Anti-Trump RINO’s blood turned cold when this poll delivered career ending news

Jeff Flake has emerged as one the leading anti-Trump RINOs in the United States Senate.

He’s fought Trump’s America First agenda at every turn while sucking up to the liberal media.



  1. Like it or not, President Trump was elected by the people to change the liberal abuse and lawlessness of the Obama Era. Those choosing not to support President Trump may well be surprised at the polls!!! Despite the trusted media and political enemies continually twisting and criticizing our president’s every word and action, he is still our leader, and, on a mission to keep as many campaign promises for America’s benefit as he can.

  2. Flake does not respect the US Constitution nor the Trump voters. Someone needs to inform him that he is there to work for us, not for himself!!!

  3. The fewer Quisling’s, RINO’s, traitors, rabid radical Mu-slimes, anti-American’s, uncivil, LiberalTARD’s, Commies, Marxist, brain-dead, pro-choice nincompoops, & DemonicRATS in Washington the better it is for all true American’s and for the WORLD as well!

  4. Turncoat Flake is long overdue to be held accountable for his betrayal of the people who put him in office. They put him in and they can take him out as they should! He’s a political back stabber! A political snake who also betrayed the party that supported him!

  5. I see Jeff Flake as a FLAKE. His plagiarizing Barry Goldwater
    was for me the last straw. I’ve lived in central Arizona since 1947.
    For me the sooner we rid ourselves of Flake and McCain the better.
    I knew Barry Goldwater pretty well and consider that both of those two
    to be insults to Barry.

  6. Sen. “FLAKE” Flake claimed to be a”conservative” when campaigning. When in office, he has been anything but conservative. Arizona voters seem to be the worst possible judges of character: Flake and McCain – “dynamic RINO pair”.

    • Arizona voters are not bad judges of character, but we are the victims of these two RINOs who were well-funded by
      Leftist globalists and left-wing special-interest groups. Also throw in some voter-fraud into the mix and you have two RINOs that are hard to get rid of. But not too worry…McCain has a brain cancer/tumor and will likely be gone soon, and Flake’s career is over. Let’s hope we get some decent replacements soon! Arizona deserves better than McCain and Flake.

  7. Problem is, he will leave w/ a big fat pay day. That has to be stopped. He has already ripped off the American people. Go home with what you came with.

    • So true Larry, they just pretend to care ! What exactly, can we do to stop their funds in their lined pockets in the mean while ?

  8. Get rid of Sen. Flake, McConnell,Ryan,Graham & McCain !!!! They are what is still corrupt & not for the WE THE PEOPLE like they pretend to !!!!


  10. Time to end this long period of taxation without representation. We got Trump in even with all of the usual cheating and vote rigging so we can get rid of the flakes, McCains, Ryans, Grahams, McConnells and other RINOS including the democrat ultra leftist liberals Murray and Cantwell in my state of Washington. We can also vote in true Americans who love their country in the place of these democrat devils who only know how to cheat to win.

  11. Unfortunately, I view this article as incomplete. Where is the Paul question asking how would Kelli Ward fare against Kyrsten Sinema? I read this twice. And I did not see that question being CERT. When you get down to general election time name recognition can often carry a candidate to victory in the end. I would much rather have flake back in the Senate then lose that Senate Seat to s Dem.

    If Ward is going to beat the Democrat then great.

  12. CONSCIENCE OF A CONSERVATIVE?? Barry Goldwater used that same title in his book over 40 years ago. I wonder if he has ever had an original idea, now.

  13. The names of some of these people ia a flat give away! Jeff Flake, Anthony Weiner, are an example of a couple of flakey pricks !

  14. Professional and bought and paid for trash are NOT what this country needs nor was it planned for by the founding fathers. Yes – they were slave holders – working men and women that had to get results or fade into oblivion….

  15. The founders of our Republic, NEVER WANTED Professional Politicians to Make up
    our Governing Body. Only Citizens need apply, through elections, need apply for the job to make our laws, and keep the People FREE.

  16. The media and the liberal minded politicians (both democrat and republican) are as dishonest as they come. They both have an agenda that goes against common sense and majority public opinion. It will be a pleasure to see them ousted from office in 2020.

  17. Good I hope the good doctor wins and beats out more of the same as flake liberal BS there’s plenty to go around but Arizona deserves a true conservative in the capital one who will follow the wishes of the people who elect the good doctor! Democrats and rinos are a disease that needs to be wiped out just like cancer heck to Me there one in the same! #TRUMP #MAGA #ARIZONA FOR A TRUE CONSERVATIVE.

  18. We need to vote out of office anyone who opposes the will of the American People. Too many in Congress do and they do not see the handwriting on the wall. The corrupt and dishonest media can no longer protect them from an American public whose eyes are now wide open. They are the swamp dwellers, who have been elected over and over again, only to do nothing for those, who elect them. Time to show them who is boss.

      • I agree but how do we the people get that to happen? I have seen this suggested numerous times but don’t see it going anywhere.??

        • Yes….It would be nice if Congress would put term limits in place…Do really think that’s ever going to happen??? HELL NO???
          We the people are lucky because WE DO NOT NEED THEM TOO LOOK. We have the power to not vote them in year after year… Use your power that you already have….. U DON’T NEED DC TO MAKE A LAW U ALREADY HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!
          Vote Vote Vote!!!!!?

    • You are right. And I think the will of the people is going to show. Little by little the fake demo’s and the fake rino’s are losing.
      As for term limits. We already have term limits! We the people are term limits!
      Like to see more of recalls to happen so we wouldn’t have to wait so long to get the so called do nothing congressman out of office sooner

  19. You can’t please everyone. You can’t educate everyone . You can’t save everyone. You can’t support everyone. Then, why would one support this egregious snowball snowflake?
    He is well named, FLAKE!

    • Agreed! He apparently has no respect for the huge majority of Republicans and others who voted for Donald Trump! He apparewntly did not glean the message we were sending with our votes! He deserves now to reap the bad seed he has and is sowing!

      • For at leawt 60 years of my life we the people have been after politicians to build the wall. Now we finally have a president to do so and the Rino’s and lefties are still trying to fight we the people. i do not think the lefties will win this time. We the people are finally learning in mass and the lefties do not like it.

    • Please contribute to Flake’s opponent, Ward for Senate, 1628 E Southern Ave #9329, Tempe, Az 85282. You may not vote in Arizona, but your checkbook can. Lets get RINO Flake out of office and replace him with a real republican.

    • when will these demon-crates learn they are just swamp rats and president trump is a big lion after them i just love how they are dropping like flies, I AM SO PROUD OF PRESIDENT TRUMP WHO HAS PROVED TO PUT US AMERICANS FIRST OVER ILLEGALS

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