Anti-Trump lawyer made a huge mistake that is going to hurt him big time

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti has been a constant presence on MSNBC and CNN.

He caused a political earthquake when he published a dossier detailing suspicious financial activity by Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

But Avenatti’s dossier blew up in his face when one glaring error was pointed out.

Avenatti listed two suspicious transactions totally roughly $5,000 that were sent to Cohen’s LLC from a Kenyan Bank and a Malaysian Company.

This supposed bombshell was a dud.

Avenatti accused the wrong Michael Cohen of being the recipient of this money.

It was a case of mistaken identity.

Two different men named Michael Cohen – one in Israel and one in Canada – were the actual beneficiaries of these transactions.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Zainal Kassim, a representative for Actuarial Partners, told The Daily Caller News Foundation Avenatti’s report is a case of mistaken identity. He forwarded an email the falsely accused Michael Cohen sent to Avenatti requesting the lawyer “correct this error forthwith and make it known publicly” there is no connection to Trump’s Michael Cohen.

“You are surely aware of the fact that this is an extremely common name and would request that you take care before involving innocent parries in this sordid affair,” wrote Cohen, who told Avenatti he is an international consultant who was paid by Actuarial Partners for work on a project in Tanzania.

“Actuarial Partners have already received inquiries from the press in this regard, and we would like to see this scurrilous rumour spiked as soon as possible.”

Haaretz, the Israeli news outlet, found another case of mistaken identity in Avenatti’s report.

“Mr. Cohen received one wire transfer in the amount of $980.00 from a Kenyan bank from account holders Netanel Cohen and Stav Hayun to an account in Israel at Bank Hapoalim,” Avenatti wrote.”

The media ran with Avenatti’s accusations because they will print anything negative about Trump.

They know if an error is made or fake news is published they can issue a low-key correction that will get a small fraction of the coverage the supposed “blockbuster” report garners.

Millions of Americans only see the initial report and end up being misled by anti-Trump fake news.

Do you agree this is a problem?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Who CARES?! You sound like Hillary with her “what difference does it make?” Hogwash! You, sir, are not to be trusted. Who is paying you to troll?

  2. Again, no proof, brainwashed one, just the word of a whore/slut, just like the fool lady who said a police officer sexually abused her at a stop and the body cam proved she completely lied.

  3. “As everyone now knows?” No proof, just the word of a slut that you blindly accept because if your brainwashed hatred for Trump. Note: REMEMBER THE RECENT INVIDENT EHERE A WOMAN STOPPED BY A POLICE OFFICER CLAIMED HE SEXUALLY ABUSED HER, and the body cam PROVED SHE WAS COMPLETELY LYING? I happen to be a woman, and this kind of dishonesty for fame or $ is evil.

  4. That is not a statement of proof, especially when the guy is s tax dodger, and doesn’t check to be sure someone is the correct ID! Or did you miss all that?

  5. D. Pratt : It sounds like you are a TROLL !! I don’t think you would know the TRUTH , if it jumped up & bit you on the SCROTUM !! You are the TRUE definition of DUMBA$$ !!!!!!!!

  6. Deep State traitors are everywhere!!The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  7. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi, The pope, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi, Baldwin, Beck, Waters, mcShame and Griffin are the poster girls!!!Just more liberal useful idiots on display !

  8. I can only assume that YOU are sin free?!! You, sir, should be very careful about what you say and spread;this is a dangerous climate for ANY MAN. There ARE women out there who do LIE and CONNIVE because they want 15 minutes of fame and mostly money. Ever hear, “me thinks the lady protests too much” quote? There are those too; ticked off because IT DIDN’T happen to them!!

  9. God won’t let Smarmy and I’vebeennaughty succeed!
    They are the real criminals and should go away from the media.
    They have been in the slimelight for far too long already.
    I pray that they get punished for attempting to smear and extort our
    President. It will be revealed pretty soon about where their funding is
    coming from. My vote would be George Soros.

  10. Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  11. He was paid by Soros! That right there tells me ALL I need to know how sleezy this whole thing is!

  12. To be deemed acceptable, an apology should be on the same page number and in the same print as the original erroneous report, and have acceptable wording. Otherwise, do it again until you get it right.

  13. Avenatti is busy proving it now, True Believer. What part don’t you understand so far?

  14. David you seem wired. Perhaps you should go buy some poon tang. We will pass the hat if you are broke.

  15. David Pratt, hmmmm what does your initials stand for Dumb Punk..who cannot see why you demorats just can’t stand that The Donald won the election..Get over it,DUMB PUNK. Tired of hearing and seeing your idiot comments..Where was your comments when Bill had his cum all over Monica’s blue bout where were you when our Uranium was sold to Russia, by Hillary, Obama and the rest of the traitors of America..Where were you when Obama gave billions of cash to Iran doing the night…Obama is the most weakling President we ever had..Bowing down to all our come you didn’t utter a word..PUNK Go back in your sick world and drown in your sorrowful tears..LOSER!!

  16. David Pratt, hmmmm what does your initials stand for Dumb Punk..who cannot see why you demorats just can’t stand that The Donald won the election..Get over it,DUMB PUNK. Tired of hearing and seeing your idiot comments..Where was your comments when Bill had his cum all over Monica’s blue bout where were you when our Uranium was sold to Russia, by Hillary, Obama and the rest of the traitors of America..Where were you when Obama gave billions of cash to Iran doing the night…Obama is the most weakling President we ever had..Bowing down to all our come you didn’t utter a word..PUNK Go back in your sick world and drown in your sorrowful tears..LOSER!!

  17. haha haaaa, ‘poon tang’, david have no clue, haha haaaa,
    – just had to comment, haha haaaa.

  18. Who died and left you, Pratt, the grand pooh bah of morality? Stormy Daniels and her attorney (?) should both be charged with extortion. Take your moral compass and put it where the sun doesn’t shine, along with all the other vampires.

  19. Hi good folks, this ‘pratt’ character + howard/howrad are V. Bad ‘trolls’. ie insinuating DJT babie/ disease. They are Here to ‘rile’. Don’t fall for
    it, especially w/response. Your choice. Furthermore there are multiple humans w/ same name as Cohen. 0ne person w/same name has already stepped up & clarified against false allegation to his name.
    Most ppl have ‘other ppl’ somewhere w/ identical names. Factoid. Do a search on yourself.
    > This ‘pratt’ character just scrolled thru entire site w/ comment.
    & should be ‘a clue’ to good folk, how ‘trolls’ operate.
    >Also, Avenatti is a paid ‘operative’. Daniels does not have big bucks for ‘retainer’. Take a guess, from where his ‘retainer’ comes from + ‘trade’ ? from Daniels. V. Sick ppl. Hope this comes thru in full & not chopped up in punctuation/words deleted. Here goes.

  20. I am lookingfoward to the day MSNBC, CNN,tc. Will go under and all their stupid,childless reporters will be out of jobs. I have lost all respect of their reporting news.

  21. President Trump has been in the public eye for over 30 years…his character has been scrutinized and found to be beyond reproach…more than can be said for this avenutty creep…daniels is beyond defaming, she LIVES to be defamed, she’s making big bucks being defamed…and the creepy ambulance-chaser is also cleaning up, thanks to indoctrinated pratts such as yourself…

  22. No, ‘everyone’ do not know…to whom was President Trump ‘lying about his extra-marital sexcapades’? Perhaps to his wife…remember this was when he identified as a democrat…he didn’t lie to a grand jury about his ‘sexcapades’ nor to the American people…and his ‘sexcapades’ were consensual…there is no way that any one could slander daniels…she admits to being a ruthless whore…not in those words, but we get the drift…and if ANYone’s morality is put to the test it is non-thinking, brainwashed fascist dupes such as your self…

  23. …where I come from a ‘pratt’ is another word for blithering idiot…you fit the bill perfectly…woodward and bernstein were every bit as fake and ignorant and biased as today’s media…democrats have been corrupt and crooked since the 60’s (at least) and with empty headed, non-thinking buffoons like you sopping up their propaganda it’s easy to see how they’ve gotten away with it for so long…everything you have projected upon President Trump is exactly what you fascist scumbags have actually been doing since the rapist and beast were soiling the White House…

  24. david that is the biggest bunch of fake news around, but you have wasted enough time , go back into your hole. bottom line is we won, you lost. get over it and get a life

  25. Actually it is quite simple. The false Michael Cohens were certainly communication intercepts by the NSA that were given to him, and THAT IS ILLEGAL USE OF INTEL. We need to find out who paid him and set Stormy on her attack, I am certain that it WAS politically motivated by the DNC. THAT is illegal as well.

  26. david it still sounds like you are talking about bill. where I draw the line is people who keep giving fake news to take down my elected president because they are mad that lying witch did not make it to the white house. try and do an investigation on her and see how far the idiot libs will let ya get.


  28. During the camoaign didn’t someone accuse Cohen (I remember it was one of Pres. Trump’s attorneys) of having visited Russia and Mr. Trump called him into Trump Tower to explain and bring his passport. As it turned out, he hadn’t been out of the country – and had been in Ca. attending I believe his sons sports event. Probably however, this was never reported on the Fake News networks of course.

  29. No, Evert, what the senator is saying is well documented. I can provide additional documentation to back up what he says. Or you can just Google it yourself. Google is your friend, Evert. Try it.

  30. So, Breaker 19, now that we know that Trump did indeed have consensual sex with her, does that extramarital sexcapade now absolve Trump of everything? Does he now remain good in your moral system? He sure came down hard on Clinton for his playtime — and I am sure that you were rallying behind him when he did that, right? So now, do you truly give Trump a break over engaging in deceiving his wife (again) and then lying about it? And then even paying to shut her up — and possibly (if she is to be believed) threaten her physically for making it public? Is that OK in your moral system?

  31. On what basis is Avenatti to be sued, CrazyJoe? So far he has shown that Trump has been lying and defaming Daniels. And he may even show that Trump has violated campaign finance laws — which as you know, seems likely now. Aren’t you interested in finding out the truth about Trump?

  32. Well, Phil, you are right in your support of Murrow, Woodward and Bernstein. At the moment, it is clear that Trump has lied about his extramarital sexcapades and it was the aggressiveness of Avenatti that helped bring that to light. And that aggressive determination — along the lines of Woodward and Bernstein — may even help us to understand whether Trump has lied about campaign contributions or even whether there are other things lurking in his swamp, such as the possibilities that he may have been paying to quiet the publication of an out-of-wedlock baby or that perhaps he even has syphilis (which some have pointed out may be the cause of his mental infirmity). Let’s face it, Avenatti may not be the type of guy you would want as a friend, but maybe he is doing exactly what this country needs: someone who gets at the truth.

  33. David Pratt. Wow. I started to watch your You Tube post but when I realized that the Democrats were the ones proposing this idea I quickly realized that you are problem in America today. You are soooo blind that you really can’t see the truth as reference by the comment about ( main stream media being the truth and Fox News bring fake news.). You sir are totalty ass back wards. Yes Republicans do have there problems but they are mostly patriotic and want the best for our country. So the have lots of money well the earned it. Where as the Democrats all all in and back by Soro
    s and the NWO and deffentley are not working for the best interest of the greatest the most free country in the world. You are very wrong sir so I suggest you pull your head out

  34. Bob, Avenatti hasn’t “slandered” anyone. As everyone now knows, Trump was lying about his extramarital sexcapades (surprised?) and may even be in violation of campaign finance laws. That is serious stuff, Bob. In fact, we now know that it was actually Trump himself that was slandering Daniels. Perhaps you may consider yourself a “God-fearing” man, but your support of Trump will put your morality to the test. Are you up to it, Bob? Where do YOU draw the line?

  35. Do some research, Michael. Avenatti is no “ambulance chaser.” He appears to have a good reputation in handling cases like this. If you were in Stormy’s position, I think you would want a guy like him on your side.

  36. Wrong, Jamie. Mueller didn’t “order” it. That isn’t in his jurisdictional powers. Kindly engage the brain before touching the keyboard, ok?

  37. Wrong Jamie. Howrad (Howard?) is right. The Mueller team presented evidence to NYS state prosecutors who then pursued the case. This approach was important because there is the possibility that Trump would use his presidential power to grant a pardon like he did with that crazy sheriff Arpaio. The court agreed there was enough substance in the material Mueller presented that it justified grabbing Cohen’s records. There is nothing despicable on the prosecution’s part here, nor is it a liberal-vs.-conservative thing. It is a matter of laws being broken: the very things that our country is based on. You may be a Trump supporter, but it is important that you still keep an open mind to the possibility that Trump and his swamp aren’t the goodies that you envision.

  38. No Susanna, that isn’t how it works. Cohen is being investigated for crimes. The prosecuting attorney obtained court authorization to obtain the records he has. We will hopefully know what involvement he has had in any Russian collusion or other criminal matters. And if we a lucky, we will find out whether Trump is really guilty or innocent of such things as well. Obviously, it isn’t looking good for Trump right now, is it?

  39. What the hell ever happened to the REAL journalists like Edward R Murrow, Woodward and Bernstein, etc…Now a days with NO corroboration, the news media will print anything as long as it fits their agenda. As far as Stormy Daniel’s Attorney, I wouldn’t let him represent me in a jaywalking case.How freaking stupid can you be to miss that you are not dealing with the correct individuals. What a dumb ass.

  40. There is nothing unscrupulous about an attorney who is proving that Trump has been lying about his extramarital sexcapades. I want to know the truth about it and don’t want to hear phony stories from Trump’s attorney. Stormy’s attorney is doing the right thing by exposing the truth, don’t you think?

  41. Jamie, I think you may be on the wrong side on this issue. Stormy’s attorney has shown that Trump has been lying about his extramarital sexcapades. The question now is whether the courts will come down on Trump for campaign finance violations. Stormy’s attorney is just doing his job. Don’t you want to know the true story?

  42. Avenatti seems to be quite successful, Eileen. He has shown clearly that Trump has been lying about his extramarital sexcapades and now it appears that Trump had violated campaign contribution laws. Not looking good for Don-the-Con, is it?

  43. Susanna, I just present facts. If you don’t like them, that is too bad, but at least I can substantiate them. Gosh, it seems to be getting cold in here… the snowflakes are falling all over the place!

  44. Richard, if you want to make rude comments, at least back them up. I didn’t insult you. I just explain what is going on.

  45. Actually, I am doing quite fine, clue(less). Do you always get offended when you see someone disagree with you? Ahhh… the snowflakes are falling…

  46. Vincvent, I understand that you have a certain point of view on the performance of Trump, but that isn’t what the majority of Americans share. And they don’t share it for reasons of which many are based on sound facts. And the idea that political opponents should be “jailed or shot” is not a principle on which the United States is based. I understand the hate-mongering that the right-wing conservative radio and TV stations are pushing, but it has no place in our country. Our Founding Fathers created a system that enables us to progress ahead and solve problems by compromise, not by beating down those that disagree with us. Think about it.

  47. elf, from what I read, the Kochs didn’t want to support Trump because of his erratic personality and known criminal behavior. (As you well know, he has been involved in many frauds, of which a more recent case is his Trump U.) This has been well documented and isn’t a liberal vs. conservative “opinion.” All you have to do is look at the judgments by doing a simple Google search of “Trump fraud.” Lots of stuff appears.

  48. Hey, alrf. We can all see that Trump has been lying about his sexcapades. Do you need a court judgment to prove that now? C’mon man!

  49. Mark, I’m not seeing any slander involved in this Trump/Daniels thing. We now know that Trump has been lying about his sexcapades. This isn’t a Left vs. Right issue. It is simply one about morality.

  50. Carol, the problem is that Trump has been showing to be lying about paying for extramarital sex. Isn’t that the real issue here?

  51. But who cares, anyway, Jack? The problem is that Trump is lying about paying for a prostitute. That is the real issue, isn’t it?

  52. Well Brenda, if there was a basis for suing, I would agree. But at the moment, it is clear that Trump paid for sex favors and has refused to admit it. Stormy’s attorney is making that clear and wants Trump to own up to it.

  53. This attorney must be brought up on charges for slandering the American President for what he did and those of the media who have a documented history of printing such lies without verifying on page 1 then when caught in a lie, burying a retraction on page 47 or some last few pages of their press in such a way as not to be obviously seen or noticed, put on notice that they will at the next time of such offense be barred from the White House Press room, both the writers of such maligning trash & the represented companies…Maybe then actual & true news will then come forth from the press room reports, but I won’t hold my breath.

  54. Some one needs to check this piece of crap out. It’s possible the DNC is financing this, maybe even Hillary. I have never heard what him and Stormy are wanting. More money? I think that’s called blackmail. You can get jail time for that. If Trump had sex with this whore, it was consensual. She never accused him of rape or assault. She has probably had sex with hundreds of men, After all, that’s what she does for a living. If she got $130,000 each time she would be a billionaire now.

  55. I have little to no interest in hearing any news outlet that can’t look at this slimeball attorney and know what an ambulance chaser he is. My guess is that we will see him sued and in jail in the near future. I personally would like to see something worse than that but you can bet he has armed security around him 24/7.

  56. Sorry Bucko, but as far as I have seen they are the only stating truth being talked about! And they back it by the Constitution, or folks in learned positions that have the TRUTH! No Fake news ever! Old enough to have seen and heard truth from fiction! Sorry if some cannot take the truth! A Proud old Deplorable!

  57. Private Bank records were hacked and stolen, and you’re worried about amounts. Business between Cohen and clients isn’t public record information. The bank records were stolen period.

  58. Private Bank records were hacked and stolen, and you’re worried about amounts. Business between Cohen and clients isn’t public record information. The bank records were stolen period.

  59. Sue Avenatti. Find out his Sources, because it looks like a hack job. They could have hacked private bank records. This wouldn’t necessarily be Mueller dirt.

  60. As in all good stories; follow the money. The question is: Who is paying Avenetti? Danials doesn’t have that kind of money. When you find out who is paying that lying POS lawyer then you will know what this story is really all about.

  61. Perhaps (surprisingly) I have never seen Fox News caught into a fake news incident.

    However, I have actually heard Fox News broadcasters apologize for errors.

    I never watch main stream (what my wife calls “scum” news) so I don’t know if they ever apologize.

    Mainstream news actually makes me nauseous.

    I keep on giving the screen my middle finger.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  62. The two (or more” individuals whose financial information was erroneously disclosed to the press should sue both Avenatti and its client for everything they’ve got.

  63. So you believing a tax dodger do you David ? Now name all the false stories from Hannity , Fox News, and the others that you name .you sir are are liar big time but yet are small potato’s with nothing you can prove , just crawl back in your sewer with those on the left!

  64. The only real problem is the misleading FAKE NEWS that will print ANYTHING to put a negative light on the greatest President in history Donald Trump ….. so any DEMORATS who obstructs his work is a TRAITOR TO THE COUNTRY AND SHOULD BE JAILED OR SHOT…

  65. Her original attorney told her NOT to go ahead with this crap. She violated the original agreement when appearing on “60 minutes”!
    This NEW revelation, of the two Cohen’s NOT involved with President Trump, has brought about possible criminal charges against Avenatti. Where, and by WHAT means, was he able to (illegally) obtain their financial statements?
    Lastly, many people might be interested to know these facts, receiving information about someone outside of the US, and using that information to discredit another individual, could be causing an “International Incident”! A big time felony!
    Military members, and civilians, are warned about this when traveling overseas!

  66. Oh and since admitting corrections is so important to you versus actually getting it right the first time, make sure any error wasn’t subsequently corrected. Good Luck with that.

  67. Please sir, can you provide a short list of “fake News” ever published by FOX News, Hannity, Dobbs, etc. I want something of significance, not that they misspelled a name or something stupid like that. Can you do that? I have asked others but never get a reply.

  68. David,
    I’m going to take a wild guess that your unaware of the dislike President Trump has for the Koch Brothers.
    In the early part of 2018, President Trump had one of the Koch Brothers, along with his friend, physically removed from Mar-A-Lago here in Florida. At which time, they were banned forever!
    Guess listening to a democrat is your thing! I myself only listen to them being ridiculed over insane comments they make!
    Have a great day!

  69. Yes David Pratt…….I do agree you in a 100% when you wrote..”something is seriously
    wrong here”…….wrong your twisted mind in great need for a psychiatrist or may be
    a veterinarian to help you to understand that the only known conspiracy is the one
    created by the left, CNN,CBS, ABC, NYT,WP,UNIVISION, and of course, the DemoRats.
    ************************SUGGESTIO FALSI**********************

  70. What do you expect from a Brain DEAD Liberal/Communist Dirt Bag, he’s been brainwashed for a long time he only has 2 channels on his TV CNN & MSNBC, he’s dumber than a Stick.

  71. Well if YOUR DemonRats/Liberals would STOP trying to UNDO the good work OUR PRESIDENT is doing and trying to do to make America Better things would be much better. all of this Slander and CORRUPTION from the LEFT has got to stop.

  72. David Pratt it tells me you like all the fake news. You better think real hard if you want all the corruption to stay in America or do you want our Justice to work to keep us all safe. The government can not do every thing for every one we need to do things for our self and hope and pray our government will do the same.

  73. It wasn’t so much that is was acknowledged. It was discovered, therefore, if it had not been discovered it would have never been acknowledged plus it doesn’t say her lawyer has “acknowledged” the “error” either.

  74. Who really cares if a mistake was made regarding mistaken identity? The fact that the mistake was acknowledged helps to differentiate the integrity of the mainstream media sources vs. the “fake” news pushed 24/7 by Fox News and the conservative talk shows.

    Folks, it is clear that everyone here has a deep interest at getting at the truth. I admire your desire to try to make sense of what you see around you to protect the country and its values.

    But something is seriously wrong here. The problem is that the wealthy interests in our country are working to pervert our understanding of the world in very devious and malicious ways that hurt us working folks. I hate to say the word “conspiracy” since it conjures up the nonsense of Hannity, Dobbs and InfoWars. And yet, there is indeed a conspiracy that is far more subtle and harmful. Please look at this and share your feelings about it:


  75. KARMA for sure, I can’t help but cloat about all of this..Pitiful Attorney Avenatti and Stormy. Her name fits this story…heh heh heh

  76. She’s had a million miles of manhood and dildos rammed up her.
    Big old gaping hole.

  77. You have a washed up porn actress/stripper and an unscrupulous lawyer who saw an opportunity to make some much needed money.

  78. Howard,
    From the sound of your snarky reply you’re belly up in FAKE NEWS. YOU NEED IT TO FEED THE “TDS” YOU’VE CONTRACTED. POOR YOU!

    YOU continue on in your mission of HATRED to help divide & bring this country down with your belief and sick trust you seem to have with the LOW LIFE LIBERALS & DEMOCRATS. They’re all SCUM…PURE SCUM. Makes YOU SCUM.

  79. The stuff that they got from Cohen was not taken by Mueller but by the state courts. Try again.

  80. Millions of dollars that have been verified by the companies that gave the money and you go ape over $25000 that was mistakenly identified. Is that all you really have?

  81. From what I have read, the IRS is very interested in Mr. Avenatti. He apparently owes a lot in back taxes to the government, and state taxes in Oregon, and I think also in California. It is all coming to light now. He hopped on the Stormy deal, hoping to extort money from Trump. Google this man. He’s a real piece of work.

  82. One should not expect an ambulance chaser to be capable of actually doing research to confirm the rectitude of his allegations, right?

  83. Tell the FBI to return all the material back to Michael Cohen NOW! I mean now! I have had with Mueller investigation and all the anti-Trump keystone cops!

    Trump do not need to fire Mueller. A special committee, or the right authority person should end the investigation and begin the prosecution process.

    Make a movie on Mueller corruption. Add the details in the history textbook how our government oppressed this historic lawyer-client privacy rights. Disgusting. FBI lost its credibility big time! Zero respect.

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