Antifa is now targeting high school conservatives with one terrifying threat

With Joe Biden as President, Antifa is more emboldened than ever.

They know the federal government is on their side.

So now Antifa is targeting high school conservatives with one terrifying threat toward minors.

While Antifa claims to be against the government altogether, they couldn’t be happier with the election of Joe Biden.

He has already signaled that he will handle them with kid gloves when they commit their terrorist acts.

During his first Presidential debate, Biden even mirrored the Antifa lie that they aren’t an organization, but rather an “idea.”

That distinction is important, as an “idea” cannot be targeted by the government with the same scrutiny an organized group can.

Not only that, but Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland gave Antifa militants a pass for their months long siege on a Federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, declaring that their acts can’t be prosecuted as domestic terrorism because they occurred at night.

So with this protection, Antifa has now ramped up their terrorist activities, and are now going so far as to target high school conservative groups.

During a pro-Second Amendment rally in Olympia, Washington, Antifa targeted a high school chapter of the conservative group Turning Point USA.

Around 20 Antifa militants gathered at the rally to disrupt the event attended by a few dozen high school students.

One of the militants threw a water bottle at the head of a high school student, only for police to refuse to apprehend the suspect who was caught on video.

Another Antifa militant told the group of high school students that she can’t wait to see them “lynched,” adding, “All of you! Each and every one of you are going first. I’ll have 20 of them lined up.”

After the rally, Washington State Patrol defended their refusal to arrest the Antifa militant who threw the bottle in a statement to The Post Millennial.

The statement read that state troopers on scene decided that “the mutually antagonistic verbal confrontation that preceded the water bottle incident had created a volatile situation where direct intervention by law enforcement might have triggered additional physical conflict,” adding that the “strategy of purposeful de-escalation paid dividends for all, as both groups eventually dissipated with no further physical conflict, injuries, or arrests.”

If the police aren’t going to intervene when a high school student is attacked by masked militants, one must question why the police were there to begin with.

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