What this Antifa leader joked about will make your blood boil

Antifa “activists” (who are really no different than terrorists) don’t shy away from violence.

In fact, it’s their primary tactic to shut down their opponents’ free speech and one they constantly attempt to justify.



  1. AnitFa is a misnomer. It should be TheFa who are AntiAm. (these scum ARE the fascists and they are most certainly Anti-American. Enforce the laws we already have and jail these treasonous scumbags.

  2. Isaacson has a real problem if he thinks what he does is the same as fighting for your country. He is a criminal EXACTLY the same as a nazi storm trooper, using exactly the same tactics that the brownshirts used in Germany . Antifa are not ANTI FASCISTS they ARE fascists in all ways , right down to their black uniforms favored by Mussolini’s men ,isis thugs , the khermer rugue , and the Viet cong. These people are actually far worse then skin heads , because skin head have reprehensible views but very rarely act on them while these antics jerks act constantly , and be4lieve they are morally correct yet these liberal storm troopers are the first ones to strip away the rights of those who think differently then they do. This Ass should loose his position at John Jay , and be thrown on prison for infighting violence against the United States And its citizens. I now believe it was Antifa that was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville a couple of weeks ago. peace out

  3. This “professor” is mentally deficient! No wonder our millenials are swept into this BS….he should be fired, given a tin cup and assigned a street corner….Also, shave his head and make him wear an orange jumpsuit.

  4. Looking at him , I would guess that’s where the term “pencil-neck Geek” came from. I think this guys parents(obviously 2 hippies from the 60’s) took to much acid, and out came this LOON. (why isn’t some Marine or Police officer stomping this mans (and I use that term loosely) guts out?

    • I know what you mean. When I look at the faces of those guys in the photos (above) I see an interviewer with an incredulous look on his face, like he can’t believe anyone could be such a dirtbag, and a strange looking radical scrawny, ugly space cadet with a goofy hairdo.

  5. The City University of New York should feel embarrassed to have this guy on their staff. What is going on at these colleges and universities? It seems like the most deranged, anti-American, anti-police type people are working there, and what are they teaching the next generation? It’s time funding got cut off from some of these schools. Hillary did not win, so these schools need to understand that the foolishness they were allowed to do under Obama will be coming to an end. Notice how Harvard dropped Chelsea Manning once the bad publicity got out. That’s what schools need to realize, we’re bringing this crazy nonsense to an end.

  6. agree-lefties in the univarsities squash conservative thinking-send this nut to the most active combat zone and let him sort out whom he will kill

  7. issacson needs some brain cells re-organized as in serous concussive injuries after being hit in his gourd several times with two meaty jewish fists

  8. You want to know the scary part. This is the kind of person who is teaching the snowflakes.He is not just an isolated case.
    If institutes of higher education cannot make their studies neutral then we should be able to cut their funding.

    • Because the DICk’S (Defects in Charge) of our Country, like scumbags like these. Then they can get their agenda’s done. We have to start fighting back hard before it’s to late.

  9. This freak is not the problem. The problem is the administration at the colleges. It seems that any anti American asshole goes to the head of the line when there is a job opening. If you act like you are on a trip and mentally waked out you get the job.

    • Finally one that gets at the base of the problem by allowing these professors and others of a like mindset to teach our children attending these educational places of nonlearning other than the far left views of the whole educational system it starts in grade school through post graduate It needs a compleate overhaul ond any teacher that wants to spew their own views on our children should be out of any teaching position anywhere strip them of their creditials. but number one on the list should be to get rid of the teachers unions and function on a performance value from the people that pay the bills and not in the hands of the administrations of all educational establishments

  10. I watched the interview with this moron on Tucker Carlson’s show, and it just led me to believe more of what I already knew….these AntiFa scumbags are nothing but low IQ Sociopaths. This guy sounded like such a Derp, it was hard to listen….because I was LMAO! Not that his ignorance is funny by any means, but it’s just so hard to believe that there are people like this idiot teaching our young adults in Colleges and Universities throughout this great country. If we do not put the shutdown on these ignoramuses, and keep them out of our institutions of higher learning, I fear for the continued existence of the United States as a country for those who wish to live in a land of Freedom and Liberty.

    • This antifa goon is just that. A goon soldier for the shadow government and their deep state. If you want to save America, it will help a little to eliminate goons such as this, but while everyone is in the mood for blood, lets go after the leaders. Watch the video below and then pass it on. It is the elite who need to be eliminated, their useful idiots will perish along the way, but don’t need our full concentration. The elite on the other hand do.

      • Although the video seems to be compiled of mostly American public scenes, this is what’s happening to Europe as we speak, mostly Great Britain. It speaks volumes of the general attitudes and temperament among our people, and the type of behavior that defines us to others. What can we say about ourselves other than the truth in how we act? There’s no denying truth in the end, but these UNRULY people refuse to acknowledge judgment for their actions. (That’s about the kindest way I can put this matter… because four letter words are strongly discouraged in a discussion forum.) I wish someone would show this video to Obama and his cronies.


  11. This man is watched day and night by a secret group that will eliminate him and his cohorts at anytime directed to do so, they are patriots from the recent past that have been contracted to do things that are not exactly legal, it would pay people to avoid close contact with this individual to escape possible collateral lose of life, he is “Radio-active”

    • Wayne you are the epitome of exactly what this professor is talking about. You and crap like you are the most dangerous enemy of freedom. You and all of the other cop suckers alike, are the ones who will usher in the Police state with all of it’s Gestapo mentality. You will deserve it, but those with actual intelligence will not. You and your murderous friends will slither in like the snakes that you are, for a while, until the great unwashed fools find out how stupid they were.

      • Clark, I am sure you are still living with your parents, maybe in the basement, but remember one thing, people like this professor have to be controlled or our entire Nation will wilt and die, but some Patriots will step-up and save your sorry self so that you can continue to live your worthless life. Laws that already exist should either be enforced or repealed.I would guess that you are maybe still in your 20`s, right?

  12. This delusional communist does not deserve to breath the air that patriots who served and died for this country has given to him and his cronies. Will someone please put a bag over his head!!

  13. This seems to be typical of these commies that say they are professors. I would like to know why they have these KIND teaching in any college?

  14. The Purpose of Government is to control the society from harming itself. Antifa Believes that Government is not needed. It pits one group against another with no Justice or Regulation.” Too Protect from without and within all the enemies of the Society”

  15. Only takes a few America snipers to put a stop to these American hating communist, start off with George Soros.go down the list from there. Start showing up at there home’s to protest, give them a little taste of there own medicine.

  16. I cant believe this guy is a professor. He needs a haircut, because all his brains have seeped out through his long hair!!! What does that say for the college he teaches for?

    • The great tragedy of our college level education system is that these leftists predominate in our great universities leaving a handful of couragous small colleges like Michigan’s Hillsdale to continue our american traditions of freedom from government interference

  17. This guy is exactly what is wrong in out education system, he may be a great teacher, but that is not what he is teaching. He is teaching a far left progressives slate that eliminates about 60% of this country and opening eyes all over the country.

    • Those that know and do are successful in this land of opportunity but, those that know and can’t do – teach. One of the main reasons that the American University and secondary education system is failing America.

  18. I think it would be a really good idea for someone to put a bullet in this guy’s head. I don’t normally say stuff that drastic and hateful, but this guy is scum of the earth, dangerous, and needs to be eradicated before he influences the minds of students ever again.

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