Antifa just made this outrageous threat against President Trump

The domestic terrorist group Antifa – made up of anti-American anarchists and communists – has become more violent over the past year.

In the wake of President Trump’s inauguration, they’ve incited riots from Washington, D.C. to Berkeley, California.

Now, they’ve set their sights on President Trump with their latest threat.

Harkening back to the French Revolution, Antifa has created a downloadable flier on their website with President Trump and the words “Make the Guillotine Red Again.”

They urge all of their radical followers to download this flier and post it around their college campuses and cities.

What’s even more frightening, Antifa has proven time and time again they’re willing to act on their threats.

In the past, they’ve popularized “punch a Nazi,” where they label anyone who disagrees with their Anti-American views (even Jewish conservative Ben Shapiro) as “Nazis” and attack them.

Another Antifa group offered a “Mini-Manual Of The Urban Guerrilla” on their website picturing left-wing militants using RPGs and outlining tactics for guerrilla warfare including sections on “sabotage,” “kidnapping,” “executions,” “armed propaganda,” and “terrorism”.

The radical left has become increasingly violent, yet the national media continues to give them a free pass.

This has only served to embolden the most radical elements of Antifa.

Far Left Watch uncovered a Facebook post by Antifa group, Red Guards Austin, titled “Everywhere a Battlefield,” which sums up their violent aims.

In it, Antifa said:

“Reclaiming violence means making revolutionary violence available to be utilized by all types of comrades at all levels and all abilities. It means training physically in flexible ways applied to the specific conditions of specific groups.

Martial arts, firearms, and sports must be seen as cultural battlefields as well as invaluable tools in our revolutionary toolkit.”

And conservative talk show host Steven Crowder just released a viral undercover investigation into Antifa that shows them arming up with weapons to attack anyone they deem as “fascists.”

Meanwhile, the national media continues to ignore actual evidence of these threats from a named domestic terrorist group.

Will the national media finally call out the violent left?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. The so-called red guard hasn’t been a threat so far. They run their heads and have their little protests, but knowing that they’re always surrounded by people that concealed carry keeps the violence down. They apparently don’t think their ’cause’ is worth dying for.
    They mainly do their violence in leftist run cities where they know their targets will be unarmed.

  2. please explain to my why everyone doesn’t just throw a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo and there filthy animals and watch them all scatter!!!!!

  3. This is a thread to the President . The FBI should be all over this group and charge their leaders . Thanks to the Democratic party losers for allowing their followers to get out of hand to this point . The party is longer able to claim they are for the average American , more like the communist party . Maybe they should be under investigation for colluding g with the Russians ?

  4. Any Police or Military out there??? Can you answer a question for me? In riot situations, why aren’t they using the ADS (Active Denial System) for Crowd control? It is a Non-lethal “dish” that mounts on a truck and directs a microwave beam (Heat Ray) that quickly heats up human skin so that Criminals like ANTIFA would have no choice but to turn tail & disperse.

  5. Show up in a mask, prepare to have it removed, by force. In many places, just wearing one is a crime that can lead to an arrest. If there is criminal intent, treat them like the criminals they are.

  6. They are communist that’s exactly what they are, where would normal people that are supposed to be teaching children get RPG’s and things of that nature and less somebody was supplying them this equipment from within our government or communist government one of the other.

  7. To quote Japanese Admiral Yamamoto from WW2, “I fear we have awakened a sleeping Giant and filled him with a terrible resolve”. We the patriots, the “right” conservatives and all real and true GOD fearing, FLAG LOVING Americans, ARE that sleeping Giant!

  8. Agreed. They just sit back on their yachts or some cigar smoke filled room sipping Cognac, plotting and laughing at us peons. They can’t wait for the day that robots with AI (artificial Intelligence) takes over, then they won’t have to pay us workers anymore. They’ll probably keep some uneducated illegals around for cleaning etc… and pay them a few dollars a day (even more profits for the already super rich) and “we the people” will then become expendable to them.

  9. Isn’t it funny how the Government and the left media, progressives, etc… call “conservative” far Right protesters terrorists, but gives a FREE PASS to leftist mother F ers when they do crap like this. Time to start showing OUR strength!

  10. Well I didn’t say a baseball bat couldn’t be applied in select locations first. And as far as the fire ants go, I would have saved that treatment for Janet Reno. Letting them feed on Antifa nuts might make them meaner. Now sewing them into a wet deer skin might be acceptable.

  11. Mr. Manfredgensenden,
    . . . . I wouldn’t use the language that you have but I would like to see this it in solitary for life. If it still has a penis HE needs to be in a male prison. We are at war and Sedition, Subversion, and High Treason are all Capital Offenses.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  12. Blackwing,
    . . . . The thing is is that they are all guilty on more than one level. The first level is anyone who supports and/or aid and abets another to commit a felony is just as guilty as the one committing said felony. The second is that since they did not get a permit all of them are guilty of trespassing.
    America: Love it or Leave It,
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  13. I do believe that that is Sedition which is basically an ACT OF TREASON. These people should be rounded up, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to death just as Benedict Arnold was as a TRAITOR. If this is to HARSH for the Libtards, give them the choice for a one-way ticket to North Korea. I wonder just how long “Rocketman” would put up with all of their CRAP? These people are nothing more than violent domestic TERRORISTS.

  14. I really do not think they have not thought this one out very well. It’s easy to do this in a big city anywhere in America, for the most part people in the big cities are afraid to deal with them in a swift decisive manner. My advise to this so called revolutionists is to take a long hard look at the beast you are going to wake up, you guys keep on kicking that beast and you can rest assured as the day is light… “That beast will wake up!” “This beast will tear your throat a out!” These communist goons have not squared off against the right bunch of “Real Americans” yet. My suggestion for them is to take a drive on any rural stretch of any American highway, the patriots can be hiding anywhere and they can be everywhere, even hiding in plain sight. And if they were to run across one… It would be too late. Revolution… Really? Is that what they really want? Do they really want to squared off against hard working, law abiding citizens trying to make a way for their families? They really want to call that thunder down?

  15. I agree that all ANTIFA should be sent to North Korea. That is a real solution to our problem. ANTIFA’s real agenda is to create civil war. The are doing this at the behest of the corrupt international globalists which I call the Powers-That-Be (PTB) who are running the New-World-Order (NWO).
    One-World_Government is their way

  16. I doubt if anything will be done, even if the SS and FBI are investigating. We have over 20 militant, Islamic terrorist training centers in the USA which started in the ’70’s or ’80’s. The government is fully aware of their existence and has done nothing about getting them out and shut down. We are being sold out, people.

  17. Too easy, make em suffer, .22 cal. to the knees or tie them naked to a fire Ant hill, sit back, have a couple beers and watch the show.

  18. Oh, so that means I can go around and punch these Aholes in the face as long as I don’t “seriously” hurt them? Sounds good to me.

  19. Now see, I go old school. There is also the option of using the M1 Carbine, M1 Rifle, AR-15 (5.56 version), or even an M1A ( 7.62X51 ), and a bayonet/knife. Maybe they really should feel the steel of the bayonet and rounds from a Mosin-Nagant M44 or 91/30. They do like things the Russian way. 😉 But the 1911 is closest and the M1 Rifle/ammo has the best options. Do they want Ball, AP, API, Tracer, or hollow point rounds for their troubles? Like you, there are plenty of clips and mags loaded and handy.

  20. Not a police person ( even though my college major was LAE ) but I can answer why in at least one location. Because they sued the city and got a consent decree saying the police could not do anything to them unless they actually hurt someone seriously.

  21. I’d settle for him getting a midnight raid that in the morning found him waking up in Hungary. With all his money frozen. That would soon shut down the Antifa nuts.

  22. No drones are needed except for ones with cameras. Then catch them and hang them in a town square. That is all traitors and anarchist deserve. Do it on live tv and they soon would get the message.

  23. They’re just a bunch of College SNOWFLAKE PUNKS that listen to the pencil neck Marxist professors that spout their dribble.

  24. What needs to be made red again are the streets on the day that these communists and Mau Mau start the revolution they are now advertising. The last wave of Leninist insurrection to hit the United States, in the late 1960s, was only stopped by the resolution of Richard Nixon and the bravery of the Ohio National Guard at Kent State. This time the marxists have the active support of one of our two parties, the encouragement and leadership of a past president and the just-defeated presidential candidate and access to one of the great ill-gotten fortunes of history. It may therefore be necessary to shoot more of them this time, but as in most revolutionary situations, live ammunition is what stops them.

  25. There lives will come to an abrupt ending. there no longer have freedom of s peach. there history.they have forfeited there privileges.
    deport them where they have the same mind set.
    your idiots ifv you think you rule anything.

    there is but one ruler GOD, then PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR AMERICA.
    your a bunch of idiots that need to be abolished. had enough of your bs……….you will feel our wrath.

  26. I was reading about them, they have three tiers of people 1) the ones willing to commit the crimes, 2)the ones that support with them but won’t actually do anything bad, and 3) the useful idiots that are just there protesting and hanging around. Then the #1’s dressed in black and with facemasks that commit the crimes fall back while the no. 2’s get in front and overwhelm law enforcement with numbers and signs, then the ones that did the crimes hide within the no. 3’s and blend in so the cops won’t know who to arrest, Typical leftist commie tactic.

  27. Way too expensive!! 38 caliber to the temple is much cheaper. Then send the family a bill for the bullet like China.

  28. Yeah, but these “brave souls” are sneaks. They give no warning. I suppose that is because they are so brave. (They are also bold since they cover their faces like a bunch of muzzie murderers.)

  29. Blackwing,
    . . . . We did see some push back in Phoenix. It wasn’t enough but it was a good start. It showed that when these cowards and traitors came up against a Mayor and Police Force that would do the right thing these things would run. The only thing I don’t understand is why they weren’t funneled in to an area where they could be run into single file columns and arrested. Every last one of them.
    . . . . At another one of their uprisings the Berkley police finally did their duty. I don’t know if the mayor finally told them to do so or if the Police ignored the mayor and did the right thing. Again it wasn’t enough but it was a good start.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  30. Antifa are Obama’s Brownshirts, just like the NAZI party, full of hatred, racism, bigotry and hailed on college campuses by the progressive liberal democrats. These members should be 6 feet under NOW.

  31. They will catch so much hell and torment from the right and I am not sure they can stand the test. Time to lock them up and throw away the key…these thugs asre out of control and insist on an ass whipping!!!

  32. forget jail a little hole in forehead will work and save a lot of money and start shipping out all imagrants as quick as you can catch them all races

  33. There is a law that once a group is listed as a terrorist organization in America it’s legal to dispatch said terrorist. I will go back and find said law

  34. When those POS were “protesting” with their masks on and beating people just because they didn’t agree with them, Why didn’t the cops completely surround them and arrest them? Can any police person out there ANSWER THAT?????

  35. G3 7.62X51 20 rnd mag. #1-4 in line out for the count per round.
    KA-BAR in close.
    Deadly from 1 foot to 1 klik.
    Very bad idea to threaten patriotic American citizens.

  36. The Steven Crowder video was released yesterday – 9/28/2017. This post was also created yesterday. You are confused.

  37. If your really Guard, then how do you condone taking out your family, your loved ones, The guys I talk to say they wont follow orders to kill American citizens….I think your ANTIFA…

  38. They should be treated just like ISIS terrorists, take them out, Drones work for me….When you make threats against the president, your a terrorist, Open season on these terrorists…..

  39. And I’m sure they wouldn’t want to find out what we really have in the lockups. I may end up with a sore shoulder, but they won’t be feeling any pain. At least not for long. That is one good thing about our laws here in Florida. Break in and they automatically are considered to have deadly intent. I wonder if they’ve ever thought about what it would be like to run into someone with an AR-15 9mm Carbine with a 50 round mag in it. While they are carrying their Jennings.

  40. We are the National Guard. The true citizen army. The time is fast approaching. Be prepared both mentally as well as physically. Have plenty of supplies at hand as they will get hard to come by. What will need to be done is a ghastly thing. Much blood will be spilled and lives will be taken. Be sure you can handle that it. Make no mistake it’s easy to say.

  41. Well put Lynn. A, B, and D are for sure true. C might not be because there are a lot of stupid people out there and Mother Nature is always creating more. But if they are stupid enough to try some of their stuff, there will be fewer of them to worry about.

  42. Hello all,
    . . . . These are the brownshirts of the communist party of the US. The msm is the communist parties propaganda mouthpiece. Since they have threaten the President you can bet the Secret Service and the FBI are investigating these groups. They were probably investigating them last year. Their whole agenda is to over throw the government.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  43. I believe you have your dates confused. I know the video is very recent. I don’t know specifically about the guillotine poster.
    Where are you getting your dates from?

  44. Why doesn’t the national gaurd get called in with orders to shoot? They are not going to stop and the are threatening our President.

  45. Get the national guard (in the mean time Trump
    Is a builder) start building multiple jails to house these uneducated apes and throw away the key! Or a boat ride almost to Africa and throw them all
    Over board the sharks are hungry this time of year. Honestly…enough is enough no country tolerates terrorism get them the hell out of our country and let’s get back building and replacing all our national monents they unjustly tore down start rebuilding the towns they tore down and get back to peace and harmony. I hate these scumbags!

  46. John please plug in your brain before operating your hands on keyboard. “Old news?”
    So we presume you are saying something has changed, like Anfifa has drifted off into the sunset. You really do not seem connected to reality.

  47. Come play that chit in Florida. We have stand your ground. And believe me the ground will flow red. All I can say is all the persons I know from friends, family, neighbor’s people I do business with and their families all carry. When we have a party we all bring our picnic baskets and projectile tossers for friendly plinking contests. They want to reach the end, I’m always looking for practice

  48. Notice how these Antifa COWARDS cover their faces? What’s the matter Antifa…afraid to face jail and prison time? What you’re doing is ILLEGAL, so get ready for the consequences! Go home to mommy and daddy’s basement. Better yet GET A JOB and do something useful for once!

  49. These terrorists uneducated (they went to college to get stupid)low lifes should be treated like the terrorists they are. Shoot to kill! No need to lock them up! This nonsense has got to stop!

  50. This post came out Nov. 13, 2016, so this isn’t new it is actually almost a year old! Lets tell something new and get away from this year old news. Are you really a conservative sight, sometimes I wonder?

  51. When will American patriots say enough is enough? When will we start disrupting their institutions the way they disrupt ours? When and who will form the resistance against the so called resistance? Let me know so that I may join and fight for the I love! This is B S!

  52. The facts that these unfortunate brainwashed kids are not privy to are:
    A. The people they will be facing have been training for years.
    B. Most of the people they will be facing are already armed and are very familiar with those arms.
    C. They are severely outnumbered.
    D. We are both sane and able to function in the real world.

  53. It’s high time law enforcement put a stop to the illegal acts of this sick organization!!! They should be arrested and put bn jail Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. I say we tell the police department in every city, all the sheriffs, etc. to shoot them on sight… they MUST be eradicated. We cannot have threats to our president like this. No pansy liberal judge to slap them on the wrist and say, “now be good from now on” and let them off to plan their next attack. They’re poison… get rid of ’em all.

  55. Wait!? I thought the left was AGAINST guns? hmmmmm, must be that they just don’t want YOU (and me) to have them so we wouldn’t be able to fight back. Did you ever notice how ugly these cretins are? Is that a prerequisite for joining this group? Go back to mommy and daddy’s basement before they shut your College money off. Did they show these undercover vids to the FBI? Secret service? They kept a close eye on Randy Weaver and HE wasn’t nearly as much of a threat as these asshats. It’s funny that these REAL Fascists think we are “perceived Fascists”

  56. WHY don’t these Illegal trashholes come to redneck America and try this BS??? OH Yeah because in states like WV here we have the Castle Doctrine which gives us the right to use deadly force to protect ourselves!! These cowards will not come here!!

  57. This is precious, the fascist that call themselves antifa, the group that uses violence to control and silence democracy. The same group that is trying to rid their Southern Democrat racism by eliminating statues of Confederate history. The same fascist, racist groups trying to silence free speech, that same free speech exercised in the 2016 election. Antifa, the fascist, Nazi group hating America. Terrorism should be labeled and addressed.

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