An anti-Trump FBI agent never saw a career ending development coming

The leadership of the FBI is infested with anti-Trump crusaders.

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was one of the ringleaders of the scheme to undermine the President.

But when he walked in to work on Monday he was met with the surprise of a lifetime.

Around lunchtime, news rocketed across Washington that McCabe was being forced out as Deputy Director.

He was put on terminal leave which means he can stay with the Bureau until March – at which time he can retire with his pension – but he must immediately step down as Deputy Director.

New FBI Director Christopher Wray reportedly forced McCabe out after learning that an impending Inspector General report would not show McCabe and the Bureau’s conduct in the Hillary Clinton email and Donald Trump Russia investigations in a good light.

Trump supporters cheered the news.

Will more resignations follow?

Investigative journalist Sara Carter claims more housecleaning is on the way.

Will new leadership at the FBI continue to clear out the Deep State operatives embedded in the Bureau’s upper echelon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.