Anti-Trump RINOS just found out their time is up

Even though Republicans control Congress it does not mean they will fight to pass Donald Trump’s agenda.

In fact, ever since he won the election a cabal of anti-Trump RINOs plotted to block his agenda and sabotage his Presidency.

But the conspirators just found out their time is up.

Anti-Trump RINOs in the Senate have morphed into the greatest obstacle Donald Trump faces in passing his agenda.

John McCain famously stabbed the President – and all GOP voters in the back – when he betrayed the party by voting no on legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Now some Senators like retiring Bob Corker – who blasted the President as acting like a child – are making noises they may not support tax reform.

And Arizona Senator Jeff Flake established himself as the leading anti-Trump voice in the Senate by publishing a book ranting about Trump’s supposed poisonous effects of the GOP and American politics.

All this has led to a President frustrated that members of his own party are colluding to ruin his time in office and a GOP base that is livid over RINOs in the Senate spouting lies to get elected and betray their voters once in office.

That has led former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon to declare war on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment.

He is looking to recruit pro-Trump primary challengers to every Republican running for office except Ted Cruz.

The campaign to purge the Senate of McConnell allies kicked off with Judge Roy Moore’s ousted Alabama’s Luther Strange after McConnell backed groups poured millions into the race in a failed effort to beat back the anti-establishment Moore after he received support from Bannon and other grassroots conservative groups.

Trump boosted the campaign in press event at the White House where he expressed frustration with Republican senators kneecapping his agenda and signaled sympathy with Bannon’s efforts to recruit America First primary challengers to RINO Republicans.

Do you support Bannon’s effort to recruit pro-Trump challengers to Republican incumbents who stabbed Trump in the back?

Let us know in the comment section.


  1. YOU got it right on Harry. We have never had a president like him since Regan and even Trump is far more on the money. Always has an answer and tirelessly working for us with so much bs all the time a true Patriot we have in office and needs to go forth in 2020 so we don’t loose our country. Its an exciting and risky time we have today. God Bless America and GOd bless our President Trump.

  2. Definitely need non traitors and non RINOS IN the REPUBLICAN party, even if they are good honest tea partiers…….

  3. The American people elected Trump. Thank our God Hillary and her lefts didn’t get in to ruin our America. If you don’t like this just leave the US!


  5. Trump’s supposed poisonous effects on the “RINO” GOP and Left Wing politics.
    Now your comment is correct Jeff Flake.

  6. What programs? Reducing taxes for the rich? Knocking down all the controls on air pollution? What are his programs to help the elderly, the disabled, the education of our children? So far all he’s done is help himself for after he gets voted out of office.

  7. When did you serve? Or are you all talk? Ever been tortured? I think you’d sing too. Were you there when Senator McCain was being tortured? In other words you don’t know jack about what they teach if ever captured. The pilots only know about there missions, so anything he said meant nothing in the big scheme of things. Don’t judge unless you’ve been there.

  8. No s**t blackwing? I never heard that before. WOW!! I’m going to Google that.
    It’s TRUE. You learn something new everyday.
    Not that I don’t believe you, I just want to read about it to get more details.
    That’d be nuts to see somebody off themself on T.V. like that.

  9. No s**t blackwing? I never heard that before. WOW!! I’m going to Google that.
    It’s TRUE. You learn something new everyday.
    Not that I don’t believe you, I just want to read about it to get more details.
    That’d be nuts to see somebody off themself on T.V. like that.

  10. They may not personally like Trump but to hinder his programs at the expense of the American people just to snub their noses at the President will not endure them to their voters. Weather they think so or not American voters are smart enough to understand who is blocking efforts to get America back on track.
    There are many difference between Democrat and Republican voters and while there are always exceptions one of the key differences is that Democrats tend to vote with their emotions while Republicans tend to vote with their brains. Independents vote with their brains tempered by their hearts.

  11. RINO’s need to be voted out to extinction! All republican “leadership”n needs to be replaced with CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS!!!

  12. Ryan is a snake in the grass!
    McConnell is a silly clown!
    Rubio, McCain, Corker and Flake and all the other conniving swamp rats must go!

  13. Remove McCain asap.,followed by Linsey Grahamcracker, Jeff the Flake and all others of their ilk. A final thought; how can one have a brain cancer when one does not posses a brain?

  14. I know…. it really chaps their ass and makes ’em worry a lot, too. Before Trump, all they needed was cash under the table to push their special interests (their own cushy, overpaid jobs, mostly.) These folks are fretting that they’ll end up having to make an honest living for once, when they get booted OUT of office. That is, if anyone would be dumb enough to hire them.

  15. Trump cares about Trump and his big money allies. McCain cares about people and has shown that by his vote and his service to this country.

  16. Trump has taken everybody out of their comfort zones. He wants them to perform, serve the people, and earn their money. He has made the voters aware of this and has put some congress members in jeopardy of their jobs. He wants to help America but he is getting as much resistance from his own party as he is from the Democrats. Get rid of the RINOs.

  17. With the 2018 elections coming up these RINO’s will be singing a different tune to get re-elected. Please no one fall for their B.S. They do it every election, that is why the symbolic votes are so important to them. DON’T FALL FOR THE LIES AND B.S.!

  18. we are already voting out all rinos, dems and libs in the 2018 elections. they must know that. they and take all there riches from the tax payers and live the good life. the americans are done with all there lies and crimial activty.

  19. Our problems are old problems brought on by old office holders as in the number of years in office not AGE. New faces new Ideas new approaches to old problems brought on by both parties after years and years of the same poorly done job. If these Bums worked as hard doing their jobs, as they do getting Re- Elected our county work be running smooth.

  20. I’m sorry you feel that way, but it has been Trump’s business in life to increase not ONLY his own wealth, but to give much needed jobs to a multitude of people. And they better do their job, follow the rules and stay out of trouble or they get FIRED! You speak with words that indicate you are mostly Libertarian when it comes to political views, and I don’t doubt that you are skeptical of his methods, but I guarantee you they are above and beyond the capabilities of some of our more recent presidents. Just you wait and see, keeping your eyes (and mind) open, and I’m sure your feelings toward him will change.

  21. I’m not a republican, or a democrat, or a liberal. I am a 62 yr old american veteran who has lived in this country all my life except when Uncle Sam has called. Of all the Presidents I have lived through, Trump is the antithesis of what a good President stands for. To me it looks like he has his own agenda. So far all I’ve seen is him trying to pass everything the CEO s of large companies need to increase their profits. What I really don’t understand is how any marginally educated american can still possibly not see what he is doing to this country.

  22. Mc Cain, Mc Connell, Coker, and Flake…. The “ReLIBRcans” are in it for themselves only !!! McCain because he didnt get to be President leads the whole revolt against President Trump.They all need to voted out !

  23. it is a shame that McCain has stabbed Trump in the back BUT he has also stabbed the country in the back ! who does he think he is ? because he was a pow he thinks he can go against the American people ? is he mad that we did not do more to release him ? or is he getting a kick back some how ? I feel he has lost his mind when it comes to politics and our country ! leave it if you can’t get with it !

  24. John McCain is a sad commentary indeed; once an American hero, now a traitor. Let’s get all these traitors out of office. Let’s help our president make our country GREAT again, with Bannon as Chief of Staff.

  25. It is time for the RINO’s to become a thing of the past. Every one of them needs to go and pass term limits for congress. No one person needs to feed off the American people and line their pockets through graft and bribery. That is what happens when a person spends to much time in congress and gets in the pockets of the lobbyists. I also think the lobbyists should be eliminated. The only influence for a vote should be from the constituents not some special interest.

  26. Amen Brother. The Founding Fathers NEVER intended on people turning being a Senator or Representative to be a career, but public service. You serve your term and go home and someone else was to be the next in line, but somewhere along the way some Politicians decided that they knew more than the People who sent them there did and started to make careers out of the job. Exactly NOT what the Founding Fathers intended.

  27. Get them gone! Trump cut-off the insurance companies free government checks thus he cut the RINO’s gravy train. The are the true definition of free loaders.

  28. Just a quick posting to look for an answer that troubles this writer. What is the real reason that ALL Democrats repeatedly vote against the Republican, duly elected POTUS ??
    Have they forgotten why they are in office and what their constituents truly want and desire ??

  29. Thank the good Lord for people like Bannon who fight the good fight and stick by our president to expose these Rhino dogs, rhino just another name for traitor. Now let’s do our part and vote them out

  30. Yes! It is time to weed out these phony so called Republicans who play the political games and ruin our chances to turn this country around! Their constituents need to replace them with true conservatives. Not another RINO or liberal Democrat either. Look for a candidate who comes in to office as a Statesman or the female equivalent.

  31. Just ask BUDD Dwyer (PA. State Treasurer,convicted of bribery and facing up to 55 yrs. in prison) about crooked Politicians. Committed suicide on live TV back in 1987.

  32. RINOs are the downfall of the USA. EVERY one should be ousted fyi office. You shouldn’t have to be rich to run for office. Go Bannon its s great start.

  33. As Debra said, 100%. Joan, Go Trump….go Bannon! Get the RINO’s out!!! John McCain needs to get the hell out. He is soooo antiTrump he smells. President Trump cares about America…..McCain cares about Mc Cain and repeatedly makes himself look idiotic! America wants a government that cares about AMERICA! MAGA! (lost my hearing as a child, so don’t speak well myself.)

  34. The Swamp has turned into a SEWER. It’s time to flush these dead-beat RINOs and get some REAL REPUBLICANS in there.

  35. I absolutely support a full drain of the swamp! These mean and women are not the least bit interested in our country only themselves and their agendas. Time to go!!

  36. SO VERY TRUE. Every member of Congress up for reelection in my state or district is in political danger.

  37. I support Steve Bannon efforts. We need to get all the rino
    Names out to the public and keep them exposed to bring constant notice that they are anti Trump, blocking his agenda and work to have them replaced!

  38. Harry Truman said that “Anyone that gets wealthy in politics is a crook”.
    In politics accepting a bribe is called “Lobbying”. Accepting a bribe outside of politics is illegal and is punishable. Guess how many crooks there are in politics across this entire nation. There are very few HONEST politicians. Trump is one of the few that does NOT have a price, cannot be bought. That is what upsets the crooks in Washington.

  39. Let’s get the rinos out of office now! A party that has renegades in its’ ranks, needs to make sweeping changes to get them out of their cushy jobs now!

  40. Another RINO that does not support the Trump agenda and up for re-election will lose if TRUMP goes on TV and names them while supporting another Republican. Saying the tax bill for not pass and changes to Obama Care was due to them not standing with him.

  41. Go Trump….go Bannon! Get the RINO’s out!!! John McCain needs to get the hell out. He is soooo antiTrump he smells. President Trump cares about America…..McCain cares about Mc Cain and repeatedly makes himself look idiotic! America wants a government that cares about AMERICA! MAGA!

  42. Amen to that! If you aren’t with us, you’re against us and will be kicked out, just like deporting illegals we don’t want either. Ya gotta go with what the people want, and what we want is for Trump to fulfill his promises. If you stand in his way of doing that, you get booted out on your friggin’ ear!!

  43. Corker looks like a skinny little Weasel.(Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult the furry little creatures).

  44. Debra, You said it all! We want President Trump and Bannon!! Anyone against or who does not fully support our President Trump will be voted out of office!!

  45. That’s exactly what the Trump administration is doing, Cutting the money train for all of them…
    Is always about the money… MAGA


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