will obey our desire to be a great country, with America First, in jobs, economic growth, safety, military strength, and keeping our borders closed unless we allow more immigrants that have been thoroughly vetted and are needed.

  17. At the very least this criminal should post a very PUBLIC apology to the rank & file within the bureau…. agents & civilians alike. His & others yet to be named, have done severe damage to the FBIs reputation that is going to take years to recover from. They all should be stripped of any pension or benefits & tried for treason to the full extent of federal law… They ALL really make me physically SICK !! ????????????????????????????

  18. Chip – I totally agree. He should not be kept on until March so that he can receive his pension. I don’t know what this world is coming to, but not liking what I see.

  19. Your answer is found here.

    For things listed, and upon conviction, they lose their pension. That is why so many of them are never tried. Because they cover for each other even if fired. Comey, if tried and convicted, would lose his under Section 2274 while Hillary would lose hers under 2274 and 2276. Comey needs prison time in Leavenworth doing hard time.

  20. There are many people at the FBI and DOJ that are very nervous right now. I have been saying Comey and Lynch look they are about to burst out crying or just have a complete breakdown. I said about Loretta Lynch that she better hurry up and cut a deal or plan on spending her golden years in a federal prison and not with her grandchildren. The window of opportunity to make a deal was closing fast. Everyday more and more damaging evidence surfaces. With the release of this memo that window of opportunity may have just been slammed shut. People are going to have to live with what they did – and what they didn’t do.

  21. They all should be put in Guantanamo prison with trial pending. The Guantanamo prison should be for all corrupt Bureaucrats from DC to the school house. Our Politicians have been corrupt for the last 100 years.

  22. The label DEEP STATE is more than adequately descriptive. It leads one to believe that a cleansing of the department will require more than just skimming the scum off the top.

  23. This is a good start now get the rest of the Obama-Clinton Crime Cartel moles in the DOJ. If they all had any sense they would be grabbing flights to the nearest non-extradition nations.

  24. McCabe didn’t make Monday his last day…it was made FOR him by FBI Director Christopher Wray who obviously found grounds after reading “The Memo”. Permanent termination DOES equate to being fired…semantics. McCabe changing Hillary’s gross negligence (the “legal threshold”) to extreme carelessness is, again, semantics. One ‘sounds’ more palatable than the other but means the very same thing. And punishable to the furthest extent allowed by law. If indicted by a grand jury for collusion, obstruction, and his “insurance policy” with the Steele Dossier that led to a FISA warrant based on lies and corruption, he very well could be facing time in a Federal country club…TBD. Loss of pension?…TBD. Restitution to taxpayers?…TBD. At any rate, his forced vacation between now and his March retirement is no day at the beach. Knowing what MIGHT be coming, he MIGHT just whack himself…sleazy coward that he is. Life imitating art?!

  25. You’re spot on! It’s a government-wide infection and not just the Federal level. State, county and local governments are not immune from it either.
    “Corruption corrupts absolutely”

  26. They ought to throw the damn book at these people!
    Talk about double standards. Geez it’s crime in itself to let them off the hook so gently. WTF?

  27. The only deep staters who will be “forced to retire” will be those already qualified to receive pensions.
    The rest will either retain their positions or be reassigned to other positions with equal or higher salaries and benefits.
    Bureaucrats are harder to get rid of than getting one of Pelosi’s chocolate sundaes off of your shoes.

  28. Based on his actions and his misrepresentation, he should be put on Federal charged, tried, and his pension terminated. As a taxpayer, I don’t want people like him, James Comey, James Clapper, and Loretta Lynch collecting fat Government retirement checks!

  29. Normally criminals are prosecuted, and sent to prison for their crimes.
    But not in the Deep State, where these creatures of the Swamp are simply told to go, and lose nothing of their benefits, or the benefits stolen by them during their criminal activities. IT IS DISGUSTING.


  31. You are right, he should not be reassigned, he should be fired and should not be given any pension payment at all, that’s what a crook should get, he really should be tried and go to prison for a long rest

  32. I suspect that some incident has been cooked up by the Dems to deflect the public attention to the MEMO, that pops the lid on the Hugh amount of corruption in the Dept. of Justice AND the IRS. The media has not published the huge amount of actual corruption evidence collected all year. The last administration was so corrupt that the rats have been jumping ship because of all the evidence that has been located and verified. Hopefully, some moves will be made to put it all out here. Watch the stock market, or another big incident to suddenly pop up to take the public attention. The devil always does his work in the dark. The Dems will not let go of their attempt to get rid of Trump. They are liars and generally evil people. My opinion.

  33. Strip all benefits and pensions from this treasonous Deep State. They are undeserving of their benefits and pensions. Treason should be punishable with the death sentence. Hang them all! God bless the USA!lottie lamb

  34. That is my question too! Why is he allowed to make Monday his last day but will still recieve pension in March! What if he goes to jail does he still get his pension after what he has done this is outrageous!

  35. Why in the name of God is he going to receive his pension? This is ridiculous. He is a criminal and should be doing prison time. Any and all of these people found guilty should be fired, tried, and any/all benefits taken away from them. I don’t want my tax dollars to be used to pay the benefits of government criminals. This is just crazy.

  36. McCabe may have served all those years with distinction on paper and with the swamp’s praise. The problem with swamp creatures is they were there for so long, they believe they are entitled to be above the law and above the people of America. They would have gotten away with all this mess except one problem. Trump became POTUS instead of Hillary in spite of MSM, Celeb, and Academia support along with Globalist all over the world and since then, they been trying to discredit Trump and get him impeaches since to keep their swamp deep state careers.

  37. There is no doubt there will be more resignations and terminations. In McCabe’s case, since it is a terminal resignation, it would be well advised to keep a very close watch on his activities, restricting access to all secure files and programs. In fact, make him a parking attendant with constant video and audio monitoring!
    The FBI deep state goes very very deep and will track into all other agencies within our country.
    They should all be tried for treason!

  38. FBI Agents are, or should be, all in a position of trust; i.e., serving at the judgement of the President. They are not civil service bureaucrats who retain their job as long as they adequately perform per their job description. If Deputy Director McCabe was ignorant of this reality, then thank God he has been removed. JRW Puerto Rico

  39. I wonder what will happen now. I mean, you don’t just tell someone “You’re fired” unless you have a pretty good reason, right? And it can’t be just because he’s not very bright for being anti-Trump either. So… that must mean they have something on him that is a BIG no-no. Will he be brought to court to face trial for his “errors”, or not? I hope they will continue reporting this ongoing saga, because it’s SO satisfying to see them “get theirs” in the end.

  40. McCabe DESERVES a perp-walk out of the building in handcuffs and DESERVES prosecution and jail time. The LAST thing he deserves is his pension! He is traitorous betrayal personified. “Terminal leave”??? Cheap talk semantics. He was FIRED! But STILL on the FBI payroll with 30+ days of VACAY. Must be nice. Insulting and disgusting. Dominoes are starting to fall. McCabe is just the FIRST scalp!

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