This anti-Trump rant could land one NFL owner in deep trouble

Earlier this week Renewed Right reported on Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, who called President Trump a “great divider.”

The team’s President of operations was forced to issue a statement apologizing to local military members for the team’s recent actions which launched league-wide national anthem protests.

But Khan is doubling down in a new anti-Trump tirade.

Despite being somewhat of a laughingstock nationally, loyal Jags fans have put up with a consistent NFL bottom-dweller. But now, even as they’re considered one of the surprise teams this season, attendance is falling off the map!

For their latest home game against the Los Angeles Rams, the Jaguars announced they had the lowest attendance since Khan purchased the team in 2011.

This is far from an isolated incident as TV ratings for NFL games are down across the board.

One (former) Jags fan even put up his own money to fly a banner before the last game, saying “Be American. Boycott the Jags & the NFL.”

But Khan doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson.

First Coast News reports:

Shad Khan thinks he knows the real reason Donald Trump is so obsessed with how the NFL does business.

“This is a very personal issue with him,” Khan, the Jacksonville Jaguars owner, told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday as NFL owners wrapped up two days of meetings in Lower Manhattan.

Trump, whose bid to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014 failed, slammed one of his favorite punching bags again Wednesday, tweeting that the NFL is demonstrating “total disrespect” for the nation because it is not forcing players to stand for the national anthem.

“He’s been elected President, where maybe a great goal he had in life to own an NFL team is not very likely,” said Khan, who bought the Jags in 2011 for $760 million. “So to make it tougher, or to hurt the league, it’s very calculated.”

He reiterated a description he’s used before in characterizing Trump, calling him “a divider, not a uniter.”

“Let’s get real,” Khan said. “The attacks on Muslims, the attacks on minorities, the attacks on Jews. I think the NFL doesn’t even come close to that on the level of being offensive. Here, it’s about money, or messing with — trying to soil a league or a brand that he’s jealous of.”

Roger Goodell and owners failed to enact a policy of penalizing players who do not stand to respect our anthem.

Maybe it’s because he’s gotten pressure behind the scenes from activist owners like Khan.

Khan did donate $1 million to President Trump’s inauguration, but he certainly seems to regret that decision.

The Jaguars have home games on November 5 and November 12 – the day after Veterans Day.

Usually NFL teams honor military veterans during pregame ceremonies around Veterans Day.

But no matter what the Jaguars do, their actions would seem very disingenuous.

What do you think about this latest anti-Trump rant? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I lost a bunch of good friends and colleagues fighting for what our Flag and Country stand for. Just a shame that a muslim full of hate can come in and control NFL players like he does and Kapernick is controlled by his American hating girl friend. I hope the head of the NFL and all of these idiots who disrespect the Flag and the National Anthem keep losing fans. I used to watch NFL games but not any more. Maybe after they get done losing millions over this stupid disrespect they will finally come around but I doubt.
    I am just an old retired E-7 who has had enough of the BS

  2. Man get real you started out good but I should have known when you kept on with the Christian dialogue where you were headed!!! Listen ALL FORMS OF ATROCITIES have been and still are being committed under the pretense of CHRISTIANITY!!! All races other than the WHITE race were and still are considered SAVAGES by many so called CHRISTIANS, just read these comments people it’s sickening to think that some of you TRULY BELIEVE THAT THE GOD I KNOW, really wants us to treat our fellow human beings the way some of you think we should is even close to being truly CHRIST LIKE!!! Oh, it’s Christian alright I suggest that everyone who thinks this way read THE IMPERIAL CRUISE to see what I mean!!! Can’t remember the author but extremely enlightened about CHRISTIANS like many of you and why you guys think the way you do!!!

  3. Friends I have been to Africa, and believe me, you don’t want to go there. Most Africans I worked with would cut off a hand for the right to come to the go old USA. Black Americans have no clue just how bad it is in Africa, and they really don’t give a quack-quack. I haven’t watched a NFL game sense the first knee was bent….

  4. Why is our tax money supporting stadiums any. Take the millions paid to the players to support it. Every time a business comes into town we have to give them a tax break for five-ten years. Then when they need to start paying tax, they move on to another town… Smart Politicians must be getting their palms greased.

  5. Speaking of the NRA.. You may want to keep your powder dry… Friends, guns is what freed this country from the British and guns is what will keep this country free from the liberals.

  6. This is nothing but a big smoke-screen under the guise of “black injustice”.
    I wonder if Kaepernick’s girlfriend knows this manager, Mr. Kahn?
    This girl friend, if anyone cares to know is a spy from Saudi Arabia.
    She is a dj for a radio station,and treats Kaepernick as a slave to her.
    I am sure she had an agenda in the United States. She advised Colin to
    start this protest, and the rest is history. I am sure Soros is loving it.
    What better way to strike at the heart of America than to spoil a favorite
    past-time. What better way to try to stip away our pride and patriotism?
    Just another “play” in the globalist play- book. Wake up America! No
    coincidence that Kaepernick is signed by Mr. Kahn! Now this makes him a martyr
    to the cause of Islam.

  7. You are correct. I have known and worked with several Africans. Each of them was confused as to why black Americans complained so much or burned their own neighborhoods. In their home countries the poorest American would be considered well-off. Police violence is the accepted norm. Your tribe is the biggest indicator of your place in society, and if you are born into the wrong tribe, simply surviving is difficult.
    All of them felt accepted and safe here. They didn’t even have to read the statistics that prove the falsity of the knee-bending divisionists position. They knew better by personal experience.

  8. Poor Kahn he just parrots the usual lib fairy tails that no one but his lazy minded goons swallow and puke back out. Barry the one that stabbed the Jewish people in the back, remember, it was one of his last stunts he pulled at the UN. Hey Kahn, I saw the pics of all the empty seats at your last game, impressive! Are you trying to look like Gomez Addams or is that your natural look?

  9. He’s well aware dumb ass, he was making an angry comment an You use caps as if hollering .. always a dumb smart ass

  10. Khan is doing what the uninformed usually do, that is to jump to conclusions stating untruths. President Trump is not a divider (which is the nice word for racist) and is certainly not jealous (as Khan accuses Trump), of the NFL. Khan like many other uninformed that are involved here can’t seem to get it clear that Trump just wants our Anthem, Flag, and Military respected properly. He thinks something should be done about it by the Owners. That is all! So, why hasn’t it been handled? Cities like Buffalo, Jacksonville, San Diego, St Louis, and Oakland have terrific football fans, but stupid owners and stupid City Officials who can’t get a package together for a new stadium or enough fans in the area to fill the seats. So, it’s Khan with the bent nose, not the President in my way of thinking. Jax is in the cellar because of lousy football deisions by the inexperienced. Trump has never pointed out the obvious, he has stated what he thinks should be a no-brainer. Respect our Country, you are making millions off it!!

  11. The team’s owner is likely a Muslim and perhaps a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. Furthermore he is the spitting image of the late and not so great Saddam Hussein. Is it any wonder he doesn’t like our Great President Trump?

    Football teams are not cheap. How did he amass such wealth?

  12. The team’s owner is likely a Muslim and perhaps a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. Furthermore he is the spitting image of the late and not so great Saddam Hussein. Is it any wonder he doesn’t like our Great President Trump?

    Football teams are not cheap. How did he amass such wealth?

  13. The everyday norm is what portrays the patriotic love and feelings for our country and our military families. Most of us have a deep respect and honor for those that have given their life for the freedoms we cherish. Doing a veteran respect one day of the year does not show me reverence for our Vets and Country.

  14. That’s too DAMN BAD! BTW: It means “Emphases”
    It’s HIS POST not yours, and if that’s the way he wrote it, that’s the way he meant to write it. Grammar Shamer and believe me THAT’S Fing Rude!

  15. We can now call this owners actions and words the Jaquar “Kahn” Job of total disrespect. He does not deserve our money or our television time. Nothing but a POS

  16. I am not embarrassed for people who are an embarrassment to this country and our flag. They are a disgrace and should be labeled as such and thoroughly trashed.

  17. You kidding me?? In the black community they are calling them heroes. Hell I saw a picture of a whole youth football team taking a knee with their coach. 10 year old black kids disrespecting our flag because a coach wants to perpetuate a lie. These kids don’t have a clue why this coach has them kneeling? He is indoctrinating them to hate America and disrespect our flag. Do you think he gave them a choice to stand or kneel? I don’t think so.

  18. They have no clue what sacrifices are made to save a country. The MSM are the enemy within. These athletes, Hollywood elites and democrats are all in with the enemy. BLM is a black KKK and should be labeled a terrorist group. Antifa also. The great divider was Barrack Obama. BLM and Antifa are all born from his rule. Any halfway intelligent person knows great to be true. He divided this country along racial, gender and class lines. He started the whole cop killing scenario and actually had BLM terrorists in the White House. All the riots and anti-Trump rhetoric was spurned by Obama. He was a black experiment gone bad. He alone left this divided country to Trump. All our domestic and foreign mess we have today is the fault of a white law hating former president . He was a POS POTUS.

  19. He gave a million to Trump?? Really. How does one who gives so much money to a presidential canidate. go on and insult him. Something is wrong with that picture. He sounds more like a Trump trashed than a supporter. Trump should take that million and donate it to the Heritage foundation or any other conservative group. Maybe the NRA.

  20. I think this matter is more important than a Caps locked keyboard. Perhaps you missed the substance of his anger. Quite frankly I will stick with a veteran , CAPS or no caps.

  21. If you don’t love and respect America, you have no business being here. I would not attend of look at your games ever.

  22. If he IS a Muslim, it all make sense that he would not object to anything that Obama has done,is doing, or will be doing. He MIGHT we’ll be expected to have some objections to Trump (over and above those to be expected from a “normal” liberal).

  23. Just another Limo riding Liberal Moron who doesn’t understand what we the people deal with everyday in our lives. They sit in the mansions with walls surrounding them and armed guards thinking that we should be groveling at their feet begging for the guidence, thinking that they should own and run everything. If they dislike America so much, they need to just “GET THE HELL OUT!” We do not want or need their sorry asses any way, GOOD RIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. They seem to think that they are poorly treated. And that everyone is against them; Many of us have been bullied in school and have gone through various types of humiliation in our lives. They have nothing to brag about nor do they have anything to complain about . When we they wake up to the fact that human nature is cruel no matter what the color or race. We as well need to realize that 60% of our young people are being raised by single parents who often work two or three jobs to make ends meet an care for the family that they are left with. They have no time to spend with family or discipline children when it is so badly needed. A child that is not corrected for improper behavior by the age of three is a child that feels unloved and unwanted. 85% of our young people in public schools feel that they are not wanted and do not feel that anyone really cares about them. This does not excuse poor behavior or disrespect for the country or the police of the Flag or the military who have sacrificed in life or death to keep this country free. It does not excuse Idiology of religion , It does not make one race better than another ; Let us just for a minute consider what God says We as a people have been created in His image and likeness no matter race or color. When we wake up and realize that we have a free will to choose good and respect of one another or to choose evil and show little respect for one another or anything else. The demonic spirit that is showing up in our culture is due to leaving God out of the life of our young people . Our education system for at least forty years has taught the young people that they are their own little gods and whatever pleases them is alright. We can say what we will ,but the NFL needs to take these players aside and show them some real harsh disciplinary standards. Standing them in a corner of giving them a time on the bench will not work . They will only show more disrespect thinking that they can get away with it. Any one who does not see where this is leading is blind. This will lead to a total division and civil war between races if it is not halted immediately.

  25. It doesn’t matter anymore what Kahn says or does. I’m not going to or watching another NFL Football game ever. I’m through with them. Have too many options like College Fotball and NHL Hockey. I record all the college games and watch all week. I can watch NHL hockey 4-5 nights a week and can watch from 7 PM until 1:30 AM. Certainly don’t need the NFL. Good riddance!

  26. I agree with Dave

    All these kids that cry at anything they disagree with and focus on things like cap in letters are as Donald trump would say

  27. kotoc Well apparently it only bothered you! No one else seems to mine, so get over yourself like she said! It’s not rude, we understand.

  28. We all are embarrassed for these folks. It is so very uncomfortable to feel that way for people who are supposed to be smart enough to be embarrassed for themselves, and can not seem to even listen when coached, nor admit to having been wrong. If they want to double down, and they do seem to, then we have to as well. SCRATCH THE NFL.

  29. The owner of the Jags. Is a Muslim and disrespects Americans because he hates America like the Muslim terroists. He probably supports Isis like Obama. He should be deported as a terroist.

  30. They do not WANT to understand this because then they would have to do what is right and that could cause them to flex muscles they do not have. When people in power are frightened little bunnies, that power is wasted. that is where we are, IMO.

  31. You are not alone in that regard. I felt and still feel the same way. I have to assume that those still attending are either Dim-rats, and agree with the brainless class, or are unaware of or choose to ignore their personal responsibilities as US citizens.

  32. With a name like kahn, it explains his UN-AMERICAN rant.
    How did he get the privilege to own a football team in the U.S. I would not call it an American Team, with the owner having a foreign name and the black players supporting islam, bam after most of them have this opportunity to be multimillionaires at the expense of the American Taxpayers.
    Most of them were raised by a welfare mother and their progression to the point they are made possible by preferential treatment and freebies at the expense of American Taxpayers.

  33. I feel that if a person is forced to stand and place his hand over his or her heart, it is not really what they want to do. I believe everyone should be PROUD to honor our flag, and our anthem. If you have to be pressured to stand it is not genuine. I personally will never watch another N.F.L. game or go to a game to watch a game. That way I don’t have to watch a bunch of nitwits shame themselves by their miss guided actions to begin with.

  34. Oh bull. Maybe he wanted to shout or the keyboard is stuck? Always think the worst and no benefit of the doubt. Divisive comment.

  35. ever think maybe the keyboard is stuck on cap look.? Mine did that and I had to purchase a new one. Why, do ppl have to automatically the worst of others? Shame.

  36. Get over myself?? Do you think I was the one who made the rules? All I did was say something to someone who I thought was unaware of the general etiquette rules of keyboarding. I was like that myself when I first got a computer and was learning how to use it. I was reprimanded for using all caps, too.

    So there!

  37. Name calling for me stopped when I left the play ground and grew up and went to the playing field. My playing field was THE US ARMY. I fought for freedom of speech and respect that right. I never new it ment you could habitually call POTUS names unfit for conversion and act against our military with disrespect to our flag and our anthem. The NFL has disgraced our nation and continues to embarrass our country around the world. Never watch nfl again.

  38. Leaving cap lock on is like bold or underscore. It highlites. Amazing how some make such trivial points to skirt the topic under discussion.
    Khan is bitter and perhaps a bit prejudiced due to his background.
    The issue here is respect for the flag and national anthem. The people and football fans understand this. Why can’t owners and some players grasp it?

  39. The NFL is over and done!! They Hate our Flag and fallen servicemen and that is what they will be known for forever!! This is somethingthey will never come back from ESPECIALLY when they go to another country and disrespect our nation and respect theirs!!! CUT ALL TAX EXEMPTIONS FOR THESE TRASH SCHITT HOLES!!!!

  40. It would be interesting to learn what presentage of those on their knees are Soros inspired BLM communist activists devoted to dviding our country to Faciliate the overthrough of our government. Wake up America! Khan and his NFL team should ship off to Cuba if that is the life they really want for themselves.

  41. Hey, anyone have a friend who still watches the National Foolish Losers? I already know we don’t, but ask them if CBS is still not showing our National Anthem. If so we should let them know our displeasure, they don’t need to show the losers who kneel, but should show the opening ceremonies, and the National Anthem. Anyone know the 800 number for CBS?

  42. Khan! Another Muslim that shouldn’t be here in our country ruining it!! Probably friends with Muslim obama! All these low life fottball players should be fired! They don’t stand for our vets! Fire them!!

  43. Why are we supporting these thugs and felons, they should not be held up as mentors for our youth? There have been 656 NFL arrests since 2000. Maybe this is the real reason, that players are anti-cop. I will stand for my country, but Not For Losers (NFL).

  44. these kneeling players are just a bunch of over weight, over paid, over idolized, legends in there own mind, pig skin throwers. that should be paid $20 a hour not $20,000,000 a year for running around like fools chasing after a pig skin ball!!! it don’t take no brains to throw a pig skin around!! or chase the guy that caught it. hell a dog will chase anything that runs! so it could be said? to be a football player you only need the brain of a dog!! pigs run! dogs chase pigs!! yaw!! works for me!!

  45. The Jags are a disgusting bunch of losers. Yesterday, when Gen. Kelly asked the White House press corp.
    if any had served in the Military..not one hand went up. And when he asked if ANY know a Gold Star family,
    about three raised their hands. These are the people who write the foul stories against Trump. The have no
    clue what it takes to run a country

  46. What disturbs me the most is the fact the stadiums are NOT COMPLETELY EMPTY, what is with those who still attend? The day VP Pence walked out, whether a staged event, real disgust or a combination of both, the rest of the so called Americans should have stood and followed.

  47. I personally am glad the president of the United States called them out. If our president doesn’t matter on things like this, then we have no united government. US has some flaws but I would rather live here than any place on earth. One nice thing about our govt is if you don’t like it, you always have the choice to leave and live somewhere else.

  48. I agree, tax the hell out of them, fhey are traitor, and should pay for even being in this country.
    Another Veteran that will never again watch or go to an NFL game.

  49. Paul, they won’t find a job paying as good as what they have now. I hope the whole NFL goes broke, the only ones I feel sorry for are the players that haven’t taken a knee, they are innocent by standers in this whole mess. But as far as I am concerned, is the rest of the NFL can go broke and spend their last dollar buying a oneway ticket out of the USA, and good riddance to them.

  50. Goodell has no balls he is the one that runs the NFL all he has to do is inforce the rules and that should go for the owners to the player that disrespects the flag or anthem should not play or get paid and the owner should not make any money for the game, and they should not get help or tax dollars, just think how much in taxes would be collected from them.



  53. This retired AF Veteran will never attend, or even watch on TV, another Jaguars game as long as Shad Khan is the owner.

  54. Well said, I agree with you. My father, my brothers, my sons my daughters, my nieces and now my grandson served or are serving to defend this country. The owner of the Jag’s needs to go he is a idiot and the NFL needs to wake up. Respect our country, flag, our anthem or get the hell out of the country. We don’t need you!

  55. I have said many times these protests at best are about camera time for the offending players. At worst the protests and the black power fist pumps are an effort to force middle class conservative America to accept the black culture as dominant. It isn’t going to happen and the empty stadiums are a testament to how most of us feel about black power.

  56. Attacks on Jews??? This man’s brain is dead; Trump has stood up for Israel more than any president since 1948.

  57. let ythem rant and rave ! waiot until something big happens and the military wont stand for them ? let them fend for themselves they seem to hate the country that made them millionares ?

  58. Why not read Aesop’s fable? They(da playuhz) hath kilt da goose that laid the golden egg.Good luck on that next$$$$$$$$ contract. Then the ownuhz will BE called RACIST!

  59. It need to! Quit be so nice and understanding with this scum. Being nice and understanding got us into the trouble in the fist place!!!!

  60. “Let’s get real,” Khan said. “The attacks on Muslims, the attacks on minorities, the attacks on Jews. I think the NFL doesn’t even come close to that on the level of being offensive. Here, it’s about money, or messing with — trying to soil a league or a brand that he’s jealous of.”

    So is Khan a Muslim? That surely would explain a lot of things. No Trump isn’t a Divider, BLM wasn’t formed under his watch. Trump’s bio is very impressive and I think everyone should read it. He was in Military Academy from age 13 and then onto two excellent colleges, where he earned a degree in Economics. During his time in Military Academy he was a leader and a Star Athlete. Trump’s accomplishments far outweigh any owning of an NFL team, especially one like the Jaguars. I live in Florida, I know what the Jaguars are, take a look at all the felons and the thugs that make up the Jags along with all the teams. Nothing to brag about there.

    As to Muslims this little man needs to remember that it was Muslims who brought the war to America and they have been killing us here since 1972, look it up people.

    Then think on this if Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Hindues ran into the 50 huge Muslim countries, killing the people, demanding food, shelter and more, then began to build Temples, Synagogues, Churches in their countries, then became involved in the affairs of those countries, demanding this and that what would happen? You bet they would be slaughtered.

    Until the day, that the Muslims accept and tolerate all religions in their own countries, they have no business in ours. Too boot those who Obama brought here were from the worst counties and they were NOT refugees. 75% are men that ran into Europe and here. When the over 100 verses in the Qur’an calling for the killing of infidel, Jews and people of the book are erased, when all Muslims join this century, then maybe you can come to our countries.

    You don’t like our president, we don’t like you and you know where you can put it, up your kazoo.

  61. Gertrude, you didn’t know that leaving your caps on is considered to be “shouting”? It’s considered RUDE, inconsiderate, and makes the person writing the message also look lazy and uneducated.

  62. Kahn, take your jags and book the next flight back to india, if that is really from whence you came…..If you want to disrespect the U.S.of A… you can do it from there… It would be much better if you would do this. We don’t need your kind polluting the sports atmosphere here. Yes, take those disrespectful monkies with you!!
    Maybe your millions (?)will help India more than your disrespect for US damages you here. Go QUICKLY!!!! thanx…. rich IN GOD WE TRUST

  63. Its sad to see these Pin Heads regress, They do not deserve one thin dime for being so arrogant and disrespectful towards the military, the real men of this country. I would rather watch two turkeys chew bubble gum, than watch the NFL. These people that knell are a total disgrace to our beautiful country. A past fan of the NFL.

  64. I couldn’t have said it any better. This is more than what it started out to be. The nutty lefties are involved in this to and so is Black Lives Matter terrific group. They shown it in some many ways. See this was about Blacks being killed. Well did you see where they were taking the knees during a time of silence for a police officer that was killed. Guess what? The police officer was a Black man. They disrespected a Black police officer,that gave his life doing his job,and disrespected his family

  65. Many of the Africans who eventually find their way to the US despise the African-Americans. They are better educated, more literate, and more civil.

  66. Right on brother. I will not watch another game until we have American citizens playing the game.. we need to take our tax dollars away from them.. they should lose their tax exemption..

  67. I agree with you Dave My Jag. shirt is now in rag bag for cleaning up greasy parts with will not watch any NFL again hope every one of the owners and players lose there ass,es

  68. Well said Gertrude. With all their millions these players can make Africa their new home but then again real Africans won’t take them or the crap they spew.

  69. Shad is as yellow as the protesters. I’m not feeling the pain of not watching the NFL. no withdrawals. These players are proving inequality is here, most of these players were pushed up the ranks and given fake exams in college to get where they are at. A lot of these players can’t even speak proper English, what a shame, tear up their contracts and see if they can even find a job.

  70. Oh be nice…. I’m sure he wanted it on caps lock.. who are you to say he can’t figure out the keyboard?
    Freaking YUCK on you!!
    Now you’re my door mat…I’ll step on you with my dirty feet and grind that dirt in on top of you.
    How you like it?
    Go away!! Gag bag

  71. The Libtards just don’t get it. They’re too damn STUPID.
    NFL is DEAD..
    There’s nothing they can do now to get me or any of my family or friends to ever watch those big fat t-bone steak eatin’ idiot thugs. 80% black collecting MILLIONS and they want to act like that.
    The REAL OPPRESSED BLACK PPL do exist, but not in America. Go to Africa where blacks aren’t even civilized. They’re eating worms out of creek soaked logs, no homes, no clothing, can’t speak, still doing rain dances, wearing war paint on faces.
    I saw that a couple years ago on Smithsonian channel.
    So maybe those criminal, uneducated ball players should head over there and help those OPPRESSED BKACK PPL OUT.

  72. Dude, your “cap lock” is on. How can you be taken seriously if you can’t figure out your keyboard? js

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