Anti-Trump lawyer made a huge mistake that is going to hurt him big time

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti has been a constant presence on MSNBC and CNN.

He caused a political earthquake when he published a dossier detailing suspicious financial activity by Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

But Avenatti’s dossier blew up in his face when one glaring error was pointed out.

Avenatti listed two suspicious transactions totally roughly $5,000 that were sent to Cohen’s LLC from a Kenyan Bank and a Malaysian Company.

This supposed bombshell was a dud.

Avenatti accused the wrong Michael Cohen of being the recipient of this money.

It was a case of mistaken identity.

Two different men named Michael Cohen – one in Israel and one in Canada – were the actual beneficiaries of these transactions.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Zainal Kassim, a representative for Actuarial Partners, told The Daily Caller News Foundation Avenatti’s report is a case of mistaken identity. He forwarded an email the falsely accused Michael Cohen sent to Avenatti requesting the lawyer “correct this error forthwith and make it known publicly” there is no connection to Trump’s Michael Cohen.

“You are surely aware of the fact that this is an extremely common name and would request that you take care before involving innocent parries in this sordid affair,” wrote Cohen, who told Avenatti he is an international consultant who was paid by Actuarial Partners for work on a project in Tanzania.

“Actuarial Partners have already received inquiries from the press in this regard, and we would like to see this scurrilous rumour spiked as soon as possible.”

Haaretz, the Israeli news outlet, found another case of mistaken identity in Avenatti’s report.

“Mr. Cohen received one wire transfer in the amount of $980.00 from a Kenyan bank from account holders Netanel Cohen and Stav Hayun to an account in Israel at Bank Hapoalim,” Avenatti wrote.”

The media ran with Avenatti’s accusations because they will print anything negative about Trump.

They know if an error is made or fake news is published they can issue a low-key correction that will get a small fraction of the coverage the supposed “blockbuster” report garners.

Millions of Americans only see the initial report and end up being misled by anti-Trump fake news.

Do you agree this is a problem?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Who CARES?! You sound like Hillary with her “what difference does it make?” Hogwash! You, sir, are not to be trusted. Who is paying you to troll?

  2. Again, no proof, brainwashed one, just the word of a whore/slut, just like the fool lady who said a police officer sexually abused her at a stop and the body cam proved she completely lied.

  3. “As everyone now knows?” No proof, just the word of a slut that you blindly accept because if your brainwashed hatred for Trump. Note: REMEMBER THE RECENT INVIDENT EHERE A WOMAN STOPPED BY A POLICE OFFICER CLAIMED HE SEXUALLY ABUSED HER, and the body cam PROVED SHE WAS COMPLETELY LYING? I happen to be a woman, and this kind of dishonesty for fame or $ is evil.

  4. That is not a statement of proof, especially when the guy is s tax dodger, and doesn’t check to be sure someone is the correct ID! Or did you miss all that?

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